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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the us was only hours away from armed conflict with iran before turning back sources in washington say the u.s. was preparing to launch airstrikes against the islamic republic then the operation was called off it was planned in response to toronto shooting down an american military drone. also coming up dozens are injured in tbilisi as protesters tried to storm georgia's parliament to stop the visiting russian lawmaker from speaking. and
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new protests in hong kong against a proposed extradition laws thousands back on the streets after a deadline from protesters to withdraw legislation is ignored d.w. is on the ground after the protests. i'm dr thomas thanks so much for joining us officials in the u.s. say washington called off an operation to launch airstrikes on iran just hours before the they were due to go ahead the strikes were planned or tally ation for the downing of a u.s. spy drone earlier this week now iran says it has proof that drone while aided raining airspace which the u.s. the nice the drone was flying over the strait of hormuz a waterway that much of the world's crude oil passes through.
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the iranian military released this dramatic video showing what it say is a surface to air missile shooting down the american drone. the footage cannot be verified but tehran says the u.s. drone was clearly frying of iranian territory at the time of the attack the united states however has produced its own map proving it sais that its aircraft was in international airspace it accuses iran of carrying out an unprovoked attack on an american asset. so far the message is from washington on how the u.s. will respond if the mixed news earlier the president appeared to want to play down the incident by suggesting he did being an arab by iran. and i think probably iran . made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that they did mistake in shooting that drone down
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unfortunately the drone was hit just hours after the statement trump ordered the u.s. military to prepare to strike targets in iran. say u.s. warplanes were already in the air and ships in position when they were called back difference would have made a big big difference this has trump's opponents very worried. now i told the president that these conflicts have a way of escalating. the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war. tensions in the region have been compounded by a tax on to oil tankers last week which the u.s. also blames on iran they deny involvement iran says it does not want to will but its adamant it will defend its territory asked the u.s. its next move is still unclear. as mary and i haven't seen is
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following this story for us today good morning mariana if the new york times accounts are confirmed this looks like an abrupt reversal by washington indeed it does brian i mean we do know it was a day of escalating tensions after that u.s. fire drone was shot down officials will deliberating how do they respond and in fact as late as 7 pm it seemed as though there would be a limited strike against iran targeting things like radar or missile batteries but then brian it was called off in its early stages according to the new york times the planes were in the air ships were in position but no missiles had been fired when word came to stand down and it's still unclear at this point whether it was because president trump himself changed. his mind or whether pentagon officials decided a change in strategy or do a lot decided to call it off due to
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a change logistics challenges ok now we know that the president has repeatedly said he does not want to be involved in in any new wars under his administration now there are though a lot of different voices in washington weighing in on what to do with iran here right brian i mean this really does underscore that tension for donald trump between his desire to appear strong on the world stage and also his campaign promise not to involve americans and further international conflicts but around him he's got the hawks people like john bolton the national security adviser secretary of state might pay even a gina haswell the cia director all advocating a more confrontational approach with iran shooting down this drone offers them a boost in their arguments for a military response but some pentagon officials are cautioning such a move a military move could really spark a greater escalation that could put u.s.
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forces in the region at risk and of course congressional democrats who are briefed on the situation all urged president trump to exercise restraint and if they do want some sort of military response to seek congressional approval for that ok the that is what is firming up on the hill right now congressional approval mariana thanks for now what more details as they come in is to georgia now where dozens of people have been injured in the capital to the tbilisi after a night of clashes between protesters and riot police outside parliament the violence flared amidst widespread public anger over the visit of a russian lawmaker he addressed the assembly from the seat of the parliamentary speaker crowds of protesters tried to storm the parliament building and were pushed back by police georgia has no diplomatic relations with moscow and fall off a brief war with russia in 2008 here's more on how yesterday's clashes unfolded.
