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ministration launches its long awaited israel peace plan the president's son in law and senior advisor. to the proposal which could be worth $50000000000.00 palestinian leadership is already protesting against. the program. iran reacts to the u.s. decision to impose sanctions against. the president rouhani accuses washington over of tulips. and members of a match the extreme right wing. in germany refused to.
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i'm phil gale welcome to the program donald trump's son in law special advisor. at an economic summit in bahrain today presenting part one of a u.s. plan to revive the israeli palestinian peace process it will focus on investments in the palestinian territories with a broader political strategy expected later the plan calls for a $50000000000.00 investment fund to be spent in the palestinian territories as well as neighboring countries over the next 10 years. our thought was that it was better to put the economic plan 1st it's less controversial let's let people study it get feedback what we need of show people is that for a lot of years they've been they've been the unifying notion of the arab world has been blaming all of their e-mails internally on israel and what we want to show people is that if we resolve issues with israel a lot of the opportunities that the leaders can provide to their people from within
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will hopefully give people a more hopeful out of. palestine policy follows from the palestinian policy think tank shabaka welcome to d w expectations for this event has been a critics right to be so pessimistic yeah i think that's correct i mean there has been a lot of criticism that this is sort of. shot. and there's a very sort of negative feeling towards that and i think that's mostly because it's simply repeating an old. economic piece that has failed many times in the past and doesn't address the real issue it completely sidelined. any any notion politics and you simply can't just throw economic incentives that the palestinians and hope that they'll forget about their rights their rights which are
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unsure and within international law that move them out i think that the whole the whole set up an organization of the conference of the right ship is incredibly bizarre palestinians and israelis are not present the people the osce the king. from the business world and that there is absolutely no political element. to this event. let's pick up on the bizarreness because you say that a lot of the people who you would have thought would be there are not so of course there is lots of opposition within the region to these proposals so given all that why you see united states pushing ahead with it why i think the united states is really desperate or perhaps keen to lead the way to be the champion. of thing the middle east crisis or die lama. but you know rightly so the
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palestinian leadership rejected this conference and they did so because they saw sort of what it is a facade a masquerade many of us including people within the e.u. have said. also said as much and i think it's very telling. now because of the very interesting panel if you if you've read the program there is one panel that has tony blair in conversation with jericho and i think that really is what this whole event. to have someone such as tony blair who has called devastation upon the middle east to talk about the prosperity of peace is really really up. when you look at the sums of money being talked about a $50000000000.00 investment fund. doubling the palestinian economy
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a $5000000000.00 transport corridor connecting the west bank with gaza high spiel raid laying out rail link. the sound like the sorts of things that many a region across the world would jump at. you know all these incentives are really touched upon the real issue and that is that the palestinian economy is an occupied one it's one that's totally been a dependent on israel which is leading you on that. you can't just throw money. at this economy which is not really an economy in the 1st place simply fragment economic growth here in. this is we know an economy that has been devastated structurally and so it's simply it's a quick fix just to throw money at. more than that where is the 1000000000 supposed to come from that taking this number out there and the promise of investment but
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there's not to be proof that this 50 minute 1000000000 exists ok good talking to you thank you so much for joining us. from palestinian policy think tank. and i see tensions between iran and the united states has said the path to diplomacy is not permanently closed following president tribes imposition of new sanctions against iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali common i.e. ministry leaders iran's foreign ministry described the pressure the measures as a sign of u.s. desperation the president trump said they were a strong and disproportionate and proportionate response to what he said were iran's increasingly provocative actions. after ramping up the pressure the united states struck a more conciliatory tone meeting with israel and russia in jerusalem u.s. national security advisor john bolton encouraged iran to seek dialogue. the president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiably
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eliminate iran's nuclear weapons program its pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems its support for international terrorism and its other maligned behavior worldwide. all that iran needs to do is to walk through that open door predictably u.s. attempts to use economic leverage to coerce it into negotiations did not go down well with tehran iran's president on monday lashed out at trump for imposing sanctions on iran's head of state ayatollah harmony. how can a person lose their mind so badly. and do something so outrageous and idiotic. by sanctioning the leader of a country. the latest round of sanctions comes after iran shot down a u.s. drone over the gulf of oman the u.s. also blames tehran for
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a string of attacks on oil tankers in the area iran denies the accusations the sanctions were 1st levied in august last year shortly after the us are negative on a nuclear deal struck by the obama administration iran in may and a partial withdrawal from the deal and said it would grow its stockpile of weapons grade uranium at a un security council meeting germany spoke for many when it voiced fears that the saber rattling could escalate into war friends germany and the united kingdom are gravely concerned by the increased tensions. that further hike to downing of a u.s. drone but you run on the 20th of june these developments risk miscalculation and conflict we call for deescalation and dialogue with respect for international routes but with both the u.s. and iran unwilling to back down such calls are likely to go on answered.
