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coolest place. this is d w news live the from the us was only hours away from on conflict with iran before turning back sources in washington say the u.s. was preparing to launch airstrikes against the islamic republic then the operation was called off it was planned in response to terror on shooting down an american military drone. also coming up dozens are injured in tbilisi as protesters tried to storm georgia's parliament they were trying to stop a visiting russian lawmaker from speaking. to new protests in hong kong against
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a proposed extradition will thousands of back on the streets after a deadline for protesters to withdraw the legislation is the thing to which the w. is on the ground at the protests. and in the women's world cup team usa make it 3 wins out of all 3 the defending champions cruise into the tournament knockout stages with a 2 nil victory against lead and. both . my manuscripts mackinnon thanks so much for joining us officials in the u.s. say president donald trump has called off an operation to launch strikes on iran just hours before it was choose to go ahead the strikes were planned in retaliation for the downing of the. u.s.
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spy drone earlier this week iran says it has proof of the drone that the drone violated it reagan at space but the u.s. denies this the drone was flying above the strait of hormuz a waterway that much of the world's crude oil passes through. the iranian military released this dramatic video showing what it say is a surface to air missile shooting down the american drone. the footage cannot be verified but tehran says the u.s. drone was clearly flying over iranian territory at the time of the attack the united states however has produced its own map proving it sais that its aircraft was in international airspace it accuses iran of carrying out an unprovoked attack on an american asset. so far the message is from washington on how the u.s. will respond if the mixed use earlier the president appeared to want to play down
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the incident by suggesting he did being an error by iran. and i think probably iran . made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down unfortunately the drone was hit just hours after the statement trump ordered the u.s. military to prepare to strike targets in iraq. say u.s. warplanes were already in the air and ships in position when they were called back big difference would have made a big big difference this has trumped opponents very worried. now i told the president that these conflicts have a way of escalating. the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war. tensions in the region have been compounded by attacks on 2 oil tankers last
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week and which the u.s. also blames on iran they deny involvement iran says it does not want will but it's adamant it will defend its territory as the u.s. its next move is still on play out. all right you tell me is william blue cruft is following this story for us and he joins me now for more and william there's been this report in the new york times if it is confirmed it would seem like an extremely abrupt reversal of position by trump and his administration what do we know about what actually happened in washington to lead us up to where we are now so this report has not been confirmed but also adds up and denied the new york times is very clear in saying that they report that no one in the u.s. government stopped them from going to print with this story so that i think is very telling already that there does seem to have been some action behind the scenes to put planes in the air to respond to this drone downing in iran of course a lot of questions to where that drone really was it's very much
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a she said she said she said she said situation which is often the case in these kinds of confusing ashleigh tory situations ok now the u.s. . has repeatedly said he does not want to pull the u.s. into a new war and yet there are many very different voices weighing into this at the moment yeah donald trump doesn't seem to hesitate when it comes to trade wars so on the economic side he's very aggressive and that in the end that way but when it comes to military force actual wars he's on the record showing he's not interested in armed conflict in placed around the world he's withdrawing u.s. troops from places that have been long been in the middle east and sort of that the american rights america 1st policy and a lot of america's armed forces come from parts of the united states that are big bases bases of support i should say so he's on record as saying no wars no thank you we're focusing on america what's going on domestically but of course many people as is ministration john bolton national security advisor above all of them has is also on the record saying the exact opposite we need to bomb iran mean to go
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into iran iran needs to be taken down and this conflict is what we're seeing these 2 sorts of america 1st a trump in american 1st a focus at home and the bolts and you could say america 1st which is showing a muscular america around the world and which side this is going which which side of this america 1st idea is going to win out is going to play out that's what we're seeing now this struggle and that is exactly what's so dangerous within the top ministration what about the effect of the influence of the u.s. congress him and they have a voice obviously of course a democrat i mean the democrats are in power in the house congress officially constitutionally has the is the only one of the right to declare war forced united states has many different legal ways of calling will not a war a war or war not a war without getting congress's approval but as we saw in the report chuck schumer the minority leader in the senate democrat said this is how very bad things have happened in the past of the united states and other countries but in this case now it's backing itself into a corner where military military involvement becomes inevitable. thanks so much.
