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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2019 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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oh. this is d.w. news live from berkeley germany rolls on in the women's world cup beating nigeria to reach the quarter finals captain alexandrov was the key as the team built their place among the final 8 of the tournament but once again be a art group to be a major talking to also coming up environmental activists faced off with police as a protest at a coal mine here in germany to turn violent thousands of people have turned out demanding the government to take immediate action to end its reliance on coal. and
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a domestic dispute and forced johnson's london home cross the u.k. leadership race to talk to our correspondent in london could this affect his chances of becoming britain's next prime minister. i'm carl aspen thanks for joining us germany have reached the quarter finals of the women's world cup after defeating nigeria 3 nil martina lindbergh's aside pulled off their 4th one of the tournament with a confident display but not all the attention was on the players as once again the video assistant referee or v.a.r. played a huge role in deciding the outcome. alexander pope was making 100th appearance in a germany and she marked the occasion by scoring the opening. in from
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a corner to claim her 2nd goal of the tournament for the next 8 minutes the boat was barely kicked off 1st confirms that the nigerian keeper houghton had her vision impeded by an offside play and was then promptly consulted once more to examine the foul on leno mccool. play finally resumed from the penalty spot which saw a deep it's smoky home to make it to. nigeria found snow on site in the 1st or the 2nd half and it fell to lay off sugar to finally confirm germany's place in the pool to finals with the so many points right in the 82nd minute. it's 4 wins out of 4 for germany still yet to concede and only appear to be getting stronger. for more on germany's victory i'm pleased to be joined by former germany goalkeeper
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2 time world cup winner 18 on grass she is in portland oregon where she serves as goalkeeper coach for the portland thorns 19 thank you for joining us what state you make of germany's performance in this match yeah well i'm very happy. but. reach the quarter final 1st. answer 1st so we can be very happy. and sweet and nil. i think it's better to go and i think overall we can be very happy for now looks like we have a few connection issues but alexander pop she scored in her 100th game for germany how important is she going forward now for the team's hopes in this tournament. she will be absolutely amazing she she's very quickly she's very vocal she's a boreal she's a fight on the pitch she's absolutely able to score in very important moments so i
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think i don't know what's going to happen in the next games but if the team is calm she can be the one who steps up and scorched important goal and yeah yeah gifted team a lot of holes in security now that 3 nothing when today means germany move on into the quarter finals they will face either sweden or canada you've been watching this team play how does germany match up with those 2 sides i think it's it's it's it's a perfect constellation i mean i don't know icing since 2000 if it didn't lose. a game against sweden in a tournament so we are very confident to play against sweden. i always say on the written rule if germany plays try to make an argument against sweden germany is always going to win. so we know sweden very well in the sink or before the
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tournament for the book of start it. in sweden sweden 2 to one so it can be very quiet for them saying this canada would mean all very well. saying the right cooked it looks like i don't know exactly but i see what 2 times and but this must be a long time ago so it doesn't matter if they get sweet or canada you know post teams very very well in that series you very confident we're going to beat you the team now didn't have to ask you about v.a.r. video assistant referee is played a large role in a controversial one in this world cup what have you thought about the way of young v a r has been used. oh it's to be honest it's pretty annoying i can get i get it that sometimes you need it because it goes so far but the way i always get used to the work up is ridiculous i mean like today that
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decision to play i don't know if minutes until the final decision was made and i think it can destroy all fell for teammates it's just this is just annoying and on one side it makes a game maybe share all better decisions but on the other side it takes out all the emotions and cyclists from and i'm not a big fan of. still some kinks to be worked out to say the least on a dean unger a former germany goalkeeper 2 time world cup winner in portland thank you so much for joining us thank you bill hundreds of climate activists have broken through a police line and stormed one of germany's biggest lignite coal mines several police officers have reportedly been injured the mass protest was organized by several environmentalist groups activists are demanding a germany take immediate action to phase out fossil fuels to limit global warming.
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god steep it's dangerous the police were on hand 7 but they broke free and activists say around 1000 people took part in the storming of germany's largest open pit coal mine organized by an environmental protest group called and again landa all times are really important that we stop here go out of the grounds there is already too much or too in the air we need to we need to act now before through it the vast mine is near the german border with the netherlands and belgium it supplies power stations with brown coal one of the most polluting kinds of fossil fuels activist groups 8000 people took part in related marches and demonstrations earlier in the day in a town near the mine in a cat and mouse game with police trying to control the 90 kilometer long perimeter edge some arrests were made. energy company r. w. e.
