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this is do we news live from berlin can they patch up their differences bogged down by trade wars and a lack of consensus on just how to tackle global warming g. 20 leaders arrive in japan for a high stakes meeting where in osaka also coming up in the u.s. the 1st 10 candidates from a crowded field of democratic contenders take part in any televised debate but do any of them have what it takes to challenge president trump in the race for the white house. and the keys to that had germans asking how could this have happened
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3 men go on trial for sexually abusing children at a campsite over decades call authorities come under scrutiny for a series of alleged failures. and the elite 8 of the women's world cup of football in france the quarterfinals kickoff tonight and fans from 7 european nations plus the united states i tear it up for the run up to the finals we'll take a look ahead to that and take stock of the tournament so far. on where our thank you so much for your company everyone. world leaders are gathering in osaka japan ahead of a high stakes annual g 20 summit which kicks off on friday all the trade war simmering between china and the u.s. . this is set to dominate the agenda summit comes at
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a time that sees world leaders far apart on many of the agendas key issues fence ties and how to tackle climate change will also be on the table. is on high alert over 32000 police officers have come to the venue of the g 20 summit from all over the country and many main traffic routes into the city are in lockdown all public school students have 2 days off and residents are asked to refrain from using cars and going out if not necessary. in the major stations corn lockers and garbage bins are sealed off to counter terrorist attacks and security is ramped up at key locations close to where the heads of state will be staying. i'm from osaka and i really hope that everything goes down safely i'm proud to have the g 20 summit here
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so this next item on the sirens are a bit much i have a young child my baby hasn't been able to take a proper nap in a while. usually bustling attractions like parts of also a castle park and the inside of the castle are closed off to the public since part of the summit is to be held inside the grounds. country to the g. 20 summits held an argentine and germany in the last is they haven't been any major protests here and also i've talked to organizers of a protest on sunday and they estimated that only about 200 people came and that's compared to thousands in argentina last year and kins of thousands in hamburg in germany in 2017 overall the city's expecting 30000 visitors over the course of the weekend. are arms i'm joined now by correspondent max often who is in a soccer japan covering the summit there max lot of ground to be covered by the
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world leaders there what can we expect from this summit. indeed a lot of ground to be covered and traditionally you know these g. 20 summits are about promoting multiple lateral trade and the main instrument to do that is a declaration that the leaders need to accept at the end and that is prepared by so-called sherpas they've been doing that now since sunday here in osaka and we're hearing things aren't going to well although the japanese presidency is really trying to put the focus on those topics that are afterwards in the declaration there are so many important topics on the sidelines just take iran for example or the well the chinese american trade conflict that the japanese presidency indeed is afraid that all the attention will be steered away from from their focus and maybe that in the end there won't even be a declaration on the table at least the last each one of these summits for example
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and when as i reached the end of last year have always been extremely difficult because of that all right well let's talk about president trump of course all eyes on him during g. 20 summits like the one in osaka right now he's often been at odds with other a leaders who were there is there a sense that he will dominate this summit as well. well so far he's already tweeted you know a couple of things that are worrisome for some of the countries he had the bottom line of what he's always saying it's always been the same message really is that america is being treated unfairly by its trade partners and the latest victim of one of the tweets here was was india but also germany is also mentioned in these and the g 20 summits where i have been with donald trump indeed he's always managed to overshadow this this hard work which is you know not as not as offensive maybe
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to some as what trump does in history so there's a real danger here that the same thing will happen especially because you have the 2 biggest economies in the world the united states of america and china teetering on the edge of a full blown trade war. all right and i just have a 20 seconds left to max out what are the chances that the chinese and american leaders will overcome their differences during the g 20 summit and osaka. they'll have a bilateral meeting on saturday president xi of china and president trump of the united states some have said we've had media reports that trump is ready to have a truce there and back off of additional tariffs that he wanted to slap on chinese goods but you can never be really be sure just take the last summit aboard as i read after that he was very positive so he said china and the u.s. would work out a deal but then really exactly the opposite happened so in this case it's really
