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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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cover ups make things better i don't know how he does it just thinking about eating it makes me sweat and no wonder really considering this has been the hard to stay off the. quote of the night's kebabs make everything better this is d w news of business updates of birth and physical and just to. see that people world over information provide. the fans they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch from the us. this is a 15 year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a board for talking back and class for the rest of the transports. sheerest culture
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is being hit by his mother the breaking of torrents. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are make them visible visible. mike violence against children. who need. a deal is close american optimism over its tariff dispute with china the trade policy remains the biggest source of uncertainty looming over the market. one woman's mission in nigeria to get female entrepreneurs on their feet. and booming nigeria's new taste for meat is spotting deadly conflict so the lads. have been physical and let's see business another day of foals full world stocks but they regained some
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ground following positive signals from the u.s. treasury secretary is time even the new shin's saying a trade deal between china and the united states is about 90 percent complete missions big hint hopes of a deal at this weekend's g. 20 summit enjoy. pande a trade is expected to be top of the agenda u.s. president donald trump will meet his chinese count about xi jinping in attempts to calm the trade it's been raging for almost a year now. this is the current status of the u.s. china trade conflict. washington has slapped 25 percent tariffs on nearly half of all imports from china. the levies now affect $250000000000.00 worth of goods. and u.s. president on the trump is threatening to extend the tariffs to the rest of chinese imports. china has retaliated with counter tariffs beijing is charging
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extra duties on u.s. goods worth some $110000000000.00 the 2 countries are still negotiating but so far talks have been unable to resolve their dispute businesses and investors fear it could escalate and who will end up footing the bill will there be any winners each side is calling the other loser but so far one real loser is already evident global commerce. that's why trade is expected to top the agenda at this week's g. 20 meeting in osaka japan. will trump and she find a way to diffuse the tension at their last meeting in december the 2 leaders announced a kind of truce which has notably failed. the americans also sound overly optimistic on another front in their trade war top u.s. diplomat my own payer downplaying trade differences with india during a visit to delhi he says recent disagreements which have seen both sides place
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tariffs on the other were in the spirit of friendship india vermin is the. echoed those comments united states is angry about new india e-commerce rules that limit foreign access to its markets is still subject to us tariffs on steel and i mean you know. doing business in nigeria is still male dominated things are changing as more women embrace the culture of empowerment through networking media personality and. shot a lot of people wants to bring more women together and inspire them to bring about change a correspondent funny reports from lagos. an early morning for this television crew the team is getting ready for several shows what matters to women in nigeria what helps women to run their own business these are just some of the topics that are being broadcast today. a local t.v.
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station here in lagos and this is deeper who is the host of various shows here which have one thing in common what women. everything they have. a platform to talk about. celebrate their lives apart from. business. and to now diversity nigeria means men and women side by side at one place but even that diversity has not been taken seriously as something she wants to change through her today's guest is a film director and producer a woman this is something that sticks out in nigeria as a male dominated film business. if we need to diversify. and powering
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women that is something shy day is trying to do off camera too she set up a workshop for women to become successful and. that means taking on responsibility which is usually in the hands of their husbands. women want to work together. business running a business that's actually the business 51 percent they are fashion designers makeup producers photographers engineers and they see themselves as the pioneers of a changing business world in nigeria. you need to be on have. interacted with in business are women. you need to be men are rising and i think most of the women i've been speaking to about business nobody wants to be in the bottom anymore everybody's like you know what we need to rise up and we need to make changes but no business buyers the next step for these women is
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making their local brands attractive beyond nigeria for the african customer. is the founder of africa. say the focus is on africa a successful business one has to be online but. do african business women face more challenges in that respect than men yes so one of the interesting things we've seen is that again like we saw in the last clip we saw that it's a woman needs to be come more successful and also need to become visible and i think one of the things that we need to look at is that formalizing of the into paranoia ship is what is very important and again they do not have the same access as men do in terms of all the digital tools that are actually available and that is why it's important for us to know enable them utilizing the things that we already have the tools that they have the mobile platform they already have to make them
