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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2019 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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also coming up. more music as hamburg's riverbend festival travels to new york for the 4th time as part of an effort to promote cultural and music business exchange between germany and the u.s. . and in our series on taiwanese cuisine we get introduced to thai paintings version of the magnificent dumplings long bottle. well the club music scene and environmentalists activism might not seem like the most natural of allies but with everyone concerned about the health of our planet there are moves afoot to push for change the canadian d.j. and producer blondish has started a campaign to reduce plastic in the music industry and encourage a more sustainable rave culture all in the hope that we can rave well into our eighty's in pristine natural surroundings and so before we meet with her let's have a listen to the psychedelic beats that made blondish famous.
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and. there she is in her element and here she is in the studio with new vivian backhoes who hails from montreal canada one of the world's biggest techno and house acts welcome to the g w scenario enjoying our summer weather here in berlin i have amazing yeah balmy very much like even yeah
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now when i think of events like the love parade and in berlin for instance which was notorious for leaving a huge huge mess in the center of the city when all the rivers went home it was not as seen with a super reputation for environmental awareness you are trying to change that with your initiative by by plastics what inspired you to act i mean i think the 1st time it really hit home that this dichotomy is when i was in brazil. playing this beautiful sunrise that war room and you know the biggest festivals there it's the one that is the best club in south america in my opinion and when you see the sunrise and then the 3000 people dissipate and all you're left with is the sunrise and like a mountain of plastic and these kind of robots cleaning it up that kind of was that moment like when you know i can do something to change this we need to act now ok so how are you going about it obviously mission to eliminate single use classics
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from the from the music industry and what are you doing well you know who are single use plastic because it's a big job 1st so the way we're doing that in the music i want to get rid of single plastics in the music industry how we doing that it's too folded like where our direct they buy plastic is one phone call away like in the music industry where one phone call away from each other so we're using that to our advantage so we're doing a global movement by plastic exactly. by by plastic project as many by plastic projects but this is for the music industry so basically we have a campaign where we talk to all the d.j.'s and we get them to upgrade their riders to be hospitality riders to be single use plastic free. and then that we can also in by the venues afterwards to also become single use bostic free and they can just call the buyout classic hotline and we've done all the research and we hold their hands while they make the switch we're seeing here pictures from 2 lumen mexico
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which is one of the places where you make your home between there and barcelona beach cleanups are also a part of what you're doing you play a lot of beaches obviously but this is really very much about changing the mindset at techno events for sure i mean at parties for instance rivers and we have different priorities so we started the beach cleans as a place to come together in a different setting to to inspire the conversations and the collaboration's a lot of people come to the beach clean. to start meeting other people like minded people so that they can start making change in their own communities and from the promoters and the festivals themselves are you getting positive responses for this is everybody saying yes we want to take this on board yes a lot of people are saying yes we want to get involved so the next hurdle we have to get over is just the fact that no one has time so that's why we did all this research busy everyone's busy life is just busy now so it's finding that time and figuring out ways to take small actionable steps together because if it's a small step we can all make it together instead of just
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a few people it's brought you into contact you said earlier with a lot of new sectors obviously and a lot of people outside the music industry you said to me earlier that you don't feel like an activist and yet it's something you're very passionate about are you going to change that. image in your head well i i mean i don't know i'm just i am forever optimist and what i'm thinking is that the earth is just not in balance and i'm just doing my part to bring that earth back into balance and it's not for me it's not a fight it's not. advocating or something it's just feels natural to go with the flow and to do your part with small actionable steps they've gone backwards all the best with all of your summer gigs you're off to toronto and zurich and i don't know . on sunday obviously a bit of carbon footprint thinking to be done so well done on that we're working on carbon emissions for all the d.j.'s ok great thank you very much for joining me and good luck with your thank you so thanks for being here. well over to the big apple
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now where a festival that's usually at home in hamburg germany is celebrating its 4th new york edition that the festival started in 2006 and it covers the entire spectrum of music from india through rock pop folc electronic hip hop soul jazz and even classical and it places great emphasis on networking between the genres and also gives out a special award for up and coming talent. there was something for nearly everyone and there's a pub band festival showcase from american punk band surf part. to the popular strains of berlin's girth. the dance beat so from northern germany.
