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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am CEST

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we met up with ramstein die hard fans also coming up on the show this is exactly what you usually don't want to see unless you're a fan of the swiss destruction artist. and from shattered glass to the collapse of a wealthy family we look at the good books the debut novel that one thomas a nobel prize in our series of 100 german must read. ramstein have a reputation for putting on the most amazing large shows that also one of the most controversial bands around with their frequent use of nazi era imagery that often gets them into trouble especially here in germany now they just crowned their career so far with a huge concert in the olympic stadium in a venue which of course was famously built to showcase the olympics in nazi germany back in $96.00. like mogs to the flame tens of
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thousands of fans crowded into berlin's a lympics stadium for listening i think the simpler songs of genius some people accuse ram started making monotone simple music genius in this simplicity i love. rock music and so on and they are one of the top and best in the world including the show and the music and last i think for the 1st time in my life i can understand german. what i find most interesting with ramstein is that they are provocative and they are have been playing for a long time and. also. tell many foreigners something about germany at least we think you know i think that they are telling us something about. the concert on the times home turf turned into a real family event for fans of all generations. levels of commitment to were
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sold out immediately. and i why ramstein ramstein or also i'm also a show or some people doesn't matter we're here or absent 1st of all they always put on or some show my. father was what has been a wonderful for a father than treating his daughter to a ramstein concert she didn't have to drag me i want to see them too. but i'm the main reason you're here yes i'm mostly here. and spent 2 weeks testing and preparing the show and the work paid off their fans were blown away. the power techniques were excellent it was a wonderful performance from beginning to end. the show the explosions the fire always great. it was awesome so the whole thing was or so make it is
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a paper the atmosphere. like all the barker crew so the fans like to. me the critics think the band thinks it's very special for them on the gas and date and in advance they say that they didn't want to end up like for example the band kiss from the united states that states that means performing in the old costumes with the old well known make playing the old stuff which doesn't shock anybody anymore that's why i'm stein is playing mostly the new songs from the new album and but not everything is so let's take a look what the fans posted on social media this is really funny they still got what they expected 1st of all a stage for explosions and fire and no i'm staying content without flames rose for example. from the outside it looked as if they had set the whole stadium on fire
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but so are we. so we see that here it is those are the only everything so there again that critique some sticks out ever. found the new songs a bit boring very very it but what all the band is doing show like i'm saying no. from the well because the advance a was so successful that to extend that they should be very lucky playing these huge venues as we said they're really big outside germany i mean the tour you're right now but the big especially in america why do you think this is well because the band played right from the beginning with a cliche of the bat jim and i guess like the bad german in the movie the way to learn the sayings and the military look every one has a some sort of reaction to this might it positive or negative and the bad most the most successful german bands in the world with german lyrics 1st of all they like
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to shock once again and then you video auslan. it's a bit of a look. there we have it the video i don't want to show you just take that with me here it is. yes they have these revisions to the history of germany as a colonial power. goodie. they all are very political although i meant that they do attract unfortunately a sort of neo nazi following to some extent but they said to be very left wing so. yeah they rarely give interviews so we have to guess what they were really trying to express with the provocations but even though sometimes it looks the up a bit they seems to be left wing songs like all links with bytes full proof that sort of left 234 letters what i really needs is that the hottest beating on the left ok thank you very much as
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a way thank you. from brutish music to brutish i just go from switzerland likes to smash windows but he does it very carefully with surprising results he's an artist in effect destroy something and then rebuild it creating a work computer smash calculating machine or his favorite role material. you might be tempted to brand the work of artists as willful destruction. but what looks like vandalism up close makes a different impression when seen from a distance. the easiest whites grab people's attention is to use materials creative no one has to before but. some of his last portraits are currently being shown at a gallery in basel often their artistic merit finally becomes evident at 2nd glance
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. curator philip broadly promotes the swiss urban art scene with exhibitions like this one. people look around don't really think everything's broken we even have people come in who want to fix something others think we're a repair work shop. but for me this is about telling stories. specializes in classical portraits may define usual materials to train carpenters experimented with wood and stickers. later he used tools like these hammers he took a piano apart in made it into this portrait and did the same thing with a calculating machine. like a phoenix that i want to capture it somehow i'll see a face on the street and think that's what i want to do. he finds his motifs on the internet or photographs them himself.
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portrays i always make sure there's as much play of light and shadow as possible because that makes it more lively than if it's illuminating even if that would be a picture of. first degree sketches the outlines of the portrait on a pane of glass. and any marks the spots that shouldn't shatter and those he needs to work on more intensively. out of a car is well suited in terms of how it's made because it doesn't fall apart the 1st time you strike it that's the reason i work with this kind of glass. he works on the brightest parts of the image with a hammer and chisel the brighter they are the more he concentrates on the. interplay of power and pressure. one wrong destroying everything. he hammers out
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this portrait in around half an hour. i mean it's very sensitive work what's always difficult is all the shades of gray they require a few strikes but not too many if it's too many then it stays that way there's no turning back. the cracks in the car windshield form a portrait. checks the contours on his smartphone to see if his work is turned out the way he planned. extraordinary stuff. in 100 german must reads this we come to a literary classic books by thomas. it was his 1st book he started writing it when he was just 22 years old and it was a book that eventually him the nobel prize for literature. intimate insights into the life of
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a german border family in the 19th century our resident book david leavitt's has more for you. don't we all just want to a little piece of immortality preferably a really flattering portrait or maybe someone could write a book about us full of nice things only nice things things. not right just nice things when he portrayed his hometown of new back germany and the hefty novel books one bookstore in the town even lead to readers a key to tell them who the characters were based on you can imagine not everyone was pleased the book came out in 1001 it tells the story of a prominent merchant dynasty billboard and book clam spanning 4 decades from the family's rise to its collapse gooden bloke's woes aren't just financial.
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the men in the family are physically and emotionally unfit for this world the great grandson a sickly teenager named 100 gives up on all his dreams i can't want anything i don't even want to be famous i'm afraid of it just as if it were wrong thing to do nothing can come of me that is perfectly sure one day after confirmation class i heard pastor claim time tell somebody that one must just give me up because i come of a decade family books as one of the last works of european real ism both hemingway and loved the book and so did the nobel prize committee almost 3 decades after it came out hard to believe that tomas munns publisher originally wanted him to cut out half the book thankfully the author refused every page is a pleasure ironic clever packed with intrigue with any luck it'll make even your family look harmless.
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and you can find more about good looks and all the all the german must reads. all website that d.w. dot com slash culture all 100 of them so there's bound to be something that suits your text i'm not saying it's for today thanks for watching and we'll be back at the same time tomorrow for me and all the crew here in berlin i hope you will be joining us too by.
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way toward trying to speak to trolls. much and i want. to top. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order for hard hitting sanctions against iran's supreme leader and the country's top diplomat trump said the sanctions were in part a response to iran's downing of a u.s. drone last week but that his administration had been planning to impose them even before that. a pilot has died after 2 fighter jets crashed in the northeast of germany the 2 unarmed.


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