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2050. out spoke is one of the oldest cities in germany with a favorable location on the reverse lake and that. there is plenty of water in the city center to the loss of those several monumental fountains.
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water and will and what the people of all made of it that's going to be the common theme for my tour of the city today and as always i have a lot on my list a palace for art industrial monuments a boat trip and i really would like to see the birthplace of about published so let's go. we'll also look behind the scenes of the case that one of germany's most famous puppet theaters. a georgian woman will show us her hometown to meet. and today's your video brings us travel impressions from combat. this is the center of the town hall is located on the square at the end of. this renaissance. building is magnificent although it was almost completely destroyed by
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bombing in the 2nd world war it was rebuilt in the original style for many centuries spoke was an important political center as a prince bishopric and a free imperial city. the golden hole recalls the city's former splendor. above the front door a picture shows that water was seen as the source of the city's wealth. it's clear that ultrabook had become an important city from an early age by the way it's the 3rd largest here and of area after munich and nuremberg but there is much more you should know about all spoke.
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the romans founded a settlement here in 15 b.c.e. now the city has about 290000 inhabitants. in the 13th century old sport was named a free imperial city in which merchants and bankers were important contacts for emperors and kings. the city's wealth and pride can still be imagined by taking a look at the grand architecture. this book had been named a bishopric in the 8th century the cathedral is one of the few local buildings to have survived the 2nd world war almost intact. the phooka high which is considered the world's oldest social housing complex had to be restored. it was founded in 1521 by the influential merchant and
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banker. the complex still offers a roof to people in need today there is a model apartment that gives an idea of how people used to live. the city was also extremely important before and during the industrial revolution. today the textile industry museum is housed in a former worsted spinning male. from the middle ages onwards there was a perfect water management system thanks to the. rivers. provide water during modern factories which. plenty of energy even. visitors can see how the textile industry developed between the 16th and 19th
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centuries when mass production became widespread. they can also get an idea of the deafening working conditions. there are also portraits and information about the lives of important merchants and bankers and. who were responsible for the industrial development and also benefited hugely from it. these days the textile industry no longer plays a big role and where tourism has become a very important source of income there were 850000 overnight stays by visitors last year the figure has doubled over the past 20 years. you can find water everywhere in the old town of like this well with spring water that you can drink. and this is the
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waterworks at the rec gate it is the oldest preserved waterworks in germany. the orthorexic is hope that one day the city's historical water management system will be declared a unesco world heritage site and attract more visitors. the ensemble of towers and well houses has supplied drinking water to the people of spoke for almost 500 years. paddle wheels over the canal helped transport the water up into the towers from there the fountains in the city were supplied with fresh water. today only the structures and the plants remain. but at the. last on the lake river you get an idea of how the people of book used
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their wealth of water later in the 19th century. to prevent recurring epidemics such as cholera a new water works was built in 878 this allowed the households to be supplied with clean drinking water directly via pipes at the time this state of the art technology caused a sensation throughout europe. remember his it was short if you look at how ornate it is the floor is so shake it doesn't look at dust real . but i mean it was made to please the eyes as you can see from the wrong time doors or to routes of floor made of fine italian marble 140 years old not everyone has this floor in a factory. the waterworks here closed down in 2007 but the technology still works. and will fade by the water because now we take a trip to the black sea and you know every now and then we visit yours from all
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over the world who show us the most beautiful places of their hometown and this time it's off to. in georgia. i am you know welcoming but to me let me show you some of my favorite highlights of the black sea coast resort the sea too full of colors and adventures. but to me special due to its mixture of sea and demoing teams protective gear we has and historical monuments all part of the c.t.e. and a new and more than one with its own x. to y. . letter present my favorite part of the city but to me boulevard it dates back to
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881 and 8 kilometers long it leads directly to the black sea coast come on let's see. when i have some free time i love to walk in the warbird there lay on the beach and listen to the sounds of the waves and what's the most fascinating thing to me in the whole world the best thing about the bridge is that it's not. right here in the boulevard there is a famous meeting point for the elder generation of the city they gather here with a play chairs backgammon are done we know and anyone can join them come let's play with them. there are a lot of money. that . they're coming here every day they chant about the current.
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politics economy and things that might lead to defeat. george is famous for its walls and the gears history of wine making and there are about $500.00 types of waves growing here. just imagine being a few minutes away from but to me and being so close to the nature of the mining the vineyards and the forests that's on the ledge and. you can't imagine how delicious and just said basic rates are and now the fun part wine tasting counter attack on the obama girl girl mojo magazine just. it's a delicious one. this
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to talk about if he was a practice. you know the truth. this is churchill up the most famous purchase we made of different hues and roads there are about 20 types of that these are made of walnut and hazelnuts with a grape juice they said there is so weak and delicious you should try this. now i would like to take you by the catholic part of the last line and if it be that they feel. from this place we had the best view of the city but i have to say good bye now it's been a nice day and i loved being with you know how to beat him but to me now. you
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can see the well for fox sports as well as the water in many places in the city. this is the shed sloppily the front is rather narrow at only 1000 meters but the building is over 100 meters long it is the form a city palace of an oak spoke banker built at the end of the 18th century the last owner gave the palace to the city of book on the condition that it never be sold and only be used for cultural purposes the head of the book state museum of people tells me that the building has never been destroyed that's the showpiece of the ones i wound up out of his side yes that wonderful ball room with this fantastic ceiling for us. this is our. everything is original 95 percent of the surface dates back to $1770.00 or so this is that this is
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a magnificent room. it's the biggest remaining private ballroom in germany in the piece of history. but there is no comparable room in terms of size and originality . and some of the gold in the gold mold is real gold is that the case here to. the surface is here are all original. here you can see the golden surfaces with gold leaf in their original state from 770. the mirrors to our original work with the mercury silvering are retained here you know this. is primarily a museum city. it presents masterpieces from past centuries. the collection includes paintings from the late middle ages and the early
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renaissance. and of course there's also a portrait of one of the most important book residents ever. come to the ships up early and i have not seen this painting did i miss something that's the new city and this painting is probably the most important in our collection this is an icon of our explore glocal history. of the rich the bill gates of the 16th century but there's plenty of sway to be an understatement here and what a house that's understatement doesn't look well you can see that there's no jewelry and there are no visible hands. that always see as his dark cabin door code and the 4 that he's wearing as well as the very valuable brocade hat that point to his wealth. this reserve was very typical for swabian merchants this took me to
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push for and tribune called a what's the story here does the man go to the painter and say paint me or did the painter come to him. here i'm going to do it i came to an imperial council here and yacob for go ask him to paint him. because of course anyone less would have been unthinkable the fact that. you do or was already very famous so the quality of the painting is obvious thea is depicted very clearly in a very individual way you know if you look very carefully you can see these very. and he painted wrinkles these show how talented someone like outraged. as i passed through and now let's switch from arts to theater or rather puppet theater because that's what the. norm for many generations and i don't remember it from my childhood because you just can't forget fantastic stories like jim but in.
