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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time i spend at the salon i know good quality here when i see ads and a good story when i hear it. my name is elizabeth shore and i work at studio. welcome to in good shape with these topics yoga wise the ancient practice is so popular today. yoga and aging why as the funks still teaches yoga at $93.00 plus sleeping pills why the danger of addiction is so grace.
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and here's your host dr cotton that could tart. hello and welcome to in good shape the 21st of june is a very special day because it's world yoga. the ideas behind the united nations world yoga day was to raise awareness does yoga as health benefits and get found all over the world practicing this treat the cobra and other opposes . the idea was proposed by indian prime minister narendra modi who himself has rolled out as his yoga mosque in public. that's amazing but tell you what it's not for me because i'm the guy who works out doing sports related sports but i'm still curious let's have a look. farhad barry is the founder and director of
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yoga and more studio in berlin he wants to help people develop more hellenistic lifestyle. she accompany them in that process with love consciousness and understanding. beautiful you can find yourself through movement. so are you curious about yoga too and i've got an idea for you. i'm giving away one. that's really tough i will never be able to do this. so how long does it take to learn this depends on how you do what. i mean like you actually you can do with like me because you are. ok but you
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can look how i am doing and then you can learn. to find your own way find your own post. so this is what yoga is about i mean if it was some sports i would get a trainer and learn the right movement to bend my body and so on so that this is not. because you look for doing it and like to do with the mule and they have nothing to do with you. in this is so fascinating i'm guessing. it's about me and about me. i mean it's the from a standpoint as a doctor i was reading a lot about your words about the effect it has on our body like the effects on muscle strength and or bones of joints or cardiovascular system even on our immune system so let's 1st take a look at some facts. yoga
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mats are rolled out all over the world these days outdoors in studios in groups or people on their own from the downward facing dog to head styles. whatever pose you choose the main thing is the connection between mind and body. you know best i can and yoga has ancient roots in india it's one of the old philosophical systems although not the kind where you just sit around thinking. it's a path it's traditionally meant to lead you to the truth i survive that's all. yoga was 1st developed in india over 2000 years ago the poses called us on us are intended to make meditation easier. to focus on breathing serves to unify mind and body and help you find inner peace. yoga is not a sport even if it sometimes looks impressively acrobatic the focus on the body
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helps relieve stress whether you're suspended mid-air on your knees or sitting in a lotus position a crucial element is concentrating on your breathing. in yoga the point is never about reaching some extreme goal. it's about perceiving limits and getting in tune with yourself one combining movement with your breathing and listening to your body in every position asking yourself with that ok for me i think these are the elements that are typical of all forms of yoga. for people stressed out by their everyday lives yoga brings calm where there is tension. that's why orthopedists and i are vader dr head to a gupta uses yoga as a terribly in her practice. studies show that yoga has healing powers. following a. that's of examination it's time to hit the mouse. the
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exercises help patients recover their inner balance and can relieve pain in the process. and yet it is up yoga therapy has several aims to get in tune with yourself we store your body stability and get your muscles working again. for that we can use the astronauts the physical exercises as well as the breathing therapy we improve the muscle function and ultimately counter the pain process is. so yoga does the mind body good and can serve as an effective complementary practice to physiotherapy. physiotherapy has an effect while you're doing the exercises but we carry yoga with us all day long it's been proven to make people calmer and more relaxed. and enhanced as our quality of life it's not just about one symptom and that's good in
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yoga it's always about the entire person and their life. little wonder then that yoga has become so popular especially given its many different forms including easy exercises for beginners. ok let's let's do it it's do some yoga so let's practice yeah right so what do all that i would be a 3 day trip ok so power in your right leg to look at me lift your left like up here like right. in the heel in the middle of your hips. chest up hold of the left and look at it. and not relax. and breathing look your belly and your face. oh if you. actually it feels
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a bit unstable more unstable when you look to me and but what's prevailing song part and i mean it's it would be easier for me to just hold my breath and rethink of living right reeling and trained to rethink. and direct station is also important in your guest's. total exhale relax. and the next in here is much more. lifting your chest. so you think what you do i think in there i do it. i think x.l. i do it. and then i feel so is it about getting more stable like training to the state into the stable position of course i mean a 5. concentrate to one leg of course