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some of the other stories making news around the world malaysia has closed nearly 500 schools and in the southern state of johor until after dozens of people were hospitalized with breathing difficulties some suggest they had inhaled toxic fumes possibly from industrial waste it's a 2nd such incident to hit the country this year. space it's falcon heavy it's from florida carrying 24 satellites into complicated mission. atomic clocks that could be able spacecraft to navigate. as well as a solar sail which will become the 1st spacecraft in it propelled by sunlight. to bowl can. states north macedonia and albania are hoping to become the newest members of the european union which talks about success and due dates of this year german president frank. hosted his macedonian account stephen attended off for
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talks on the issue here in berlin the e.u. had been due to start accession talks with mills macedonia and i'll bang it early this year but you need this proposed spodes discussions until october no official reason was given but members of the french delegation said the e.u. needs to get its own house in order before accepting new members of the w.c. later harat spoke with president penderecki and she asked him what role he hopes his country could play in the book we would like to be in the european union for our. so we are a small country with a bit of pull resources and certainly we can of the ones being in the european union we can all be the key stakeholders of them bob we would like to go to that process of europeanization and there's the reason why we need the so-called external evaluator from brussels when to all of these the 5 chapters in order to better the lives of all our citizens and to have most institutions than we have at the moment but there's been a stumbling block to say the least of course some e.u.
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member states that most notably france germany and the melons have said back off a little bit because we need some more time in october we'll let you know how do you expect them to give you the green light or to hold off talks on the session we expect 100 percent that they're going to be given a green light you know why because at the moment there's no in the scene the government of the e.u. member states saying that north must have one of does not deserve to start and to open this negotiation talks so that's 100 percent sure we've got assurances by our friends in the lead in germany we have a clear assurances by france and we have korea and so to say by hollande and then not a few of the countries which have some kind of remarks last year when you look in got to that conclusion to have no less than a when you're going to be decided next june of the deal where the actions of closed so we are quite sure that september. will taken that decision and you will immediately after that in brussels all humans days we'll vote for opening the
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negotiations because what i'm wondering though is like everything in life timing is everything the country's rich during the block back in 20042007 they are at loggerheads some of them with the european commission to do with rule of law to do with not effectively fighting corruption is that meeting that challenge for north macedonia so much more difficult you know we would like to be the collateral damages of some eventual pas the best performance being in the european union if they not performed well the south of those conference what we are asking for from. european union facts judge us on individual merits you asked for this deliberate lovejoy you have asked for a few of the many preconditions we have delivered including the famous and our historic i was impressed by the i'm so pleased judge us on our individual achievements in the meantime so i can agree that some of the new congress and european union in the plaza decade has not performed quite well but that's up to these countries you cannot judge north must vania together with $510.00 other
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countries including our direct neighbors just judge us as a set on our individual achievements and that's all we are asking for is a 1st do you feel that north macedonia is not getting a fair shake by the us is that is the feeling among our people and we think that that should be amended somehow in the months to come because we have been promised the north must and will be on the last e.u. summit in sofia as a clear sentence in the final communique from that summit saying that nord muscling and albania are going to get that from the opening negotiations in june 2000 we are again postponed was good in all of that that that is only a technical postponement but believe me i have difficulties and many other people on the big now are currently in power in skopje to explain to the colored people that it is really only a technical testament. if you don't get the green wire october what with that mean for your government from out money that i don't know undermining c.d.'s on the money going to prove up in forces or your old files are going to be put in the
