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the african side but also off the german side. of the kind i've been of i thought the. uk secrets and torture of a. i see myself totally as an african like a certain african who was born and was bred in germany. but my german side of this doesn't need to get things done to be in time to be punctual i don't like it when people come later. if you really want to be my friend you must really come in time you. know i was a rather suffer through the time this is a mature into that it's hard to. see my left side but as long as or does this bus comes was on most of the lists also seen boredom deceiving the nations to fight off close to. a. combat zone with us even as us can look.
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to see that in the good editions to. conakry the capital of guinea in west africa. was born here in 1904 guinea is football crazy football is played everywhere no matter how small the space. a keen observer. pablo's father the 69 year old is a football legend giving as captain of his hometown club high 5 for that cory. he
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won the african champions league 3 times. he still regularly meets with the heroes of yesteryear the small nation of guinea was a major force in african football during the 1970 s. and. something equivalent to the franz beckenbauer of guinea. senior is always recognised in public everyone knows who he is and his son pablo to . some but i had to look up at the end of the keeping us from beginning. to get on. board. it would last and it's going to go. on what did the muslim.
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african. despite his hero status senior remains a modest man in pablo's bundesliga career wouldn't have been possible without his father as a role model. for the. last you need. to do that. as a sport that i think he's a very good. man tolo t.m. had to end his career prematurely because of injury. he worked as an embassy employee and was posted to germany in 1988 together with his 4 year old son poppy back then football wasn't his passion. you. can feel there. i don't when i budgeted out who did this but don't.
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suck my country song cause he will feel as good will will. follow and rolled at the local club not that he was thinking of a professional career. as a mean for his cause come before glutinous own voice to dominance seems to be an on going look what i see how that initial lose if you are on the side into not into your thoughts were not sob and thus what happened to monetise you hadn't and so my life sadly take training and i've been a basketball training does a mission was merely. cause if it does if. they stay in the. current mom conter. trying change for the youth coach at f.c. cologne discovered pablo more by accident. back in power for any of the show. from innocence may throw in these are. things on the net for the mic on top
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on and. also on it. straight away this exceptional talent was german youth champion with f.c. cologne the start of a great career. anthony buffalo grew up in this diplomatic quarter and born. it was in this street that the young anthony 1st came into contact with football in the late 1960 s. . it was really great because we lived in the focus. and you know we just blocked the road so no cars could pass those had to take a deviation. without any further encouragement the son of a guy named diplomatically or was playing on this similar pitch. ceiling stuff go to bed was anthony's 1st club. this is where his journey to a successful international. football career began. and then
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bang lies and that's what you say in germany where the train passes and i'll never forget that pitch because that's where everything started for me and i went out with my brother but we didn't have football you know we were in this raining boots commish before that's how you say that in german and played with the rain and booze scored 2 goals that day i don't believe everybody and that's how everything started . from 6. i'm of almost with good will who moved to food no wish to see as the months went nuts. in sing it was anthony buffalo's best friend growing up in bonn. together they fired f.c. ring stoff godas fair to victory after victory.
