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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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this is t w news live from berlin and the u.s. was only hours away from armed conflict with iran before turning back sources in washington say the u.s. was preparing to launch airstrikes against the islamic republic then the operation was called off it was planned in response to terror on shooting down an american military drone. also coming out dozens were injured in tbilisi as protesters try to storm into which is parliament trying to stop the visiting russian lawmaker from speaking. and protests into the night and don't call me names to propose the
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extradition will thousands turn ourselves in the government ignores a deadline from protesters to withdrawal the bill t.w. is on the ground out the romney. class in the women's world cup team usa make it 3 wins out of 3 the defending champions cruise into the 21 of its knockout stages with a to build victory against legion. i'm manuscripts mackinnon thanks so much for joining us officials in the u.s. say that president donald trump has called off an operation to launch strikes on iran just hours before it was due to go ahead the strikes were planned in retaliation for the downing of a u.s. spy drone earlier this week arabian state television has shown image. it says all
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of the wreckage of the drone terror on says the aircraft was violating iranian airspace about something the u.s. tonight is a drone was flying above the strait of hormuz a waterway much of the world's crude oil passes through. the iranian military released this dramatic video showing what it say is a surface to air missile shooting down the american drone. the footage cannot be verified but tehran says the u.s. drone was clearly flying over iranian territory at the time of the attack the united states however has produced its own map proving it sais that its aircraft was in international airspace it accuses iran of carrying out an unprovoked attack on an american asset. so far the messages from washington on how the u.s. will respond would be mixed earlier the president appeared to want to play down the
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incident by suggesting he did being an arab by iran. and i think probably iran. made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that they were mistaken joining that drone down unfortunately the drone was hit just hours after the statement trump ordered the u.s. military to prepare to strike targets in iran reports say u.s. warplanes were already in the air and ships in position when they were called back difference would have made a big big difference this has trump's opponents very worried. now i told the president that these conflicts have a way of escalating. the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war. tensions in the region have been compounded by attacks on 2 oil tankers last week which the u.s.
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also blames on iran they deny involvement iran says it does not want war but is adamant it will defend its territory asked the u.s. its next move is still on play out. all of the salat in washington is following the story for us and he joins me now for more all of it for ports in the new york times all confirm the president trump approves military strikes against iran before changing his mind now this would be quite a flip flop by trump and is an administration wouldn't what more do we know about what's actually happened in washington on thursday evening. well so the u.s. president had already sent out some mixed signals yesterday in the 1st place he called this attack a big mistake and then later stepped back and said perhaps it was not even carried out intentionally now with regards to these reports they are not confirmed by the wide hole so far. senior administration officials were quoted on the behalf of
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staying anonymous and also late yesterday congressional leaders were briefed in the white house situation room they called on the u.s. president to deescalate the situation and they also claimed and called for congress to be involved in any potential military action against iran among them was one of the most senior figures of american politics the speaker of the house nancy pelosi and she warned about the risks involved acting unilaterally and warned about that the united states might stumble into a war that nobody really wants and yet the u.s. president has repeatedly said that he wants to avoid of involving the u.s. in a new war bus of course there are many different voices weighing in on this right now and. that's right the big question right now is which side is going to prevail there as there are debates behind closed doors in the u.s.
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administration between hardliners and moderate forces and among the hardliners are for instance the secretary of state. also national security advisor john bolton who are more open for military action against iran 5 top pentagon officials on the other hand warned that the risks involved are too high that this iran would be a very able to fight back with its missiles and that there are huge risks involved for american forces in the region and now iran says it gave multiple warnings before shooting down the drain what's reaction what's washington's reaction been to this hasn't been a reaction so far it's clear that the united states claim the position of the shot down drone was in international airspace and from that perspective it would not make
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a difference if they warned or if they were if they haven't warned iran in turn continues to claim that the drone entered. iranian airspace is the problem here is that we might not even know what is the real version of this there hasn't been a trek to the plane of the drone published so far and also with regards to last week's attack to tankers we still don't know exactly which of the versions is correct there are still the international community is still in dollops of all the authenticity of the provided evidence all right many questions still to be a phallus in washington thanks so much. now some of the other stories making news around the world in indonesia's north sumatra province at least 30 people have been killed in a fire swept through a house that doubled as a match factory several children are among the dead millions of indonesians work in unsafe conditions in poorly regulated industries accidents common.
