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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2019 1:02am-1:31am CEST

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to be propelled soley by sunlight. today jericho snow u.s. president trumps son in law presented his blueprint for constructing peace between palestinians and israelis a $50000000000.00 project that's missing 2 important elements israelis were not invited today and the palestinians they refused to attend saying the u.s. with trump as president is a bankrupt broker tonight trumps world of transactions will investing money result in a dividend of peace i'm for golf and this is the day. the plan would invest about $50000000000.00 in the region examiners. the palestinians before they even 1st rejected outright that's that's not the way to proceed but i think it's a mistake for the palestinians to boycott it they're not just giving people fish
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like we've been doing here for a long time you're teaching them to fish and then you're buying a fish rots. move. this team is not bad at all you're between rejects peace deal of the century and by rank comfort we have. time to read things that the outcome is going through peace through this time it is simply not so it's a choice that figures i would not give this paper. just for effort. also coming up tonight europe's big says ola heat wave has begun that could break records the mayor of paris is warning it could claim lives to see if this heat wave has gone on for less than a week in paris but it could last one to 3 months we know very well that in a city made of stone human life will be very very very difficult.
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well to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with a peace plan for the palestinians and israelis that could just work in the world of donald trump today the u.s. president's son in law or presented his peace to prosperity plan in what was immediately obvious this brainchild of kushner has all the hallmarks of a business product of drum a policy built on one assumption money and investment are the best way to finance a future without war and hate or tell that to the palestinians and the israelis they were noticeably absent today in fact the words palestine palestinian state or occupation are not mentioned anywhere in play on palestinian officials who say their customers ideas are constructed in a dream world and they ignore why a peace plan is needed in the 1st place so is there any chance of success if you
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build it will peace really come for too long the palestinian people have been trapped in an inefficient framework of the past the conventional wisdom about the fate of the palestinians is remarkably consistent in meeting after meeting and conference after conference i hear the same broken record of negativity about why progress is not possible when i asked my counterparts why they continue to repeat the same tired talking points despite no evidence that they lead to progress they say but we've always said these things and we say when we've always done things this way while politicians pay lip service the world moves forward and the palestinian people continue to be left behind my direct message to the palestinian people is that despite what those who have let you down in the past tell you president trump and america have not given up on you this workshop is for
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you. his plan today had a workshop as he mentioned there in bahrain a plan in which economics are laid out 1st the politics well they're expected to come later in fact what we heard today is all about money a $50000000000.00 investment fund to be spent in the palestinian territories as well as neighboring countries over the next 10 years it includes a $5000000000.00 transport corridor or connecting the west bank with gaza including a possible high speed rail link now israel has rejected similar ideas in the past 40 kilometers of israeli territory that you see right there are standing in the way palestinian leaders and policy makers they say that this plan ignores the political reality in the middle east here's. a palestine policy fellow from the palestinian policy think tank shock. has been
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a lot of criticism that this is sort of. various of negative getting towards that and i think that's mostly because it's simply repeating and. economic peace that has failed many times in the past and doesn't address the real issue. sidelined. any any notion politics and you simply can't just throw economic incentives that the palestinians and hope to get about that right there right turn shine we're going to . move them out i think that. sets up an organization of the conference with russia is incredibly. honest unions in israel these are not. the people the os speaking. from the business and that there is absolutely no political element. to this around. well that was yahoo henri from the palestinian
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policy think tank al shabab speaking with us earlier artless get some more analysis on this peace plan to do that i'm joined by professor natasha lynn state with the government department at the university of essex in the u.k. professor winston is a commentator on middle east politics and development policies professor it's good to have you on the program i want to ask you what came to your mind 1st today when you heard about jared kirshner's plan. i think what came to my mind is similar to what a lot of people the way a lot of people have reacted to this it just doesn't seem very credible he himself here is not a very credible or trustworthy person in the region he hasn't really earned the respect of both sides he seems have a good relationship or at least a good working relationship with the israelis in a very quick amount of time but he has absolutely no credibility from the palestinians they see him as someone that they can't trust in any way shape or form
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and i think what everybody also is thinking is that as the reported already mentioned this doesn't do anything to address the real political problems for the palestinians it doesn't address the right to return it doesn't address any kind of plan to statehood and it doesn't accept or look at the fact that the palestinians feel they're living in occupied territories and that is the occupation that is the biggest obstacle to their economic development so by not addressing some of these key political issues i would agree with what has already been said in the report that the economic strategy seems like a series of just economic plans that are very coherent with not even $1.00 earmarked for anything yet other than this idea of this corridor or is not very well thought out and it's really dead on arrival well if you read the plan that was released today it's obvious that we're not talking about
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a 2 state solution here do you have any idea i mean we've been asking ourselves this today what what type of nation state. are envisioning here when he's talking about wealth being generated in the g.d.p. for the palestinians growing them if there's not going to be 2 states then what what's going to be. i mean that's a great question we don't really know he hasn't clarified one of the things that has been. sort of a hallmark of u.s. policy regarding israelis and the palestinians has always been an advocate for a 2 state solution the palace that mary randomly a couple of years ago right after trump took over he seemed to say well it could be a one state or a few states and for many many years the palestinians grow one state where they would have the right to return and be able to live freely and not under occupation is so troubling ministration has sort of candidate as a class
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a little bit but the truth is that we don't really sure what your question or thinks about this because he hasn't really clarified his position is a this though in he said this at the beginning of the program is a vis a typically trump plan that we're seeing here in that everything the world everything is really a transaction and it appears that we're hearing from jared commissioner is if we throw money at a political problem then it will generate well and the politics in the piece will follow soon thereafter is that just simply foolish. i mean that's a really good point that you're making because that seems to be the way trump wants to handle everything that everything can be solved by business investment that he said is going to make iran great again is going to make north korea has all kinds of economic potential so he thinks that just investment is going to be delivered
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into the region and that's going to resolve the tensions but it really ignores the underlying cool little issues in all of these different places and it can't just be resolved with some promises of ad hoc investment i think the other thing that's important to note is that neither gerry christian or or donald trump have particularly clean record when it comes to their business affairs but they think they can resolve everything through very showy. possible financial investments that's going to get everybody excited to see with this event like 80 percent of the palestinian business interests aren't even going to attend there are some of the gulf states that are tending probably just to curry the favor of the trump regime and egypt in jordan but for the most part people want to boycott this is that because they don't see it as a very viable yeah yeah it's as we heard earlier today one word to describe it all is bizarre professor natanz will instead from the university of essex in the u.k.
