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this is deja vu news live from berlin tonight in the former soviet republic of georgia protesters trying to storm the parliament in the capital tbilisi police were able to push them back the protesters are angry about a russian lawmaker who was allowed to address parliament brawl relations with russia we'll go live to tbilisi for more also coming up horse trading it was souls france and germany clash over who should become the next president of the european commission and that's not the only top e.u.
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job that's up for grabs. i'm good to have you with us tonight thousands of protesters have tried to storm the parliament building in the georgian capital of tbilisi they're calling for the government to resign police turned back one attempt to storm the building only to be confronted by another attempt to hours later that these were the images earlier this evening the unrest was spawned by the appearance of a russian legislature or in the parliament building relations between georgia and russia remain very sensitive after the 2 you may remember fault a short war back in 2008 a war which georgia lost. art for more on this we want to talk now with deborah while the journalist who is based in tbilisi good evening to you
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deborah we understand that there are reports that police are using tear gas to disperse protesters what's the situation like right now. demonstrators up and back in front of parliament about me. the situation. accelerated a bit since some hotels just tried to storm into parliament and the police tried to keep them from doing so and that's when the elevations the tear gas was fired even with bullets. but the demonstrators are back and and the situation is tense it's unclear what will happen next and when it will lose all the tell for calm down again that's leading up to the question of whether. they will happen next week and tbilisi. so far the police to set down a bowl to secure the safety of poor testis participants and
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so the police and the fire into ballistics as it is and the state whether it can whether it can take care of its citizens so that the situation is so that it tends to be just as the protesters you are seeing now the protesters who tried to storm the parliament building they are angry because a russian lawmaker was a well known to speak for the georgian parliament is that correct. yes that was. that wasn't into parliament this session that's led by that was led by russian duma member from the communist party who was sitting in the speaker's chair which led the opposition to to go up and basically call test and and say you need to leave was it because he was exonerated was it because he was there or was it because of something he said. it was because he was there he was in the seat of the parliament
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at. parliament leda and he was addressing parliament in a situation where. georgians say. parts of our country us still occupied from washington. this is unacceptable and. parliament's away because this russian lawmakers to to have that seated mean obviously never is in power in parliament did not hear or see this type of reaction. and this quote is so far i'm clear i'll follow that as one question that has been deemed a sponsible for allowing this it is that they have the gov of the leading government party says they would have to investigate and see what led to this situation. one close enough is been also and that it will go sponsible because this one says this is not enough this is unacceptable it's it's it's the fault of
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the lead they had the potty and the 1000000000 know about hind the party and that is just another sign of meddling in our own up fast so they've made a symbolic case out of this ok journalist bring us up to date on what is going on in tbilisi georgia tonight. they're trying to storm the parliament building in the capital of georgia ever thank you welcome to fit in brussels european union leaders have been meeting to decide who will lead the e.u. key institutions following last month's parliamentary elections the most high ranking position up for grabs well that's the european commission president a job that's now held by john klobuchar but there is no consensus on who should replace him and that is creating friction between the e used to leading countries france in germany. the e.u. commission the heartbeat of the european union. 28 heads of state and
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government have gathered in brussels to decide on the new leader but chancellor merkel cautions against high expectations. though here in germany we have the situation that both my party the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. are committed to the top candidate but that's not always the case in the council as we have known for a long time and we will discuss this but we might not have a result today. kind of you can use. the european party's top candidates have been campaigning throughout the e.u. liberals conservatives greens and social democrats but the french president doesn't want to limit himself to these candidates when it comes to voting in a new e.u. commission president so he's risking an open dispute with germany.