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it started off peacefully enough and then canisters of tear gas rained down on protesters. all this because a russian politician visited the parliament in tbilisi and gave a speech the lawmaker supports the independence of 2 breakaway regions in georgia in response protesters swarmed the parliament demanding the government's resignation. russia and georgia have a testy relationship and they have not had diplomatic ties in over 10 years. he said it was interesting because collins has invited to the russian embassy here and he said again georgia to crystal she thinks of all the pre-clear regions she's like she's going to sleep with him he was gone you know killed all the stuff
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you look do you all know that little italy loathing for you to love to see he's sure. to tear gas to not deter the protesters so police turned her over bullets. i think if crowd repeatedly surged attempting to break into the building but were turned back. to georgian prime minister accused the opposition party of quote provoking the riots. what has been described as a spontaneous protest by ordinary georgians quickly descended into a night of violence. let's bring you now in some of the other stories making the
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news this. our e.u. leaders are deadlocked over who should fill the block's top jobs and the current administration finishes its work this fall at the heart of the impasse is a disagreement between the e.u. use 2 powerhouses france and germany u. leaders will make another attempt to reach agreement at the end of the month. britain's ruling conservative party has narrowed the field of candidates for party leader and prime minister former foreign minister boris johnson is seen as the clear front runner he faces the current foreign minister jeremy hunt in the final stage of the leadership contest tory party members will vote to appoint a new leader in late july. changed and well protesters are back on the streets of hong kong in another round of demonstrations that after leader kerry lamb ignored a deadline to withdraw a controversial extradition bill activists are demanding the lamb scrap the proposed bill by thursday but those calls were ignored they want lam to resign and
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release a number of protesters who are now in jail thousands have converged on hong kong's police headquarters and are blocking major roadways let's go live now to. he joins us from hong kong mathias what's happening where you are right now down at police headquarters. yeah several 1000 people are gathering here they are blocking the entrance to the headquarters of the police they demand the release of those who were the time detained last wednesday when police and protesters clashed they demand an excuse for what they perceive as police brutality of excessive rule east police brutality and they demand of course this bill to be scrapped the government has shelved the bill but it has not scrapped it there were several demands last sunday up to 2000000 people took to the streets to demand the government to withdraw this bill
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on monday carol lam the chief executive went out she apologized for her policies but she did again not scrap this bill so all their demands have not been met at least not fully met and that's why they're out here to begin again. i say quite a while seattle now that we are calling for the release of their writing suspect and also strongly condemn excessive force used by the police. always always case i was a little fun we're angry because we feel helpless actually we failed to achieve any of our goals we asked for withdrawal of the bill but the government just suspended it we are just the police to respond to its violence but they simply feel has a right and why and how. katcher them but you complete withdrawal of the bill is still the most urgent demand but our action today targets the police as
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well even with some guys like him although i hope more people stand up and tell the government that we are not going to surrender we will continue protesting until they genuinely respond to us. that is like listening to these protesters it appears that what began as a protest against the extradition law is now becoming more than that. yes it's a statement by these young people today it's mostly young people on the weekends we also see families and older people. who state that they do not want or they fear this city becoming somewhat similar to what we see in mainland china and they fear a tight grip of beijing on this city and they express of course their anger at. these at what they see as a policy by the government to erode hong kong's freedoms it is about this general
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trend and it is also spoke about the actions of last week this stubbornness of the government the police brutality from last wednesday and they demand the government to. to to withdraw the bill to. apologize for for the police action that day and also for kerry lamb the chief executive to step down mathias version of live from hong kong at police headquarters thanks very much it's to the women's world cup down the u.s. has beaten sweden to nil to advance in the knockout stages with a perfect record of 33 many thought the game would be the americans 1st real test but they made short work of their opponents. the americans waited less than 3 minutes before taking the lead against sweden the tournament favorites quick off the mark for the 3rd game in
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a row you can see her run beating the swedish defenders to a new spool from a corner to grab her 2nd of the tournament. the usa had already bagged 16 goals before this game more than any of the team so far so it was no surprise when they extended their lead at the start of the 2nd tough this time it was forwards tobin heath who produced the finish. the swedes had once again failed to get the ball under control in their box and were once again punished. to nail the final score the usa become the latest team to go through with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 wins and show again why they tipped to go all the way. up next we'll take a trip to the highest mountain range in the world to see how women are training to become mountain guides well don't forget you can always find out more about these
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and other stories of our web site that's interview dot com for now though for me brian thomas the entire news team thanks so much for joining us and have a great week. she'd have to get through the bundesliga break without a simple thanks again. excitement and passion not so. it's facing 90 limbs. the 1st.


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