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become more visible and formalize the. activities so what you have to do what practically what sort of you have to get one of the things we see and again bringing it to offer link one of the things we've seen is that when we launched the factory 24 dot org we realized that of course these women are actually into printers already we needed to give them that digital skills to make them more successful to go beyond the boundaries that they already have and one of the things we saw was that us 2 men men already have the tools like the hardware the laptop that they can even use to asses these knowledge but for women it wasn't that isis will because most of the things are actually been men our the privilege to read so what we saw is how do we have ducks to what they already have and again see how we and hans and give them access to some of these data tell tools that can make their business become no sources so basically that's going to level the playing field yes i mean one of the things that we see is that when it comes to distil ization their television goes beyond strength it goes beyond human physics because one of the things you can do is that you can work beyond bundy's be beyond borders and that is
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one of the things we've seen that we need to empower women more on it doesn't mean that they all need to be coldest what it means is that they need to have the knowledge to transform the a business into the dig into the details fear so that they are able to engage more people and become part of the new what we call the future. so our representative our african women in the startup scene so one of the things we've seen is that all do it's mill donated women are now coming stronger into the picture and the reason why they are coming stronger is because they have something that normally mill. and to printers do not have that is decided to v.t. that is that cautiousness because when they do things they look at it from the impact perspective and that is something that is changing the whole paradigm at the moment so they're better on the creative front of better at what planning and working out what the risk. is of you know one of the things we've seen is
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a lot of time was the start of its rise and fall but a lot of times most of the successful startups when women involved that they are in the sea level or actually fondest what happens is they sustain the business and actually grow it and that's one of the things we've seen and that's why if you look at from the investor perspective most investors prefer to have a chilly stay women in the company so that they can invest in them if you think the business for them and thank you very much for coming in thank you very much. now to some other of the business stories making news some bubblies president has defended his decision to ban foreign currencies as legal tender and as a man of god was is the multi county regime in place since 2009 has left a little control of the monetary policy local g.s. is now zimbabwe's only currency not all that happy the country's largest labor union has threatened to mobilize workers against the decision african countries have joined calls for the us to end its veto one judicial appointments at the world
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trade organization the white house has been blocking jobs on the w t o appellate body accusing it of overstepping its role the african group made up of 43 nations says an urgent solution is needed to ensure the body can function effectively. a study shows robots will take over 20000000 manufacturing jobs worldwide by 2030 it could significantly boost economic output but also cause most social inequality. and the price of bread coin has soared to its highest level since january last year to protect kanzi jumping 10 percent to around $13000.00 it's now risen for 8 trading sessions in iraq. over the past few years thousands of people have died in clashes between dogmatic herders and farmers in nigeria behind the conflict is competition of a pastoral lat and religious and historical differences another reason a growing taste for meat in nigeria's booming population. these are the men
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profiting from nigeria's growing taste for meat their herders with a nomadic 2 lani tried and their cattle range across africa's sahil region but business is best at the market in lagos but then it doesn't work as well and that it's difficult to sell my cows in mali or. anything when i come to this international market in nigeria i sell them easily and i earn good money you know i always prefer coming here and i'm. proud of what. nigeria is west africa's largest meat consumer taking in $360000.00 tonnes of beef each year a growing population and its growing middle class are almost certain to raise that figure in the years ahead fulani herders are traditionally nigeria's biggest providers of beef yet clashes have sharpened between the tribe the nigerian farmers whose land overlaps with the millennia old grazing routes the question now for nigeria can't regulate and keep the peace between rival groups because the demand for meat is growing. and finally some bad news for nicotine addicts have switched
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through vaporing san francisco has become the 1st american city to ban the sale of e. cigarettes that is until the long term health effects of clear officials voted to ban both online and still based sales of the vaporizes which have become popular as an alternative to cigarettes or as an aid to stop smoking altogether and francisco is home to june july abse one of the largest producers in the u.s. will be legal challenges no doubt. as to business with it.
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cut. into the conflict zone with tim sebastian the song east europeans very good smoke over the new coalition government our guest this week might be mature but current vice president of the outgoing democratic party and a former justice minister with moldova now finds blood for corruption is he assuring the peace talks he's reckless in conflict so far in 60 minutes.
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i. probably will not succeed in dividing us about not succeeding taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made for mines. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes away for environmental activists in kenya of course the hunt struction off a copal caught in level campaign is had to challenge the government's plans to build the problem saying it will cause environmental damage in the u.s. go heritage site. pretty bring a drum corps and we'll tell you how anybody to can mange to do that from us. and we'll take you inside one of nigeria's substance abuse rehab.


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