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chinese president xi jinping has wraps up a 2 day visit to north korea aimed at boosting ties between the 2 countries provided a lavish welcome for she is the 1st chinese leader to visit north korea in 14 years china is north korea's closest ally and its economic lifeline. either leaders are deadlocked over who should fill the blocks top jobs and the current administration finishes its work this or some of the heart of the impasse is a disagreement between the e.u.'s 2 powerhouses france and germany e.u. leaders will make another attempt to reach agreement at the end of this month. and protesters of flooding the streets of hong kong in a nother round of demonstrations off the leader kerry ignored a deadline to withdraw a controversial extradition bill activists are demanding but alarm scrapped the proposed bill by thursday that these calls have been ignored they want lam to
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resign and release a number of anti-government protesters detained last week thousands have surrounded hong kong's police forces. and for more we're joined by mathias pulling a who's in hong kong let's hear what's happening where you are at the police headquarters right now. people have been besieging these police headquarters for hours now the masses are not getting small and big if anything people demand an apology from the police for last wednesday's operation that people here peace perceive as over overly brutal the police fired rounds and rounds of tear gas that they they used rubber bullets for the 1st time since hong kong was returned to china 22 years ago and police demand the police the
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police chief to resign or to come out and apologize for this they also demand the withdrawal of this bill that has been postponed but not formally withdrawn and also the resignation of the chief executive carrier. chile take a listen now to what some of the apparent and maybe they can hear what they say i said why they were as the other body we are calling for the release of the writing suspect and also strongly condemn excessive force used by the police. always all get case all equal fun we're angry because we feel helpless actually we fail to achieve any of our goals we asked for withdrawal of the bill but the government just suspended it we are just the police to respond to its violence but they simply feel has a right and. how. care for them but the complete withdrawal of the bill is still the most urgent demand but our action today targets the police as
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well. get under way for him although i hope more people stand up until the government that we are not going to surrender we will continue protesting until they genuinely respond to us. ok so the protesters there very determined clearly keeping up the pressure do they have any chance little of having all of that demands met. well i don't think there's any chance of having all of their demands met and i would also be skeptical if any of their demands would be met because 2000000 people taking to the streets up to 2000000 people according to the organizers last sunday did not change the mind of the government they did not scrap this bill they postponed it to keeping open the option to bring it back although it's hard to imagine how they would do this without risking things to ask further but we also did
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not think they would back down at all maybe a week ago and that's because beijing does not like giving in to pressure by by the population they see this as a weakness so we've already seen some concessions here i would not risk. a stone prognosis here and say as we were saying that in mondale that carry lamb step step down there's no likelihood that she would resign we are not seeing any signs she went to see the press a few days ago she apologized for her handling of this case she did not apologize for the police action on that day and she did also say that she wanted another chance she would stay in office we might see on the long run that beijing may be on the probe aging camp will withdraw her that they will not stick to her but they were not immediately do so it would be seen as giving in to pressure and again
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that's page what beijing tries to avoid at all costs that he is spending and hong kong thanks so much. you know what new still to come on the show. these men on harvesting salts and they say but to do so they have to wear condoms we will find out why. that's a georgia where dozens of people have been injured in the capital tbilisi off the a night of clashes between protesters and riot police outside the parliament the violence fled amid widespread public anger over the visit of a russian lawmaker who addressed the assembly from the seat of the parliamentary speaker crowds of protesters tried to storm the parliament building and were pushed back by police department spica has since resigned and georgia has no diplomatic relations with moscow and for a short war with russia in 2008. a protester
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sweeping the streets in front of georgia's parliament building. while a few steps away police do their part to clear the debris after a night of mayhem. to boost the look like a city with a hangover after a shocking explosion of violence. i just a few hours earlier police and protesters had battled for control of the parliament steps the riot erupted after a russian politician who'd been invited by georgia's government spoke in the parliamentary chamber furious protesters stormed the building i leased it was interesting because no one has a right to russian name to be sick a surety or to 1st. think this all over 3. decades in prison would. not go on to go to the wall to show you what they did to all not
