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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the u.s. was only minutes away from bombing iran before canceling the operation president trump says he called off his planned their strikes because they could have killed a 150 people attack would have been in retaliation for tehran's shooting down of american spy drones let me live in washington also coming up young protesters more across europe call on governments to take bolder action in the climate crisis this comes a day after the leaders failed to agree on a plan to make the blocks economy carbon neutral by 2050. and dozens are injured
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in tbilisi protesters tried to storm georgia's parliament they were trying to stop a visiting question lawmakers from speaking there plus in the women's world cup team usa make it 3 wins out of 3 the defending champions crewdson to the tournaments knockout stages with a 2 milk victory against the. full i'm terry martin thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump has confirmed he blocked a series of planned airstrikes on iran just 10 minutes before they were to go ahead the strikes were planned in response to the downing of a u.s. spy drone yesterday in a tweet trump said the u.s. military was quote cocked and low. had to retaliate on 3 different sites he said
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the general told him 150 people could have been killed trump added that such a strike would not have been a proportionate response. well the w.'s all of us saw that is in washington covering this story for us all of it what have we learned from president trump's explanation for aborting an attack on iran. right so the president made a very 2 last minute decision to cancel these planned attacks on the iran what he said is that 3 sites in iran were supposed to be targeted in retaliation all for. a downed military drone by iranian forces and that he then changed his mind really 10 minutes before the attacks were supposed to be carried out because he had learned that 150 people would have died according to estimates of his military
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advisers by these attacks on the range science now the question is of course why did this decision come in such short notice he must have had this information earlier he must have been briefed earlier and so we're getting a lot of mixed signals from the u.s. president he seems in secure even yesterday he started saying calling. the drone by iran a big mistake made by iran in fact then later walked that statement back. saying that that might not even happened on purpose that it was not a deliberate action perhaps also later today he was then briefed with congressional leaders who came to the situation room in the white house that might have had an impact as well on him because they called on the u.s. president to deescalate the situation and to include congress and all decisions with regards to military actions against iran. before we talk further let's take
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a look at what we know about the event leading up to this the downing of the u.s. drone. the iranian military released this dramatic video showing what it says is a surface to air missile shooting down an american drone. the footage cannot be verified but terror on says the u.s. aircraft was clearly flying over iranian territory when it was attacked. iranian t.v. ad what it described as wreckage from the drone a member of the revolutionary guard said they alerted the u.s. to the strike before it happened multiple warnings had been given to this aircraft in 2 stages but the u.s. military disputes the iranian fashion of events and has produced its own map to show that the drone was in international airspace when it was downed earlier president trump appeared to want to play down the incident suggesting it had been an era by iran and i think probably iran. made a mistake i would imagine it was
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a general or somebody that made a mistake and shooting that drone down trump had ordered the u.s. military to then prepare to strike targets in iran but then he changed his mind tweeting that he wanted to spare iranian lives. so all over iran in the u.s. are giving different accounts about the shooting down of the drone but what about donald trump's decision his last minute change of heart or he decided not to it to launch a retaliation attack one of the reactions to that around washington. well the government is very split on the question of military action and the big question here right now is which side will prevail will it be moderate forces or will it be the hardliners in along is national security advisor john bolton as much as the. secretarial states. who are open for military intervention and on the other
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hand is the pentagon who warns the u.s. administration the u.s. president essentially all think carrying olive any attack on iran 3 because they believe that the security of all is stationed personnel in the region of american forces might be at stake. essential in pointing out. surface to air missiles that might do lots of harm and then again cause casualties on the american side and what we should not forget is the president himself is a vocal opponent of war against iran he promised this voter base over and over again to pull out of international conflicts. iran says it gave the u.s. multiple warnings before shooting down the drone has the white house or the pinnacle and commented on done. well we have 2 very opposing views here on that ride so the u.s.
