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the but . when it was live from berlin coach seats just minutes away from bombing iran the u.s. calls off military strikes president trump stands down a planned assault after finding out that 150 people could be killed in the attack would have been in retaliation for tehran's shooting down and unmanned american spy drone also coming up from time to act young protesters from across europe called on governments to take border action and the climate change crisis all this just
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a day after new leaders failed to agree on a plan to make the blocks economy carbon neutral by 2050 and a landmark ruling spain's supreme court sentences 5 men for gang raping a young woman and his group's welcome the verdict known as the wolf pack the man had previously been condemned on a list of charges sparking protests across spain. plus the world is a world cup team usa make it 3 wins out of 3 the defending champions cruise into the tournament's knockout stages with a 2 nil victory against sweden. the be. alway about her october viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world a very warm welcome to all of you well we start off with those high intense. since
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in the mideast the planes were in the air the battleships in position but at the last minute present donald trump decided against going through with military strikes against iran he said the likely death toll would have been too high and not a proportionate response to the downing of an unmanned spy drone yesterday. the new york times described it as the moment of truth when u.s. president donald trump decided to hold the military offensive with just minutes to spare in a flurry of tweets on friday trump said he called off the attack after a general told him 150 people could die. the president said he thought the death toll would not be proportionate for the shooting down of the unmanned u.s. drone. in tehran on friday the iranian military presented what they said were pieces of the drone an r.q. for a global hawk reconnaissance craft iran says it has irrefutable evidence that the
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$120000000.00 drone had pushed into iranian airspace. from what is long gone be a slam at republic of iran strongly condemns this provocation and any use of force because of this aggressive act we have complained to the united nations there would be a slow me down my comic one of. the usa denies this but pentagon says the drone was shot down in international waters and has released this video as evidence for its claim in the face of escalating tensions with iran u.s. democrats urged president trump to show restraint. the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war. all right let's get you now reaction from washington d. to the correspondence over salat is covering events there for you oliver we just heard chuck schumer saying that there is this danger that the trump administration might bungle into a war how likely is it that this conflict with late even further now
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well officially no one here wants still bumble into a war but it's a volatile situation and us at the the u.s. administration of the pentagon in particular just deployed $1000.00 additional troops to the middle east to carry out surveillance operations there and that will mean more presence and certainly would also raise the risks of further incidents like the one with the drone that these incidents could be repeated so there is a certain risk involved at the same time we do hear signs that 6 we might go back to diplomacy the u.s. reportedly called for a u.n. security council meeting on monday behind closed doors we're not expecting a resolution or any bigger outcome but at least it would mean both sides are talking to each other again behind closed doors but are sitting at the same
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negotiating table talk to say that i mean what is the u.s. is goal here. right and exactly this question is difficult to answer because it's not really clear the u.s. president yesterday just 10 minutes before 5 before launching air strikes on 3 different sites in iran canceled these plans and these plans all think again and there are many questions raised in result in response to that will officially donald trump says that you heard about 150 expected casualties that would result out of the airstrikes against iran in the that this would not be proportionate with the unmanned drone that was downed by iran but the question of course to be raised is why did you why did you decide on such short notice because he certainly knew these facts these numbers along
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a long time before he made his decision he was well informed by his advisors and so the big question is was that just a blow for is he really willing to go to war with iran ok lets continue in that vein because what's the appetite for military confrontation with iran and the u.s. . well the government is very much split over the question of military action a year and then the question here is of course which side in the government will prevail will it be the hardliners such as the secretary of state michael pale as well as national security advisor john bolton who are rather open for military action and calling for military action against iran or will it be rather moderate voices and the pentagon is one of them and they have warned intensively that 2 about the risks involved when at tacking iran and they're particularly particularly looking at the safety and security of the american forces stationed in the region