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totally loath to. see. went to ghost not to turn the protesters police turned to rubber bullets. the crowd repeatedly searched attempting to break into the building but were turned back. fighting continued until the early hours of the morning left scores of people injured. georgia's president has cut short a trip to belarus and is returning to d.c. to help deal with the crisis. or it for more on this let's cross national correspondent it must go emily show when and how's russia reacting to last night's protests in the georgian capital. well we've heard now from the
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kremlin spokesperson and need to keep his cool he called what happened last night in tbilisi russophobia provocation he couldn't damned what had happened and he also said that russia was concerned that this aggression could also affect russian tourists of which there are many in georgia so that was the reaction that we heard from the kremlin the foreign ministry in russia has also come out and they've said that the the opposition in georgia is trying to stop the improvement of ties between russia and georgia ok of russophobia provocation. some quite tough language there give us some background on the ongoing conflict between russia and georgia since georgia broke away from a soviet satellite states. well russia and georgia fought a short war in august 2008 over the breakaway the breakaway republic
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breakaway regions i should say of a positive and south city and tensions they are still remain because russia has recognized those breakaway region regions as independent states and there are still russian troops kind of stationed at the de facto border of those of those regions georgia on the other hand insist that they're occupied territories and says that russia there is the occupier and when it comes to the people in georgia people also very much still consider russia to be an occupying force i was at the de facto border with south of said he had just around a year ago and people there really still feel that the memories of war are fresh people are still afraid and across georgia there is still this kind of negative feeling towards russia as an aggressor but i think it's important to point out here that some protesters and some of the participants in yesterday's demonstrations
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have been coming out on social media and saying look please don't misunderstand us this isn't really about russia we have come out for our future there's a lot of dissatisfaction with the government in georgia at the moment protesters are demanding that the interior minister step down that the speaker of the parliament step down so perhaps that explains why such a seemingly small incident with a russian parliamentarian sparked such a huge protests in georgia and the show and in most cases so much. on that story comes from uganda where the government distributes free condoms to fight the spread of hiv aids and other sexually transmitted diseases but that is a shortage of condoms in one particular region because of the way so minus a using them on the job. decades of human activity and uganda looks like no other critelli. there is no fish here but man has phone
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change john salley quit farming 6 years ago to extract sword work when we're. going to the mother planning provides a daily income $11.00 which isn't supposed to farming. seasonal are not reliable the results on. sunday is based now better but his wellbeing is not like countries highly concentrated sore to water as a to convey at all so many movies. who was. here has many problems here i think it's labor intensive when you're going in with more knock we get wound up on our skin is badly affected in a joke or on or on a set of my. salt mine is also frequently report journeyed to infections and to protect themselves some are resorted to using condoms. and
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wearing a condom before getting in the water can limit your exposure just sold it protects you from infections that. resources are stretched at a nearby government health center demand for condoms to protect against the salt water has skyrocketed but that threatens the fight against aids. the house of course and more shortages because there it of course. is a very very high. supper as we get so whatever we get for the 2 months outside is courtroom duty even in a month. now you can imagine all of those that report the in the u.s. the elite. this is a battle for the meaning and we go to hell with this we also have other. within of it didn't think of it i would think. for the females the depot which has
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a really no go area going to school. knows that all too well. she's afraid of becoming in front tire she goes waist deep into the salty water. signs might not come from her fear but she will go to a street and maizie. the salty waters can cause you tourists infections amaze. the deeper waters for the men to venture into. vica twig critelli is believed to have formed about 2000 years ago this was due to volcanic activity which was a form sort that was later discovered to be in the book. despite the hardships evolved from it sort. seem to have no better alternatives for a living. to kazakhstan now