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corner i'm not speaking of old who is going to be the winner of the next parliament elections i'm at the very beginning of my term as the president of the company so i can put aside that political ambitions at least for a while but it's very important for the vision as a whole was if you like finally brussels to send a positive signal to the whole division because when i want each country of the west will convene illusion being for so long sidelined by europeans and getting a positive message that that is a good positive message for the region as a whole so what we are waiting for is give us the chess to prove ourselves to do so very long and as thin as possible european ization we are not esque in october for the full fledged membership we asking for the factions to start that very long process i said and that's not too much a thing to ask from europe in conclusion mr president now it just so happens that in october that date coincides with the united kingdom scheduling are scheduled is to leave the e.u. london has been of course an ally when it comes to
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a large amount of the european union how much has them leaving the bloc hurt your bid. we would like to see you staying huge opinion if you like if you ask me and the people around me and the old people in most of them because we know that it has been one of the most dynamic power behind the little bit behind european integration but even leaving a team that we still have enough of you to files in brussels including the people from the complete political elite in germany so we still call them them and we know that done a lot of the original best of all those. president of north macedonia stevo speaking with. the german prosecutors have brought charges against 8 members of a suspected extreme right wing terror group called revolution cabinets are accused of forming an illegal organization and of plotting deadly attacks according to
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german media reports the alleged terrorists hope to make the attacks look as though they've been carried out by the extreme left. christian k. the alleged ringleader of the revolution came that's protest movement he and 7 others stand accused of planning violent attacks in berlin on german unification day last year. they allegedly planned the details through an encrypted online chat the group is also accused of raising funds and making a list of weapons they plan to acquire but when their homes were searched no weapons were found. according to media reports members admitted to interrogators that they planned to do more than fire warning shots they were planning to murder. german authorities warn that extreme right wing groups are gaining new momentum. since the attacks are very simplistic there's no complex planning behind what's happening you know a long term concept they often just shoot from the hip. the group took its name
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from last year's demonstrations in chemist's after a deadly knife attack involving immigrants right wing extremists rioted and the police partially lost control of the situation and. the political correspondent thomas sparrow welcome thomas how dangerous was described. phil we heard some of the details on that report this is a group that's being described as a potential far right terror organization cues of getting together in september 2018 to plan and carry out attacks in particular one in berlin and germany's national day the 3rd of october so you can judge just from that how serious is might have been when we consider far right extremism in germany in particular a violent far right extremism in germany this is only one potential group in fact figures that were released earlier this year pointed to the fact that they might make be $12700.00 potentially violent far right radicals in germany so this group
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that has been charged is only a small fraction of what is becoming a very big problem in germany we heard in the report the german federal office for the protection of the constitution saying that there is this new momentum behind right wing violence and germany's domestic intelligence agency has detailed why it believes that there is a new momentum in violence in germany obviously after the situation in came it that we just saw but they're speaking in particular of 3 issues the fact that these groups whether they're big or small can build networks and particularly on line the spread of fake news and fake propaganda as well is something that worries german authorities and a 3rd element is that all that can also end up in street violence so those are elements that german authorities consider to be part of this new momentum and that's why they've been asking for example to have more powers to investigate these groups online something else that has been mentioned is that there should be more cooperation between state and federal authorities to try precisely and deal with
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these threats and regional seaview politician well to look was murdered on the 2nd of june he appears to have been shot by a right wing extremists other any parallels german authorities for a long time now have been accused of underestimating. threats posed by the fall riot or downplaying or not taking those threats seriously and that was certainly the case with the death of. and it will increase debate here in germany as to how the authorities should deal with that and this particular case that we're talking about today could also increase that debate in germany that's at least the 1st parallel that i can see between these 2 cases the legal correspondent thomas thank you the governments across europe are warning people to take care precautions as a record heat wave moves across the continent temperatures are very are forecast to exceed 40 celsius in some places.