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in my opinion it is up to france to find a solution and not get bogged down in programs to find europe's ideal leadership team. but if france doesn't stand behind the top candidate it will need support for its choice even before the summit began president mccall sought to meet with his counterparts one of them is the leader of luxembourg who says he doesn't want to commit himself to one candidate yet. i want to know what we're doing and not who is doing it for us for chancellor merkel and the french president this is about much more than posts it's about power and influence in the european union that's why no one wants to give in it amounts to a poker game and the prize is the e.u.'s top position. our let's go straight to the european council now in brussels where our correspondent next often is standing by good evening to you max so the personal poker has not yet been decided the summit
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continues is there any change to report as the midnight hour approaches. we don't expect them to resolve this poker game anytime soon this is probably going to be one of those long brussels nights but they have taken some decisions they had taken some decisions before going to dinner where they talked about the personnel one of those decisions was to extend the economic sanctions against russia because of the seat situation in eastern ukraine so they were in agreement on that and then the other part was a sort of a non decision because the original draft of the conclusions foresaw that all 28 member states would endorse the e.u. becoming carbon neutral so and that carbon neutral or as it sometimes call climate neutral by 2050 so basically not emitting any carbon any more by 2050 but there was fears opposition to this from poland from hungary and also from
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the czech republic so this ironically speaking has become just a footnote in the conclusions and we know that the race for the you know the top jobs that raises become rather contentious why. it's so difficult this time because you don't have a clear cut majority in the european parliament among the 2 big parties so the social democrats and the conservatives something that was always a factor in the last european parliament's this time you need another party for example the liberals and that means that more heads of state government also have their say here to become european commission president you need a double majority one right here in the european country council among the leaders in the european union and also in the european parliament and so far no candidate has a majority either here. or in the european parliament so what would a or what could a compromise look like max. there are different strategies to find solutions in
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these cases in these scenarios one scenario that's being discussed here in brussels at the moment is that they don't assign names to the different jobs remember we're not only talking about the commission president there's also president of the e.u. council with this is right here where the member states have their say or also the president of the yours in central bank and there are 2 others as well so maybe they will assign parties to those different posts without talking about names because particularly my call we just saw in that report he's not necessarily as opposed to having somebody from the conservative party being the new e.u. commission president but he's very much opposed against months could be about who is the top candidate of the year of the conservatives because he says that months that doesn't have enough experience aren't myself in on this work force in brussels tonight it's another late european union summit there thank you max.
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well britain's really conservative party has narrowed the field of candidates for party leader and for the next prime minister down to 2 men they are former foreign minister boris johnson and the current foreign minister jeremy hunt writes it hard one of boris johnson is seen as the clear front runner in an upcoming vote among party members until now in this election candidates had been made by party lawmakers but now hunt and johnson will have to face 160000 party members who will each have a vote the result was expected in late july. well today have seen tensions between tehran and washington go from bad to worse earlier today iran shot down an unmanned u.s. drone now both countries can agree to that but the u.s. says that the drone was flying in international airspace and it's accused of a. ron of an unprovoked attack president donald trump called the move by iran a big mistake but later today pulled back saying it looked like someone in tehran had just made a mistake iran says that the drone was on
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a spine mission over its territory the pentagon says these grainy images show a u.s. drone tumbling from the sky over the gulf of oman the latest in a series of incidents that raise the specter of war in the region as the u.s. president on a trump emerged from the white house many reporters had the same question. well if . you were. part of the problem for trying it was hosting canadian prime minister justin trudeau after heightening the suspense the president appeared to back pedal that a joint q. and a session in the oval office only moments later i think probably iran made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down. but iran appeared in no mood to apologize as it proudly announced the shooting down of the u.s. drone on state television. at
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a rally iran's elite revolutionary guard said it had destroyed the drone to send a strong message to the u.s. oh many. how you know men are those who defend the border of the islamic nation of iran will react in a total and decisive way to any intrusion by foreign elements on our land what off our own. mind our borders how are our red line you know an enemy that violates our borders and will not return and will be destroyed economy. the commander went on to say iran was ready for a war that had the country was not seeking conflict with any nation. but the incident comes at a time of rising tension between tehran and washington which began when the us abandoned the international nuclear deal last year. after the us ratcheted up sanctions on iran this week announced it would no longer abide by the terms of the agreement and could soon restart its nuclear activity. the recent attack on to oil
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tankers in the gulf of oman adds to the tension over by on wednesday the u.s. military presented more evidence that it said links tehran to the incident this time iran denied its involvement so far the u.s. has not reacted to what it sees as iranian provocations despite such restraint the fear is that an ever escalating standoff could result in war. our sources now are the borg of the u.s. have beaten sweden to no to become the last of 5 teams to advance into the knockout stages with a perfect record of 3 wins out of 3 the game was just minutes old when leave lindsay horan reacted quicker than the swedish defense the pope this newspoll into the net in the 2nd half this would still be clear their lines was more giving toby his chance to make it to sweden will nevertheless finish in 2nd place in group f. enjoying the usa follow fine for the round of 6 teams. all right you're watching
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