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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2019 4:02am-4:30am CEST

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his achy party have ever had to face losing power in istanbul voters yesterday they said a strong message no more politics from the past change is now in charge will that apply to the president to tonight the city where president political career began is looking more like the end of the why i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. we will bring morals to politics. we had a bright attempts to intimidate all teams sometimes people who appeared to be policy representatives in individual cases ready to work with the president to do one and i aspire to do that i'm announcing nice in front of all residents of each temple. to see my personal view is that it wasn't right to repeat this election but
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the fact that it was won by such a margin is the best of 1st time to. do us value. even if i cast my vote in favor of the ruling class but unfortunately it didn't win the other party is it the gangs one of the. turkey needs fresh blood new rhetoric and a new face i think this result is a reflection of the. also coming up tonight donald trump's back and forth on iran just days after he pulled back from a military strike the us president is pushing ahead with what he calls the next economic attack i think a lot of restraint has been shown by us a lot of restraint and that doesn't mean we're going to show it in the future thank you very much of a risk. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and around the world welcome we begin the day in. stamboul
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a city tonight that has chosen political change and a future that will most likely mean the powers that be will soon become the powers that were yesterday voters in turkey's largest and most politically and economically important city went to the polls and built an unprecedented blow to president a party yank a party and its islam is party predecessors have governed its stamboul for a quarter of a century it is where president heir to one 1st rose to power as mere heir to watch but after yesterday's municipal election is stamboul may now be where the people defy and deny it through democracy the almost unchecked power of the political party of wretch of. the end of speech of the istanbul's marilyn lection is this man. he extended his majority in sunday's controversial rerun of a ballot he already narrowly won in march the new mac cooled it if they change. their
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did this is not a victory this is a new beginning. i would like to say from here that as of tomorrow i will treat 16000000 people equally as a man. has done the president red chip type out of one's a k party and cool the 1st result in a regular on the electoral board agreed this time around. him conceded defeat or are. according to the results as of now my competitor a crumb in woman who is leading the race i congratulate him and wish him good luck . our earth. tens of thousands turned out to celebrate. today john leo i'm so excited about it the right person has won justice has won
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love and unity won the people in istanbul have won everything it's great now we will work for a bright future together shoulder to shoulder but really i am so happy. that i'm actually trying to get the will get ignored in order to get it's enough the people have spoken and their will has become clear justice has been served at the in the way. but the 8 k. party faithful was shocked and disappointed. because i'm on you know this has and i think people do not see the good things thai of anyone has done we are all sad i relatives came here from other cities just for today and now we have so sad disappointed you know. the end of the i can't pay for services ma'am. the result is a further blow to president out of one who's been accused of authoritarianism and is struggling to revive a flagging economy he also lost municipal elections in ankara and is mia in march but istanbul is the jewel in his crown out of one's home town and where his career
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started as man now the city and its new leader going their own way. for gore tonight i'm joined by john he is the spokesperson for turkish president. a party her own it's good to have you back on the program you know when you and i last spoke of those early it was early may when the decision had been made to rerun the election in stamboul and you told me then that running the elections would make democracy in turkey stronger did it. because of all let me congratulate things to the mole on winning we need full compay medal campaign and also let me just take action to thank millions of our party voters and tens of thousands of volunteers who've been lurking so hard in
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last few weeks and coming to your question yes because we had a really robust process and there were many more appointed people on ballot boxes and process it was clear and open to everyone and that was that was what we. would we wanted of course the result what is coming out from this we will respect because this is democracy and in nature of politics you sometimes lose and sometimes they do but we have all these are full of respect on what people to say. the election it was really because your party be a camp already claimed that there were signs of vote rigging and this is what president or one said about that west must think of what. you know to just numbers it became clear that certain people with dirty hands had become involved starting before the elections and they brought the situation to this point step by step. we
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sincerely believe that there was organized corruption full illegality and irregularity in the estimable may or election. news. does the president or one does the still believe that there was organized corruption in the 1st istanbul election. 1st of all we believe that in the person lection there were irregularities and this is why we made our application for a recall and especially when the difference between 2 candidates for 0.15 percent but unfortunately an opposite position party and electoral vote rejected a record score to go over for a rerun and because of the regularity of the election board made a decision to go to we want to the recount but the election board made a decision to go to rerun this was not something we were wishing for but the decision was made by election we just wanted to have this process clear and robust
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because elections are very important for turkish democracy and there were many accusations on our elections about the afraid this and about their fairness and i think this has been a good answer as was this was what we had been saying for a long time but i think now it has been a good answer for those who are accusing our democracy. you mentioned when we last spoke that there was an investigation into these irregularities or these corruption claims what became of that investigation i mean were you able to uncover if you had the dirty hands the president everyone was talking about the electoral board it's still counting on the investigation then we are also waiting the result of the investigation. and what does the vote say about for the people think about president or what he was this
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a vote against president or the one. no absolutely not this was a local election and it was an election especially this one was an election in istanbul people in local elections generally wards for the candidate and more toward the services offered and also for the party therefore try to interpret these results like an like a referendum on president would be completely wrong indeed president last year one presidency by a margin of $11000000.00 votes. there have been some commentators today have said that the president at a war and should resign because his party has lost stamboul should the president resign or what's he going to do next i think people really have. have no basic information about turkish politics can draw some conclusion these are
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bizarre conclusions in this local elections in turkey our party has won more money its abilities than all the rest of the parties combined and the popular vote on our party was 53 percent across. all right unfortunately we're out of time or we appreciate you taking the time tonight to give us the perspective from the a k 40 in stamboul room or magog spokesperson for the a k party it's good to see you here and thank you. well still to come on the day the anti russia sentiment gripping georgia could last weeks angry clashes force a break with the country's former soviet masters we'll talk about reform and russian influence later in the show.
