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w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin millions of voters in istanbul return to the polls today they're casting ballots in a rerun of the city's mayoral election after the last results are in oh. and it's one year on from the remarkable time lapsed cavers today as the rescued boys take part in a charity run the country remembers the moment near tragedy turn to try. and australia falls in dramatic fashion at the women's world cup while germany marches on to confirm its standing as the tournament favorites another command to perform.
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on exposure thanks for joining us millions of voters an extent but will return to the polls today to cast their ballots again in a rerun of the city's mayoral election president wretched type editor once governing party is fighting for control of turkey's largest city the fresh election is taking place after turkey's top electoral authority know the results of the 1st vote following appeals by air to one's party. it's a mayoral rerun that could redefine turkish politics. istanbul is deciding between 2 main candidates been. from president rich it once ruling a k party and crim from the opposition and who was mayor for 18 days before
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a rerun was called had won a tight race but the courts agreed that there were voting irregularities and cold a rerun. positive good occurred are we determined to keep going until sunday june 28th. we were ready to show our national will let the policy and that's exactly the point this election is a big deal one has long been tightening his grip on power and has been accused from many quarters of tipping turkey into authoritarianism. says his campaign is a fight for turkish democracy. as a turkish citizen and as a young university student i support the model because i believe his projects are projects good at solving real problems. and earlier ones policy though still have a lot of support. among the key much i'm an individual who suffered during the times when those with the heads covered for religious reasons were unable to piss you an education for 20 years and 20 years later i was able to get an education and
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become a teacher dak pantywaists to be a call for this our president was the reason for this. if he loses the opposition is emboldened and there will be renewed questions as to how long one can dominate turkish politics. or not let's bring indeed abuse dorian jones who is following the elections in istanbul for us what can you tell us dorian about today's turnout how busy is it at polling stations. well here at this polling station in istanbul's district a well known stronghold of the opposition against president voting has been brisk since the opening of the station in a city that normally started very late and not really seen as an indication of what is widely expected be one the highest turnout in any major vote in turkey similar reports all across the city both from the opposition and from supporters of
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president candid have been really yield to him and people have been returning from all over the country to vote they've been breaking their summer vacations to come back here hundreds of thousands of people have been coming back the roads have been locked the airports have been full as all sides i think see this vote as potentially one of the most important for the future of the country and for the future of democracy because both sides say they are defending democracy the opposition candidate says that he's victory tonight see him unfairly be candid have been a little drum of president heard once as saying that he was a victim or fault so the stakes are very high on both sides can you remind us why we're actually doing a rerun right now. well it's all centers. the razor thin victory of all of the opposition he won by around 14000 votes in a really shocked defeat for president one who's had dominated this city for 25
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years it's where his career started he's from istanbul and it is the power base of the president it's the most city in the country accounts for nearly half of taxation a 3rd of the economy and in many ways it's the adage goes he who controls istanbul you seem to control turkey and the loss of istanbul was seen as a devastating blow to earth one and he's kind of the been a real terms said that he was a victim of voting irregularities now that that claim was tonight but the ruling authority the reelection of party said that there was some technicalities in eligible voting monitors and they ordered a very controversial decision to rerun this vote and that is why the opposition are outraged they say this is nothing more than a denial of democracy so that is where we are at the moment. you are suggesting that defeat would say something about the strength of their dough and take a party would it hurt his ability to govern in any way any national consequences.
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well i mean istanbul is seen as the 2nd biggest prize in turkish politics after the presidency and for anyone who wins it in many ways they can say that if the agenda for the country what they do in this country is closely watched and in many ways that's why the opposition scene is in many ways a platform to in the end alternately challenging that is how one rose to power using a similar path he set out his fall in istanbul and then went on to dominate politics and that's why i heard one sees in many ways it's such a threat if you opposition to take istanbul it will be seen as one of the biggest blows to our president. ok thank you dorian jones in istanbul. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. u.s. national security advisor john bolton says iran should never be able to obtain nuclear weapon he was speaking in israel at a press briefing with prime minister benjamin netanyahu also warned the u.s. could still go ahead with a strike on iran saying tehran ships not mistake american prudence for weakness.