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side has been continuously stressing that they believe according to their data drone was flying in or national airspace and if that is correct and from their perspective it does not make a difference whether they were warned or not by the iranian side because they argue that it was simply their right to fly to do surveillance flights in international airspace iran in turn then arguing that the drone violated their airspace that they have to shoot it down to defend their own territory is. the big problem here is that we might not even find out about what is the the correct version the u.s. side has not published any evidence of this point and so there's a lot of questions so we answered all of our thank you very much all over solid there in washington now here in europe thousands of students from across the european union have gathered near
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a coal mine in western germany to colon governments to take bolder action in the climate crisis organizer set up to 20000 protesters from 16 countries gathered in and near germany's border with belgium and the netherlands it comes a day after european union leaders failed to agree on a plan to make the bloc score a call to be carbon neutral by 2050. fridays for future demonstrators are making a lot of noise this time protesters from 17 countries have gathered in on 20000 demonstrators who are expected to take part they want to increase pressure on politicians to me 27 hours to come. because i think that the it's really important to denounce this situation right now it is important that we all stand together for something that matters to all of us i hope someone will finally listen. germany's green party is excited that so many people are demonstrating for climate protection the greens tweeted most people want
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to stop our dependence on coal quickly and today thousands are demonstrating again for more climate protection. thousands of demonstrators are on their way to the nearby village of fearsome where they will show their support for climate protection at the largest mining area in europe. they hope to influence politicians thru civil disobedience the deliberate file ation of law and order. except the fact that we might get arrested because the climate crisis is so urgent it's all about our lives now and we are consciously crossing the border between legal and illegal yet calls us a corner this week the entire western rhineland is the focus point of the climate protest movement. thousands of protesters have gathered here and i am generous westernmost city they have launched what they call the 1st international climate
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strike i have met mostly students coming from germany but also some from neighboring countries such as belgium france or the netherlands they demand they ask for more climate action their main priority is any brown coal mining in germany the open pits linen mines and power plants in the region the rhine and reachin i want to the main sources of c o 2 emissions in europe one of the protests is a 15 year old told me that the government's plan to keep these plants running for another 20 years which has crazy but an older gentleman watching the protests also called them naive in that a month for an immediate end to brown coal mining yet public support has recently written in germany for climate action environmentalist green party is leading the polls and that is a huge boost for climate activists such as those protesters here and often. well germany plans to phase out coal in power generation by 2038 but long before that 5
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villages in the western german state of north rhine-westphalia are due to be demolished to make way for a mine to extract lignite a particularly dirty type of coal villagers will receive compensation but some of them are asking why they should give up their homes when germany is phasing out coal power anyway. they're inching ever closer the gigantic shovels of the lignite excavators in a few years they're set to demolish the deal like village of kook home in north rhine-westphalia the place davita place and his parents and grandparents call home davida grew up here and has no desire to leave a forced relocation would affect his 83 year old grandfather the most. you lived here all these years and they want to take you away when you're this age . that's harsh. davi places and
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wants to prevent that so he's led demonstrations against. the local utilities company his resolve is further strengthened by the global climate crisis and the agreement to phase out brown coal he will not leave his village voluntarily. if it comes to tearing down the villagers the police will probably have to drag. us and we won't leave it there that way given that. we're staying put that's their battle cry together with 50 other activists plays and has already prevented the construction of a bypass road for the utilities company. because that no down the road would only be needed if all 5 villages in the open to the lying area of guards or other were destroyed the on the smooth we can allow that. germany has already agreed to phase out coal power in light of the climate crisis and the roads not needed most because of the planned phase out less coal is being
