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scott turner. starts july 10th on g.w. . play. play play. play. this is day to day you news live from berlin germany the women's world cup campaign lives on after they beat one theory attorney for the quarterfinals captain alexander pope with teach in germany stuff that says the team vote their place them on the last 8 of the tournaments but once again be our proved to be a major talking point of the coming up. environmental activists faced off with
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police at protests that a mine here in germany thousands of people have turned down to call on the government to immediately and its reliance on coal and. 2 months after undergoing heart surgery and rolling stones front man me jagger hit the stage again as the veteran band launches its latest north america tour. good to have you with us. hundreds of climate activists have broken through a police line and stormed one of germany's biggest lignite coal mines several police officers have reportedly been injured the mass protest was organized by several environmentalist groups activists are demanding that germany take immediate
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action to phase out fossil fuels so as to limit global warming. oh god steep it's dangerous the police wrong hand that they broke through activists say around 1000 people took part in the storming of germany's largest open pit coal mine organized by an environmental protest group called and again land or times are really a border we stop to go out of the grounds there is always too much or too in the air we need to we need to act now before through it the vast mine is near the german border with the netherlands and belgium it supplies power stations with brown coal one of the most polluting kinds of fossil fuels activist groups 8000 people took part in related marches and demonstrations earlier in the day in a town near the mine in a cat and mouse game with police trying to control the 90 kilometer long perimeter
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edge some arrests were made. energy company r. w. e. which operates the mine says it temporarily reduced coal production for security reasons he called the activists actions unlawful doesn't matter. these in violations of the law and that some acceptable these demonstrations are unnecessary because a lot of u.a.e. does not block the departure from call something we are being accused of since 2012 we've reduced our c o 2 emissions by 60000000 tonnes that's 34 percent stuff on typed the latest actions follows months of climate protests by students in germany and around the world german chancellor angela merkel has committed to making germany carbon neutral by 2015 for these protesters this is definitely too late for more on this let's go to d.w. correspondent peter halo who is at the got violent late night line for us peter
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welcome we're hearing reports about clashes between protesters and police how is the situation where you are. the situation is very tense here at the enormous open pit mine of god squad as you can see behind me about 1000 activists have that mine today in the afternoon and now it's a standoff between them and police down there in that mine they're hard to spot because this is an enormous pit that's about 66 square kilometers big but i just had to look through binoculars and you can see really hundreds of policemen facing hundreds of protesters some of them have set up their tents so it's a very tense situation down there they've got swelling nightline belongs to energy giant of a conflict between the energy supplier and environmental is a new what's behind it well it's a conflict between and viral mentalists and the coal industry the environmentalists
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the protesters here say that. via the late night mining in this area is the main source of c o 2 emissions in europe they say and so they wanted to be shut down as soon as possible and the one running this mine and some power plants around here and other mines of course says no we need to burn that coal we need that energy from the ground here that germany has announced that it will stop using coal as an energy source by 2038 politicians are even talking about bringing the deadline forward to 2030 how far along is germany with the transition. well germany is not where it wants to be and the mining the brown coal mining in the country is one of the reasons for that because it is called. the worst. production when it comes to c o 2 emissions as i said it's considered to be the main the biggest single source of c o 2 emissions in europe and that is
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a reason why germany won't meet its climate goals if these mines will keep running and the power plants in this region will keep running for another 20 years and that is why politicians are now discussing that they reached a compromise in phasing out brown coal mining until 2038 and they are now discussing new dates in order for germany to achieve its goals so how protests like this one here following there for us affected energy supplies at all no not at all not yet. energy supply here in the region of course they have stockpiles of coal not far from here i can see smoke coming from chimneys off their power plants so they're still running these power plants and even if some of these power plants were to be shut down of course there's other sources of energy in the country so i don't expect that we will see any sort of power shortages in germany in the near future w. correspondent peter heller thank you very much there's some sports news now in
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germany have reached the quarter finals of the women's world cup after defeating 3 nil. books signed pulled off their 4th win of the tournament with a confident this play in grenoble but not all the attention was on the players as once again the video assistant referee or we are played a huge role in deciding the outcome. alexander pope was making 100 appearance in a germany and she marked the occasion by scoring the opening up. from a corner to claim her 2nd goal of the tournament. for the next 8 minutes the boat was barely kicked off 1st confirms that the nigerian keeper houghton had her vision impeded by an offside play and was then promptly consulted once more to examine this for our only number go. play finally resumed from the penalty spot with sorrow deep it's swatting home to make it to. nigeria found no answer in the