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ethiopian state media says the governor of the northern state of i'm horrid has been killed in a failed coup attempt there separately prime minister of the ahmed said in a televised address that the army chief of staff had been shot trying to stop the attempt he said a senior officer was behind the coup bid the 2 remaining contenders to be the next british prime minister kicked off their campaigns in the city of birmingham boris johnson is currently the front runner but it's an incident that saw police reportedly responding after a loud fight between johnson and his partner has been grabbing headlines. boris johnson wanted to talk bricks and when he arrived in birmingham but the waiting journalists had another topic on their agenda to do you saw inside your house also i haven't read you this is mr jones. it was headline news across the u.k. the police were reportedly responding to
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a lone fight between boris johnson and his partner in birmingham to moderate a repeatedly asked johnson if one's private life affects one's ability to serve as prime minister drawing boos from the audience johnson avoided the question now looking for somebody with a determination and the courage and the application to get brits over the line to read. foreign minister jeremy hunt struck a more moderate tone over brooks that. unlike his rival he'd be willing to further delay the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. but he also accept a new deal bricks if need be my judgment is that way in those difficult options of the political risks of no brics it is fall of the economic risk of no deal the tories 160000 members have until the end of july to choose their next leader and the u.k. news next prime minister. it was a story that captured the world's attention on june 23rd last year 12 boys from
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a youth soccer team decided to explore a cave in thailand with their coach the group entered the town the lang cave in the northernmost province of chiang rai but shortly after entering heavy rains began to fall floodwaters rose the boys in their coach were trapped early efforts to find them fails the search team grew to hundreds of people including diving experts and rescuers from around the world then after 9 days with no news and 4 kilometers from the caves mouth divers found everyone starving but still alive now came the challenging task of bringing them to safety through a flooded cave a daring mission that cost one rescue diver his life finally after almost 3 weeks after the beginning of their ordeal one by one the boys and their coach were rescued they were greeted as national heroes right next to the cave now is our correspondent in thailand. charlotte what's going on there. make huge crowds of people have been gathering hits in the site of the cave they
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want to check out the place where this until deal unfolded a year ago today lots of people here also wanting to pay their respects to this high dive who tragically lost his life during the rescue he's commemorated in a statue just behind me but it wasn't entirely and it's a somber mood here today it was a rather jovial actually a fun run took place at a bike ride raising funds for a tourism development in the area people here telling us that many of them school is that these boys would not come out alive so for them it is a moment of celebration of course the events marking this anniversary will take place over the next 17 days the amount of time those boys spent inside the cave tomorrow the boys will actually be at the cave science there's going to be a good a ceremony that will aimed at extending their lives that will also mark commemorate the the diver who lost his life in this rescue what we can i think
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many of our viewers can dramatic 2 weeks how are the boys dealing with the trauma they must have gone through during that time never knowing rest whether or not rescue would come. that's right it was of course extremely traumatic for the boys who were trapped in that cave for 17 days they didn't know whether they were going to make it out alive often it was in pitch darkness they had no food but we don't know much about the welfare of those boys that privacy is fairly strictly protected by oath dorothy they have they made the rounds every now and then given media interviews we know for example that they appeared on a u.s. chat show we know that they've met members of footballers from the manchester united team but not much else really is known about about their wealth and now year on from this rescue operation we do know they don't know from the divers we've spoken to a number of them they've told us about their fear in the build up to this rescue
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they said that they really thought for an extended period that this would be a recovery or recovery of bodies rather than a rescue of these boys one of them spoke to us a short time ago and he spoke of his fear and his exhilaration when the 1st boys were pulled out alive take a listen for i think 2 things rabies is where i'm on the 2nd of july when john and rick found the boys a lawyer i think that stands out for most people especially with the videos that were shown at the time. i certainly remember the day that some on tragically lost his wife and then really for many days you know to law you know on july 10th july when they when all the boys were eventually came out a lawyer. and incredible incredible rescue and i think we can remember all of the world's attention on that rescue and the feeling of joy as the summer began how however are the thais feeling about it now one year on has a changed things and time and. well people then people now really
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view this as america people really didn't think that these boys were going to be pulled out alive as such turned out really does seem to want to remember this anniversary as a success story for the country really applauding all of those who were involved in that rescue as such this whole region is being developed now it's becoming a tourist hot spot an unlikely tourist hot spot tourists a gathering here thousands of them by the day in high season to visit this cave and commemorate this really epic ordeal is now being made into a netflix film as well so that will only increase the number of people wanting to visit this site and coming here especially to check it out ok charlotte's also bill thanks for that more good news then for the people the region. germany is in the quarter finals of the women's world cup in france they beat the nigeria in their round $1616.00 tie in grenoble striker alexandre pato marcher one hundreds of periods for germany with the goal 20th that. it was 2 minutes.
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later that sarah did late slotted home a penalty nigeria found no way back and shoot it finished them off in the 82nd. germany have won all 4 games conceding a single. and the 2nd match of the world cup knockout they saw australia eliminated they were one of the favorites after a shoot out penalty shoot out against norway scandinavians went in front one isabelle harlots smashed the ball past keeper video. australia drew level in the 2nd half when a.b.'s a long night fell and i scored directly from a corner surely a star striker sam care missed her penalty in the shoot out norway's ingrid and get dispatched the winning spot kick to send her side into the court. up next meet the young people fighting for
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a free future in hong kong in the program reporter so if you for that you're watching due to the news from berlin will be back at the top of the hour with more headlines to get you get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website. extra. you know this 5 minute to minute. passing hour. by. having all.


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