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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2019 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin it appears the us was only hours away from and armed conflict with iran before turning back for tom name sources in washington say the u.s. was preparing to launch airstrikes against the islamic republic then the operation was called all was planned in response to tehran shooting down an american naval drum. also coming up dozens are injured in tbilisi as protesters tried to storm georgia's parliament to stop a visiting russian lawmaker from speaking there. and new protests in hong kong
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against a proposed extradition long thousands back on the streets after a deadline for protesters to withdraw the legislation is ignored activists say it is a power grab by mainland china that would destroy hong kong democratic institutions d.-w. is on the ground at the protests. and in football the u.s. cruises past sweden into the world cup's last 16 we have thought. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us u.s. media and an unnamed official in washington say the united states called off a planned operation to attack iranian targets that in retaliation for the downing of an. navy drone the reports say american forces were in position to strike
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a rainy and radar and missile batteries when the operation was called off ran in the u.s. have offered conflicting accounts of where the global hawk drone was shot down iran says it has evidence the drone violated a rein in airspace the u.s. denies that the tensions have prompted many airlines to divert flights through that region. mariana i haven't seen is following this story for us today good morning mariana if the new york times accounts are confirmed this looks like an abrupt reversal by washington indeed it does brian i mean we do know it was a day of escalating tensions after that u.s. 5 drone was shot down officials will deliberating how do they respond and in fact as late as 7 pm it seemed as though there would be
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a limited strike against iran targeting things like radar or missile batteries but then brian it was called off in its early stages according to the new york times the planes were in the air ships were in position but no missiles have been fired when word came to stand down and it's still unclear at this point whether it was because president trump himself changed his mind or whether pentagon officials decided a change in strategy or did a lot decided to call it off due to a change logistics challenges ok now we know that the president has repeatedly said he does not want to be involved in any new wars under his administration now there are though a lot of different voices in washington weighing in on what to do with iran you're right brian i mean this really does underscore that tension for donald trump between his desire to appear strong on the world stage and also his campaign
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promise not to involve americans and further international conflicts but around him he's got the hawks people like john bolton the national security adviser secretary of state might bump a even a g. a hassle the cia director all advocating a more confrontational approach with iran shooting down this drone offers them a boost in their arguments for a military response but some pentagon officials are cautioning such a move a military move could really spark a greater escalate. that could put u.s. forces in the region at risk and of course congressional democrats who are briefed on the situation all urged president trump to exercise restraint and if they do want to have military response to seek congressional approval for that ok the that is what's firming up on the on the hill right now congressional approval mariana thanks for now of more details as they come in from washington let's get the view
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now from iran we're joined by nasir hadi and professor of international relations at tehran university thanks so much for coming in can you tell us that around view of this incident the downing of the drone secondly you don't think that you know of things that you know. the global hawk has wired into the iranian airspace and they think this is the beginning and if they don't listen to strong it's going to be rick that's why the fund would look through basically mention 2 important crucial points one is let's not forget. even the americans are talking about 9 miles from here in the a bit of space in the minds of it really really rainy and the question is why us. more there but it's several 1000 miles that way from our border should come here to have basically coming those daughters their space their belief
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is that u.s. wants to croak that's a probation ok well what we need somebody the americans when they say these are crucial shipping lanes the strait of hormuz to protect the world's oil supply. yes i mean that's certainly share that when you don't want it on as more you don't has more interest to have the state of what was to be open so that's why you know at the end of the day the very cool should be in basically making it safe as we have been doing it from before. but you know that's not only the case that they want to open that state of morse their presence because of a number of other reasons they may be justified for the minds of americans but certainly it is not justified for many in the region that why us of a 1000 miles away should be here and provoke i mean being here is one question and provoking is
