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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2019 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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as asked about escalating tensions with iran his answer everything's under control don't worry about a thing famous last words mr president tonight on capitol hill and at the white house emergency meetings are underway earlier today iran shot down a u.s. military drone what will president trump's answer be to that. iran made a big mistake. this drone was in international waters clearly we have it all documented it's documented scientifically not just words on a. red line. and me that i am it's our voters. and will be destroyed and i don't think the president wants to go to war there's no . war in our country.
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also coming up and then there were 2 but really only one the race to become the next british prime minister is down to 2 candidates the favorite and this may be a question for the conservative pasha in a country he's looking bars johnson is there a better alternative may the best man win and that's going to be me. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day waiting for the u.s. response to what iran says was meant as a warning to america earlier today iran shot down a u.s. military drone saying the drone had violated its airspace in was engaged in spying now that's a claim that the u.s. has rejected saying that no u.s. aircraft were in iranian airspace at the white house and on top of. hill members of
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the trump administration and lawmakers are meeting in emergency sessions this evening u.s. president trump saying today's move by iran was a very big mistake without a doubt the downing of that u.s. drone escalates tensions between the u.s. and iran tensions that were already high on monday the u.s. announced that it will send $1000.00 extra troops to the gulf and the u.s. accused iran of attacking to tame kurds last week or here is what the head of iran's revolutionary guard said earlier today about shooting down that u.s. drone. how many think that downing american was a clear and precise message to america. and the message is that. those who defend the borders of the islamic nation of iran. will react in a total and decisive way to any intrusions by foreign elements in iran are.
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big on a. red line of sight and i mean an enemy that our violates our ability to tell you will not return. and will be destroyed. my 1st guest tonight said earlier this week that lack of a smoking gun should prevent further as collations of tensions between the u.s. and iran there was juergen has written extensively about the middle east his latest book is making the arab world he is also a professor of international relations at the one school of economics and he joins us tonight from london fawaz it's good to have you on the program you're warning that there is no smoking gun in terms of the attack on those 2 oil tankers that came before reports of a u.s. drone being shot down by iran's does that drone does that change the calculus for washington in your opinion. no it does not in fact i would argue that
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the trump in this ration finds itself box then there is no plan at the in washington. many divisions within the trump administration we do not know what president trump wants. for sure he does not really want war was he wrong because the president as we know this clashes was his america's fest dr donald trump is not really interested in waging wars in fact he's trying to disengage from muslim lands and secondly his priority now is reelection for a 2nd presidential term of any war anywhere with basically hand that is that the nail in his reelection campaign so he does not want war was iran yet the crisis was iran is a manmade crisis is the south and its prices by donald trump and this is the irony in which donald trump finds in south the death well for us what do you think is
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happening here are the reunion leaders with this drone being shot down are they giving the hardliners in washington exactly what they want and that is a reason to take this to a military level and to go to war. i don't think iranian leader has won a direct clash with washington not that the united states nor iran nor saudi arabia wants a all out war everyone would lose and particularly iran will be the biggest loser because its economic and military infrastructure will be destroyed what iran is engaged in is the follow a calculated and then juris escalation because the status quo is and parable of the iranian economy is bleeding the iranian back to the wall and their punching bag hoping that the trump administration will not basically escalate but
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this is because everyone thinks every side things that the other side want 5 the fair shot this is how war is this is how miscalculation happens and as you've said you're absolutely correct the violent storm is growing and pensions that defending it would take only one miscalculation to really try to get a clash in that particular popular while you've said earlier that donald trump the us president doesn't want to go to war he has made that clear we know who the hardliners are in his administration and in tehran who is working then with donald trump's interest at heart to do you see here trying to keep the peace. well the truth is i mean donald trump has sat around it himself was hopeless you have ballpen who is in charge of the national security in the white house and john bolton is well known long before the iraq war it was one of the leading
