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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin a red lesh is out of the u.s. over its decision to impose sanctions on its supreme leader iran says it will never succumb to pressure and accuses the u.s. of conducting economic warfare against its own people also coming up europe is bracing for record high temperatures as a heat wave starts to cross the continent look at the do's and don'ts of how to behave when it's really really hot. that of the women's world cup that's been controversial relative 16 match sees the u.s.
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tennis face the reigning champions now facing finally gets the hosts of the truck press. hello i'm terry barton good to have you with us iran says the path to diplomacy between tehran and washington is now permanently closed the statement comes after the u.s. impose new sanctions on iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and other top officials an iranian foreign ministry spokesman said the measures were a sign of america's desperation but u.s. president trump called them strong and proportionate response to iran's increasingly provocative actions. in front of the assembled press president trump signed an executive order imposing new sanctions against iran the order is meant to limit access to financial resources for iran's supreme leader ayatollah how many
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and his associates we will continue to increase pressure on terror. until the regime abandons its dangerous activities and his aspirations including the pursuit of nuclear weapons increased enrichment of uranium development of ballistic missiles engagement and support for terrorism fueling of foreign conflicts and belligerent directed against united states and its allies. the reason given for the additional sanctions a u.s. drone shot down by iran and iran says the rationale was fabricated the u.s. government also accuses the iranian revolutionary guards of attacking merchant ships in the strait of hormuz according to the us more than 80 percent of the iranian economy is already affected by sanctions the trumpet ministration wants to force the leadership in tehran to agree to a new nuclear agreement with tougher conditions trump also reiterated in often you negotiations he claims iran could become
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a peaceful and prosperous country if it were to abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons the standoff between the united states iran was addressed at the u.n. security council last night the council called for maximum restraint while the u.s. urged iran to negotiate with washington germany's ambassador warned of the risk of tensions escalating further france germany and the united kingdom are gravely concerned by the increased tensions. that were for the height. of the u.s. drone by the. 20th of june these developments risk miscalculation and conflict we call for deescalation and dialogue with respect for international. germany together with friends and u.k. appealing for dialogue there but iran's u.n. ambassador said the atmosphere was not right for dialogue to happen between tehran and washington you cannot start a dialogue with somebody who is threatening you who is intimidating you today do
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you just witness that the united states employs another sets a set of sanctions against iran how tenuous sought a dialogue is somebody who is trying maybe she occupation. is to put more sanctions on iran soledad the atmosphere of such a dire does is not ready. well iran has been on a collision course with the u.s. since president unilaterally terminated the iran nuclear deal nonetheless national security advisor john bolton said washington was willing to enter into talks with tehran as i indicated on sunday mr prime minister president trump yesterday imposed significant new sanctions on iran's supreme leader and other top leadership individuals and entities at the same time the president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiably eliminated iran's nuclear weapons program its pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems its support for
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international terrorism and its other malign behavior worldwide all that iran needs to do is to walk through that open door. that was u.s. national security advisor john bolton speaking earlier in jerusalem now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today at least one person is dead and dozens more injured after a series of explosions tore through munitions death in southern kazakhstan officials have been evacuated the nearby town of ari's in the country's turkistan region has extended defense ministry says a fire triggered the blasts. mexico's army chief says some 15000 troops have been deployed to the country's northern border to detain migrants trying to cross illegally into the u.s. exco is under pressure from the white house to choke off the flow of migrants traveling north earlier this month the country promised to reinforce its southern
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border with thousands of troops out of the 1st crew to blast off to the international space station following a launch accident last year have returned safely to earth the failed launch in october had raised doubts over moscow's space program russia is currently the only country to oversee and hand launches to the honest. governments here in europe are warning their citizens to take precautions as a record heat wave starts moving across the continent temperatures are forecast to exceed 40 degrees in several countries including germany france and spain. it's rare. to. see. this instant. wow i think that where there is mention 100 then what i expect. and filtering you
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have them weather may be nicer than this is too hot for me actually it's really unpleasant but we're used to it unlike other people. so we are not preparing specifically but you have to make sure you stay hydrated. hot winds from the sahara a turning up temperatures across europe in france authorities are warning people about the intense heat. if it is all full also if it's fully felt shouldered should drink limit physical activity or even keep a body wet or to cover them while protect them from the sun with hats is all sunglasses and long sleeve shirts because they do not leave them in the car even for a very short time of which. it's important to remember this the. the heat wave in france in 2003 is thought to have killed 15000 people this time the country is better prepared. other european countries are issuing warnings as well