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it's to georgia now where dozens of people have been injured in the capital tbilisi after a night of clashes between protesters and riot police outside the parliament the violence fled amid widespread public anger over the visit of a russian lawmaker who addressed the assembly from the seat of the parliamentary speaker crowds of protesters tried to storm the parliament building and were pushed back by police georgia has no diplomatic relations with moscow and fought a short war with russia in 2008 has more on how those clashes unfolded. i a protester sweeping the street in front of georgia's parliament building. while a few steps away police do their part to clear away the debris of a night of mayhem. to b.c. looked like a city with a hangover after a shocking explosion of violence. the evening had started
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with a peaceful demonstration against a russian politicians visit to parliament the lawmaker supports the independence of 2 breakaway regions in georgia when protesters tried to storm the parliament police fired tear gas into the crowd and the battle began i was i used it was a mistake right because i know his wife keeps russian name i think a short i was foolish if i send this off i will repeat it i think a few days ago it was going to go to the old guys i knew what they could do although not totally a lot to talk about to see i sure i went to teargas did not deter the protesters the police turned to rubber bullets
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i crowd repeatedly surged attempting to break into the building but were turned back i the fighting continued until the early hours of the morning and left scores of people wounded i. find i georgia's president has cut short a trip to belarus and is returning to tbilisi to help deal with the crisis. ok for more on this let's cross now to our correspondent in moscow and the lee show when and the late hide some dramatic photos old footage that we just saw that how is russia reacting to last night's protests in the georgian capital. well we've had a reaction from russia's foreign ministry they kind of talked about the meeting that was happen happening yesterday when this incident took place it was the interim parliamentary orthodox assembly which was meeting which is basically
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parliamentarians from different orthodox countries and they said that it's a shame that an event that was supposed to unite people has actually now led to this anti russian sentiment and they also accused georgian opposition of trying to stop ties between georgia and russia improving now overseas as being some ongoing conflict between russia and georgia since georgia broke away from being a soviet satellite state give us a bit of background on the relationship between the 2. well russia and georgia actually fought a short war in august 2008 over the breakaway regions of the south of setia and those tensions really still remain so russia has recognized those 2 breakaways as independent states there are also still troops stationed there georgia on the other hand says that russia is an occupier by stationing troops in those breakaway
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regions which it definitely still considers as its own and when it comes to the people in georgia they very much also still see russia as an occupying force traveled to the de facto border itself is that. just a year ago and people were really talking about their fears and to them it seems that that war isn't actually so far away but we have also seen protesters on social media the protesters that were out yesterday night side of the parliament saying this is actually not really to do just with russia and fact there's a lot of dissatisfaction with the government in georgia and people on social media are saying actually we're just fighting for our own future so for perhaps that explains why such a small seemingly small incident in the parliament has led to so many people coming out on the streets of to be received all right and we show it in most cases so much
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all right let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world today. leaders are deadlocked over who should fill the blocks top job when the current administration finishes its work this fall the heart of the impasse is a disagreement between the 2 powerhouses france and germany e.u. leaders will make another attempt to reach agreement at the end of this month. britain's ruling conservative party has narrowed the field of candidates for party leader and prime minister former foreign minister boris johnson is seen as the clear front runner he faces current foreign minister jeremy hunt in the final stage of the leadership contest tory party members will vote to appoint the new leader in late july. and. final campaign rallies have been held inertia on ahead of this weekend's present presidential election current president mohammed abdelaziz is stepping down after 2 terms in office the vote is expected to leave the west
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african nation's 1st peaceful transfer of power in about 6 decades. you're watching news still to come one of india's biggest cities it has a practically run out of water and the problem keeps getting worse we'll tell you where and why. and in search of the force known as dark energy thought to be pulling the universe the top to protect the glass stuff as a pioneering space telescope begins it's on. now protesters are flooding the streets of hong kong in another round of demonstrations often lead to carry land ignored a deadline to withdraw a controversial extradition bill activists are demanding that scrapped the proposed bill by thursday but these calls have been ignored they want land to resign and release a number of anti-government protesters detained last week thousands of surrounded