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or the quiet melancholy of israeli multi instrumentalist henri. this was the 4th time that the hamburg based festival held its new york edition and this time it was part of the year of german american friendship a series of events promoting cultural exchange. but german member of parliament baba hendrix explained there is also a business motive. and we're always interested in helping small and mid-sized companies find their way so that within the complexities of globalization they can have opportunities they wouldn't otherwise be able to take advantage of on their own feel left alive and if i think he knew them from the original hamburg version of the festival takes place this september but the jury for its anchor award was
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presented in new york headed by legendary record producer tony visconti it also features the likes of british singer kate nash and the berlin based canadian artist peaches. take me to. copy the times is such an amazing fast pace and how an amazing history like easy access i. think is very important for us from very different styles and. music to hang out with each other and discuss younger generations the organizers of the deeper bond festival have their sights set on even greater international cooperation with additions planned for los angeles nashville beijing and across. indie music may be a nice shot but its fans are clearly spread across the globe. all to inspire your taste buds at the end of the week we have an episode of our series tasty taipei and this time my colleague megan leigh is initiated into the
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world of. dumplings that when they're done right in consumed in one bite you can bet you'll see eyes rolling back in their sockets followed by involuntary blissful noises so here goes. today make it into our going find metro to the restaurant didn't tie funk. i've heard a lot about this place there are over a 160 of them worldwide all. to los angeles yet there it's only to me from top. all right let's check it out. show longbows a kind of dumpling but don't confuse them with western dumplings these are carefully crafted with well harmonized flavors. where does this come from i know i know that this restaurant originated in taipei but you know i don't follow is always that unlike you yeah china i think. like they have people
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try to make you for that especially some hi carol yeah ok they make a very different kind of self which they have we need to keep every now and then keep it on the board you know. go for. a. while. so like so in your mind oh it's so true. it's so confusing for you. very mild winter. egg fried rice is also a specialty lived in thai funk here that serves as a compliment to time a new style pork the meat as cooked with minimal seasoning so the natural flavor comes through. things. go right down fleet down the right balance as well as there. are some of the along
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the way. it can be hard so here is soft going to soften so when you do it and show it in the house back. once you're on the outside. but if you think you diane what the taste that cinnamon burden and it worked once on i found out black pepper on the there's this great taste coming through for something to help that's the thinker recipe to my brain. but it's no secret why didn't time funks food is a global success. and will finish with some good news for muggles because now they can cast their own spells harry potter wizards unite is a real world augmented reality mobile game that at its official release on friday
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inspired by j.k. rowlings wizarding world it's the must each and to supported follow up to poke them on goal which took the world by storm back in the summer of $2816.00 all early reports suggest that it leaves the poking one crazed far behind so do stay tuned for next week when robin merrill will see if it's having a similar impact that's all for now from arts and culture until then all the best from us here in berlin and by.
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only at full speed. language shining. but always on the move a body mostly today and to the future. of 30 minutes to double the fun. they want to race. you know book water is never far away. water and will and what the people of all spoke made of it that's going to be the coming mean for my tour of the city today and it's always have a lot on my list and no tour would be complete without
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a trip to explode extremis marionette theater. in 90 minutes on the dublin show that. i'm not laughing at the germans i guess sometimes i am but most end up in with the government even germany thinks david. but you have a culture of. taking his grandmother. but also gets old after a time i tell you i mean to me to get the details oh. i'll go to the girl maxine channel. a good line of story. with exclusive insights. into a must see concerning arts and culture to ensure a. place to be for curious minds are going to do it yourself networkers live
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so subscribing and don't miss our gut. it's all happening going to live comfortably. surely news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions continue on low comes after getting close down the line from fun to meet the easy to our website down here that comes from africa plain joy know something spoke and tell you how come. iran has displayed records that it says came from the u.s. military drone an iranian forces shot down on thursday tehran says the global hawk violated iranian airspace u.s. president donald trump said he aborted a military strike in retaliation because it could have killed 150 people. for
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a 2nd consecutive night thousands of georgians have gathered outside parliament in the capital tbilisi to demand snap elections the vote.


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