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politicians who called for war against iraq and who also has called for war against iraq off pale don't forget from pale ontario is a hardline a too even though is closer to trump than. john bolton the defense department and the intelligence services do not do you want cool because they realize at any clashes iran regardless will be catastrophic more catastrophic than the iraq war the iraq war will pale by comparison with the war in iraq but what we're talking about here is miscalculation imagine if the iranians basically shoot a a an american fighter jets in the next few days over the strait of how was or iran imagine if several american sales i mean at soldiers or army officers is this is the kind of miscalculation that would trigger that would ask elation a lot will do you see then the us president trying to deescalate things earlier
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today he had a tweet out saying that this was a big mistake shooting down the straw but then later in the day he me he did say openly that there's the possibility that the firing at this drone could have been could have been an act that was also a mistake that doesn't sound like or a warmongering president does. not a colt no one is saying no one is saying that dog tom is a warmonger that's not the question that the assumptions on which the decision his own decision the reason why i said this is a man made crisis it was donald trump who exited the nuclear deal was which it was barak obama was signed it and 6 great powers and the assumptions is assumptions or the people out around on of is that iran will sat around iran will come back to the negotiating tables in fact they this has happened iran is punching back to iran
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is not surrendering iran will not sat around because it will bring about the collapse of the regime itself so the question is what are the options that donald trump has and that's why he's trying to be escalate in fact it's the same statement after the attacks against the the ships in the gulf of oman he said oh it was a little attack the one that police say is setbacks and now they're saying some might have made a mistake what this tells you is that family does not really want war that he is he has boxed himself and the iranians know it and they're really trying to push basically the wrong bottom donald trump because it he realizes the options that he has a very limited bet what the iranian leadership might be might be miscalculating as well it might be fake it might be making some terrible risk that could really come to harm the iranian leadership in the next few days and next few weeks well those those those bad decisions that you are implying that may be in the process of being
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made does that include iran saying that it is going to take steps that could violate the nuclear agreements because we know that it has put the burden on europe to rescue the deal in within 10 days but europe has also made clear that if the nuclear deal is violated by iran then the european union has no choice but to reinstate sanctions against iran. absolutely and that's why i mean the german foreign minister and the french foreign minister i really taking a serious initiative not their real major if no magic initiative is gave out by boat germany and france the french will miniseries go into iran to meet with his counterpart that taking iranian threat today say is the i don't think is in the interest of iran to abse that the nuclear deal because it will lose not only the united states it would lose iraq europe is the only hope for iran but the iranian
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leaders remember that iran is bleeding the connally is bleeding the status quo is not comparable and that has economic warfare that has exacted the heavy toll on the iran so the iranians that that's and that's why the escalating that and the dollar and as we've seen in the past at you know few weeks i was gerges from the london school of economics joining us tonight from london for once we appreciate your time in your valuable insights tonight thank you and what having. it happens once a year it is considered to be one of the biggest shows that the kremlin puts on for russia and the world president vladimir putin's annual question and answer session with the public i'll just tell spontaneous this event is one that can be debated but without a doubt it is one of the most important p.r. events for putin and his hold on power more than one of the have 1000000 people
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submitted questions to the president hoping that he would call on them on national television now it wasn't a total love fest whether some russians confronted with their fears over falling incomes and the country's ailing health care system acknowledged the concerns of belt declining incomes but he insisted the worst economic challenges are behind the country. when he wus moscow correspondent. careful. putin's annual call in show is like a safety valve it's an opportunity to ask critical questions in a controlled state t.v. and environment this year the focus was very much on domestic issues after all there's a lot to discuss there there are the unpopular pensions reforms there's the hike that happened at the beginning of the year there are falling real wages and rising prices usually russians tend to blame the government rather than flooding there
