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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2019 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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to be bad. this is d w coming up next in business donald trump has signed an executive order imposing new sanctions on iran following the downing of i drove the last week we'll take a look at the effects of current sanctions on iran's economy. than physical law about story just a moment i'll be back at the top of the hour have a good day. for the temple of technology. the. market. the momentum. made in germany. your business magazine d w.
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and on demand. language courses. video and audio. anytime anywhere. w. media center. trump imposes what he calls hard hitting new sanctions on iran or any and leaders say that she did it measures one touch but a look at the economy paints a different picture of. zimbabwe bands foreign currencies causing market turmoil and confusion for businesses and people alike. africa's 1st wildlife economy so much protecting the environment while making the most of tourist dollars. and.
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smoke deep fried as you like your whale pants set your resume commercial whaling ad is pulls it up all. in physical and let's do business sign up or suffer that's the message from u.s. president donald trump to iran signing an executive order to lock up billions of additional dollars in iranian assets he says washington is willing to restore diplomatic ties and lift sanctions if table is willing to do a nuclear deal or a in officials say the new measures will have no impact by the looks of it the economy couldn't get any worse. iran is feeling the pinch the reintroduction of u.s. sanctions has had a crippling effect on the economy the value of the reale has plummeted pushing inflation to over 30 percent and u.s. president donald trump's attempt to destroy the country's oil industry is having an effect to the influential middle classes are among those hard hit. dang it
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is the economic war is a reality and people are under extreme pressure they keep on telling us to be strong but we can already hear the sound of our bones breaking under this pressure . some iranians are being pushed below the poverty line. as far as i can see people's purchasing power has been more than half to anyone earning between 1000500 to 2000002 mans a month between 36 and 48 us dollars who also need to pay rent won't even be able to afford to buy bread and potatoes it's unimaginable. the work of the lifting of sanctions in 2016 spurred rapid growth of more than 12 percent but there reimposition last year delta massive blow. the international monetary fund is forecasting the iranian economy will shrink by 6 percent this year. the withdrawal of foreign companies has also driven up and employment european firms that have
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left include car makers miss avies and persia oh but smaller firms are also becoming increasingly wary of doing business in iran. should iran follow through on its threat to enrich uranium beyond permitted levels the nuclear deal could collapse entirely in that case u.n. sanctions would also be reimposed a move that could bring iran's economy to its knees. took us from the german iranian chamber of commerce if the right is taking its business elsewhere because of sanctions but we have to see clearly that europe failed to to fulfill its obligation off the atomic agreement and so russia china and countries like india they get more important. facilitating trade even between europe and iran and so we have to go where we can support our member companies and if it's russia it's russia if it will be china we have to go to try to. zimbabwe's
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central bank says it's abolishing the use of foreign currencies the government hopes to brain in rising inflation by coping the black market trading of u.s. dollars or south african rand for example both are considered more stable than zimbabwe's local currency the country has permitted the use of foreign currency since 2009 when it abolished the zimbabwean dollar which became worthless from hyperinflation. has struggled to stabilize its currency since the 2 thousands when the government printed money to pay off debt and sent inflation soaring it ended up scrapping the zimbabwean dollar after inflation reached 500000000000 percent that was back in 2008 then turned to foreign currencies the following year but harare never had much cash on hand so it rolled out its own bone notes in 26 saying they'd make exporters
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more liquid so they could sell goods and bring foreign cash into the banking system but the notes were paid $1.00 to $1.00 to the u.s. dollar a fantasy from play exposed by the black market earlier this year it's a bubble he added the digital currency the. dollar which is valued at 2 and a half to the u.s. dollar exchange markets valued it and the black market that was still well the government hopes to close that gap for us by seeing savings are raised with each change the latest rule is already causing more consternation let's talk about the foreign currency bad we can now cross to use privilege was found here ian harare privilege is this set in stone as you've told me before as if government policy can change like the weather. absolutely you know these police inconsistences if you look at how the government has been
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putting in policies across the board since in the past 15 years even with the new administration so seeing this take you to an instrument that has been given put and announced on monday it's not set in stone because it can change any time yes they are saying that it is meant to put to hold or the issues that we have been in the economy right now where they were inconsistent is because of the exchange rate between the 2 years in the dollar but you when it comes to police consistence the pro the government has a problem when it comes to that and the problem in. giving us some details on this bad plan bad confusion already hitting financial markets to businesses and the people yes most businesses are relying on importing goods from outside the country you find that supermarkets