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not the words that count but the work that's done afterwards and the actual agreement that might or maybe not be negotiated max hoffman reporting from osaka thank you. now ahead of the g. 20 summit concerns have again been raised over the health of the german chancellor angela merkel after she was seen shaking at a function with the german president's phone call to steinmeyer the 2 leaders were attending a ceremony to decommission justice minister catarina barly who has been elected to the european parliament all this comes just over a week after a similar incident which were put down to dehydration. and for more on this i am now joined by our political correspondent on the sparrow who is in our parliamentary is studios thomas the chancellor seen trembling now for a 2nd time they know you mentioned that similar incident
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a few days ago that was when on a bit of a cold met the ukrainian president here in berlin and back then reporters asked on that of a call how she was feeling and watch she had actually done to stop the trembling she said back then that she had drunk 3 glasses of water and felt much better so as you said that previous incident had been put down through dehydration it is still unclear what the causes are in this new case the one that we're just says just saw there with. but spokesperson did mention off towards that i'm going to mccall is in good health on her agenda will continue as planned on the most important item on diet agenda is her trip to japan for the g. 20. thomas is there a growing concern here in germany about the chancellor's health there is concern in germany about the chance of those health in particular because she has always been seen as a very strong and healthy woman but again it is important to wait and see what
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exactly the doctors say about her health and why this happened again the 1st time that it happened it was simply put down to the hydration and i'm going to mocha was able to continue with a duties as normal political correspondent thomas sperry thank you. and we're going to say you're in germany because authorities have arrested 2 more suspects linked to the killing of politicians of all to go a suspected right wing extremist has already confessed to the killing live who was shot at his home in the western city of castle earlier this month it was a senior regional politician and a member of chance on the americans party the c.d.u. and he was known for his pre pro refugee stance the 45 year old suspect identified as stefan has been detained behind these walls for the last 10 days on tuesday he confessed to shooting felt a look saying he acted alone but germany's chief federal prosecutor doubts this
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what you thought i was dogood this our investigations will focus on the possibility that there were supporters accessories helpers or other perpetrators. headed for me to be thought meet. and we will determine whether this crime was the work of a terrorist organization. or if the suspect is a member of a right wing terrorist group it was. going to lead. did have contact to far right groups including one called combat 18 the armed wing of a band supremacy group blood and on or. he was convicted of numerous hate crimes but 10 years ago he disappeared from the authorities radar something that hasn't yet been explained. in a parliamentary session earlier today the president of the bundestag pointed to the roots of such crimes for the hits of hatred and contempt xenophobia is the breeding
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ground for violence and killing as it was in the past and whoever cultivates this breeding ground is also guilty that's what people have to understand now the killing of evokes the worst memories in post-war germany a shot to the head at close range without anyone taking responsibility is a reminder of the serial killing of 10 victims most of them immigrants between 2002007 those killings were committed by the n.s.a. you the national socialist underground did fall to look his killer have contact with this group stefan and name did come up during the investigation of those cases he was considered a violent neo nazi. maybe we have to rewrite the history of the national socialist underground. in fact the motive for the shooting death of could date back to 2015 when large groups of refugees were arriving in germany during a local event to discuss a planned refugee shelter look at who backed chancellor merkel's refugee policy had
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said germans who couldn't accept the presence of refugees could leave germany if they wished stefan and says it was this statement that spurred him to kill to look good. let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. german authorities say they have arrested a bosnian man can wanted in connection with islamic extremist attacks in paris in 2015 officials say the 39 year old was detained a week ago in the eastern german state of saks in the on the halt he's now said to be extradited to belgium 130 people were killed in the november 2015 attacks including at the butt o'clock theater. a united nations expert has said saudi crown prince mohammed bin summons asses should be targeted with sanctions prince someone is suspected of having ordered the death of a journalist jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul last year the u.n.