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entirely out of the coach ok the americans would say there was no relation as a random shooting down the drone that that is the actual provocation. no white white boy did that all should fly down close to our border even if of course he then claims that the media glued to the border but why because that's a reconnaissance. plane they are collecting intelligence to collect information for what to act to take action so iran is going to be sensitive i don't want to justify for what would have existed certainly caution in iran and it would up with the commend more caution that it on but let's not forget the context it is very well it's kind of what i meant it is very tense environment and bound to make a miscalculation and misunderstanding. and misinterpretation is such a such a run that both countries should exist eyes fortune but let's not forget the bigger
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picture but my next point which is very clear should professor haiti and i think we had it if i could and ask you one question we're running out of time and i want to ask you about the people in iran how concerned are they about the possibility of a conflict and do they want one and they want to see both governments back from the bracken exercise restraint you just mentioned certainly this absolute majority of the people want they don't want to see tension rise because that would not serve anyone's interest but the next point is it's going to happen again certainly it's going to happen again it's not going to be the last it's not the 1st it's not going to be the last thus if you don't care don't if try if us try to put us in the corner and applied pressure not letting us to sell our oil pits a committal of stuff or some other things yes it is going to show reaction. they're
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not going to sit stand boy is and say let's americans do whatever they want particularly considering jase if you a was in agreement ok which not it was a bit even in the us the who would community supported the president's or justification just only because of that was to put it politics with narrow nassar hating from the fascist. professor he and i'm sorry we're going to have to leave it there nasser hating professor of international relations at tehran university i really appreciate you coming in we all appreciate your comments this morning was a pleasure to watch for the view from the table appreciate it. while it's to georgia now where dozens of people have been injured in the georgian capital tbilisi after a night of clashes protesters trying to storm the parliament building there when they heard a russian lawmaker was addressing the assembly inside georgia has no diplomatic relations with moscow and for fought a brief war with russia in 2008 here's more on how those clashes unfold.
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it started off peacefully enough and then canisters of tear gas rained down on protesters. i. call this because a russian politician visited the parliament in tbilisi and gave a speech the lawmaker supports the independence of 2 breakaway regions in georgia in response protesters swarmed the parliament demanding the government's resignation. russia and georgia have a testy relationship and they have not had diplomatic ties in over 10 years and. he's a reason to celebrate because collins has invited keeps russian in the here and he said again georgia you physical people think this and i will repeat if he's
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going to change into something of. iraq's quality you know to have all these philosophical you look do you all know little italy loath to force you to love to see he sure has. to tear gas today not to tear the protesters so police turned her over bullets. crowd repeatedly surged attempting to break into the building but were turned back . to georgian prime minister accused the opposition party of quote provoking the riots. what has been described as a spontaneous protest by ordinary georgians quickly descended into a night of violence. i. took
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a look at the view on this from russia and we're joined now by or did have your correspondent elise sherwin in moscow and hours of russia been reacting to last night's protests the anti russian protests in the georgian capital. well we haven't heard a reaction from the kremlin yet but there has been a russian from the foreign ministry this incident with the lawmaker happened during the interim parliamentary orthodox assembly as it's called which is a meeting between orthodox parliamentarians from different countries and the foreign ministry said that it's a shame that a forum that is supposed to unite people is now being used to express anti russian sentiment and they also accused the georgian opposition of trying to stop ties between russia and georgia and proving ok when russians look at what happened on the streets of tbilisi the video we had our last report what do they see as fueling
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this level of public anger directed at a representative russia. well i think whether you ask people in russia or whether you ask people in georgia the reason is pretty easy to track down enough the fact that georgia and russia fought a short war in august 2008 over the breakaway regions of. and south of setia now i was actually on the administrative sure to boundary line the de facto border to south said about a year ago 10 years after that war and the and the tensions there are still very much real people in georgia see russia as an occupying force russia on the other hand has recognized those breakaway reason regions as independent there are troops stationed on the de facto border and those tensions in that are you