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putin for their problems but surveys show that trust and vladimir putin is that a long term low and in a surprising move in the show bloody near putin took responsibility for the failings of his government still the show is always an opportunity for putin to kind of wave his wand at the problems of ordinary russians and to make problems from dirty water to low wages simply go away the problem and the question at the moment is whether real russians here normal russians really believe that vladimir putin can make those problems go away. well there is one tall big. bell what will happen to their garbage rather what happens to other people's garbage in one. of the new garbage dumps. is already underway but local residents and environmental they are doing their best to fight back to look. human shields against diggers these activists have created
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a tent city and she's a town in northwestern russia authorities told them construction on a new garbage dump would stop but the arrival of a new excavator has spurred protesters back into action. we want to give up on she says will die if we have to the right of us and for all of the this is all and we won't give it up. and one of the security forces keep an eye on things but they don't get involved and in the end the digger driver gives up. she's has achieved prominence far greater than its modest train station would suggest last year local authorities struck a deal with moscow to dispose of garbage from the capital. construction began a what would be one of europe's biggest landfills but residents wouldn't put up with it. private security personnel were brought in to discourage the activists but
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to no avail. instead more people joined the protest at the moment about 100 of them live in this encampment next to the site. the builders have also set up a tent they call it an information center stocked with colorful brochures full of promises that moscow's rubbish will be recycled the activists don't believe a word of it. and they get us through this will they say that recycling plant will be built here and we have experience with this that is going to bury the rubbish in a 30 kilometer long trench and you can see. alexey gunny chad is part of a group that plants trees exactly where the construction crew cut down existing trees. and there but if you can get this it. isn't just about this place it's about the way garbage is dealt with all over russia we're not just fighting for our region. people from other regions supported us. we want to solve this
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problem all over the country not just here. the problem of the landfills financial backers say the possible environmental impact on the area is being looked at but environmental activists don't trust them. says there are fears that. unfortunately for protesters the local rail operator has announced it will stop train services to she sed by june 25th activists will have to find another way to join the fight against moscow's dirty habits. or the united nations says a record number of people worldwide have been forcibly displaced this year by war persecution or violence the figure now totals 71000000 that's 2000000 more than
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last year and that includes asylum seekers refugees and people forced to leave their homes in their own country or to mark this un world refugee day amnesty international is highlighting the particular difficulties facing older refugees and to do that amnesty took cameras and recorded at camps that hels were hinge or refugees for me and more after a crackdown by me and mars military almost $800000.00 virgin just fled to bangladesh and many of them were elderly. life in bangladesh so crowded refugee camps can be a constant struggle. for the elderly it's often nearly unbearable the human rights organization amnesty international interviewed nearly 150 displaced wrote enjoy is 54 to over 90 they found that it didn't seize hadn't done enough to address the needs of older refugees. not that far for the people who can
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walk well it's only a problem for me. i don't go to the chemical they don't provide good treatment they usually only get one or 2 tablets when my son buys medication for me i take that i'm wary of. everybody and that this man was able to reach a designated age friendly clinic but such places are rare in the refugee camps for the elderly food medical and sanitation facilities are often difficult to reach researchers documented cases of older patients foregoing medicine because they could not navigate the challenging terrain to the clinics. and despite the challenges these are the lucky ones many other elderly wrote enjoy were unable to flee and me and mars army attacked their villages in wrecking state. you know mothers that we were in the field the soldiers with chasing people and shooting people who could run managed to escape but those who couldn't run were
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killed and then out of the when the soldiers came and. my parents were inside for the last 5 years my parents weren't able to move on their own we couldn't take them with his mommy flat my parents died when the house was told. it's uncertain when the road hinges refugees will be able to return to their homes and me on mar for the elderly it's not clear whether they'll ever make the trip home. where he will be the next british prime minister well the answer to that is an either or situation tonight either u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt or former u.k. foreign minister boris johnson they will campaign until late july when all members of the conservative party will choose one of them as the party's new leader. we therefore declare that jeremy hunt and boris johnson are going forward to a page of the qualifying membership of the conservative and unionist party thank
