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how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on love. don't expect happy ending. the church. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes and preset into demonstrations . thousands have been out on the streets in 3 cities they're disputing the results of the may 21st election that he got reelected they say they want the system killing. their pro want to do justice to resign on. and will take you into one of maximum security prisons activists say the country's
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jails violate the rights of the people they house. i'm christine wonderwall come to africa i'm glad you're tuned in and president it seems in malawi as thousands of people rally against the results of last month's disputed presidential elections police fired tear gas to protest as demanding the resignation of the head of the country's electoral commission who they say has dismissed allegations of voting fraud in the incumbent president. narrowly won that of the 2 main opposition parties have challenged the result. i was the scene outside parliament in long way on wednesday in the last few days
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thousands have demonstrated across the country and on usual side in an otherwise peaceful and stable country. the longest the stronghold of the opposition malawi congress party they say last month's presidential election was rigged and they've been dropped off their victory clashes have spread to the 3 main cities. as opposition groups vow to keep pressure on the government i want to join my audience because malawi is across this country are there they're angry and disappointed that a manner in which they management of the election results were conducted and we want everyone involved in justice to resign and get out the opposition has filed a challenge to the election results with the colts and the civil rights activists say the electoral commission has not dealt properly with more than 100 different election related complaints they demanding the dismissal of the electoral commission. we are not siding with anyone who wants i'm always to help
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democracy model democracy i don't know if there was no like how our lives i couldn't go so far as i'm a comedy rather large how to load or i'm a good example of why i want to live i thought by the entire united merged all designed by the truth or the popular angus pot fueled by the di economic situation in an exclusive interview before may's election the president said he could offer no quick fixes that the thing is ok on the street and they're frustrated no nor drop what or drop or go. when you're going to drink thus why i was started getting you committed to go court you were good but your body would require the government overnight. the president is now reaching for calm and accusing the opposition of organizing illegal protests but up service say with many
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demonstrators mobilizing spontaneously this current search and on rest more resembles a popular uprising was never was and that story we'll keep our eyes on here at the africa now an extortion is in zimbabwe where activists are pressing the government to reform the country's prison system rights groups say the country's jails are overcrowded and a shortage of medicines food and other basics violates the rights of inmates i'll be talking to a prison reform activists in a moment but 1st here's a look into one of them bob is most notorious prisons. she could be a maximum security prison one of them bob was $46.00 jails. the men section here was meant for a 1300 inmates it currently holds almost double that number. convicts and wardens alike bemoan packed cells and crumbling facilities water
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supplies retic and there is a shortage of food and medication some inmates complain the cells are infested with lice and other vermin at the clinic in the women's section inmates a basic pain killers and antibiotics and possible to come by meaning prison less risk dying from easily treatable conditions. i'm a child be positive. and the drugs for each id are available but the other medicines like antibiotics doxycycline and paracetamol are not available at all. lawmakers recently visited voicing concern about the state of the prison zimbabwe's lawyers for human rights has condemned the quote deplorable conditions which it says expose the inmates to illnesses and psychological trauma. frisson conditions in zimbabwe have long been
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a dyess state but the issue has resurfaced in the public domain again off to that parliamentary committee visitors in the prison you just saw in our report. michelle in how to she is a legal practitioner for the human rights in g o 4 i asked her what the most urgent issues are. thank you very much for having me the issue at hand right now at the prison conditions that by having current t.v. is overcrowding the issues to do with economic social and cultural rights particularly food or to health sanitation those issues really need to be looked into particularly also their reintegration off the field out after they've finished the sentence and these are particularly the issues that need to be looked into currency in zimbabwe in the correctional system right so i wondered in your engagement with the authorities on these issues what kind of reception you're
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getting we know that shortly after you became president emma semangat were granted him amnesty to about 3000 prison is and that was a big as i understand to decongest the country's jails is this something that a willing to work with you and organizations like yourselves on. as city. has been pretty good we recently had a roundtable discussion 1st of 4 with civil society organizations that are working within the prison say we also had a run to us the table discussions where we had previously makers discussing beds and as much is granting amnesty or do you can just in the prisons is probably a short term basis to other issues that need to be looked into record mandy the board which is established in terms of the prisons acts to actually be put into place in order that in the long term we have those of us serving the longest