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hong kong's police courses. and mathias bellinger joins us now from hong kong from all areas hi mathias tell us what's happening where you are at the police headquarters right now. yeah a few 1000 protesters are gathering here they keep shouting slogans at the police today's protest is very much about the police it's about last wednesday's police operation this perceived excessive violence when police fired rounds and rounds of tear gas and also rubber bullets for the 1st time since the handover to china earth people demand an apology from the police and they also demand those who were detained as rioters last wednesday to be released moreover of course they still demand that was drawn off the build
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a government has postponed it but not entirely withdrawn it and they expect the government to set an end to this law making process and to promise that they will not take it up again. let's hear what they say. all right a quite a while the other body we are calling for the release of the writing suspects and also strongly condemn excessive force used by the police and all the polls all get a little fun know what that we're angry because we feel helpless actually we feel to achieve any of our goals we asked for withdrawal of the bill but the government just suspended it we are just the police to respond to its violence but they simply feel has a right and. i thought how said all care to them but you complete withdrawal of the bill is still the most urgent demand but our action today targets the police as well but we get under way for him on that i hope more people stand up and tell the
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government that we are not going to surrender we will continue protesting until they genuinely respond to us. a case of protest is clearly keeping up the pressure here but what chaunced of they have of actually getting what they want from the government. chances are very little the government has already postponed the bill this is probably one of the if if if we take the whole picture and see that the government is coordinating with paging it's probably the biggest. the 1st time that beijing really has given in to pressure they are not going to do the 2nd step of withdrawing and tiredly which would be perceived by them as losing face chief executive hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb to talk to the press on monday she apologized for policy
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but again she insisted that she might be bringing up this bill she indicated that this would not be soon but the premier. keeps reiterating that they would give it another try if they were only able to explain it better ok and what about demands for carry lambs resignation for the people who have been detained to be released what chances of this happening. while the people who have been detained they are now in the judicial system so it's probably it's not very probable that the did judicial system will give in to pressure from the street and carry lamb shows no shows no sign of considering a resignation it's possible that beijing will make a quick and some time when it's not perceived as in a direct relation to these protests but again beijing would perceive her stepping
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down as a sign of weakness and they're trying to avoid this at all costs and she is betting and hung on thanks so much. india is grappling with what's been called the worst water crisis in its history and your ministry to deal with water shortages is being set up as reservoirs dry up and groundwater is depleted one of the worst hit places is chennai india's 6 biggest city. water tankers coming to the rescue as tonight's reserve tanks are almost dry the city has stopped drawing drinking water from municipal sources so they have to rely on trucks to bring it in. the people are suffering a lot from the scarcity and heavy demand for water we've had more than 500 bookings for water. officials have decided to deliver water only to poor neighborhoods
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but not every day residents are waiting already the mood is tense and then it boils over into violence an old neighborhood quarrel breaks out again and a fight ensues the water shortage adds another layer of tension giving them something new to fight about heaven know what we get water through that pump but it is sewage water and has a foul smell they will tell us to use that water for daily needs at the other end of the same street people get water delivered by water tanks every day but we don't get it residents want clean water to fill their tanks in exchange for the water taxes that every city household must pay in wealthier neighborhoods the water was cut off well over a month ago since then the haasan family buys their drinking water from private dealers and at their own expense. they also have running water from their kitchen
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faucet thanks to underground tanks they had built beneath their house the cisterns collect and process rainwater during the monsoon that allows them to survive the dry spells but now their reserves are almost out. water tax ok every month. and then i could order last month for what happened to my dogs ok i did not get the one a drop of water so that is one. sort of towards the responsibilities the red hill lake is one of 4 water reservoirs built fortune i and its $7000000.00 residents but now all 4 are nearly dried up not even one percent water is left and that's watch and i no longer has the water it needs the situation is becoming dire the region has struggled with periods of drought for months.