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expert said sanctions should stay in place until there was proof the prince was not responsible. dutch police say they have seized 2 and a half tons of crystal meth in a raid in rotterdam is the largest haul of the drug in europe to date investigators found the stash worth hundreds of millions of years behind a fake wall in a warehouse. in the united states the 1st 10 democratic presidential hopefuls have clashed in a televised debate there from a wider field of contenders with some of the more well known names including joe biden and bernie sanders debating tonight it was a battle elizabeth warren cemented her status as a friend rather using universal health care and economic reform to score points in a heated debate while although they all share a single aim of ousting president donald trump in the $2828.00 u.s. election few are putting money on $1.00 standout contender and going for nominee
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was in miami for the official start of the democrats' race for the white house. to watch progeny in a bar in downtown. organized by a network of women of color in florida many here told me they were interested in the 2020 can paint but still needed to learn more about the candidates i expect to hear what their policies will be i expect to hear what how they're going to take us to the future and i hope to see women standing up and you know talking about women's protective rights civil rights immigration and i need to learn more about them more centrist and right wing. candidates because i'm a progressive they may root for different candidates but there is one thing the old we on. the part of the democratic party here in miami say the year ending for
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a candidate who can be done all trumped by many voters in view as happy as to pull the tune in so the stakes are high for the 1st debates which have the potential to shake up the democratic presidential field the most diverse field ever many contenders have been struggling to garner attention and raise money now they have a chance to take their message directly to a national crime time audience. and that was what they tried to do in the m.e. is senator elizabeth warren was the only candidate on the 1st night to be pulling in double digits and set the tone for the party's progressive week where i want to start this is i want to return government to the people and that means calling out the names of the monopolist and saying i have the courage to go after them other contenders remain more cautious suggesting some plans might go too far immigration
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policy was also one of the main topics with cool young cost would dominate and here the former mayor of san antonio proposed decriminalizing undocumented immigration as the audience in this bar seems to like. from what i can see cars are always things that we really have passion about his plans his whole feeling about the immigration issue yeah yeah. the 1st debate is over on thursday the leading candidates will take the stage in miami. back here in germany the trial of one of this country's most shocking paedophile cases begins today 3 men are in courts allegedly involved in sexually abusing more than 40 children at a campsite in the town of luton they've use is set to have taken place over decades the case has been mired in controversy amid charges of failures both by the police and government authorities. it was here at this camping ground that the 2 suspects
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allegedly abused over 40 children their victims included the main suspects own foster daughter as well as children as young as 4 years old the i'm unlucky for good at solving a relatively short period of time through interrogation and deduction we were able to determine that many children had been abused additionally we found evidence of child pornography much of which was self-made. the police are now giving deaf ola tension to the case after dragging their feet thick years say critics according to the latest reports a government official and a psychologist had already raised concerns about the suspect sexual behavior in 2016 despite this government agencies allow the suspect to be granted custody of his foster daughter mia it's on that clearly it isn't even comprehensible to me how these 3 pieces of evidence could have been so badly
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misjudged resulting in such a fatal oversight and feel and had to economise. but reports suggest that the government's failure went beyond basic incompetence employees of the youth welfare office reportedly did not only ignore these concerns they also manipulate the suspects records in their favor by deleting certain information about him. when they thought we have not fulfilled our judy as guardians and our mission to protect the welfare of the children the way we should have because we misjudged these 3 pieces of evidence. on darfur and we sincerely apologize to those who have suffered as a result. in holland. 2 police officers and now also under investigation allegedly they too had known about the concerns against the
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main suspect and not reacted then in february over $150.00 d.v.d.'s that served as evidence disappeared from the police department only 3 were saved the trial for now assess not only the killed of the alleged abusers but also how the government authorities could have failed so many times. and joining me now from death mold where the case is being tried is test how altered we use reports you just saw she was at the opening of the trial at the start of the day i test what happened this morning. yeah i mean we have to imagine this is one of the biggest child abuse trials that germany has seen in years. this morning at the core which we obviously have the 2 main suspects that allegedly abused over 40 children and the one who allegedly watched their deeds online
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and the atmosphere was cold as ice especially when they came into the room you can imagine emotions are very high in these sort of cases and so the 1st thing the judge did is she held a speech and she said this trial will treat the man the suspects as innocent men until the evidence proves them to be guilty emotions cannot be involved in that case and will not influence the judge's decision right after that the suspects charges were being fred for that the press had already had to leave the group and then afterwards the 2 of the 3 suspects and now having the possibility to make statements 2 of them. said to of ready confess this is what the hope is that they will confess their abuses and that means that the children wouldn't have to come here and be heard as yet as witnesses
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which is obvious something everyone is hoping because these children they would have to face their abusers one more time and to avoid and if there are no confessions was could be set up to show are right the children from the alleged abuses yes but until now we haven't heard the speeches yet so we don't know if there are any confessions i want to get this in before i let you go what is so mind boggling is this apparently a huge amount of police evidence has just disappeared into thin air how could that have happened. yes that is definitely something that aggravated the case here and it is not only the missing evidence it is police officers who did not communicate properly allegedly and also members of the agency for children who judged evidence even ignored evidence until now it is still being investigated