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a joint russian european team is preparing to launch a pioneering telescope into space era zita will be searching for dark energy and that's a force that's thought to be pulling the universe a pot but it's never been observed directly. if it's on its way to eliminate to the universe erode the top of the world's most advanced x. ray telescope it's only the size of a wardrobe but it's going to be a vital tool to hunt for black holes discover new galaxies and to measure dark energy made in germany launched on board a russian satellite with the super powerful telescopes long mission begins here in the kazakhstan at the cosmodrome by scientists hope of the era's it will provide humanity within you have you ever view of our world if you of the universe as the plan is for era zita to send data to earth from outer space of a 70 years it will not just record to visible heavenly bodies but also one so that
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our invisible that's the key feature of an x. ray telescope registers objects based on the their warmth and to their radiation and to send back 8 enormous scans of the entire sky. scientists hope to discover up to 100000 galaxies the last experiment like this took place in the 1990 s. but back then they had a much weaker telescope. yes and the mission if this mission is successful it will be enormously important for the whole world as the next even more exact experiment can only start and 25 to 30 years you personally will not be here to experience it with but this is what. the scientists at the max planck institute in germany and to their counterparts at the large research center
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in russia hope to find out much more about so-called to dark energy. they also want to know if the universe is still expanding and one of astrophysics most exciting questions but what does it have to do with our daily lives. unfortunately we cannot tell yet but take your smartphone and think about what was needed in the past for this to work today. because we don't know what will come of this but if we don't do it nothing will happen when you. while the iraq is busy scanning the sky back on earth we can only dream of what's might come off its discovery it's. all right sports news now and that the women's world cup the u.s. has beaten sweden to nil to advance to the knockout stages with
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a perfect record of 3 out of 3 and many thought the game would be the americans 1st trail test but they made short work of their opponents. the americans waited less than 3 minutes before taking the lead against sweden which one of my favorites quick off the mark for the 3rd game in a row you can see her run beating the swedish defenders to a new sport from a corner to grab her 2nd off the tournament. the usa had already packed 16 goals before this game more than any other team so far so it was a. i was surprised when they extended their lead at the start of the 2nd half this time it was forwards to being heath who could use to finish. the swedes had once again failed to get the ball under control in their box and were once again punished. to nail the formal school the usa become the latest team to go through with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 wins i'm sure again why the big tipped to go all the
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way. and in the copa america europe why with the latest title contender to stumble in the group stages they were held to a tool draw by a young japan side japan twice went ahead opening the scoring with a 25th minute finish from cochineal shape by salvaged a point through a controversial penalty converted by boss and his name is suarez and a 2nd half header from his a few minutes both teens remain in contention for the knockout round. a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you officials in the usa president donald trump has cooled off an operation to launch strikes on iran just hours before they would choose to go ahead the strikes were planned to retaliate for the downing of a u.s. spy drone earlier this week. or next in the good shape of the w.'s health show and to mock global yoga day we will be talking to
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some of the most experienced yogis around to find out how the ancient practice not shiny benefits the body but also the mind says stay tuned for that if you can i'm on you tube has mackinnon on behalf of the whole team parity w. thanks so much chad.
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to. be in good shape. on the path of yoga. today just mentioned in the discipline is more popular than ever. people around the world use it to promote healthy. and serene. find. some of the most experienced yogis in trouble so are you curious about going to. next.
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to what you'd have to get through the bundesliga break without a football thanks again. to the ones most come in from. weeks of excitement emotion not something. that's waiting 90 women's movement. the goal of the results on t.w. it's. fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women like me have fake hair sometimes a hairstyle takes up to today it's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. to get a job. analysts to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time was spent at the salon i know
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good quality here when i see ads and a good story when i hear it. my name is elizabeth shore and i work at studio. welcome to in good shape with these topics yoga the ancient practice is so popular today. yoga and aging why as the phone still teaches yoga at $93.00 plus sleeping pills why the danger of addiction is so grace. and here's your host dr cotton that could tot.


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