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1st or the 2nd time off and it fell to lay off sugar to finally confirmed germany's place in the quarter finals with this mini strike in the 82nd minute. it's 4 wins out of 4 for germany they're still yet to concede and only appear to be getting stronger. the more and germany's they carry and make a mensch from delhi in sports joins me in the studio now ed what did you make of the german victory tonight well it was dominant it was sufficient it was comfortable and i think this is probably about a straightforward victory as we're likely to see in the last 16 of this women's world cup they have well position they have more shots they played more passes and of course more of the only stuff really massive we've just seen the report they won 3 goals to nil but i think probably the most impressive thing about this germany performance was it didn't even look like they go 1st gear is very comfortable they may have had a little bit of help from the v.a. or as we've just seen but they were always going to win this game i think but i
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think coach martin of a 2nd book is going to want to see a little bit more snap a bit was it from the team in the next round because it won't always be so straightforward they're full of confidence and the through to the court finals they look forward to now today's match mind a major milestone for alexandre pato 100 matches for the germans what how important is she to that scene in this world cup well that's what she's a century. and of course we just so she marked it with a goal today as well it's $49.00 country now excellent goal record at international level but she's so much more than a reliable goalscorer she's the captain of this team is a relatively youthful germany side so she learns that little bit experience and of course with her leading the line i think they can about themselves take on just about anybody when she's on this kind of form germany roll into quarterfinals undefeated next either canada or sweden how far do you see them going well i don't think germany going on which of the 2 they get i think of mark themselves out in this tournament so far alongside the usa as the team to beat they've also got the
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added advantage of having an extra day to prepare they play today in those 2 teams face off tomorrow but the game scheduled for next saturday so they go to more they can kick back watch the game maybe get a few tips about which is which team where their strengths and weaknesses and of course the extra day to relax and prepare ahead of that one but i think you know they haven't conceded a goal yet in this tournament germany they are playing the full of confidence technically they've got it spot on in every game so far and i don't think there's any reason why they can't at least with just any foreigners and believe they're going to win this tournament and mccambridge of the deadliest for thank you very much thank you. the ongoing lawsuit by the u.s. women's team against the american football federation over fair pay is set to go to mediation following the world cup the u.s. players initially filed a lawsuit in march over an equal pay and working conditions compared to the men's team they and the u.s. federation are hopeful mediation will settle the case but 1st team usa is dealing with the task of defending the world cup title and friends. now to some of the
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other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has said he will impose additional sanctions on or around trump also says the pentagon was still considering military action against the country the statements come after trump called off a strike on a rainy and targets after the revolutionary guard shot down a u.s. intelligence drone. at least 7 people were killed in cambodia when a building under construction in the city of scieno quill suddenly collapsed overnight it's feared more people could be they're worried and the rubble a local official said workers were using the unfinished structure as their sleeping quarters. chinese president xi jinping has left pyongyang after a 2 day state visit to north korea the country's leader kim jong un attended a seeing off ceremony for she and his wife the highly symbolic visit was the 1st by a chinese leader in 14 years since the 2 countries agreed to strengthen cooperation
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on quote major internal and external comiskey. the 2 contenders to be the next british prime minister are in the u.k. city of birmingham today in the 1st of 16 campaign events for the leadership of the conservative party front runner boris johnson laid out his vision for the party saying he would quote get bricks said done johnson also refused to answer questions relating to a police incident at his home last night as rival jeremy hunt is currently the u.k. foreign secretary has also been laying his plans out for the party the new leader ascent to be elected in the 3rd week of july. and were boris johnson to become the next prime minister he has vowed to leave the e.u. by october 31st no matter what earlier we asked. london correspondent charlotta potts how realistic this from asus. well he has promised by october 31st he is going to take the u.k. out of the european union come what may even if it was meant if even if he had to
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do it with no deal which could have of course catastrophic consequences for the economy here in the u.k. and the you his promises cannot be taken too serious he has flip flopped on issues before he is somebody who is a political opportunist so people in the u.k. are worried. about this uncertainty of what kind of prime minister boris johnson will be. a lot of pots that merely months after undergoing heart surgery the rolling stones legendary front man made jagger has returned to the stage a band kicked off of the late tour of north america by playing to a crowd of 60000 and chicago 17 concerns had to be rescheduled chillout for jagger's medical treatment but fans say he was as energetic as ever. the rolling stones front man mick jagger is back. and with some swagger.
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the band opened their delayed toll in north america it was postponed for 3 months because jagger needed heart surgery but fans agree that you wouldn't have been able to tell even like he's 30 years old even always 74 or 75 whatever he is but he's fantastic he performed well i wish i had his surgeon i. mean the stones my furby even though i'm young i still love his enjoyment and when i heard about the hope issues i was scared that i might or might not ever to see them so to see them play tonight was incredible it seems jagga the stones in june as do their fans devotion and of course their music. don't forget you can always get d. w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store now he
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act this to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d. w. app to send us your photos and videos. for watching t w news next up as reporter on young hong konger is rising up to defend democracy stay tuned for that column that men will bring you war headlines at the top of the hour thanks for watching you don't leave. the norm. for. 15 years since the. jeep was the 1st man to walk on the.
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