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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am CEST

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and a unique artist or is it 2 artists one person the ambidextrous talents of riaa say no. but we begin today with a new documentary about the moon landing 50 years ago i can still remember vividly remember as a young boy how the whole world seemed to stop we watched in amazement as we saw live pictures being directly from the moon into our living rooms and the incredible technological achievement at the time i also remember feeling a sense of global humanity that we as a planet where achieving great things and taking great strides well anyway here's a taste of apollo 11. this is the winner mission like you've never seen it before the documentary apollo 11 turns us into witnesses of history. like you know what you feel as far as responsibility representing
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mankind on this trip the enormity of this that something that only yesterday will be able to. follow 11 is very simply been given the mission of carrying men to the moon landing that and bringing them safely back. like this is a movie 50 years in the making all the footage is original the voices are original no new shots no narration apollo 11 gives audiences a front row seat at the 1st manned moon landing as it really happened. the team of filmmakers used brand new technology to restore nasa footage from 1969 . we were all dumb struck immediately at how beautiful the cinematography was the detail in the footage that we were seen was
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something i just had never seen before there was 3 or 4 of us in there over just speechless. minutes and then we recreated the entire mission and 9 days so we have a timeline where you can look and see over $100.00 tracks of audio and that took the better half of a year just to compile that we were working with 18000 hours of uncatalogued audio 11000 hours of which was from apollo 11 the cabinet and the net the fish the way that what it is there that we have hundreds of rails of footage newly rediscovered footage reveals a candid look at the men who risked their lives you have to kind of would hold down one of the key moments what were the moments of humanity that happened what were the things that stood out what really got me was. the emotion on their faces you could see the weight of what they were about to do. in a way that i'd never seen it before and that's when i knew that we had something millions of people watched the moon landing 50 years ago now millions who weren't
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yet born will see it almost as if they were there. almost as if they were the david leavitt's. i 60 great footage i mean it doesn't look as though it was filmed yesterday i practically had to lift my job back off the floor robyn it looks so new and you know it looks so different to the images that we know from the lunar mission the ones that have burnt their way onto our brain i mean these are the images that inspired people 50 years ago when you see them now they feel like they could have been a 1000000 years ago but this rediscovered footage now and the way that they've restored it just changes everything you're looking at neil armstrong like you could be looking at your neighbor almost and it just makes us realize that this is actually what the world looks like and the lunar mission looks like for the people who were there back in 1969 so where did they find this incredible footage so the director todd douglas miller was in touch with the u.s.
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national archive about this and one day he got an e-mail from them that they'd uncovered a whole trove of leftover movie footage from project back in the 1960 s. nasa had a movie deal with m.g.m. that fell through but there was all this footage from it all this leftover footage shot by a great film team pristinely preserved now but it was in a very special format that no one had used in 50 years so they had to develop a whole new technology to scan this footage and just imagine how scary it was you've got this invaluable technology you're putting it through a brand new prototype of a scanner that no one's ever used before i don't think it was as had a harrowing as manning a mission to the moon but i think it was pretty. scary moments unfortunately it all worked out we've got this movie is just 11 thing the critics say about the movie though is the they don't talk about the political aspects of the race to the right this was of course the the summit of this chapter between the soviet union and the
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u.s. trying to get a man on the moon that is left out for better and worse but you can't forget that the moon still is political territory donald trump is pushing to get another lunar mission going and he couldn't get better p.r. than this really well perhaps he'd like to go to the. david thanks as always. be interested in this next thing. the star of this festival the zurich in switzerland brings together scientists astronauts and musicians for a rather unique get together no surprise that the festival this time is of course celebrating the moon landing 50 years ago and they do have a number of famous faces at the festival including buzz aldrin who along with neil armstrong landed on the moon 5 decades ago. the festival kicked off with a star studded concert called once upon a time on the. oscar winning composer hundreds.