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while i think that weather is much harder than what i expect because i felt in europe them weather maybe nicer than this is too hot for me actually it's really unpleasant but we're used to it unlike other people so we are not preparing specifically but you have to make sure you stay hydrated. winds from the sahara turning up temperatures across europe in france so forty's a warning people about the intense heat. also fitfully felt children should drink limit physical activity or even keep the body or cover them well and protect them from the sun with hats is all sunglasses and long sleeved shirts yes. do not leave
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them in the car even for a very short time which. it's important to remember this. the heat wave in france in 2003 years thought to have killed 15000 people this time the country is better prepared. other european countries are issuing warnings as well germany is expecting record breaking high on wednesday and children the only ones at risk. for i'm pretty and it's also older people with preexisting health problems with their kidneys have problems with hydration problems with their hearts when there's a heat wave and they don't drink enough so they get even bigger problems they can also get dizzy and fall. to drink drink drink you can can. water internally or externally it's the bomb against europe's coming heat. so what is
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going on well let's ask our weatherman meteorologist to alexander him the brunt is from the german weather service vetter dot com welcome to the debut thanks for having me so i what should we be preparing for it's been quite hot is it going to get much hotter yes there are temperatures will rise even more in southern germany even more tomorrow up to 39 degrees but it has been hot in france for quite a few days and it will get even hotter there's a 304344 degrees possible in southern france and also spain is really hot at the moment but the heat will also proceed to eastern europe so 3638 percent in poland that's what we are expecting east of germany and poland for just put this in context for us on a normal hot day we're looking at temperatures of what well in july temperatures like $28.00 or $29.00 are more part of more often possible of course it can exceed 30 degrees easily in the moon but this will be the. 1st of all the hottest june on
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record in germany and also the all time record of $40.00 degrees in germany might also be. reached tomorrow it's a feel there's a 5050 chance that it will be reached i was i did 40 degrees celsius in sydney in 2006 and even the sydneysiders are saying you know that nobody left the house with a bat so that's something to look forward to this is dangerous though isn't it it's dangerous for many people yes of course if your if you have problems with your with your. if you aren't already sick or if you are small children older people are really in danger so it's a really problem if you forget to drink something or if you eat too heavy you need to light meals of course and i wonder what are they in danger of well actually the we have seen in the last years that the mortality rate of mortality rises so the
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number from truth i'm of the numbers from 2003 or 10000 of people die through a heat wave in europe are not because people die in the street but the mortality rate rises and you can count that later then and and make make that connect that to the heat wave so that is really a problem that more people die when it's harder so and are we talking about a one off extreme weather event or does this fit into a pattern are we looking at climate change i think of the june of this year is a good example of how climate change has already changed our our weather patterns and our temperatures so there is only one way basically then that a way of the way is the temperatures are rising even more the june like 50 or 60 years ago in middle and 0 europe were really different the temperatures have gone up like 2 degrees on average in june and also knew of course the climate
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tends. to break records as it gets warmer so we're seeing more records. this year and yeah it's an it's a very very went event that we are heading to and we can only get worse something to look for to hildebrandt meteorologists from vetter dot com thank you thank you. monday's action of the women's world cup soar tournament favorites united states go through to the quarter finals but only just. the usa were cheered on in homs by their legion of fans and it wasn't long before they had something to celebrate in the 5th minute tobin heath charged into the box and was felled by might be lay on the penalty was given and megan rapinoe lashed it home was everything was going as expected but spain hadn't read the script went back east albert was caught in possession of more so find a crack into the top corner of
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a breathtaking strike from spain's key player. they kept the us and pay for the next hour but then disaster struck the referee awarded another penalty when did he nieto to see a court rise lavelle contact seemed minimal but even after a v.a.r. check she stuck by her decision retainer grabbed the gift with both hands. hard luck for spain but the usa march on to set up a quarterfinal with hosts france. reminder about top story u.s. president. and senior advisor. ministrations long awaited israel palestine peace plan. could be worth $50000000000.00 the palestinians of neighboring countries palestinian leadership does not support. for so much contact is tough next i'll be back at the top of the hour between of course as well as the website. after that.
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language courses. video audio. anytime anywhere. i'm not nothing at the germans well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing with the people german i think even for german culture i. think this grandma day oh you must it's allowed. no time rachel join me for me because i've been beat up
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most. my. my. my. much. much. much out if. all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria gone so
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millions can live. this is news age coming up on our show today the many faces of hong kong's protests we take a look at how the city is rallying behind the look tactics and satire to make sure their voices are heard. also coming up the long shadow of thailand's military junta the thai government and killing exiled dissidents abroad we have the story of a group of time to fish and to laos who are afraid for their lives. cooling dogs don't be fooled this is a fierce competition.


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