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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin the us was only minutes away from bombing iran before cancelling the operation president trump says he called off his planned airstrikes because they could have killed a 150 people would have been in retaliation for their rounds for shooting down the american spy drone to be lost in washington also coming up young protesters were cross europe calling governments to take bold action in the climate crisis this
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comes a day after a few leaders failed to agree on a plan to make the blocks economy carbon neutral by 2050. deadlock over that use top show a summit fails to agree on who should replace commission president sean claude and phil powerful new position. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has confirmed he blocked a series of planned airstrikes on iran just 10 minutes before they were to go ahead in a tweet trump said the u.s. military was quote cocked and loaded to retaliate on 3 different sites he said the general told him 150 people could have been killed trump added that such a strike would not have been a proportionate response to the downing of a u.s.
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spy drone yesterday. well let's take a closer look now at the shooting down. all of that drone and how it's been fueling tensions between washington and tehran. the iranian military released this dramatic video showing what it says is a surface to air missile shooting down an american drone. the footage cannot be verified but terror on says the u.s. aircraft was clearly flying over iranian territory when it was attacked. iranian t.v. ad what it described as wreckage from the drone a member of the revolutionary guard said they alerted the u.s. to the strike before it happened multiple warnings had been given to this aircraft in 2 stages but the u.s. military disputes the iranian fashion of events and has produced its own map to show that the drone was in international airspace when it was downed earlier president trump appeared to want to play down the incident suggesting it had been
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an era by iran and i think probably. made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down trump had ordered the u.s. military to then prepare to strike targets in iran but then he changed his mind tweeting that he wanted to spare iranian lives. of more now let's cross over to washington where barbara slavin is standing by she's director of the future of iran initiative at the atlantic council in washington barbara thanks for being with us 1st ask you president trial says he wants to keep the u.s. out of foreign conflicts yet he surrounds himself with hawkish military advisors and shuns multilateral diplomacy now he's ordered an air strike on iran then called it off the last minute deal do you see any coherent strategy in his approach. i wish i did you know i haven't seen any coherent strategy since he pulled out of the iran nuclear deal against the best advice of his then advisors he seemed to think
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somehow that iran would come crawling back to the united states for talks but of course what we've seen is that the u.s. has increased pressure iran has retaliated and this acknowledgement that iran actually shot down this drone this is the this is really quite extraordinary so his his policy has not worked out as far as i see it well we now have military action we've got the shooting down of a drone at least and very close to seeing retaliation with air strikes and possibly possibly casualties you've been tracking us or any relations very closely is either side really interested in a military confrontation no absolutely not but you know actions have consequences and in the end of april trump announced that the united states would not allow iran to sell any oil essentially declared complete economic war on this country and i think what we've been seeing the last couple of weeks is the iranian
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response to the. german chancellor angela merkel has been responding to these latest tensions this escalation in tensions between iran and the u.s. let's hear what she had to say. as of us in iran as far as iran is concerned the foreign policy advisers who are talking on the sidelines of course we are concerned about the situation and we are banking on diplomatic negotiations on a political solution to a very tense situation put it to. the on this fund to in. general michael they're appealing for diplomacy barbara what role if any do you see for europe in trying to resolve this conflict. well unfortunately europe has not been able to produce the economic benefits that were required under the nuclear deal they've been trying for over a year simply to have some sort of legitimate trade with iran food and medicine through a so-called special purpose of the occult so far no transaction has gone through
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this channel so i think the iranians what we're saying is the iranians have lost patience with europe and you know see that it has not been able to stand up to the pressure exerted by the united states the fact that europe is a little bit in disarray right now given the elections new people having to be put into place brax it written about to get a new prime minister i think it all conveys the sense that iran cannot count on europe to help it get through this situation and that's probably another factor in these somewhat aggressive steps that we're seeing from tehran so the other signatories to the iran nuclear deal particularly europe are unable to salvage the deal or rand is suffering economically the u.s. is ramping up its rhetoric belligerence and instead of pursuing multilateral diplomacy how do you see this playing out i think we're in for a very tense time for quite some time i'm hoping that there will be some sort of
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back channel established between the united states and iran to try to deescalate but i have real doubts about the capacity of the trumpet ministration to negotiate with the iranians as you pointed out president trump has surrounded himself right now with extremely hawkish individuals who are more interested frankly and weakening destabilizing iran even overthrowing the iranian government then they are in negotiating a win win agreement that the iranians could accept so i think we're in for for a lot of days like today i'm i'm really sorry to say that barbara thank you very much for your insights that was barbara slavin of the future of iran initiative at the atlantic council in washington. well here in europe thousands of students from around the european union gathered near a coal mine in western germany to call on governments to take bolder action in the climate crisis organizers said up to 20000 protesters from 16 countries gathered in