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guitar idols. and lead guitarist of queen brian may were among the guests on the opening evening of the storm has passed of which was started by astrophysicist garrick is really. i think. people so they can do things. to face the love of people out inspired and the want to. bring peace christ and. to have. a. person. and start. bring them on the big space the event is bringing together artists scientists and astronauts who were relating their experiences with missions during the space race of the 1960 s. and seventy's the aim of star misses to present scientific knowledge in
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a fun and entertaining way and those who do that especially well are eligible for the stephen hawking medal this year it was awarded to ilan musk whose aerospace company space x. has its sights set on mars musk spoke via a live remote link head of an important test launch. he. also honored was musician and producer brian enough for his 983 soundtrack album apollo. what a space sounds like when you say we put out a very large reverberations on the side and you think god spacey you know there's been all these devices in the history of music called space echo and space chamber but of course in space there's no echo there's no sound so so we've created a human fantasy about what space is like and all that we know is that it's very big
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. what was fantasy for artists was reality for the astronauts of the apollo mission it's charlie duke was the 10 man on the moon. he became known for his lunar olympics and attempts to jump as high as possible which nearly killed him but he learned from the experience don't ever do anything to the space you had practiced all over the me apollo was. an adventure in a technical mission that i had a job to do and i was focused on my just being on the moon you just fall in love with it if you train in case they get more come back i would like to live on the moon forever. but certainly state would have been great they said. the overwhelming beauty of space it takes scientists and astronauts to study at an artist to make it accessible for the rest of us starman is
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a celebration of sound and space and a kind of class reunion for the veterans of the u.s. space program who are still proud of having put the 1st man on the moon. incidentally brian eno also had an asteroid named after him at the festival lucky guy now the young dutch artist fund is an expert at what is called hyper reality pencil drawings drawing so realistic they look like photos hyper reality is the ability to blend reality with fiction her drawings then being the fiction however portraits are incredibly lifelike and she has yet another extraordinary talent take a look. i know some a fun time is an extraordinary artist with a rare talent she's able to use both hands equally well to sketch different portraits of the same time not only that her drawings are photo realistic.
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well when i was working with only one there i got really bored because it was i yeah it's wasn't ready for me so from both ends is less boring. for me. my brain is busy so i like that. she had a breakthrough in 2011 age 17 she made a portrait of teen heartthrob and pop singer justin bieber and then put it on the internet back then she was still only using one hand. the menservants of just in the verse contacted me and asked me if i wanted to give my drawing to him. so i met him in 11 yeah he was really amazed by the drawing and he couldn't believe. it so it is all the really big compliment coming
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from him. that inspired her to create many more portraits of celebrities like johnny depp julie national lead and lady gaga. and earlier this year she started using both hands to sketch different portraits simultaneously like these pictures of taylor swift and selena gomez. where i started drawing i always study the part that i'm going to draw and then i remember that so even when i don't look at the picture i can still draw it. only about one percent of people in the world are lucky enough to have the ability to use the right and left hand equally well it's an innate skill known as ambidexterity. we simply while she was drawing 2 different portraits at the same time her brain activity was monitored and it was discovered that her left and right brain hemispheres communicate 3 times more efficiently than those of other people
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right now i'm thinking over other things to do. so i started to. play piano with her talent it's not difficult to imagine she could also become a great pianist although she might get bored after all everyone plays the piano with both hands. she's going to be trained and experienced i'm sure what a talent mall on raw cena of a stall must festival on the apollo 11 film on our website indeed if you missed the beginning of the show that will be on the website as well so do w dot com slash culture. and.
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enter the conflict zone with 2 sebastien the song east europeans think of moldova as a new coalition government our guest this week is not the mature but time vice president of the outgoing democratic party and a former justice minister with moldova now a prize would for corruption is he is sharing the peace process record in conflict so for 30 minutes w. . stories of the people whom world over information may provide. the fenians they want to express g.w.
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when it comes to green energy solutions and reforestation. current interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection. programs and all channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something here for the next generation the idea is the environment series of cobol 3000 on t.w. and online cut. world leaders are gathering in the japanese city of osaka ahead of friday's g 20 summit the trade war between the united states and china is expected to dominate defense ties i'm tackling climate change are also on the agenda.


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