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iran has capable surface to air missiles and that could cause casualties on the american side so those were warnings coming from the pentagon then yesterday congressional leaders had a security briefing at the in the situation room of the white house and the speaker of the house of the democrats and nancy pelosi said there was bipartisan agreement that the upper hand the. upper hand of the iranian hardliners should not be strengthened and for that reason there's a increasingly critical stance here on potential attacks. over salat reporting from washington thank you. and next back here in germany thousands of students from across europe have gathered near a coal mine in western germany to call on governments to take bolder action in the
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climate change crisis organizers said up to 20000 protesters from 16 countries gathered in near germany's border with belgium and the netherlands it comes a day after european union leaders failed to agree on a plan to make the block's economy carbon neutral by 2050. fridays for future demonstrators are making a lot of noise this time protesters from 17 countries have gathered in off of the 20000 demonstrators are expected to take part they want to increase pressure on politicians to camille right when it's 7 hours to come here from naples south of you. because i think that the it's really important to denounce the situation right now. and it's important that we stand together for something that matters to all of us i hope someone will finally listen. germany's green party is excited that so many people are demonstrating for climate protection thousands of demonstrators are on their way to the nearby village of fearsome where they will show their support
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for climate protection at the largest mining area in europe. they hope to influence politicians thru civil disobedience the deliberate final ation of law and order. and we accept the fact that we might get arrested because the climate crisis is so urgent it affects us all and that's why we're deliberately exercising civil disobedience to demand a phase out of coal power. this week the entire western rhineland is the focus point of the climate protest movement. while germany plans to phase out coal and power generation by 2038 but long before that 5 villages in the western. in state of north right westphalia are scheduled to be demolished to make way for a mine to extract limits particularly dirty type of cult will receive
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compensation but some of them are asking why they should give up their homes or in germany as phasing out coal power anyway. they're inching ever closer the gigantic shovels of the lignite excavators in a few years they're set to demolish the dealing village of north rhine-westphalia the place davita place and his parents and grandparents call home davide grew up here and has no desire to leave a forced relocation would affect his 83 year old grandfather the most. when you lived here all these years and they want to take you away when you're this age. that's harsh. things and wants to prevent that so he's led demonstrations against our w e the local utilities company his resolve is further strengthened by the global climate crisis
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and the agreement to phase out brown coal he will not leave his village voluntarily . so if it comes to tearing down the villagers the police will probably have to drag his are homeless heartless and we won't leave if ever that we get infected. we're staying put that's their battle cry together with 50 other activists plays and has already prevented the construction of a bypass road for the utilities company. because the road would only be needed if all 5 villages in the open if you don't lying area of guards or other were destroyed on the smith we can allow that. germany has already agreed to phase out coal power in light of the climate crisis and the roads not needed just because of the planned phase out less coal is being used now so the villages could stand tact that's something both diabetes and many scientists agree on but the utilities company is standing firm. mostly poor coal
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has to come from somewhere and that's why we need the guards were mine so relocating the fire ledges it is necessary to afford i guess beneath them lies the coal we need to supply the remaining power plants in the. dubey sister tina is also fighting to keep their village standing she's involved in the fridays for future demonstrations to raise awareness of the climate crisis it angers her that the utilities company wants to mine coal at this stage. i just think it sounds like a rebellious child who knows it's wrong but wants to go ahead anyway and says we don't care what the scientists say we're going to go ahead anyway all i can say is no they have to be able to say that's it we have enough and admit they're making a mistake. the energy companies insist on their right to demolish the remaining villages but davida in 1000 entries and have been galvanized by the global climate demonstrations they hope they can think the place they come
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home. is leaders are deadlocked after failing to agree on who should fill the blocks top jobs when the current administration finishes its work later this year at the heart of the impasse is a disagreement between the 2 powerhouses france and germany. it wasn't exactly a defeat but german chancellor angela merkel can't be happy with the result at this hour none of the lead candidate so she puts in a confidant and a still in the running chancellor merkel's last ditch efforts appear to have failed . to finish digits as minutes after talking with donald tusk it's now clear to me that none of the leading candidates have been able to secure a majority in the european council and i can't see how that's going to change european council president donald tusk also seemed flustered the problem is that i have nothing to add to what i said yesterday and to but because i have some secrets here but. i have nothing to. do.