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in the early 1980 s. christophe down brought anthony path to the youth team at f.c. cologne where he 1st encountered the big stars of the league which wasn't always enjoyable but i remember there was the corrie door and you had the left side where the young players were and on the right side all the established players were out so you want to get from the left to the right side and you needed to be mentally very very strong because sometimes one of them were calm and will say. i took advantage of us or did it burn here. he was reflecting. on your caller that's why i say mentally you have to be very strong but i was always protected by people like tony schumacher softening those. steffen angles was
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one of those stars at f.c. cologne he was respected by everyone and took young anthony under his wing. shorn. to. the loose most often chiefdom it only going. to. come on the money or you win or middle to make. more money. on august 13th 1983 anthony made his bundesliga. not a normal premier for him or anyone else. i was one of the 1st blacks and apparently the 1st of all and i was the minister of a stadium. which is today totally totally different ball game in terms of
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track. i walked in and i looked up there was a whole group of blacks so i don't know if the way i played basketball player. and they got up and. they just made may dislike black power and i said hey i'm not alone here you know and i was a great feeling. and this spurred him on during his debut against the fence. even though the game ended in defeat. late for 90 minutes and we lost with 3 my game was ok you know long was a stepping stone. and in my career i. learned a lot. in terms of human relations but i learned also that i'm not training for the coach 1st of all i'm training for myself. on nov 5th 1994 parbleu
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played his 1st point is league game as a central defender. to file kind of monday a fish beautiful it's not no time on mention comforted us forced. him to screen soonish. pablo the former striker had the chance to score. his former youth coach cheered on from the stands by some young american english not elegant. but he nothing. on finding and while it is important when you're for an excuse me that if i say i was in at once and the mother should be at that moment think advantage of the war or and vice not the least amount that i walking sculptural i'll assume. it was on the one i. could. be had for the event of. the spear on. nothing on things there was
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a tape that says. boston for you and for the nice in the cliffs and so behind us if we don't do hopefully for you 100 miles. from then on he was playing against the best strikers in the leak his 1st goal in his 10th win this league game was against byron music. company in thing off the couple's existing meter. all because nobody london drinkers when i was forced to live in fewer kids on s.s. towards. the had to send a message. had to. run a car you know. not to. forget and. his 1st professional contract was something special for pablo. puzzle is i'm using fine points of view on this one of us. but even you we go by the system design the
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movement. anthony follows bundesliga career stalled after his 2nd game. was even substituted half time and didn't do well at all because there was a 2nd much out in the week and that's when he saw that hey. the very big i still have a long way to go his 2nd game was also his last for cologne. 2 years after steep you he moved to hold by sober house in the 2nd division one year after that to stuttgart a kicker is also in the 2nd tier between 8789 and he played for fortunate cologne impressing so much that he was brought back to the bundesliga by fortunate just off in 1909. where he provided more than just a few goals assists. i 1st in this
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league oh no i don't even remember. what the penalty yes. i'm divestments in goal from the penalty spot i shouted to the left and he went to to his left yes i remember very very well. anthony buffalo's career in germany was hugely important to an entire continent. to create chances for all the african people you know for them. not being there were very difficult for us to also feel to spades and i think a credit to them. but it's one of the 1st black footballers in the bundesliga he faced prejudices on and off the pitch. racism was a daily occurrence. it's gone it's gone is the past you see i don't look back too much if i look back i'm happy. that i played in the ballistic i
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played in france as well what really makes me happy is that you don't really have so many issues of racism anymore in the industry. back in the days my favorite team . was france for they had a lot of. africans plain. i'm a big fan of germany you know they have the. and they're as you have the podolski is from different background mesut ozil that's what i want to see. his compatriots also want to see him in their national team. past and he finally gave you for his country in 1901 the fans literally held him aloft and with the national t.v. experience something very special. you know you sit in the bus suddenly the whole bus stop saying. you know everybody starts singing you get out of the bus you're
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singing to intimidate you open and. this was something which i mean. gave me goosebumps. and african in the bundesliga was the exception in the early ninety's. problem stood out back then on the page it was hard but fair the racism came mainly from the fans. to be whole it is all one just one of your lunch of old and the blues you're going to tell us i'm a 5. off. piste i'm posting stuff from the moment i'm there for safety that's why i had a much less have as i'm running all still clothes on so i. would only have one farthing in the months of it's like a fly 50 they got me going overseas let's see does it was all going there are a lot. of concerts it'd be a deduction from school and the opposing team $10.00. 0 if you
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refuse c'mon. indeed i became full on the streets pushed into not assessment things but almost 15. year old flag on the news who would. up shuffling teams in the with must needs one of its in this country. after cologne hobble spent 3 seasons with our facial got what he continued to mature and make a name for himself so much so that he was bought by byron munich. however he struggled to become a regular starter under coach my hitzfeld he only played 16 times in 18 months nevertheless it was a great learning experience for pablo. to stay for the 4 holes because it's for disney this. month who would know when villa for christ and of ours no
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2 us. please it's good to give in and only. given that if he got these i'm still on the. super committee out and buys a disease 1st and to xen video loiter in quincy. is arman. his country. his international career was special to. the decision to play for gagne was for his father although pablo felt more german. mauls took their strong general today to take the man. dick. here's where the jews. lead you is it did it begin in this case of wolf you see those individual to jump ship but is it did i'll admit that i just was so that i didn't remember national joiners or a politician. in the bundesliga pablo's which clubs. moving
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to vote spoke in 2003 he played a vital role as captain and leader. g.m. ended his career when he was 34. for the most was the whole physician who. doesn't want to come you know. it's also not afrikaner. but looking from the troops just being on the company shifts it was influenced by vania confused by the current point does he for 3 of them to see. me time paschal and i know. he's in the shift. pablo stayed loyal to vote. for a man who actually wanted to study medicine he cannot live without football for years he's been sporting director of the youth team and he's never really been
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homesick. from. ziff when i think. of a man of what's enough cousin to see if. nothing. but see here. money can isn't it time for born on the. border of this big and this is for me that they've searched and if that's the. meanwhile he passes on his experiences to those who want to follow in his footsteps . the diplomat son who took a path in life. that wasn't planned. let's include thoughts of the past. one on the front whose votes has been been coffee the board and now i want to. understand for com one to have been influenced by tate if not.