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how this evidence when missing fortunately more and additional evidence was found just after which will be put up and be judged at the trial and we have to see but everyone here agrees that an investigative commission that was set up here in the region in the state of north rhine-westphalia will judge what has happened and will avoid that anything of these failures will happen in the future again to sell to reporting from detmold thank you. now after well earned day off the women's world cup restarts tonight with the 1st quarter final match up between norway and went and yanick speech from sports is here with me good to see you nick before we look at you were in france last week i understand tell me about the turn on the field so far yet on the field of spain
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a great success there's been a lot of skill on show specially among top quality teams like the top tier the quality has been fantastic there's been some great goals $126.00 no less almost 3 per game and this is only going to get better as the top teams start playing each other but of course there is the elephant in the room at this tournament and that is the video assistant referee of being exactly it seems to have been in the headlines every single day. and so look largely the decisions they've made have been correct but it's more about the implementation of the technology it's taken sometimes $23.00 up to 5 minutes for the referees. look at the replays and make a decision and that's unacceptable especially for the crowd inside the stadium you know looking to see a spectacle and it is ruining the game it's from a taking away the joy of football so i think have to look at this and say it's not working and the scrap it completely or at least withdraw or work on a bring it back and then go again all right so far we agree it's kind of
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a kill chart yeah. but how about off the field how are things going there yeah i'm better off the field it's going great as well as he said i was in grenoble an ace last week and the atmosphere was incredible the dutch fans in particular really bring a show to the tournament and the french as well they're really getting behind that save and of course the americans i love the soccer so it's good to see but i mean there are some problems as well tendencies have been criticised in some quarters some stadiums have been only half filled nice in particular has kind of dropped the ball only that is i think largely faith has to take some of the blame here i think they haven't done enough in terms of selling tickets they said a lot of the matches was sold out when they actually weren't in they so i went to japan versus england fans that didn't have already have a ticket weren't able to buy a ticket on the match day which seems ridiculous and it was half full as well as that i think the marketing just hasn't been great around the city's hardly any
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advertising that you could see so if you were in one part of the city you would be at fault for not knowing the world cup was even on but that said we should look at the positives the crowds have got better as the program progressed the 16 matches were very well attended and the views on t.v. around the world have been phenomenal so women's football is growing fifa does need to give it a bit more attention a bit more care more visibility sickly all right now the quarter finals kick off tonight what can we look forward to oh yes so 1st we have to not england coming up against norway a little bit on that 1st few of the other fixtures so. we have france playing the usa that's probably the biggest one the hosts against the defending champions that match is a sell out tickets are going on sale 10 times the market value so a lot of interest in that one and then we have italy the underdogs against netherlands the european champions and then germany coming up against sweden and that's an exciting one as well because i feel germany probably the team out of
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these 8 that of the most stability at the moment they look very very strong very very strong team germany a big clashes ahead then tell us about tonight's match yes this one should be a cracker because norway have gone under the radar a bit they had a very bad euros in 2718 went home after the group stage without scoring a goal but now they're back and they're looking very strong very organized very strong defensively and also very technically strong too in their defense and maria tourists don't hear they're very strong and they also have the awesome all in attack in caroline hansen and as well as isabelle loves and i think they're going to cause in a few troubles especially because england have some injury doubts about a virus going around the camp so not only brought is in danger of missing out and then the captain stuff horton also could be missing the 2 defensive linchpins could be missing so i think i'm tipping norway to go through on this one card well that's washer kay thank you so much. for that and i just want to say that you're watching
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you know your news live from bro and next up conflict zone but glad i'm merits of retiree vice president of the democratic party. i'll be back again now with more news at the top of the hour for now thank you so much for spending part of your day with.
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cut cut. cut cut. cut. cut cut. cut. cut cut cut cut. to. enter the conflict zone with jim sebastian the song east european state of moldova a new coalition government largesse his grievances might be mature but current fights president of the outgoing government crap you fucking beautiful might just dismiss the kook moldova's now find wood for corruption is he
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a shame the peace talks he's reckless in. conflict so far. off g.w. the floozie. old when much of europe wanted to kick them out maria microbiome he invited them in. to freak island the sun most is home to one of the worst pretty cheap camps in the mediterranean. but one woman makes life a little better for her new neighbors. meet mama maria and the refugees of samo samo. 60 minutes on. planet earth let little tourist guide for germany's booming capital i love berlin.
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50 nations 50 stories and 15 very personal tips on berlin's very best features. book now planet firmly euro max series every week on d w. do you think the rest of the world is really that stupid no is he a crook of course it's not coke and it's going to be rather uncomfortable for looseness no it's not that old uncomfortable we will see who is less corrupted and who is better managing governing the country the tiny east european state of moldova has a new coalition government united it seems only in its dislike for.


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