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instances put on licensed release so that we don't have could just add prisons as well as looking into training of prison officers or the correctional officers that are actually working within the prison sector to have a more human rights approach to much of the un standards so i would say with their reception moving in the create direction in zimbabwe right i mean it's talk about zimbabwe and the current economic climate this is a country where the man in the streets is struggling to get by to access basic things like grid and even water in some cases do you find that the prison is all people in both countries jails really become the last of the governments worries in a in an economic climate such as what the country is and the right now. absolutely i agree with you in terms that it's just generally the ordinary citizen
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is finding it difficult to find the basic things that they need more someone who's enough honorable states where they're at the hands of the states particularly when this having this sentence right now would say beyond the economic issues the government still needs to prior to his budgeting for the prison sector as a whole because beyond the current to me being in a place that it is policy. need to be in place in order that the prisoners actually have something in terms of upholding the human rights so it's not just a matter of the economic the economy decline but also we need this is in place the government needs to move in the correct direction of putting policies in place and also looking at the bias to crime is that are required for the prison sector especially when there's a large population carrying. that was michelle. human rights forum speaking to us about prison reform in zimbabwe
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mauritanians voted for a new president on saturday in what is said to be a landmark election the country is expected to see its 1st peaceful transfer of power since independence from france in 1960 president who is stepping down after serving 25 year term since he took power in a coup in 20086 candidates vying to replace him taking to the stage and ready to take office mohammed old goswami looks set to become mauritania's next president. he's the current president chosen candidate and has pledged to build on the party's successful containment of islamist insurgents. know one of the programs 1st point to security the country's security comes 1st. mauritania has managed to maintain stability more so than its neighbors but for many of the 4500000 people in the vast desert country there are other issues to
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contend with. the student we the people are suffering we're being wronged there is no work people employ you for a miserable salary they tax collectors take what they have to take from the. mauritania democracy has never existed young people have had enough many of left over governments of poland such as artists who denounce the state they all left they all the scape because there are no equal rights this assumes you say something you shouldn't you end up in prison. we've had enough. we are ready to do anything even to give our lives to change this country everyone has to be equal. partners all. of the 6 candidates in the running only former prime minister city mohammed has a real chance of chasing top candidates because the wanting. for it is that this you have suffered but you can put an end to the suffering you must end this suffering
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on saturday and vote for change. something. real change is unlikely to come from the election but the prospect of mauritania's 1st ever peaceful transition of power is progress in itself. and that is it for now from d.w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page today will leave you with images of the gold markets in the sudanese capital khartoum which has reopened after staying closed through and restating the scenic side i back. to.
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keep learning. wait a 2nd we want to hold a show called facts instead of make ideas shift to lives. from the realities of cryptocurrency to your top it's for live in an ever changing digital world let's start with digitalisation. shit.
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this is going to. help my managers to have a good day nothing could change you know the banks. and so was the language of the bank money. speaking the truth global news that matters w for minds. greetings from berlin and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture she raves by night and by days she cleans up plastic waste all over the world canadian d.j. and producer blondish she's here to tell us about her campaign to reduce single use plastics in the music industry also coming up. more music as hamburg's reeperbahn festival travels to new york for the 4th time as part of an effort to promote cultural and music business exchange between germany and the u.s.
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. and in our series on taiwanese cuisine we get introduced to type a version of the magnificent dumplings long battle. of the club music scene and viral mental activism might not seem like the most natural of allies but with everyone concerned about the health of our planet there are moves afoot to push for change the canadian d.j. and producer blondish has started a campaign to reduce plastic in the music industry and encourage a more sustainable rave culture all in the hope that we can rave well into our eighty's in pristine natural surroundings and so before we meet with her let's have a listen to the side.


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