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near germany's border with belgium and another wins this comes a day after european union leaders failed to agree on a plan to make the block's economy carbon neutral by 2050. fridays for future demonstrators are making a lot of noise this time protesters from 17 countries have gathered in office on 20000 demonstrators are expected to take part they want to increase pressure on politicians. 27 hours to. denounce the situation right now. it's important that we stand together for something that matters to all of us i hope someone will finally listen. germany's green party is excited that so many people are demonstrating for climate protection the greens tweeted most people want to stop our dependence on coal quickly and today thousands are demonstrating again for more climate protection. thousands of
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demonstrators are on their way to the nearby village of pearson where they will show their support for climate protection at the largest mining area in europe. they hope to influence politicians thru civil disobedience the deliberate file ation of law and order. remember has now and we accept the fact that we might get arrested because the climate crisis is so urgent it affects us all and that's why we're deliberately exercising civil disobedience to demand a phase out of coal power. this week the entire western rhineland is the focus point of the climate protest movement. in new leaders are varied locked after failing to agree on who should fill the blocks top jobs when the current administration finishes its work later this year at the heart of the impasse is a disagreement between used to powerhouses france and germany. it
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wasn't exactly a defeat but german chancellor angela merkel can't be happy with the result at this hour none of the lead candidates so she puts in confidant still in the running chancellor merkel's last ditch efforts appear to have failed. so much digits as minutes after talking with donald tusk it's now clear to me that none of the leading candidates have been able to secure a majority in the european council and i can't see how that's going to change european council president also seemed flustered the problem that i have nothing to add to what i said yesterday well because i have some fee chris but. i have nothing new to to communicate today. so the leadership question remains unanswered for now but this was not the only setback to emerge during the 1st summit after the e.u. parliamentary elections state leaders and governments disagree on
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a number of issues including climate policy where eastern european nations continue to block progress. same commercial starting climate change we unfortunately fail to reach an agreement on the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 but not everyone was disappointed with the meetings outcome french president i'm on your mark on seem to pleased with the political stalemate he's advocating getting rid of the leading candidate system for him the fact that none of the candidates could get a majority means only one thing so he's them this system doesn't work. we decided to start the procedure all over again with new names which we have yet to choose in order to find a new balance we mesh it could as he was with already. so it's back to square one but the clock is ticking the new leadership positions should be decided by the
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beginning of july the leaders have agreed to meet again for a special summit just over a week from now to make sure they meet that deadline. sketch up now and some of the other stories making news around the world a british junior minister has been suspended after he was filmed grabbing and pushing a female climate change protester at it dinner for the finance industry foreign office minister mark fields the cost of the protester when she tried to approach philip hammond the chancellor of the exchequer as he made his speech pleas are investigated. chinese president xi jinping has wrapped up a 2 day visit to north korea aimed at boosting ties between the 2 countries can yank provided a lavish welcome for she who is the 1st chinese leader to visit north korea in 14 years china is north korea's closest ally and economic lifeline. thousands of protesters have filled the streets of hong kong in another round of demonstrations as after leader kerry lamb ignored a deadline to withdraw
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a controversial bill to extradite suspects to mainland china activists have surrounded police headquarters and major roads they want to resign and release anti-government protesters in detention. spain's supreme court has sentenced 5 men to 15 years in prison for raping a young woman his son from an festival in 2016 ruling overturns previous sentence from a lower court which had convicted the men of a lesser charge of sexual assault. some sports now and at the women's football world cup in france the u.s. had beaten sweden 2 nil to advance to the knockout stages with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 many thought the game would be the americans 1st real test but they made short work of their opponents the americans waited less than 3 minutes before taking the lead against sweden the tournament favorites quick off the mark for the 3rd game in
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a row you can see her run beating the swedish defenders to a new sport from a corner to grab her 2nd of the tournament. the usa had already backed 16 goals before these games more than any other team so far so it was no surprise when they extended their lead at the start of the 2nd tough this time it was for woods being he who produced the finish. the swedes had once again failed to get the ball under control in their box and were once again punished. to nail the final score the usa become the latest team to go through with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 wins times show again why they tipped to go the way . you're watching t.v. news coming up next in business africa airlines are scrambling to assess the risks as u.s. iranian real tensions rise and some carriers are bypassing the strait for. help
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we'll have more of that and many other stories in just a minute and of course you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's dot com thanks for being.


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