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i would train my brain the body of breathing there are different kinds of your well yes but what kind of yoga is this i was practicing the classical how do you son small so we work with a different part of the brain let's do some more exercises ok as i already 3 reasons why don't go to a balance both are so lucky left leg yeah with your left hand when you hit your right left or right leg. take 2 fingers grip your big toe. relax your mind reading keep your left leg out are you kidding me eric take as good as you can that's all i think you do less than me. think you do less than me yeah that's a big mistake why because you're carson. i don't know if you do the best you can and it's perfectly ok so i don't have to compare myself to know you but you'll miss not just about the postures not just about the breathing and their necks asian it's
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about nutrition too yes so what kind of nutrition is that if i would like to become a yogi there of nothing like a conference from thing. we're just connected to the for. who you are how was your body made and then we can work for the food for what is good for you. so of cosworth to be food with biological biological clean were to good to digest for your thumb and mostly also connected to your daily life so you're working with your body or mentally so we can do with food a lot of me very loving myself loving her just can do what i'd like to do and do and i think if i would put all of this together it's clear that you're going to makes you happy a person perhaps and a healthier person and you can even live longer so let's take a look at a yoga teacher called the form and she's more than 90 years old and she still
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teaching. is probably the oldest yoga instructor in germany she's 93 but for her that's no reason to stop stretching and bending. d'ivoire to show you how this you all are the true beauty of yoga and lies in its infinite possibilities which offer something to everyone regardless of age. else that doesn't need props like singing bowls and incense. she simply leads the way into the. students become aware of their physical limits when they encounter their own inflexibility. struck more than anything else they marvel at tells the strength and condition. she explains and. for an hour and
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a half she's amazing. she wanted to be a yoga teacher when she was. she trying to be an instructor long before the yoga hype got underway in the west. even now she starts every day with half an hour of yoga in bed. then a spoonful of sunflower oil before leaving to give classes. of all elves are certain that it's her positive attitude to life that keeps her fit she doesn't understand all the attention she gets but she's happy that so many people enjoy her courses. get along is made good is not because i'm in good shape i'll keep at it they all want me to come and i hope nothing gets in the way. while practicing yoga ninety's i hope i will be able to do this well we'll see yoga was invented by man but here in the western world it's more seen like to be
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a stretching program for women but this opinion is changing. is said to strengthen your body and your mind at the traditional indian practice is popular among women in the west but many men still wouldn't be caught dead on a yoga mat but there are exceptions high fiber took up yoga 3 and a half years ago and is convinced of its benefits. for them. above all yoga is a good counterbalance to the demands of my work and private life but it's also really good in terms of agility it almost matches insurance sports some will foster such thoughts or sport. 20 percent of the people at this yoga festival in stuttgart a men which is a fair amount these days in centuries past the gender bias was very different women
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were banned from doing yoga it was a male preserve. the k.s.i. yang get changed all that probably the most famous yoga teacher in the world he popularized yoga in the western world in the 20th century. nowadays yoga instructors are instagram stance people like dylan werner he's dynamic an acrobatic version of the practice is now catching on among men in the u.s. one of the best known yogis in germany is former soccer player tino his apparent the x. goalkeeper aims to spread the word about the benefits of yoga and that's why he decided to launch the shortcut yoga festival. the divine 40 s. the idea was to bring together various yoga studios in stuttgart the response has been great big hole was full from the outset we're going to have 2 lovely days and it's. 600 yoga enthusiastic have come to the festival to practice yoga together
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and while men are still very much in the minority here they're clearly really getting into it trying out various poses and easing down the road in a piece. i'm very relaxed i would like to do some yoga ok ok so the through another poster ok so your right knee locked the left well you of thing of together that grip ok smiling appraisal forget and then grab a flick of the turf up smile. if you're comfortable go a little bit deeper will rip. and if you feel. you're standing elective shaking don't go for the ok and take a deep breath such a stomach and relax your face and smile talking about
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extend breathing. and slowly come back to tell you what. in real life on the run m. and a like a performance of a marathon and to make to get faster in the groove so and here i'm really disappointed that i'm only able to grip my leg here to wrap it there like you did itself so what about this competition of the western world can just ignored a few of the mind structure we get so what you think you get a few gravity of what you need or you why because i'm like you and you can't be like me ok i can be like you're healthy it's nothing like. competition is no longer just with the competition with myself it's your own talk it's the monkey mind who is telling you you need more to do then you get more mostly not like this ok so if i like to start with you.
