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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2019 11:15am-11:31am CEST

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in their seventies will play 17 dates the no filter tour raked in 160000000 dollars and 20 feet. up next on the job you it's world of stories that we can reports with more on the protests that have been taking place in hong kong over a controversial extradition you're watching the news from berlin don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's com thanks for joining us. ok. you know this is you know 5 minutes 4 minutes.
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noyce has an hour and a beauty. pageant all. these feats in the pantheon of great tennis certainly he's one for the ages. but the pop. culture tenor for the ages starts july 10th on d w. this week on world stories. syria surviving in. kenya battling the sound mafia but we start off in hong kong where hundreds of thousands of. people are demonstrating against
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a proposed extradition bill among them many students there protesting against beijing's growing influence. school's out for 17 year old zach today it's the final exams we can hong kong and zach is completing grade 11 but his mind is not with the exams these days. today i get my chinese language test and i think i did quite ok. but for the other topics that require more preparation things aren't looking that great this year but i'm setting aside my future for the future of hong kong. zack is an organizer for a group of middle school students in hong kong to protest movement they are planning to meet this afternoon but suddenly he gets a call from a friend who thinks he's followed by the police pay sites what you let me call you
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later. i have to. decide to hold the meeting but want to have their friend join in. the government's announcement to delay the bill is a 1st victory for them but they're not satisfied the government has left the option open to bring it back at a later time so this sunday protests will take place as planned. the friends have known each other via social media platforms they remind many of the umbrella movement that blocked hong kong for weeks in 2014 but failed to achieve its goal the extradition bill has revived hong kong's opposition a new generation is taking to the streets they have no organizations and no leadership they coordinate in chat groups. oh my god i wanted to listen when the umbrella movement happened i was only in 7th. but i've
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been paying attention to hong kong politics ever since so now there is this anti extradition bill news meant it's time to get out from behind the computer and fight it was i hope a lot. of his friends fall to continue until the extradition plans are ultimately scrapped. because the last rebel stronghold in syria has been surrounded and bombarded by assad's forces for moms many refugee families there are fighting just to survive if you inject asperger's are often their sole source of help. so bob is very nervous as he waits for the big news his wife is giving birth and this clinic men are not allowed to enter the pediatric ward it's one of the few places pregnant women in northern italy can go after tense hours awaiting the moment has finally arrived the boss wife has given birth to
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a boy mahmoud. the proud father can hardly believe his luck he sends the 1st snapshot of the newborn to all his friends and relatives. we came here to northern syria say my wife could safely deliver her child i'll stay here until tomorrow and then we'll bring our baby to our hut. but a bleak existence with no prospects awaits the family there the camp in italy offers refuge to 800000 people they come from across syria fleeing assad's bombs now their strategy here and the country's last rebel held enclave they have a vain hope for some security. there are practically no jobs there's not enough food water or medicine. and his loved ones have already lived in the camp for 2 years for people in
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a simple room with tarps there's no protection from the heat his daughter suffers from bronchitis but no one can help here they prefer to go back home to hama but that's simply impossible. i don't know that we can't go back because that is permanent fighting bombing and shooting whenever we tried to return there were grenade attacks and barrel bombs. and the families from across it live hope to get a little help in the ellicott clinic one of the few medical centers that has not been destroyed by bombing. 126 children are treated here every day but the clinic has long been unable to treat all of them it lacks doctors and medicine newborns in particular are quickly released and do not receive the protection and the care they urgently need. unfortunately the newborns often live in tents and barracks instead of houses and that parents often bring them back to the
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clinic in very poor condition after just a couple of days because their living situation is so bad. a fate that survives son mahmoud could also share his mother still weak herself after giving birth the newborn is extremely vulnerable an uncertain future awaits him and syria's last rebel stronghold. few countries in the world there are more women in management positions than russia . but there is still a long way to go before there is truly gender equality. maria gilman over 1st started to xining ceramics when she was a psychology student after she graduated she got a job in advertising but all the while she kept up her hobby and finally 3 years
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ago she managed to turn it into a business when she opened her own pottery workshop but getting ahead in a male dominated world hasn't been without its difficulties negotiating about money in particular can prove a challenge with certain archaic attitude still prevailing. if you will often they don't take women seriously as business partners. if i were a man their behavior would be different. they wouldn't be haggling about prices so much that a go. despite some suppliers pushing for further discounts maria's pottery business is posting double digit growth she employs 5 workers and has received funding from a private investor. generation to generation our women have shown their love to the world's the people and their homes and soviet ideology meant that women were expected to work but in upper management the men often still call the shots.
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but studies now suggest that 50 percent of russians believe that men should earn money and women should take care of the family. at this year's petersburg international economic forum the reality being presented did not conform with those attitudes. to see there are more women than men in positions in russia than anywhere else in the world. 41 percent of management positions. it's a left over from soviet times. but when it comes to pay equality the country still has a long way to go women in russia earn 30 percent less than men on average and many of the peak positions in politics continue to be held by men in russia successful
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business women are more common in small and medium sized enterprises than in larger conglomerates. as for maria. my plan is to sell my product in europe and to broaden our range for private customers right now we work more with restaurants in the future we want to supply retailers and she has no fears about facing up to the usually male competition. the global construction has led to a shortage of sand and kenya is no exception. local people suffer most from illegal sound harvesting as water supplies vanish along with the sun. it's a walk across the scarred landscape which john called home this used to be a river carrying drinking water for the community and their livestock in much tacos
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county kenya that's until center has just started illegally mining the riverbed leaving barely any sand told the water john fight to stop them but his activism has come at a high price. goes when no or somebody. that you. john says sand cartels are behind the illegal mining which feeds the demands of the country's rapid zation people in his community believe they won't stop the destruction until there is no sand left with no regard for those whose lives depend on access to the water is. when the sun is too hot and you come to look for water you find the levels have gone very low and this water is salty it's not good for washing clothes for drinking this water is bad and
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we sometimes catch diseases like typhoid. all over the country illegal sand harvesting is taking place in broad daylight the driver of this truck doesn't want to be filmed but tells us up to $200.00 truckloads of sand are collected each day. many lives have been ruined or lost due to kenya sent rush this is a 36 year old farmer who lost her husband a centavo who died at work. it happened on the 7th of march 24th teen. he was scooping sand to sell. as they were scooping sand and taking underground the soil above him fell down and buried him. as does self as opposed to the sand harvesting which has caused an almost permanent drought in the region but she knows that many of
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these men who make just a few dollars a day collect behalf no choice. with. the problem that we visit their owns a new job and we have families we have needs. we human beings and we truly hope to get kills but we just don't get to. is that i've been at it and. done says it's a tragedy that men like matthew being used by the cutouts and have become complicit in destroying the livelihoods of their communities he's asking politicians and police to find these stand up to those stealing much like a sand so that hopefully one day its rivers can recover.
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the fashion of the future as an identity. desirable as a bunny is cosmopolitan connected to. her is her homeland in our hearts and wears it's on her sleeve. label combines kashmir flamingos with design from berlin is. your romance. ok want to race. you know explore what are is never far away. water and will and what the people of all took made of it that's going to be the coming beam for my tour of the city today and it's always have a lot on my list and no tour would be complete without
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a trip to i'll explore extremist marionettes theater. in 60 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind a small. find in an immersive experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. d.w. world heritage the. 60. club. love love love. love love
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