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with the u.s. president trump announced new sanctions against iran at this time the hard hitting sanctions as he calls them are aimed at the country's most senior military political and diplomatic leaders trump told reporters that the new sanctions are meant in part to retaliate after the downing of a u.s. drone last week however the president also said that the sanctions had been planned and were going to happen anyway. in a few moments i'll be signing an executive order imposing hard hitting sanctions on the supreme leader of iran and the office of the supreme leader of iran and many others today's action follows a series of aggressive behaviors by the iranian regime in recent weeks including shooting down busy of us from. a drone that's i guess everyone saw that one so america is a peace loving nation when that's the conflict with the red or any other country i look forward to the day when sanctions can be finally lifted and iran can become
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a peaceful prosperous and productive nation that can go very quickly it can be tomorrow it could also be in years from now so i look forward to. discussion whatever i have to discuss with anybody that wants to speak in the meantime who knows what's going to happen i can only tell you we can not ever let iran have a nuclear weapon in a war happened oh president terms announcement that prompted a response from iran the foreign minister zarif who is also targeted by these new sanctions tweeted this he'd tweeted trump is 100 percent right that the u.s. military has no business in the persian gulf removal of its forces is fully in line with interests of you of the us and the world but it's now clear that the b. team is not concerned with u.s. interests they despise diplomacy and thirst for war strong words there are let's take this story now to washington to our correspondent oliver selah
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good evening to you to talk to me a little bit about what concrete measures are we talking about when we talk about these new sanctions. right so someone who might feel these new sanctions sanctions and who's really targeted and in the spotlight is the supreme leader 1 of iran ayatollah khamenei and he has been singled out for the conduct 2 1 of iran in addition to him some aid senor individuals all the revolutionary guards that are considered a terrorist group by the united states and that can also be held accountable for the downed drone last week that was shot down over the strait of hormuz that said the u.s. president says that these sanctions do not come as an act of retaliation that they were have been in the making for quite some time the ultimate goal here obviously
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is to cut down funding of these individuals and to hit economy as a whole and also to stop iran from acting ability to lead this is these were the words of the u.s. president today iran in turn has already responded there's a there was a security council meeting at the united nations today in the iranian ambassador said that as long as the sanctions are in place they refuse to negotiate together with the united states do we knew. did the u.s. consult with any of it particularly here in europe about these new sanctions. well a speaker of the house nancy pelosi called on trump and on the u.s. administration to not act unilaterally at a briefing at the white house situation room together with other congressional leaders last week. secretary of the treasury minutiae said he did not. talk to any of his allies with regards to these sanctions in particular and that's what
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we've been getting from the trauma administration typically in recent times that they are rather acting unilaterally and it would have also been difficult to find common ground especially with the european partners on this matter as we know the u.s. secretary of state from peo he was in the persian gulf today use trying to drum up what he's calling a global coalition against the islamic republic of iran his 1st stop was sold to arabia where he was welcomed by. the crown prince you later on to talk in the united arab emirates with plans to europe and asia. you know washington said today that it wants to put together that coalition to protect the shipping lanes in the persian gulf the gulf of oman who is going to join this coalition. that's wot
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mike from payola secretary of state is trying to find out right now and he's been traveling today to saudi arabia which is a natural and in the 3 iran they're fighting a proxy war together against each other in yemen he then moved on to the united arab emirates so he'll certainly find support there but it will be certainly difficulty included and that's what he wants asian countries and european countries in particular today at the united nations security council. 3 besar of germany france and great britain held a joint statement together and they're trying to reiterate here their support for the nuclear deal they want to save the nuclear deal because they essentially believe that this is the only way to control iran activities with regards to nuclear energy and potentially a nuclear bomb so it will be difficult and a big challenge for the secretary of state here to form
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a coalition including all of these mentioned countries and in the different regions coalitions multilateralism these are all things that we know double troll does not really think much of and we've got the g 20 summit beginning laded this week i wonder with these new sanctions and with this policy on iran has a given succeeded in isolating america from its traditional. well it depends who are looking at 1 with regards to the european partners definitely they're on very different positions there have contradicting views with regards to iran with regards to the nuclear deal which of course is the the core at the heart of these conflicts but then again he will also make new friends with with countries like saudi arabia which is also a g 20 member which of course is then more open for sanctions against
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iran but that should be very interesting to watch trump has tweeted today also calling on his partners to pay money for the protection of the strait of hormuz which is one of the most important the waterways for oil tankers but then critics would obviously also say that trump has initially caused this problem here by pulling out of the nuclear deal and that now it is coming in stark contrast to call for money for a problem that he might have cost himself all right of course but over zealous in the story of fortune washington tonight all over thank you. well these are the images that we're on television in georgia of the entire world last week after a russian lawmaker addressed the georgian parliament from the speaker's chair