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used now so the villages could stand tact that's something both diabetes and many scientists agree on but the utilities company is standing firm. mostly poor coal has to come from somewhere and that's why we need the guards were mine so relocating the 5 or ledges it is necessary to afford i guess beneath them lies the coal we need to supply the remaining power plants. davian sister tina is also fighting to keep their village standing she's involved in the fridays for future demonstrations to raise awareness of the climate crisis it angers her that the utilities company wants to mine conant this stage. i just think it sounds like a rebellious child who knows it's wrong but wants to go ahead anyway and says we don't care what the scientists say we're going to go ahead anyway all i can say is no they have to be able to say that's it we have enough and admit they're making a mistake. the energy companies insist on their right to
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demolish the remaining villages but davi 10000 entries and have been galvanized by the global climate demonstrations they hope they can see the place they come home. mother stories making headlines around the world today even leaders are deadlocked over who should fill the blocks top jobs for the current administration finishes its work this fall at the heart of the enemy is a disagreement between the used to powerhouses france and germany e.u. leaders will make another attempt to reach agreement at the end of the month. thousands of protesters are. in the streets of hong kong in another round of demonstrations that's after leader kerry lam ignored a deadline to withdraw a controversial extradition bill activists have surrounded police headquarters and blocked major roads they want land to resign and release anti-government protesters who were detained last week. a british junior minister has been suspended after
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he was filmed grabbing and pushing a female climate change protester at a dinner for the finance industry foreign office minister mark field a cost of the protester when she tried to approach philip hammond the chancellor of the exchequer as he made a speech police are investigating yes. and spain's supreme court has sentenced 5 men to 15 years in prison for raping a young woman at pamplona as san fermin festival in 2016 the ruling overturns a previous sentence from a lower court which had convicted the men of a lesser charge of sexual assault. or watching d.w. news still to come they're running out of london's in uganda there's massive demands from local men but not for the reason you might think. to georgia now where dozens of people have been injured in the capital tbilisi after
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a night of clashes between protesters and riot police outside the parliament the violence flared amid widespread public anger over the visit of a russian lawmaker who addressed the semblant from the seat of the parliamentary speaker crowds of protesters tried to storm the parliament building and were pushed back by police the parliament speaker has since resigned well georgia has no diplomatic relations with moscow and fought a short war with russia in 2008. a protester sweeping the street in front of georgia's parliament building. while a few steps away police do their part to clear the debris after a night of mayhem. tbilisi looked like a city with a hangover after a shocking explosion of violence. i just a few hours earlier police and protesters had battled for control of the parliament steps the riot erupted after a russian politician who'd been invited by georgia's government spoke in the
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parliamentary chamber i fear ias protesters stormed the building i was a recent history from because government has a right to russian game. against georgia because i think trying to solve all 3. decades you said it would. not go on no 2 with all those guys you know they say oh you know it's a little below to the good stuff to see. i went to your guest did not deter the protesters police turned to rubber bullets i the crowd repeatedly surged attempting to break into the building but were turned back i the fighting continued until the early hours of the morning and left scores of people injured
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i. georgia's president has cut short a trip to belarus and is returning to tbilisi to help deal with the crisis. journalist deborah wilde has been covering the situation there in tbilisi and joins us now from there deborah what's the situation in tbilisi now have things calmed down since the resignation of the parliament speaker. i walked this afternoon across lost. just in front of parliament and everything had been cleaned up the 2 lists a back it's all quiet but that just sort of distracting that there's lots of discussion on social media and that the opposition has called for us a 2nd demonstration tonight starting supposed to be starting just about now so we'll have to see how things turn out tonight and how many people will come out after yesterday's events fill us in on the background here deborah because i think
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some people are trying to one degree or wondering why would a speech by an invited russian politician cause such an uproar in georgia. because of the symbolism and the speaker was sitting in the seat of the parliament speaker and parliament and since the russian jordan want 2008 jordan's consider an occupying force that occupies 20 percent of its country and keeps. trying to keep georgia at bay and so for many georgians. and giovanni dos was having the part of the russian duma member who is a member of the company party on top of that sitting in the parliament chair is sort of the completion of cautious occupation of georgia and. they see it as. threat to their on that they need to defend and it's and possibly even.