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joining us tonight professor we appreciate your time and your insights thank you. thanks for having me. one a matter where you are watching us from tonight one thing is certain women play an important role in your personal lives and in the world around you well today the united nations released its annual progress of the world's women report and we put the family in all of its diverse forms under the microscope and it presented a a mixed picture of the family can be a vehicle of empowerment but also one of patriarchal control and in many parts of the world it's still a place where violence against women is condone the executive director of u.n. women spoke out against physical and sexual violence in the home and here is part of what she said we have seen great progress on the limiting discrimination against women in laws however it is no accident that family laws have been the slowest to
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change she also said that the shocking pervasiveness of intimate partner violence means that statistically home is one of the most dangerous places to be for a woman imagine that. i will talk more about this report i'm joined now by shara resolve issues the chief of research for you when women put out this report today she joins me tonight from new york it's good to have you on the show taken as a whole i want to look at this entire report is it a positive or does it give us a more negative picture of women today. and oh and thank you very much for having us on your program we're very happy to be here and to be talking to you about progress of the world's women 20192020 title families in a changing world and as you rightly point out the report focuses this particular
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issue focuses on families in all their diversity as a space which can be either very innate lame or very crippling for women and girls and we look at family relations as well as i said in the night letter or as a trap for women it either makes or breaks women and girls and the picture that we provide is a very mixed picture and it's very mixed in that as you rightly pointed out holding our executive director biden's against women within the home continues to be a pervasive problem in all world regions not only ended up in countries not only in poor households it's really pervasive all in it in all regions and countries and we also know that many of the laws on the books in many different regions and countries are discriminatory and need to catch up with the reality of change at the same time many countries and many governments have put in place policies that are
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making it easier for women to participate in the labor market and yet the picture that we get is again a very mixed one just to give you one very important part of the report is. how large and want to make a difference now women are only about 50 percent a little over 50 percent on average locally able to be in the labor market and make can make an income and be financially at least able to support themselves and yet when we look at mad men in the same age group there are almost 96 percent that are in the labor force presence of young children and this resolved look at. me if i could if i could just jump in here i want to ask. you about this about for example equal pay men and women i know the report talks about this. and we when we look talk about the world the disparities can be very big depending on where you live i
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mean a woman's plight can become about a woman's plight or you can talk about women having almost equality do you see however though when you look at the world as a whole and equally of the playing field when it comes to legal protection but also when it comes to equal pay for equal work. i think both in terms of loss as well as in terms of equal pay which is an issue that has been gaining a lot of interest unfortunately the picture is not very positive in terms of us that has been more progress so we can say that for example it depends what kind of laws you're looking at if you look something like equal inheritance or for women and men even in terms of loss there is about 20 percent of countries in the world where even legally quarantine in terms of inheritance does not exist for women and so that. point of view is that there are 80 percent of countries where at least legally women and men can inherit and then when you look at equal pay equal pay is a story that unfortunately is not
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a reality anywhere in the world and we do see it as a problem in all countries face and a lot needs to be done even in i income countries to make equal pay for work i called on you every hour and let me ask you 2 on before we run out of time when you look at women around the world who is the biggest advocate for women today i mean who is their guardian angel if you will. i think that comes across very clearly the guardian angel if you like our women's rights organizations and his movements they've been very active and many of the policies and laws that we show have been changing in recent years when we dig even a little deeper into that story it's women's rights organizations that are on there absolutely working hard to make sure public to gain traction around it to then be alliances with others and to make it a reality that policy changed outcomes at all without that kind of activism for example around an issue like biden's against women that would not have been the
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kind of changes that we've seen over the past 2 decades right result me the chief a researcher for human women is resolving we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight and sharing your insights valuable information you're sharing there thank you. thank you very much. well if you are coming to europe this week expect lots of heat a heat wave has begun engulfing the garden and it could shatter some top temperature records a blast of hot air from the zahar is expected to send temperatures to 40 degrees celsius and above all that's nothing unusual in many parts of the world but here in europe the governments of france italy spain and germany are warning people to be ware of the baking sun the red cross has also issued a health warning pointing to the potentially catastrophic consequences that heat waves can have an estimated 70000 people died in europe during
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a heat wave back in 2003. in atlanta keeping cool in most every way possible people and animals across continental europe but feeling the heat of unusually high temperature is. just drinking tried to make to move for us to slowly. drink drink drink a lot. of. this hot sun we try and keep to the cooler places and. it wasn't all that i thought to have been out looking at room from 8 o'clock this morning but from midday on we're eating ice cream it's very good weather. meteorologists say the soaring temperatures it to hausherr blowing in from north africa but many also call this heat wave unprecedented.