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how should i start. by saying good depends on what you would like to take out if you're interested and i would give you an overview about our classes and. depending to the time and what you were able to bring into the process i would. recommend some classes for all 12 weeks to get the 1st impression and then of course that needs to be done regularly nobody can say how often is good for you but you can ask teacher you can ask yourself how do f. e of. i'm happy or not i think i should do more riots and wait what you feel a lot of yoga spinoffs like beer yoga or even newt yogurt what you think of this i would say i would like to drink a beer i go to a bar you know and if i like to be nude i go to the beach. i prefer
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live fully dressed if you're going to read. you know because. everything what is outside normally is not the way we look to to what's inside and to you have to feel what you do that yoga's health but definitely this is not the core concept of yoga or if i drink beer by doing so if i'm not living in berlin and i want to find a good great yoga teacher what i have to look for our pay attention if you go to a place what people ask you are you healthy what you want to do and get your trust your 1st impression. more faith the right one and then of course you need to practice to get your own experience. then you will find the right place and the right teacher but i think many of you with right now would like to start the practice of yoga but they say i can't because i don't have the right equipment but
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we can help you we need all. we've got a great mass and affluent talent. a yoga belt and just 3 d. of yoga music from all around the world as well as the back to put it all in just right to us don't forget the key word yoga that deadline is july 11th. yoga helps you to keep your in a balance and by that a good night's sleep. but one less many people are taking sleeping pills this is quite dangerous. nighttime a nightmare for an elizabeth. she couldn't relax she kept waking up and barely slept at all it all began 12 years ago when she retired. i would toss and turn i couldn't turn off my thoughts and then i couldn't sleep at all. i'm
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elizabeth sought help from her doctor he prescribed a sleeping pill zolpidem from then on she took half a pill every evening as many do. and. millions of people around the world regularly take sleeping pills but it explains specialists who to your heart's warns that you can become addicted to them after only a short period of use. sleeping pills and tranquilizers mainly contain benzodiazepines or related drugs such as that substances and these are medications that can lead to dependency within a few weeks. and it is a bother took sleeping pills for years night after night but she had doubts she spoke to her doctor about it but he played down the matter. i went to a different doctor and he said that at my age i could still keep taking them it was
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no big deal. which. the retiree remain skeptical she was afraid of becoming drug dependent but she did not want to do without the pills completely which is why she reduced the dose by half with serious results. with time my any some of us i could not off for 2 hours but then i became restless again and then often maybe 2 or 3 hours on fall asleep again. and elizabeth sleep patterns we're completely disturbed. to be able to get to sleep our body needs to be told to start winding down. usually it's the neurotransmitter gamma amino beauty erik acid or gaba for short that conducts the relevant signals from one nerve ending to another to the so-called gabaa receptor. they send the message on word through the nervous system telling the body to
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throttle back the more narrow transmitter that arrives at the gabba receptors the stronger the sleep signal transmitted throughout the body sleeping medications like benzo days opinions also work by a gap a receptor. they strengthen the effects of the brain's own neurotransmitter to make you fall asleep more quickly but they do come with side affects. to teach love for some data there are fewer deep sleep phases they're the ones which rest the body on there if you're dreaming phases when we inscribe but we have experience during the day into our long term memory or even. anyone who takes sleeping pills over a long period and then suddenly starts taking fewer of them or stops them altogether ends up with a problem of a different kind your body gets accustomed to receiving stronger sleep signals
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without them it's harder to drop off. i merely said buzz started to realize that she needed to come off sleeping meds all together she read about who had bigger hot spots detox pilot project in the newspaper. he drew up a program for her which involved switching to medication in the form of drops. the idea was to reduce their number gradually to allow the body to adapt. in the pilot study this method works for 50 percent of patients it took under a month to wean i'm melissa but off the drugs. i was pretty exhausted and anxious i just couldn't get to sleep anymore and then suddenly i was able to sleep again it was a relief. to dispose. of even. people with a bigger dependency problem may require a spell in hospital to detox but not many people are prepared to take that step and
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that can have serious consequences as a recent british study has shown the health of 35000 adults who were prescribed sleeping meds for the 1st time was monitored for 7 years and compared to people who didn't take them. the findings showed that pill users mortality rates were double those of non pill takers. statistics show that sleeping pill prescriptions have dropped in recent years but the risk of dependency is still often underestimated. analyser is off her meds completely now she uses a new method to drop off involving relaxing music and a regular bedtime routine things are getting easier and she's thrown away the leftover tablets to stay on the safe side.
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we asked you to send in your questions about sleep remedies and here are some livia wants to know what do you think about this new palm own military unit. military unit is asleep we produce ourselves and you can buy it in the form of pills and capsules there are no studies that show that it works as a sleeping pill it helps your body to synchronize with daytime and nighttime but don't take it without seeing a doctor 1st. and jacob wants to know that's alcohol help that's a nightcap ok alcohol can see down in makes you sleepy but it confuses our natural sleep phases sleep under the influence of alcohol it's not restful alcohol also disturbs the kidney function so you wake up early and have to go to the bathroom. so my advice when it comes to sleeping problems don't mess
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around with medication ask your doctor especially your family doctor that's it for today see you next week and until then let's all try to stay relaxed and good shape .
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cuomo with our remaining superheroes. my mission is clear kushti good man to me closely explore germany. they don't exist and make everything out so there's a lot going on in the for me to try to test it. tricky.
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much. much. much. much. all we can be the generation that ends it the good malaria mastan so millions can live.
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place blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame. blame blame blame. this is d. w. news live the problem but the u.s. was only hours away from on conflict with iran before turning back sources in washington say the us was preparing to launch air strikes against an islamic republic then the operation was pulled off it was planned in response to terror on shooting down an american to victory dressed. also coming out to protest into the
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night and i'm told against a proposed extradition will thousands turn out stuff to the government ignores the deadline.


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