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denise sounds to me also you. know this is. uncertain that's an effect cunt. father was mantoloking would like his son to live in africa but he also respects that pablo has found a new home in germany. and the opulence was still alive you keep going to shock us on disturb. the nerves due to the deformity due to supply the professor. met. us at the start you force was the he or she was. wrong. or not so men today. after working as a diplomat for years in europe senior returned to conakry but it is unlikely that pablo will do the same. when anthony buffalo ended his career in
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1999 he moved to ghana. where he has lived and worked ever since. i always wanted to live in africa and i tell you that i could be of more value on african soil. than in germany. he certainly is over the last few years anthony before has made a big impact on going in football. between 20052008 he was the coach of the national team. more and more he became interested in the sporting politics of africa in 2009 he founded a footballer's union in ghana which is a players' union. it's a syndicate the fight and defend the interest of the players nobody believed in it before and now we've managed to get insurance for players we created the life of the football fund we had players getting the money back when salaries are not paid when they have contracts or differences locally and internationally most of the key
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players are part of the union and that also includes former bundesliga players because the. semi coup for the former f.c. byron star knows why baffle was so important for ghana but i think you know we have to be appreciated having the morrow you know from day one that he decided to play for khan i think that was the 1st step because he knew there may be he will have an influence in our country type of football and he did. and dafoe knew who he had to involve in order to build something in ghana. we are on the way to. the maestro the one i know the laws that. have been here. 3 times african bands won the champions league with and the big most a great photo you know god show played for 86 to munich as well now that he pele
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the superstar in ghana. together with the f.o. and other former professionals they are not only trying to change the structure of canadian football. what matters to them is a change in african football making it more competitive. they know the fish stinks from the head down. they should make. all. their organization is one of the key. problem in this continent footballers have not been involved after. the game after the acarya like what anthony is doing not only within ghana but within. the continent. obviously pele ended his successful international career in 1908 after 2 seasons with 860 munich where he learned
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a thing or 2 from the germans for example things that because his skill for everything is ok and when i bring tony to come and speak to young footballers he would tell them that discipline is the key and if you also think that you should go to school with full find work will tell you. or you for play place this. this is what we tell you to go through a station a fiction years reality. with his football union and he buffalo organizes training sessions for players without a club. he ensures that canadian footballers remain fit even if they are unemployed. eventually tracked the attention of scouts anthony buffalo regularly organizes friendly games. my idea before
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though is to create enough we can you know footballers receive i believe it was a time it was time to do something about that in the beginning not everybody believed in it but i can see things are moving on and this is one thing i've learned in germany even. when it becomes tough use the words of oliver caught him up by the. name of a. i'm
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. going after. the fashion of the future as an identity. desirable as a bunny this cosmopolitan yet connected small. cars or homeland in a heart. where's it's under sleek. label combines kashmir from a goal you would design from believe. your rollbacks know.
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they're aiming high. the daughters of the character or of. their hope to become 2000 times. their dream a better future for their families. their path are rocking in a dangerous one. where giving up is not an option. hello. europe. what unites. what divides. looking funny. driving force. what binds the continent together. cancers and stories aplenty. spotlight on people.
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