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can really sense that throughout georgia not just on the de facto border so i think what we're seeing there is that anger at russia excuse me kind of pouring out onto the streets. thanks so much for that update and the view from moscow as to what's been happening in tbilisi thanks very much. as preview now and some of the other stories making news this hour anti-government protests in albania. have seen demonstrators storming polling stations across the country ahead of an upcoming in a civil action balkan state was thrown into turmoil earlier this year after the mass resignation of opposition politicians. britain's governing conservative party has narrowed the field of candidates for party leader and prime minister former foreign minister boris johnson is seen as the clear front runner he faces one person the current foreign minister jeremy hunt in the final stage of the
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leadership contest tory party leaders will vote to appoint their new leader in late july and the question. final campaign rallies have been held in more tina ahead of this weekend's presidential election current president mohamed a bill these are stepping down after 2 terms of. votes expected to leave the west african nations 1st peaceful transfer of power in about 6 decades. or protesters are flooding the streets of hong kong in another round of demonstrations that after leader kerry lamb ignored a deadline to withdraw a controversial extradition bill activists are demanding that kerry lamb scrapped that proposed bill by thursday but those calls were ignored they want lam to resign and release a number of government protesters detained last week thousands have converged on hong kong's police headquarters and are now blocking major roadways. let's get the very latest from hong kong now with mathias berlinger mathias
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a what's happening where you are at police headquarters right now. people here demand the release of these people who were detained during the clashes last week they keep shouting release them release dumb people are still angry with the government although. carry lamhaa has already shelved this bill they demanded to be entirely scrapped and they also demand her to step down all of these demands have not been met so people vowed to continue to protest we met nominees fellow students in the lead up to this demonstration then members of a student organization their task is to ensure that protest is off 50 down through today they accept donations from the public people bring by mosque some goebbels against police tear gas helmets and shoes quantities of water of i hope the protests were peaceful to you but we'll be standing by in case any kind of foreign
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actions happen at how far taking will be able to help that no matter if they're like peacefully or like different kinds of approach on the protesters i hope we could all be united and came out to express out this concert 4 days groups of protesters have occupied this square in front of hong kong's legislative council the city's assembly the demonstrators all have the same demands but differ on what should happen next. and how to watch out more huge oil we should escalator action and we should be more assertive we should shake the government up. for example by surrounding the government headquarters we're occupying the roads nearby to make our voices heard. about us all how are you standing up a lot of. peaceful a lot of manpower to support that but as i can feel now these corrupt people he's not going out. ahead of these protests the government announced it will shut down
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for the day hong kong is on edge. i mean he is looking at your report there it appears that what began as a protest against the extradition law is now becoming more than that. well yes in some way it is because last week's clashes this police brutality that has been. perceived as extreme by many hong kong is not only the young protesters who are here has of course infuriated people further but at the center of it is still this bill they wanted to be scrapped they want caroline to acknowledge that she will not pursue this plan and you further and she has not responded to that on monday she went on to again she in the paula jones for her policies but she was still reluctant to scrap this bill so people feel there's something still in the. cooking up in the government and something might happen at
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a later point ok something might happen at a later point does that mean at some juncture the government could in fact carry land couldn't fact come back and force this bill through parliament. she has not excluded this possibility i cannot imagine how any government could come back with this bill without inciting all of this again so i think for the next few years it's not likely that they will try this again but this reluctance really angers people here and that's why they're out here today again although. there's no doubt probably chance that we will see it in the next few months or within the next year and she has even indicated that she does not count on bringing it back in on the short term ok mathias thanks very much for that from police headquarters in central hong kong for now. this is news still to come on the show in search of the
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force known as dark energy thought to be pulling our universe apart well prepared for blast off as a pioneering space telescope is set to begin its hunt. but 1st the leaders are dead last after failing to agree on who should fill the box top jobs when the current administration finishes its work that will be this fall now at the heart of the impasse is a disagreement between the e.u. used to power houses france and germany to disappointment written all over their faces. and then a disenchanting message. there was no majority on the nic on the date. the 28 heads of state were set to decide on a candidate for the e.u.'s top job the head of the e.u. commission and these were the hopefuls the european party's lead candidates have been campaigning throughout the e.u.