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which operates the mine says it temporarily reduced coal production for security reasons he called the activists actions unlawful doesn't matter these are violations of the law that's unacceptable these demonstrations are unnecessary because our w.e.e.e. is not blocking the departure from coal something we're being accused of since 2012 we have reduced our c o 2 emissions by $60000000.00 tonnes that's 34 percent the latest actions follows months of climate protests by students in germany and around the world chairman chancellor angela merkel has committed to making germany carbon neutral by 2050 for these protesters this is definitely too late. on unpaid to hillah was at the guards file of lignite mine for us and he sent us this assessment. well it's a conflict between an environmentalist and the coal industry the environmentalists
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the protestors here say they're. not mining in this area is the main source of c o 2 emissions in europe they say and so they wanted to be shut down as soon as possible and. running this mine and some power plants around here and other mines of course said no we need to burn coal we need that energy from the ground here. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world german chancellor angela merkel has called for police to pursue to pursue any evidence of a larger conspiracy in the recent killing of a drum and politician turned lupo was shot dead 3 weeks ago in front of his home after receiving simple death threats over his progress would you say one man is for me and a steady. u.s. president donald trump has said he will impose additional sanctions on iraq also said the pentagon was still considering a military action against the country the statements come after trump called off
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a strike on iranian targets after the revolutionary guard shot down the u.s. intelligence drone. the chinese president xi jinping has left young gang after a 2 day state visit to north korea country's leader kim jong un attended a seeing off ceremony for she and his wife the visit was highly symbolic it's the 1st by a chinese leader in 14 years that you countries agreed to strengthen collaboration on quote major internal and external alls. the 2 remaining contenders to be the next british prime minister kicked off their campaigns in the u.k. city of birmingham today they spoke to conservative party members at the 1st of 16 events to decide who will be the new party leader the front runner is boris johnson he went 1st laying out his vision for the future of the party and the bracks a process he was followed by his rival foreign secretary jeremy hunt
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a new leader is set to be elected in the 3rd week of july. let's go to london now standing by is the correspondent charlayne potts now sure lots of this was the 1st hustings or campaign event between the 2 contenders how would you describe the political visions that they laid out today. well these hustings are basically additions in front of the tare membership because the tory member said those are the people that in the end are going to vote for the candidate for the next leader of the conservative party and they have by for the next prime minister also the u.k. so boris johnson enter i mean laying out their vision is making a number of domestic promises but what it really comes down to and what became clear again today is that the tare membership is interested in one topic as it comes down to in everything about british politics at the moment and that is bracks
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it the tory members want breaks it to be resolved as soon as possible while both hunts and johnsons say they're the better candidate when it comes to that main issue delivering said let's have a listen now to what they promised. but what i said was that leaving all oct 31st was imminently feasible which was taken to mean that i wasn't 100 percent determined to do any feasible means it's not that we are going to do but it's possible to do it because it's eminently possible williams of course we can do it oh yes i know we can do it that's the wilbury but we'll report back i if we go to the 31st of october. the e.u. have not shown any willingness to negotiate a better deal that can get through the house of commons that's not going to traverse in the customs union. my judgment is that way in those difficult options are
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a political risk of no exit is far worse than the economic risk of no deal so both candidates they're essentially saying that the u.k. believe the e.u. on october 31st even if that means a no deal broncs it we heard similar promises of course from theresa may i mean how realistic are these promises. well jeremy hunt is open to an extension if a better deal is in sight but if there is no better deal in sight both candidates are willing to leave with no deal and that would be would be risking basically catastrophic economical consequences here in the u.k. but also a constitutional crisis because the u.k. parliament has said it doesn't want to leave with no deal so are the candidates really realistic about that about leaving on october 31st it's really impossible to say and we have to say boris johnson is known for flip flopping on issues he's
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a political opportunist so the problem really is that people in the u.k. don't really know what a bra is johnson prime minister would look like. now boris johnson of course he refused to answer questions about the police incident at his home last night what we know about that incident and how likely is it that it could affect his campaign . so basically it was a shouting match between boris johnson and his pot now police were called to the scene by a neighbor who also recorded the shouting match between the 2 of them and the pot accused. of being spoiled having no respect for money and of course it puts into question johnson's character what kind of leader he would be so a lot of discussion about that today but in the end it comes down to the tare membership that will have to vote on him or jeremy hunt and as of right now it looks like the tory membership has not been that the opinions of the tory
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membership have not been affected by this incident and that don is at the moment still the front runner in this race still a front runner and still many events to come in this campaign for a lot of in london for us thank you very much you're watching news up next stock film featuring daughters of the karakoram stay tuned for that more news at the top you. have to get through the bundesliga break without a football thanks again. to come women's world cup in front. we fix things in motion. so. it swings in 90 wins. the goals the results here on t.w. .


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