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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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much. as it's long awaited. the president's senior adviser. percent of the. $15000000000.00 to the palestinian leader. on the program.
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welcome to the program. united states is loans to bid to drum up $50000000000.00 to invest in palestinian economic development the 2 day international conference in bahrain led by general cushion u.s. president donald trump's son in law and senior advisor is billed as part of a why do white house initiative to resolve the israeli palestinian conflict the palestinian leaders have already rejected the approach calling it an attempt to further exploit them neither the israeli nor palestinian governments are attending this program very specifically designed program we go down. based on a lot of work that's been done is to detailing his vision of the plot the goal of
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this workshop is to begin thinking about these challenges in a new way let's try to view this conflict and the potential of the entire region through a different lens and work together to develop a concrete plan to try to achieve it for a moment imagine a new reality in the middle east imagine a bustling commercial and tourist center and gaza and the west bank where international businesses come together and thrive imagine the west bank as a blossoming economy full of entrepreneurs engineers scientists and business leaders imagine people and goods flowing quickly and securely throughout the region as economics become more integrated and people become more prosperous well. directs of the united nations relief and works agency in gaza he's experienced a situation that of course 1st hand a welcome to d w a do you shed jarrad cushion as rosy vision of the future.
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good evening to you from gaza it's a compelling vision but it's not a plan and it's not very realistic you cannot design something without the key agents on the ground in this case the palestinians no one will argue i certainly won't sitting here in gaza with a 53 percent unemployment rate and 1000000 people depending on food heat from my organisation economic recovery is not a good and right signal to have as a vision but you need to be realistic and concrete about how to get there they are not changing that 50000000000 a lot of money to spend in a region with the problems that you've outlined if they can get the investment. yes of course that's a lot of money and that is very interactive but what has to be taken into consideration is that the u.s. government is putting more money of its own on the table the way i understand they
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are trying to persuade others nor to be businesses and economic sector and in my understanding businesses will invest if the environment is stable the environment in gaza is anything but state so i cannot see our private enterprises will invest to those staggering amounts given the circumstances here so given what you say about businesses being unwilling to invest given the fact that the palestinians have said that this is a no starter you can't deal with economics before you've dealt with the politics why do you think the united states is pushing this. well that's a good question you have to ask them that again i think that the asian is compelling i think they genuinely believe they can make a difference sadly the way they are approaching it especially in terms of dealing with the main actors notably the palestinians he's bound to end up in
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disappointment. so what's in it syria you mentioned the businesses that are being courted to invest and many of these are from gulf states what would be in it for that. well i think it's a mixture of of course profit i mean businesses would invest for profit and i have to tell you again has he lived in gaza and where to for over a year and a half people in the past talked about gaza being a potential singapore and i think that's correct there is an incredible entrepreneurialism spirit here there's good infrastructure so for businesses there is the potential to make profits i think there's an element of solidarity with alice stein especially since you mentioned the gulf states and of course for some of them it's also about stability and healthy and thriving gaza and west bank is good for everyone stability and security good talking to thank you for joining us.