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in front so authorities are taking extra precautions to care for the most vulnerable. the country is still scarred by the intense heat wave of 2003 in which almost 15000 people died. yes this isn't stan mongering these he twice i'm going to keep happening as we know and perhaps they'll get worse in the years and decades to come because of climate change i'm asking everyone to take responsibility for themselves their family and their neighbors and to avoid a backlog in emergency rooms due to people taking unnecessary risks the is the history of. the haze was visible in the paris on tuesday and pollution levels could rise further as the crimes. in germany or thirty's in the states are random back up battling wildfires the area is
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a tender box often long and hard to try. amid warnings across here at midweek temperatures could break records staying cool remains top of the agenda. right staying cool if you can the mercury is rising here in europe and what are we to make of this whether we're talking about that tonight with the weather man right here professor he is director of the institute of meteorology here at berlin's free university it's good to have you here at the big table with yesterday a spanish meteorologist tweeted that hell is coming is it really going to be as dramatic as they are it's well there is certain places and specially in spain that could have really records temperatures with a strong air flow from the south that is exceptional in some regions but heat waves and short duration heat waves is something that we
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often have so then something we have to get to if we are not yet i mean. to have a heat wave in this in the summer is not unusual but you know it's only june and here in northern europe we've been having heat really high temperatures already for several 4 weeks so how unusual are these high temperatures at this time of year. they're not that unusual indeed as you know we have had the highest position of the song just last week the longest year and when you consider the heat waves that we had before like in 2003 hottest months were indeed not only august but also the month before that june and particular so yes this happens is that the frequency of the heat waves and then to haitian and also the
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intensity increases when the ever temperatures go up and that's where we're talking about the weather then we can see that the climate is changing and yes it is climate change is this the heat that we're experiencing can you say there is a direct connection to. global warming yes of course because global warming is changing every which temperatures in particular it can also change the variability even if only the everard is wising of the temperature and then the peaks above this will increase what does it mean for people who have your job i mean you do you have to talk to people about dealing with the weather and how their lives have to change accordingly are we talking about northern europe being a place such as similar to what we see in the united states where people are going to have to put air conditioning into their homes because it's no longer going to be
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possible just to keep the windows open in the summer well i expect actually that in the future in the near future more and more people will start buying a condition for their houses and this is of course kind of a meditation because. it will consume energy and will further and had its. footprint that we have you know that's true i mean air conditioning produces the c o 2 emissions which we talk about to maybe. we could find green air conditioning we could deal with that. these heat waves in this change in the weather and climate being a threat to the lives i mean it can be fatal for people that's right and this is indeed an issue of adaptation it. optimized say warning system and action fall those taking care of in particular elderly
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people which particular this is all measures that have to be taken and as you mentioned the air condition it could well be that it is worthwhile either to improve the insulation to have an incident has placed us where people at risk are living i will ask you we've got about a minute he looked at the program you have also contact with emergency services you have the government reacts to the extreme weather in your opinion are the governments here in europe here in germany are they prepared for the changes that are now happening that we see i mean for the daily changes in the daily changes in our lives that we are going to have to confront well since the recent extremes there have been improvements in post that i see that and i think that's a good good thing. you have to take into account that climate change is not only
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a steady thing we do have climate variability about that and we have been developing decatur prediction system which has some skill for temperatures and there we see indeed as a strong say stronger than nominal increase for you group in the next day kate so that is volubility this long term climate change and climate change is here to stay at least for a while meteorologist over 3 appreciate you coming in tonight and stay in the shade the rest of the week. all right the day is almost done but the conversation continues online go find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me of t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day see the never.
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moment here on this side of love really the time to search the. fire for the troops out of play. time to over compound dreams. and connect the world. it's time for us to double the coming up ahead. for minds. more heated rhetoric as tensions between iran and the united states continues to rise president. parts of the country while terror on calls fresh u.s. sanctions quote mentally retarded also coming up logistics i v wade fed ex is suing the u.s. government over new export rules and fishing business these tiny baby eels
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are a multimillion dollar business now you're looking for men fight against smugglers.


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