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germany is expecting record breaking high on wednesday and children at risk. for i'm given party and it's also older people with preexisting health problems with their kidneys problems with hydration problems with their hearts when there's a heat wave and they don't drink enough they get even bigger problems the more they can also get dizzy and fall. and drink drink drink and can. water internally or externally it's the bomb against europe's coming heat. today are hot the mercury is rising in europe what are we to make of this weather well let's ask a weatherman meteorologist alexander hilda but from the joint weather service
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better dot com is with us thanks for joining us this bank you are trying me now yesterday spanish meteorologist tweeted hell is coming hell on earth. well is it really going to be as dramatic as the warning suggests yes i think it's going to be an unusual very very strong heat wave there temperatures of around the forty's coming our way that it will hit 1st east of spain then france and then it will also hit southern germany we will not go over 40 degrees in germany tomorrow most probably will stay under $39.00 but what is the difference between 39 and 40 it's going to be a brutal heat coming and that will go on and also the heat will also come through the northern part of these parts of germany and it's only june and europe is already sizzling how unusual are of these temperatures in europe for the year well more often july and august are the hottest months of the year so this is for end of
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june very unusual however heat from africa where this originated scannell can come to europe any time of the year you can come in february and cost temperatures around $25.00 or $26.00 or something around that but not in the forty's so this might be record breaking and we are also considering that the all time record in germany will be hit by the middle of the week watch extreme temperatures like the used tell us if anything about global warming do you see a trend here well this shows us what to global warming has in store for us in the next decades that is really my opinion based on scientific knowledge of course because the climate models show with that the hits during the heat waves during the summer will get stronger as the climate gets warmer so 1st of all these kind of heat waves will be more often in the near future and summers like we had in 2003
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that has also been men been mentioned on the program just a few minutes ago will be more often probably. every other year by the end of the century so. that development is dramatic if the global warming continues as it does at the moment and the june of this year is also a sign for the global warming you mention 2003 france reported some 15000 heat related deaths this year these heat waves really can be deadly especially for the sick in the very young and in the old what precautions should people be taking well i think 1st of all it's important to go slow i mean that's for every day life the most important thing to go slow and try to avoid the hottest hours of the day which our own noon and the early afternoon however also sleeping is a problem at night it's difficult to get some rest because this heat wave will also call cost temperatures that between over $20.25 degrees in the mornings or not it will not go below those temperatures at nights so that is also
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a problem so it's important to keep the apartment cool ask you as possible during the day s. dark as possible bill to end the day so that one gets a good very good rest of the night and as our report also pointed out drink lots of water that's the most important thing also has a good look at the good nutrition and light nutrition and it's very important and also. john to have the blood from. meteorologist thank you for being with us you're welcome thank you for the winter olympics are set to return to the italian alps the international olympic committee yesterday voted in favor of the tween benyus of milan for team it is 0 to host the games in the year 2026 italian bit defeated an offering by sweden 47 votes to 34 number of other countries that pulled out of the running citing the huge costs of putting on a lympics at least bit is considered frugal with an operating budget of about one and
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a half 1000000000 euros. now the women's world cup in france for the us the cup favorites are the latest team to reach the quarterfinals a narrow and somewhat controversial 21 win over spain saw the u.s. team through to the next round. the usa we cheered on in homs by the legion of fans and it wasn't long before they had something to celebrate in the 5th minute tobin heath charged into the box and was felled by might be lay on the penalty was given and megan rapinoe lashed it home i do everything was going as expected but spain hadn't read the script went back east albert was caught in possession of mosul fight a crack into the top corner i'm a breathtaking strike from spain's key player. they kept the u.s. at bay for the next hour but then disaster struck the referee awarded another penalty when bit he nieto to see if the valve contact seemed minimal even after
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a v.a.r. check she stuck by her decision for peano grabbed the gift with both hands. not to spain but the usa much on to set up a quarterfinal with hosts france i'm staying with football you're a go i have top group c. and the men's copa america after defeating chile one nil both sides created opportunities in the contest but it took until the 82nd minute to break through edinson cavani scored the winner with and expertly placed header both teams so progressed to the quarter finals euro one will face the roof while chile play. and just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today ended up being news there and has condemned the u.s. over its decision to impose sanctions on the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and other top officials. top mixed and documentary.
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broken health system you're watching the news 5 from berlin i'm terry martin coming up at the top of the next hour with gusts more news for you lay low will be with you then and meanwhile you'll find all the latest news and information from around . on our website that's w dot com they spring. 6 her 1st day at school in the jungle. her 1st climbing lesson and then doors grand the moment arrives. join the reckoning on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary story and on regulating returns home on t w don't come to tanks.


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