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from the united nations relief and works agency in gaza. that's tensions between iran and the united states tehran and said the path to diplomacy is now permanently closed following president trump's imposition of new sanctions against supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and ministry leaders iran's foreign ministry describe the measures as a sign of u.s. desperation president trump said they were a strong and proportionate response so he says iran's increasingly provocative actions. after ramping up the pressure of the united states struck a more conciliatory tone at a meeting with israel and russia in jerusalem u.s. national security advisor john bolton encouraged iran to seek dialogue. the president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiably
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eliminated iran's nuclear weapons program its pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems its support for international terrorism and its other malign behavior worldwide all that iran needs to do is to walk through that open door predictably u.s. attempts to use economic leverage to coerce it into negotiations did not go down well with tehran iran's president on monday lashed out at trump for imposing sanctions on iran's head of state ayatollah harmony you know i don't mean. that how can a person lose their mind so badly. and do something so outrageous and idiotic . by sanctioning the leader of a country. the latest round of sanctions comes after iran shot down a u.s. drone over the gulf of oman the u.s. also blames tehran for a string of attacks on oil tankers in the area iran denies the accusations the
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sanctions were 1st levied in august last year shortly after the us are negative on a nuclear deal struck by the obama administration iran in may and partial withdrawal from the deal and said it would grow its stockpile of weapons grade uranium at a un security council meeting germany spoke for many when it fears that the saber rattling could escalate into war friends germany and the united kingdom are gravely concerned by the increased tensions and that further hike they have to the u.s. drone by iran on the 20th of june these developments risk miscalculation and conflict we call for deescalation and dialogue with respect for international. but with both the u.s. and iran unwilling to back down such calls are likely to go on answered. and governments across europe are warning people to take precautions as a heat wave moves across the continent. refreshing shallows
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the temperatures expected to hit 14 degrees celsius in some places. and the small shelter from the heat of the by making their own shade however they could as little relief in sight with temperatures expected to stay high for the rest of the week. keeping cool in most every way possible people and animals across continental europe a feeling the heat of unusually high temperature is. just drinking tried to go too far to the slowly. drink drink drink a lot. of this hot sun we try and keep to the cooler places above. the growth at all we have been out looking at rome from 8 o'clock this morning but from midday on we're eating ice cream it's very good reward
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a. meteorologist say the soaring temperatures a jew to hausherr blowing in from north africa but many also call this heat wave unprecedented. in france or thirty's are taking extra precautions to care for the most vulnerable. the their country is still scarred by the intense heat wave of 2003 in which almost 15000 people died. in the midst of the through this isn't scare mongering these heatwaves are going to keep happening as we know and perhaps they'll get worse in the years and decades to come because of climate change is asking everyone to take responsibility for themselves their family and their neighbors and to avoid a backlog in emergency rooms due to people taking unnecessary risks due to the
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history of. the haze was visible if a paris on tuesday and pollution levels could rise further as the mercury crimes. in germany or thirty's in the states have brandon bag of battling wildfires the area is a tinder box off to. long thompson try. amid warnings across europe that midweek temperatures could break records staying cool remains top of the agenda. so what is going on well let's ask our weatherman meteorologist to alexander him the bronzes from the german weather service vetter dot com welcome to the debut thanks for having me so i watch should we be preparing for it's been quite hot is it going to get much hotter yes the temperatures will rise even more in southern germany even more tomorrow up to 39 degrees but it has been hot in france for quite
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a few days and it will get even hotter there's a 304344 degrees possible in southern france and also spain is really hot at the moment but the heat will also proceed to eastern europe so 3638 percent in poland that's what we are expecting east of germany and poland for example put this in context for us on and on a normal day we're looking at temperatures of what well in july temperatures like $28.00 or $29.00 now more pot off more often possible of course it can exceed 30 degrees easily in the room but this will be the 1st of all the hottest june on record in germany and it will also the all time record of $40.00 degrees in germany what might also be. reached tomorrow it's a few there's a 5050 chance that it will be reached i was a good 40 degrees celsius in sydney in 2006 and even the sydney side as i
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say you know nobody left the house that it was about so that's something to look forward to this is dangerous there isn't it is dangerous for many people yes of course if your if you have problems with your with your or. if you are already sick or if you are small children older people are really in. danger so it's a really problem if you forget to drink something or if you eat to heavy duty to light meals of course and i wonder what are they in danger of well actually the we have seen in the last years that the mortality rate of mortality rises so the number from truth i'm of the numbers from 2003 or 10000 of people die through a heat wave in europe are not because people die in the street but the mortality rate rises and you can count that later then. and make make that connect that to the heat wave so that is really a problem that more people die when it's hotter so and are we talking about
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a one off extreme weather event or does this fit into a pattern are we looking at climate change i think of the june of this year is a good example of how climate change has already changed our our weather patterns and our temperatures so there is only one way basically then that the way the way is up the temperatures are rising even more the june like 50 or 60 years ago in middle and 0 europe were really different the temperatures have gone up like 2 degrees on average in june and also new of course the climate tends to break records as it gets warmer so we're seeing more records. this year and it's an it's a very very went event that we are heading to and we can only get worse something to look for to hildebrandt meteorologists from vetter dot com thank you thank you.
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don't forget you can always get the news on the go just down the road from google plus from the op will still give you access to all the latest news from around the world was pushed their vacations well i mean breaking news for those of use it to send us photos on figures. of business africa is next here i'll not think of me i'll be back at the top of the hour on of course as always websites. for that. people for you on facebook and twitter update and in touch. hey. you know this is you know 5 minutes 4 minutes.
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