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you very. well in london right now because our very own is following the story for us good evening to you they're going so former london mayor and foreign minister boris johnson remains the top contender for the job of tory leader in the next prime minister is his victory i mean is it a foregone conclusion now. not a foregone conclusion he still needs to go to this final round needs to go to the party base but he's clearly the funder frontrunner and he's extremely popular with the party base he's weak he is charming he has a lot of charisma his critics accuse him of being a bit economical with the truth in fact they accuse him of lying for example over claims during the brics a campaign that britain would save 350000000 a week that they can be used for other stuff here in the u.k. for example for the house have his say all this doesn't faze the party base they
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really adore him whenever he is for example at a party conference they just approach him like nobody else so he's really very very popular with the base the clear frontrunner and what about his rival and of the other candidates the foreign secretary jeremy hunt. for and secretary jeremy hunt doesn't have the same personality i would say as boris johnson boss and he is a remain a so that puts him at a disadvantage with the party base he did come painful remain during the referendum the party base is very much progress and they want to have this as done done as quickly as possible really jeremy hunt i think is the contender because he's seen or maybe as. a steady pair of hands he's made much about his history as a entrepreneur as a foreign secretary he has accused the european union of being similar to the
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soviet union's that didn't go down very well with colleagues in brussels but on the other hand i think many have. rather positive view on him because he's seen as a model to let us not a nationalist but and with a party base boris johnson clearly the favorite it is interesting david in disgrace that environment that one of the 2 finalists is someone who wants to stay in the european union if johnson if he really wins in the end there what does that mean for the u.k. and for breakfast. well terribly hund also has said that now he accepts that britain has to leave it was just that he was a remain a during the referendum campaign but if boris johnson really does move into number 10 downing street i think he will be really held to account he made huge promises during the recent campaign he was really one of the main figures all off the record
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to come by and in the referendum he has made promises like britain will be p.-o. will play a one small and that breaks it would in the end reunite the country again and the promise is about all the money that can be saved and used here in the u.k. so all of these bold claims really he will be held into account if indeed he does move into downing street at the end of the summer that's what we will find out soon you know all right are there good marks on the story for us in london because thank you. scientists are sounding the alarm over glacier melting they say glaciers in the himalayas north of india are melting at a rate twice of what would be considered normal. the glaciers of the himalayas represent a vast reservoir of water upon which hundreds of millions of people depend no the glaciers are melting. by comparing today's glaciers with satellite imagery made
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decades ago scientists can determine just how quickly the ice is receding researchers at london's a period college say the big melt will be hard to stop even if we if we try to limit the 1.5 degree. temperature rise over the next by the end of this century is still one 3rd of. the last yes we do me. any sed. dr pandit says changing water availability is making it impossible for people to continue traditional farming practices those who cannot adapt are often forced to move away. because of that. the odds are forced to change. their agricultural practices and as a result in some areas migrate some is also happening so people cannot cope with their we did tending washing every nudity in the recent. rising temperatures
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and changing patterns of precipitation in the mountains will also have impacts far down stream as water levels drop across some troll asia and in the indian subcontinent. or the day is almost done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can follow me at brant goff t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and it tomorrow is another day see you then.
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful gives international criminal court has a new enemy in washington to jump administration is accused of having no legitimacy and says it once it's in. my guest this week here in the hague is truly a simple sujit who is the president of the i.c.c. how can he defended organization against such powerful position in conflicts so for the next couple of.
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those he'd have to get through the bundesliga break without a football thanks again. to the women's vote in france. excitements said emotion not something. that swings a 90 limit is most. of the goals of the results here on g.w. nice. touch.
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i. think that's actually one of the questions you should cost going to see remarkably complacent about the fact that the most powerful country on the you say it won't soon forget why do you think it's complacency the international criminal court set up to try the worst crimes on the planet as a new enemy in washington in terms of ministration those accused of having no legitimacy and so.


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