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in research why because of course they're going to be with their parents and. what happens is after a couple of weeks naturally they actually separate from their mother so this is a great way of basically doing all this research amazing we just found out about this thank you very much. that's it for now the news is back at the top of the hour thanks for joining me. first clue. and then the door is grand the moment arrives join the arena tango on her journey. you know we're interested. in getting returns. i don't think that well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing which and that.
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takes deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype the quiet in here think the future of the country that i don't. need to take to this drama. it's all about. i'm rachel join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post. hundreds of thousands of hong kong ers are taking to the streets to protest their government. right over and out. 17 year old zach ho is one of them they oppose a proposed extradition bill that could put hong kong's freedoms and the city's autonomy from the chinese mainland at risk. was.
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sat on. very well. sakho is about to finish 11th grade in school it's also final exams week but since the protests shook hong kong he has found little time to study. although there is may be function this time by bay i am doing the right thing i use my fair share for. hong kong. he and his friends have founded an activist group all of them high school students. it sounds like you are in trouble . later by. mr chased by
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chased by the police if they follow him for all. that. i have to contact my teammates for if. a few days ago protests ended in clashes with the police since then security forces are on the lookout for potential protest leaders. f. f one off a fastball. trace back trace back what me. right now. check group posts have been arrested young men risk being stopped and searched as an organizer zach needs to be careful he avoids the city subway system where police patrol the protesters want the government to shelve a bill that would allow for extraditions to china they fear that beijing could target its critics in the city another mass protest is scheduled there be some more
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here. on. the ramp if you fat i mean. but it is unclear whether the next protest will be approved by the police their group has decided to meet and discuss possible scenarios the friend who is being followed by the police joins them by phone away while usable if the police approves the march what should we do. it with so all of. us as promised we are just stories. our members. will. fight to join us for you if it's not approved well you know who then we'd better not join in. the rally
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finally the rally is approved by the police zach and his friends bring flags and banners they want their group of young people to be visible and. they're prepared for any incident. in 2014 when the umbrella movement blocked hong kong streets for weeks they were too young to participate now is their time. i thought it was. or was. it soon becomes clear that it will be very crowded they decide to stick together so they can leave quickly if things escalate. ha ha ha ha ha ha i thought that. was. the bill is seen as a move by the city's probe aging establishment to allow china a closer grip on the city people demand the resignation of chief executive kerry
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lam who they see as too cozy with the communist party. by god i promised her i thought that was 5 o'clock there i. was told last caller if the off by that was. carrying. a i bought a pack i doubt i was running from iraq out rather i organizers estimate that 2000000 people have joined this sunday and although police put the number at much lower it's clearly one of the biggest demonstrations in the city's history. the government's initial response to the protests has further triggered people's anger a few days ago police fired massive amounts of tear gas into the crowds rubber
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bullets were used for the 1st time since hong kong was handed over to china by britain. today's march however remains peaceful. some of the protesters have camped outside hong kong's parliament they have occupied the area in front of the building and vow to stay until the bill. is fully withdrawn zakk hesitates at 1st technically this is an illegal assembly but it's also exciting. in an attempt to appease the protests chief executive carrie lamb has announced postponement of the bill but that is not enough for the protesters they want it to be withdrawn entirely. i look at the care they're going to face that are against the i thought so much paul
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i exam week is not over yet zach also has some more exams coming up i was let me talk to the crowd 1st let's all you know just overall effect i think the fact that. joshua hong the leader of the 2014 umbrella movement protest has been just released from a month long jail term that morning. was i hope everybody understands that i will need some time to catch up with these developments i have not even had time to change i'm still wearing the t. shirt and the underwear i was wearing when i was sent to jail. fuck
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i. i. i think after josh well one's appearance a flurry of activity breaks out protesters decide to march to carry lymes office and demand an answer. to zach puts on a t. shirt. cover the school logo on his uniform face masks are a crucial gear for protesters in case of clashes they not only make it harder to identify them but also offer minimal protection against tear gas. or a lot. of their own but the march gets stuck a few meters from the starting point a heavy shower drenches the protesters sack and his friends decide to head back.
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to zach's middle class parents prefer to stay out of politics he says that nevertheless they approve of his commitment but they're also worried about his safety and his performance in school. i'm just up. over safety. exactly because of this it was the right thing i like for the lower lot for from a high 5 off and they were 5 that. before calling it a day he takes a small stroll in nearby tame our park a green spot that stretches from the parliament to the shore.
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sometimes i come here yes i like. sunlight yeah. for family day. and my day take. the protests take place amid the skyscrapers that symbolize the city's competitiveness. basic believe or just focus. on our job but. this issue really caught that. all was a. very small of the. ball. being one of them before. the next day things start moving kerry lamb has called
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a press conference. i saw that there was that other officer of the fair. few authors of this year for her. yeah i'd say at this moment if you just begin. to see what i said was. what. pressure on her has mounted since the big march the world is watching hong kong. i offer my most. to them that's far from enough. if you want to do. i don't want to hear it because to do this shit this stuff. like
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this just doesn't work you. have to step up and how can that. hurt our dad if we're all in. sac and his friends will discuss how to proceed but not right now. god. damn practical. hockey prayer for. exams will soon be over then sakho will be able to dedicate even more time to the protests.
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