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speaking in russian his presence and his actions striking a national nerve in georgia and the reaction when you see it they are angry protesters trying to storm parliament riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse them hundreds of people were injured in the clashes including police officers have been suspended we understand on suspicion of using excessive force. or the violence has reflate into the resent men felt by many georgians over the former soviet republics close ties to moscow even the russia invaded georgia back in 2008 and still supports 2 breakaway regions today after days of mass protests the leader of georgia's ruling party announced sweeping political reforms including changes to the electoral system one of the key demands of anti russian demonstrators despite that concession protesters say that they'll stay on the streets until all demands are met they're calling for snap elections and the
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resignation of georgia's interior minister who they blame for last week's violent. dispersal. what a week that was all the talk about that i'm joined now here at the big table by chorley could she hope to get your name right he is the director of the georgia institute of politics in tbilisi and your he's one of georgia's most respected foreign policy commentators it's good to have you on the show. were you surprised when these crowds of people tried to storm parliament last week. it was kind of unexpected at the beginning but if you look i mean generally i think that there was some expectation that this kind of discontent which was growing in georgians the society internally related to internal politics as well is that no political. would come up it one day but nobody really expected that the it would happen exactly this
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time you don't think anyone in parliament i mean the ruling party the leaders in parliament they didn't know that allowing this russian lawmaker to come and speak in russian in parliament they didn't know that that would trigger some type of response i think it was not really a prudent decision from the government i think they kind of miscalculated that what kind of consequence it's may have and of course they didn't expected that you know this could trigger such as you know kind of outburst in the georgian society but i think this was a major miscalculation from ruling party using it was a miscalculation you know the kremlin is saying that georgia is in the grip of ross of phobic hysteria. is that what we saw last week i think i would not completely agree with this because there's a 2 reason actually one of the internal basically the ruling party become less popular and as you know there's a general election and expected it doesn't 20 so there was one of the reason that
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society actually won some changes but surely in terms of the electoral law and then there was the of course externalism so people in jordan society actually we're not really completely happy with this and policies of the ruling party towards russia basically accommodating to russian kind of interests and i think that some part of the georgian society they they said ok we want to have a good relations with russia trade humanitarian contacts but we don't want that russian political influence or religious influence in this country and this is the kind of trade line where the people decide that now it's time to show. to tell this to the government and is that happening in georgia is moscow constantly trying to you know push the envelope to see how far it can go with its influence in georgia i think that's a major issue because not only georgia but they if you look at the russian policy in the neighborhood and using software as well as hopped over against smaller
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neighbors and basically one of the idea with georgia was that russia was trying to weaken this somewhat empty of their neighbors including georgia and also don't forget that we had a war with russia so people didn't forget this and also the recognition by most of . that it's still huge trauma for georgian people i mean you know you say that you had a war a recent war with russia and so on the outside looking at georgia didn't it it's amazing that you would allow a russian lawmaker to come into your parliament and speak and to speak russian i mean looking at from the outside it seems it seems outrageous that that would even be considered i mean tell me why are. does that speak to the fact that the ruling party may be in the pocket of the kremlin i think there's a thumb you know that is a different opinion about that because they're only party actually hard was
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a social social conservative you know kind of constituents of georgia who are very pro-life i would say the books and so this is they they also have a water actually who would for these kind of show to put in so they had to and they actually i'm not saying maybe very poor russian but they are russian neutral at least and that's was one of the reason actually they thought that you know to bring this kind of you know like assembly of the sort to those countries that would somehow you know like improve maybe relations with russia but they miscalculated that i think that was too much when georgian people actually see saw their russian impede basically speaking in russian and sitting in it in the chair of the georgian speak of parliament and actually he's not supposed to be there with agent and that was the major to get them right i mean it was it was against protocol as well. dance and eating story and we appreciate you coming in that and explaining it too
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was. she a director of the georgian institute of politics in tbilisi thank you very much thank you for the day is almost done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at w news or you can follow me at brant goff t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day we're going to leave you with our top story turkey's opposition celebrating after winning the ystem boy election rerun every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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