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treating it. acceptable standard. so that they're trying to eliminate the meeting with. fresh water she 9 has become one of india's biggest industrial centers the city closed up natural water sources to enable industry parks and housing communities to be built now the state government plans to invest 33000000 euros in the water supply it's the 1st small step but there is still no long term plan china is waiting for the monsoon but only moderate rains are expected the situation doesn't look to be getting better anytime soon. to kazakstan our joint russian european team is preparing to launch a pioneering telescope into space that will be searching for adult energy now that's a force that's thought to be pulling the universe apart but it's something that's never been observed directly. it's on its way to eliminate to the universe the
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top of the world's most advanced x. ray telescope it's only the size of a wardrobe but it's going to be a vital tool to hunt for black holes discover new galaxies and to measure dark energy made in germany launched on board ever russian satellite the super powerful telescopes long mission begins here in the at the cosmodrome by scientists hope of the iraqi to will provide humanity within you view if you of our world view of the universe the plan is for iraq to send data to earth from outer space of a 70 years it will not just record to visible heavenly bodies but also once that are invisible that's the key feature of an x. ray telescope to register objects based on their warmth and to their ideation and to send back 8 enormous scans of the entire sky.
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scientists hope to discover up to 100000 galaxies the last experiment like this took place in the ninety's but back then they had a much weaker telescope. yes at the museum search if this mission is successful it will be enormously important for the whole world as the next even more exact experiment can only start and 25 to 30 years you personally will not be here to experience it but if you want to feel your book the scientists at the max planck institute in germany and to their counterparts. and the love in research center in russia to find out much more about so-called to dark energy. they also want to know if the universe is still expanding and one of astrophysics most exciting questions but what does it have to do with our daily lives.
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unfortunately we cannot tell yet but take your smartphone and think about what was needed in the past for this to work today. because we don't know what will come of this but if we don't do it nothing will happen. or to. erode is busy scanning the sky back on earth that we can only dream of what's might come off its discovery. all right some sports news for you now and at the women's world cup the u.s. has beaten sweden to nil to advance to the knockout stages with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 and he thought the game would be the americans 1st real test they made short work of their. the americans waited less than 3 minutes before taking the lead to get sweden the tournament favorites quick off the mark for the 3rd game in a row you can see her run beating the swedish defenders to a new school from
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a corner to grab her 2nd of the tournament. the usa had already banked 16 goals before this game more than any other team so far so it was no surprise when they extended their lead at the start of the 2nd half this time it was forwards tobin heath who produced the finnish. misreads had once again failed to get the ball under control in their box and were once again punished. to know the final school usa you become the latest team to go through with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 wins and i'm sure again why the big tipped to go all the way. in the copa america a year ago why were the latest title contenders to stumble in the group stages they were held to a 2 all draw by a young japan side japan twice went ahead opening the scoring with
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a 25th minute finish from koji me o'shane why salvaged a point for a controversial penalty converted by barcelona's luis suarez and a 2nd half header from jose jimenez both teams remain in contention for the knockout round. all right a quick reminder of the top stories that we're following for you today officials in the us a president donald trump has called off an operation to launch strikes on iran just hours before they would choose to go ahead the strikes were planned in retaliation for the downing of a u.s. spy drone earlier this week. and dozens were injured in the georgian capital tbilisi as protesters clashed with police in front of the country's parliament the protesters were trying to stop a russian lawmaker from addressing the legislature. up next door international talk show for drink looking today at the protests that we're seeing in hong kong don't forget you can get all the latest news and
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information around the around the clock on our web site that's. the for now i knew confuse mckinnon on behalf of the whole scene here thanks so much for watching. the be. the big. good good. good good good.
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good good. good. good. good. good. the bad. quadriga international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week are coming as mass protests over a proposed extradition laws just one skirmish in a larger scramble for how to. cut the demonstrators win the battle to lose the war and find out in this week's edition of country. quadriga next d.w. are. abandoned. looking for new job.
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make choices based on luck i believe that. the russian priests read more and more artificial intelligence is playing a role in hiring procedures. a change for the better. or just plain frankly tomorrow to dig him 60 minutes on d w. earth home to news of species a home more saving. here which is on those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use how to convert jews to green energy solutions and
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reforestation. they create interactive content teaching to the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation of global ideas a multimedia environment series on t.w. . welcome to quadriga the eyes of the world have been on hong kong this past week as more than a 1000000 people throng the city center to demand the government we tracked a proposed law that would allow extraditions to mainland china police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets the rallies stud hong kong chief executive kerry last who has now apologized and suspended the unpopular proposal but the protests.


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