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and even people who sell small things like i.t. products all of them they are being imported from outside the country and so the demand for foreign currency will remain high they may have been yes the use of their motor car into the u.s. dollar their pound but the demand remains high because these no one can be able to go outside the country and use the arity just do a lot that is now being called the legal tender in zimbabwe so tell me will this ban actually ever come about do you reckon. could you come again we do you think this ban will actually ever come about. yes on paper it can be effected but you will find that yes it's going to be a paulie's that can be read to iraq to fight by file i mean but with their behavior that we have been seeing in the past months where the market is dictating things
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yes you know it can not or would yes on paper but in reality it would be a different thing altogether so it was fun hearing for us in harare thank you very much africa is holding its very 1st wildlife economy summit today and tomorrow in victoria falls and it's about sustainable tourism supporting rural communities and nature conservation and zimbabwe's president has managed to anger conservationists by opening the event with a call to lift the global ban on the ivory trade it will be very interesting to see what leaders can agree upon at the meeting. a safari through serengeti national park can cost several $1000.00 euros tanzania's most famous and biggest game reserve attracts large numbers of tourists every year a lucrative source of income for the country. in
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2016 tons and he earned about 1800000000 euros from tourism accounting for 23 percent of the east african countries gross domestic product. throughout africa the number of tourists is increasing according to the african development bank there were around 63000000 tourists in 2016 sub-saharan africa has profited the most in north africa on the other hand tourism is declining in countries such as tunisia and egypt countries with a well developed tourism sector. the security situation also plays an important role rwanda a country in sub-saharan africa had long been known as attractive for tourists but was able to change its image offering tourists to see endangered mountain gorillas . 90 percent of visitors going to rwanda come to see the gorillas the country does
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all the counter protect the endangered primates. only small groups are admitted to see the gorillas the entrance fee per person cost $1300.00 euros most of that money goes directly to conservation project on a smaller portions of the surrounding communities this way local people can also make a living and that helps gain their support for the project. japan is resuming commercial whaling next month supporters worry about food security for the other nation but the question is whether there's even a market for it once a national seafood staple in japan whale meat has been in short supply since 1906 when a global ban on commercial whaling made the meat a rare and more expensive item but in a few fishing villages like minami bosso located about 100 kilometers south of tokyo where meat still plays a role for the local economy. i married into this family 10 years ago and took over
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the restaurant business back then our customers are either the older generations or tourists traveling on motorcycles but now we have many families with small children that visit our restaurant without. right now some. for decades japan's whale supplies have come from annual expeditions to the antarctic ocean where a certain number of whales were allowed to be caught supposedly for scientific research purposes in reality most ended up on play it's something for which japan has faced intense criticism last december japan withdrew from the international whaling commission so that it could hunt for a whale and its own waters again however whale meat accounts for just north point one percent of all meat sold in japan and there are thought to be just 300 people connected to the country's whaling industry they just take anything more
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historically speaking of the connection between japanese people and whales has always been strong but whale meat is far less popular than before pork now and i think that's a crisis not just for us but for the japanese people looked at the hand. there. although those still connected to the whale again history would like to see an increase in demand for the meat it may well be that the ship has sailed on a practice that has become more associated with controversy than culture. i was doing business with.
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people for information. the. want to express. g w on facebook and twitter to dish out in touch follow us. so if you have to get through the bundesliga break without a football 6 think again. it.
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comes from. some excitement. among some of. the 9 to. the goal of the results on d w. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes there's tension in ethiopia after assassinations and. a regional cooler temps at the weekend these are hard times for prime minister may have so how secure is he used government and what does this mean for his reform agenda. and more attain years new president mohammed.


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