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a fantasy world featuring jim bouton and luke the engine driver with kings who sell ice cream with giant seeming characters and have to reagan's a world full of little celebrities made of wood broadcast on television in 1953. ok quite down. the poor little cut will get scared if you keep asking so many questions we can't even talk it's going to be so when can it's 10 strings would mentary all some glue all that's needed to make a puppet. play a lot of the head strings at the front using our middle and index fingers we have to have flexible wrists so that we don't have to change our grip each time the proper turns i don't know if these are special property or hands. close marshall is the 3rd generation of puppet heroes to run the theatre he explains that
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a story has to be told slowly so the audience can picture the characters in their mind and bring the puppets to life. busy busy busy busy after the 2nd world war his grandfather vulture imitation applied to the work municipal authorities for permission to run a puppet theatre it opened in a former hospital in 1948. busy busy there were 5 to 7 puppets here standing above the puppets and a speaker below in the pit it was tight the whole family was involved. daughter had a lot i made her 1st puppets at the age of 13 busy his wife rose and made the costumes. the theater also went on tour with puppet shows for adults a puppet just like a fool can speak uncomfortable truths the company performed better told christ's revolutionary 3 penny opera.
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not alone you know who had played pirate jenny at the berlin premiere in the late 1920 s. apparently wrote to the outspoken theater and asked for her own puppet. speech mary that is still made by hand but it is only when there strings are pulled that they come to life. and. then its head goes down and the hunt goes in front of its face so it cries a little and then of its laughing its head goes up just like people with a laugh or when. i invent lish quarter off spoke the playwright i thought quest was born here in 898
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in a typical artist house for a long time the city had a rather complicated relationship with. its most famous son put chills to live in east germany when he returned from exile at the end of the 2nd world war. the house he was born in has been the museum since 1985. here comes in yes we have some original pieces is this is the baptism and confirmation silverware received by baritone precious and this is its original just and yes it's original to its mistakes and if the silverware is definitely original thoughts and especially charming is a silver bracelet that perished gave to his 1st love poem a bunch of so whose portrait you can see here. so you see it was her 18th birthday that's the original silver bracelet and.
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why does your guest look like a rock star here by let's hear anything it was after his international breakthrough with the 3 penny opera which premiered in 1970 berlin the theme song this foreign comedy came back to his hometown and was photographed by the famous court photographer quantify the best quote about this the photography and she is wearing a leather coat on smoking a cigar and it among these both became part of his image. of the these are very famous pictures on the floor and in front of them is our most valuable piece a sculpture made on the basis of a life mask of present that was made by power hamann in 1930 bus yes no it's not a 5 inch tongue and the border from post homuncular.
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here in the in between in. here we've also tried to convey how international pressure was. both of their translations of his works in different languages from japanese to ukrainian. man here you can see that pressure continues to have a certain impact today so i think if this is an icy train name dalrymple hot famous stars such as david bowie and middle of assange back to the stasi david bowie with quote your organs played in the threepenny opera. there's a coaster stamps in various countries too. there's also mice and porcelain decorative plate to get so that's my supports and one vine turned up . and now it's your turn cent of your holiday videos where did you go what did you see and what impressed you this week the mail is from the canopy navi and it's a for road trip through cambodia and of course he's going to show us the famous
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temple i caught.
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my last stop in the book also has something to do with water and tradition since the 19th century. fox has rented robots to explore the area waterways legend says that the gun battle but i just went rowing here with his 1st love. and it's a family business in the 4th generation house us along and i have to think my great grandfather founded the family and the rental station and he built a wooden rowboat and took his wife around the lake and his wedding day he decided to rent boats his daughter took over the company that was katie. i remember her from when i was little and then my parents took over. my mother's side of the
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family did it for 44 years young for think. if i want to go fast on the water what should i do. stretch out your legs keep europe or body straight keep the oars in the water for as long as possible and pull with a lot of power and i'll be the fastest let's find out so if addition. intimidated or you go you go to the middle of the boat turn your back to me and stretch out your legs. perfect. so have fun with that fish pass. there is a challenge waiting for me to race on the outs book mold against my editor on the d.s. . not
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that easy. going graduations. i made it. if you visit a book you just can't ignore the topic of water fountains rivers industrial history if you let yourself be guided by water you can make many connections here from the romans to the present or from bankers to bethel placed that's alex book she is. so.
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the the. place at full speed. always shining. the but always on the movement led mostly today and in the
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