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liberals conservatives and social democrats but paris didn't want to limit itself to the lead candidate process. drew says the system doesn't exist in our treaties we cannot discuss things that were just invented to be practical but the treaties are clear on these matters. the demonstration of affection on the sidelines could not hide the open dispute between germany and france now that the lead candidate system seems to have failed berlin is worried about a lack of majority when it comes to approving a nominee in the european parliament's the it's done because we know many of the candidates but we want to avoid a crisis with parliament where we would come to realize that what we suggest doesn't get accepted that would be good for the work of the european parliament over the next 5 years pressure is high whoever gets this job will have an effect on the other top positions in the e.u. but the outgoing head of the e.u.
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commission didn't let the situation spoil his mood really. increase i wish we could have agreed on a successor to the president of the european commission to do we got them but i was amused to note that it is very difficult to replace me if you see them all. the other. leaders are expected to meet again next week in a final bid to choose the right person for the job. it's to kazakhstan now where a joint russian european team is preparing to launch a tion airing telescope into space erodes yto will be searching for dark energy as a force that's thought to be pulling the universe apart but that has never been observed directly. it's on its way to eliminate to the universe the top of the world's most advanced x. ray telescope it's only the size of a wardrobe but it's going to be
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a vital tool to hunt for black holes discover new galaxies and to measure dark energy made in germany alone on board ever russian satellite the super powerful telescopes long mission begins here in the kazakhstan at the cosmodrome by scientists hope of the arrows it will provide humanity with a new view and view of our world if you of the universe as the plan is for to send down to earth from outer space of a 70 s. it will not just record to visible haven't we bodies but also once of that are invisible that's the key feature of an x. ray telescope to register objects based on that they're warmth and to their ideation and to send back 8 enormous scans of the entire sky. scientists hope to discover up to 100000 galaxies the last experiment like this took place in the 1990 s.
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but back then they had a much weaker telescope you know if you get to the museum search if this mission is successful it will be enormously important for the whole world as the next even more exact experiment can only start and 25 to 30 years but i personally will not be here to experience it but we will but if you want to shoot up your book to the scientists at the max planck institute in germany and to the counterparts at the lab. in the research center in russia to find out much more about so-called the dark energy. they also want to know if the universe is still expanding and one of astrophysics most exciting questions but what does it have to do with our daily lives. unfortunately we cannot tell yet but take your smartphone and think about what was needed in the past for this to work today. because we
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don't know what will come of this but if we don't do it nothing will happen when you get. to. erode z. day is busy scanning the sky back on earth that we can only dream of what's might come off its discovery says. sports and at the women's world cup the u.s. has beaten sweden to nel to advance the knockout stages with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 they thought the game would the americans 1st real test they made short work of their opponents. the americans waited less than 3 minutes before taking the lead against sweden the tournament favorites pick off the mark for the 3rd game in a row. beating the swedish defenders to a new spose from a corner to grab her 2nd of the tournament. the usa had already backed 16 goals before this game more than any other team so far so it was no surprise when
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they extended their lead at the start of the 2nd half this time it was forwards tobin he who could use to finish. the swedes had once again failed to get the ball under control in their box and were once again punished. to nail the final score the usa become the latest team to go through with a puffy record of 3 out of 3 wins and show again why they tipped to go all the way . let's get your minder now of our top story at this hour new tensions in the gulf after ran down the u.s. military drone earlier this week iran says it has proof the surveillance craft was over its territory the new york times reporting that washington planned limited strikes on iran in response but then call them all. up next the e.u. keeps sanctions against russia in place some sanctions that is
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a controversial pipeline well it's. business with. thank you for that don't forget you can always get the latest our web site interview dot com as well i'm brian thomas thanks for being here.
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those women back home who are bones by the duties and social norms and inform them of old dead piece of writing. my name is the about of the hook and i worked at some of them. the u.s. federal aviation authority bans airlines from flying over something iran controlled airspace as tensions between washington and tehran brought high. also evil leaders expend sanctions on russia but the visions were made over a russian gas pipeline project to europe. to the shores of sustainability a crucial company tries to cut down on plastic waste but it's not enough.


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