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so the leadership question remains unanswered for now but this was not the only setback to emerge during the 1st summit after the e.u. parliamentary elections state leaders and governments disagree on a number of issues including climate policy where eastern european nations continue to block progress. the same commercial guarding climate change we unfortunately fail to reach an agreement on the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 but not everyone was disappointed with the meetings outcome french president i'm on your mark on seem to pleased with the political stalemate he's advocating getting rid of the leading candidate system for him the fact that none of the candidates could get a majority means only one thing so he's them this system doesn't work. we decided to start the procedure all over again with new names which we have yet
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to choose in order to find a new balance when we met it could be both what. so it's back to square one but the clock is taking the new leadership positions should be decided by the beginning of july the leaders have agreed to meet again 1st special summit just over a week from now to make sure they meet that deadline. when as i know but some of the other stories making news around the world. for a 2nd consecutive night thousands of georgians have gathered outside parliament in the capital tbilisi to demand snap elections and this comes 24 hours after the visit of a russian lawmaker sparked a violent clashes overnight and then residents forced georgia's parliament she speaker to resign and russia to temporarily banned air travel to the country. a british judean minister has been suspended after he was filmed grabbing and pushing a female climate change protester at
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a dinner for the finance of the street foreign office minister mark field a cost of the protester when she tried to approach philip hammond the chancellor of the exchequer as he needed to speech police are investigating the incident. thousands of protesters have filled the streets of hong kong in another round of demonstrations all this after leader kerry lamb ignored a deadline to withdraw a controversial bill to extradite suspects to mainland china activists have surrounded police headquarters and blocks major worlds they want land to resign and with these anti-government protesters in detention. staines supreme court has ruled that 5 men who attacked a teenage girl were guilty of rape and that's a lesser crime was sexual abuse the case had sparked mass protests across spain over what many saw as lenient treatment of the 5 men women's rights groups and the government have welcomed the ruling was outside the court jubilation demonstrators
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saw the verdict as a step forward for all women in spain. the supreme court overturned a ruling that many across spain had seen as far too lenient 5 men known as the wolf pack had been convicted of the lesser crime of sexual abuse after subduing a young woman and video recording nonconsensual sex they shared this video on their whatsapp group which they called the pac where they had also allegedly discussed plans to rape women and their prior conviction caused outrage across spain my under spanish law the men could not be convicted of rape because there was no evidence the men use physical violence to subdue their victim. now this verdict could help change the way sexual offenses are convicted and spanker spanish acting vice president carmen calvert tweeted that the ruling of the supreme court on the wolfpack case recognizes the credibility of the victim and is in line with the
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government's proposal to change the law but he only afford the men's defense lawyer objected that the trial had been influenced by public opinion that i feel that i feel that. society at large passed judgment on the events dictating a condemned atory sentence and since then everything has snowballed. although you say you think that it has made it practically impossible to have any judicial outcome that does not involve a condemned atory sentence equal and keep on going up to you but if the 5 men will begin serving their sentences immediately to them. let's get you more on this case a journalist to an alleged affair that is joining us from barcelona very good evening and what changed the judge's minds and to give now these men higher sentences. and good visioning so the men were called that of sexual abuse in december 2018 and since and we have seen outrage in spain and also many
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demonstrations not only against this case but also against the judicial system in spain and this illustrations could be key to understand the change of the supreme court today could be key because today the supreme court decided that 5 men i had like men were being sentenced to 15 years in prison for rape 5 for sexual abuse now this of course has been welcomed this verdict has been welcomed in spain by women and a large part of the population as well how much of an impact will this case now have on spanish society. well the cases how proud a very big impact in decades because it shocked the continent cos. we have seen many demonstrations in concha and it could change also a lot in spain because today justice needs evidence of basic go physical violence
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and also intimidation to prove i rape and this could change in the near future and those for a per school be more years in prison that today could change these changes in the law in this punishing of various a landmark ruling there in spain journalist and a lot of her thank you very much for joining us this evening thank you now next up for the women's football world cup where the u.s. have beaten sweden to dale to advance to the knockout stages with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 many that the game would be the americans 1st real test but they made short work of their opponents take a look. the americans waited less than 3 minutes before taking the lead to get sweden to tournament favorites quick off the mark for the 3rd game in a row you can see her run beating the swedish defenders to a new school from
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a corner to grab her 2nd all to the tournament. usa how did he bag 16 goals before the skating more than any other team so far so it was no surprise when they extended their lead at the start of the 2nd tough this time it was for woods tobin he could use to finish. the swedes had once again failed to get the ball under control in their box and well once again punished. to nail the final score the usa become the latest team to go through with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 wins and show again why they taped to go all the way . our now looking ahead team germany are contending for the world cup title and they have a crop of talented youngsters contributing beyond their years so we look at the squads a teen sensations ahead of saturday's match against nigeria in the round of 16.