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possible means as we saw yesterday ok so this sheds a light on the simmering tensions between moscow and tbilisi how is moscow responding to all this. well the do must become who calls this incident to go off like that house has said that this is premeditated and prepared to crew attempt in trying to assault in tunnels. in georgia but it's all for more info when the russians are within the nations come one has called this. owning russia against its citizens especially in light that there are so many a national 2 of us in georgia how about i would say that most jordan valley will not know how to distinguish between border moscow and the kremlin and its politics and its citizens in georgia and have so fun about nearly attacked on the streets or
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anything like that so it's sort of. focused on on national politics other than. people ever thank you very much journalist over while they're into policing. the next story comes from uganda where the government distributes free condoms to fight the spread of hiv and other sexually transmitted diseases but there's a shortage of condoms in one particular region because of high demand from local men and it's not for the reason you might think. decades of human activity and uganda looks like no of a critter lake. there is no fish here but money is for change. jensen to quit funding 6 years ago to extract sword when we would have to go to
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when we went in with pining provides a daily income $11.00 which is not supposed to farming. seasonal i'm not reliable the results on. sunday is based now better but his well being is not make cutaways highly concentrated sore to water as a ticking the at all so minimal was. who was what for. here has many problems i think it's labor intensive when a woman with a home or not we get wounds on our skin is badly affected in a joke or on or on a said to my. soul to mind i was also frequently report jenny to infections and to protect themselves some i resorted to using condoms. and wearing a condom before getting in the water can limit your exposure to this old it protects
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you from infections that. resources astray such nearby government seem to demand for condoms to protect against is sold to has skyrocketed but that threatens the fight against aids. the how of course and the more shortage is because there it of course. is a very very high. the supplies we get so whatever we get for the 2 month studies courtroom and dilute even in a month now you can imagine all of those that report the in the is that they believe. this is a battle for the money and we go to hell with this we also have. with the end of it didn't think of it i would think that. for the females the depot which has a really no go area. school. knows that all too well.
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she's afraid of becoming him for she goes waist deep into the salty water. science might not come from her fear but she will not risk it and maisie. the salty voters can cause you to rescind fictions. the deeper water you know for the men to venture into. the cut twig critelli is believed to have formed about 10000 years ago this was due to a vote. that was later discovered to be a good. despite the hardships involved miners like suddenly seem to have no baitullah tentative. leaving. the women's football world cup the u.s. have beaten sweden 2 nil to advance to the knockout stages with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 when he thought the game would be america's 1st real
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test but they made short work of their opponents. the americans waited less than 3 minutes before taking the lead against sweden the tournament favorites quick off the mark for the 3rd game in a row in the home run beating the swedish defenders to a new school from a corner to grab her 2nd off the tournament. the usa had already banked 16 goals before this game more than any other team so far so it was no surprise when they extended their lead at the start of the 2nd half this time it was for woods tobin heath who produced the finish. the swedes had once again failed to get the ball under control in their box and were once again punished. to nail the final score the usa become the latest team to go through with a power feat to record all 3 out of 3 wins show again why they tipped to go all the
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way. people around the world are rolling out their yoga mats today and getting ready to stretch and breeze deeply that in celebration of international yoga day in india prime minister narendra modi took part in a mass yoga session with an estimated 30000 participants in this plane is an ancient physical and spiritual practice that originated in india a global yoga date was suggested by modi and adopted by the un in 24. just a reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on the news u.s. president has confirmed that he called off an operation to launch strikes on the run just 10 minutes before they were to go ahead. trump said he stopped the strikes because they would have killed $150.00 p. . young protesters from across europe gathered in the western german city of tend
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to call on governments to take bolder action in the climate crisis this comes a day after e.u. leaders failed to agree to make the block's economy carbon neutral by 2050. you're watching news up next it's india the environment magazine to be looking at sustainable fashion i'm sorry mark thanks.
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the funny. fico india. at some point i did it with a message. mega nayak recycle sorry but in india sometimes only worn once 1st special occasions. she has one goal in particular chante distract people from the mind is the rumors and. next monday w.
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o. m a. reliable data in a. distant 4th close extent cut off the moment shifts. to the automotive stood the phone trying. to. let. you know when. the 1st time that americans are someplace and allies will experience hardship listen up. her. so she'd have to get through the going to sneak a break without a football thanks again. to little school and.
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we fix things in motion months on. its way to 90 with. the goals of the results on t.w. me. hello welcome to eco india this week we look at how we can turn the massive amount of least we generate into well i'm song back and remember this week. over the next 30.


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