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judy a trim closet full and lean over during these 3 teenagers are making their mark on the germany world cup team 19 year old freiburg midfielder krynn is having the biggest impact of the bunch scoring a match winner against china germany squad certainly appreciates the exceptional skill of these young players providing plenty of support. to make it so i thought about kind of really well integrated there's no problem we've got so many players around us to take us under their wing and coach us today i feel like a really fit in and don't feel at all like i'm treated like a kid. good at the teen and 17 year old obrador have also raised eyebrows in their 1st ever world cup they might be new on the national team but they're already experienced pros. because they're already established bundesliga players they're still young but they have lots of talent so it's great to see what german women's football we have to offer for years to come we're looking forward to that.
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if germany are to win their 1st world cup since 2007 they'll be hoping given the youth brigade can retain their top form heading into the round of 16 clash with nigeria. now selling seafood on facebook live yet says it's a thing in thailand and thousands are hooked it's the story of a poor fisherman's son who is making a 1000000 a day now yes a 1000000 on that euros or dollars admittedly but but nonetheless it's still a lot of money more than $30000.00 euros a day here is a rags to riches story. take good take it it's delicious it's awesome that's how a new rack sero a time i advertise is his fried seafood on facebook thousands of watching and buying the live stream is very popular across thailand thanks to his mixture of fun and insider tips. by feed the audience with ideas of me
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as a fisherman who knows all about the seafood products that i'm selling. i know when is the best season to catch seafood and which part is the best to eat so let me choose for you. in just 3 hours he and his team can sell around a 1000000 vons worth of dried shrimp squid and fish that's 30000 euros worth of things haven't always being successful. i started by trying to sell 3 kilograms of squid that i bought. i fried it to make it look more interesting and i did the facebook live. but i didn't make any sales at all by we do or have a don't argue. he then turned his broadcast into a show that's fun to watch and on top of turning a profit he's also helping his village the fisherman now sell twice as much fish as
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they used to he's come very far for someone who says that he's not a natural seafaring talent it seems his online sales talent more than makes up for that. now people around the world have rolled out their yoga mats today to stretch and bring deeply in celebration of international yoga day in india prime minister narendra modi took part in a mass yoga session with around 30000 participants discipline is an ancient physical and spiritual practice that originated in india. lobel yoga day was suggested by mr modi and adopted by the un in 20. years there. are in our mind are the top stories that we're tracking for you this hour. the u.s. president don't trump has confirmed that he called off an operation to launch
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strikes on iran just 10 minutes before they were meant to go ahead some said he stopped the strikes because they would have killed potentially 150 people. young protesters from across europe gathered in the western or german city of boston to call on governments to take over action in the climate change crisis all that comes a day after a few leaders feel to agree to make a last economy carbon neutral by 2050. don't forget you can always get did only news on the go just download it out on the plate certainly apple store will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as question of occasions for any breaking news you can also use the deadly app to send us your photos and videos. up next i'll be back with a day old view of the day's news in less than
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let's all try to stay in this show. panty w. m r. i am. i am i am. 50 years since the monday. she was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy. he dreamed of the stars. as a pilot he flew anything no matter to troops. here go to them. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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and it was very beautiful. a legend. simply a human being who was neil armstrong. the moon was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . it was go until it was not cocked and loaded to attack iran president donald trump pulled back from the precipice with just moments remaining calling off military strikes on iraq crisis averted or deferred tehran's downing of an american surveillance drone prompted the aborted retaliation by the u.s. bringing the arch enemies.


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