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he fits in the pantheon of the great tenors certainly he's one for the ages going to. look up. because the tenor for the ages starts july 10th on g.w. . hello and welcome to tomorrow to day you just saw him show on d w here's what's coming up. stressful cell phones why can't we just ignore them. congested skies why companies are designing flying taxis. and all quiets on the martian front or could that be life there.
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must we take a look at a fast pace cities. urban life is practical everything is within reach. but cities can be stressful and the major stress factor is the noise. noise pollution is one of the biggest health risks in urban areas. our reporter an inside job went in search of sounds of silence in the big city. i. mean. being out in nature with a good book nothing better. if you like me live in a big city you. pretty hard to find
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a little peace and quiet. noise pollution it's everywhere you go but what is noise anyway noise a sound especially one that's loud on pleasant. from a physics them pronto nice and sound are the same thing. both of the travel air on that. but there's a slight problem with our definition of what i consider noisy but not be noisy for you. still we can measure sound levels anything over 85 decibels is potentially dangerous and not only for your years. and research is noise and healthy living in the city was the noise such a problem in the city noise is the 2nd there are amount of stress or after air pollution. it isn't health risk as it is just they find by their world health
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organization noise can cause sleep disturbance cardiovascular disease is going to be impaired along children especially. the constant noise is actually bad for you and it's a problem all over the world. a large international study has even suggested a link between hearing loss and noise pollution in big cities. but how can we escape the sounds of the city. urban planners like already working on solutions. what will the city of the future look like. i don't know how i will look like but i could imagine how it will sound like so i would have. paid with natural sounds like. these sounds and lives. i've been indicated as positive sounds by people using the
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house at the. is a research project that you started in to talk to 17. its supposed to help people discover oasis of quiet in their cities i've downloaded the app to my phone now all i need to do is to record the sound of a quite spot take a picture. answer a few questions and add it to the hash city database. ok let's go. out and about in the name of sites that we can use help us like me to collect data . for citizens is so fundamental people that live and work spaces in c.d.r. do a real x. pairs of our c.p.s. . it sure is fun to be a citizen scientist. but finding a quiet spot is definitely proving a challenge. but the ultimate goal of the project is through
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a contribution to the identification and protection of a quiet areas in cities and is very effective and contributing to the reduction of noise pollution in cities let's check out the quiet spots my fellow citizen scientists already found. just what i was looking for. fish free to join me. peace. in the 1880s huntly shouts prove the existence of electromagnetic waves. and that's what ultimately enabled the development of while this communication. in china more than 717000000 people have smartphones in germany more than 55000000 own one. who's spending even more time on our phones and. online and our stress
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levels are rising as a result i can't resist the lure of our phones. life can be very hectic half of all germans question said they felt constantly busy and for many of us when we do have down time like while waiting for a bus our phones command our full attention. we look at our phones an average of 88 times a day according to a recent study we stream data chat with friends read up on news and information. germans spend an average of 2 and a half hours a day online young people spend up to 7 hours on their phones and other mobile devices. in your own scientists turning back refuses to get out his phone while waiting for the bus we'll explain why later. what is it that causes most people to constantly check their phones people mention it there's nothing more interesting than something that's new we're naturally curious right from birth and we love
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things that are surprising and modern phones really cater to that. heading back is visiting a think tank in frankfurt for does research into future trends and advises companies . a cultural anthropologist runs a workshop on the effect of digital media on our lives we have discovered after i believe it's driven by the users desire for response you want to know has someone written to me as someone tried to reach me if i got a new like annoying you know everyone wants a response system so like feedback. it's more a response that confirms you have a relationship with someone or with your surroundings or with yourself there's someone that you see me here as me and as a result i feel properly alive and. there are many other motives that prompt us to pick up our phones one factor we hate you. as
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a study in the us illustrates scientists left test subjects to wait alone in a room they were hooked up to a machine with which they could give themselves a mild electric shock after just a few minutes to ferd's of the men and one quarter of the women had indeed pressed the button. it's this version to boredom along with our natural curiosity and desire to have others respond to us but social media platforms and mobile phone apps exploit. this technology has 2 main effects 1st our attention span has gotten a lot shorter people's attention tends to jump from one subject to another 2nd but over time it becomes more difficult for us to set priorities to differentiate between what's important and what's not that it's exactly that ability to differentiate that we need when we're confronted with so much information. some
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mobile phone users are like addicts who develop withdrawal symptoms when they're without their phones. it's awful that we laugh about it it is funny. papa says the era of the smartphone has led to an outbreak of abnormal behavior that's no longer healthy. for the large names of you but i met many people take their phones everywhere even if they just go into another room or that they don't have their phone with them but they keep imagining the vibrations that their phone makes or they hear the ring sounds. so there's a neurotic element to it. you get from hand you have so many users find themselves constantly checking their various apps in boxes for messages clicking from link to link or stream to stream this neurotic behavior is reminiscent of 0 animals who spend their entire lives pacing up and down in their cages. you look at the phone
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to check the time and before you know it you're caught up reading something else. or fear of missing out triggered by seeing what your friends are doing. i have had it happen and it's friday night i've had a hard week and i plan to spend the evening on the couch with a good book and get an early night. everyone needs downtime like that. but then i look at my phone and i see on facebook that there's a concert tonight that i wanted to go to and on instagram i discover my friends are meeting at a bar around the corner. and yet doing nothing can actually be very fruitful it's when we slow down that our brains have a chance to get creative and that's often when we have our best ideas.
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our 2 experts are convinced that mindfulness can be a helpful tool in the digital age. and when i eat my body needs time to digest if i just kept on eating out explode it's the same with information my brain needs to be able to review things to set priorities and have time to think. and that's why heading back leaves his phone in his pocket while he's waiting for the bus that way he has the chance to digest the things that he's just experienced. your smartphone is a kind of addiction no matter where you are the phone has to be close by do you experience. what do you do to distract yourself from the urge to constantly check
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your phone. we put that question to you on facebook. black from experience says he's too addicted to his phone to know how to limit it and he asks for suggestions. one from mexico has one he says you have to occupy yourself with other things like playing an instrument reading a book or meeting up with actual people. from kenya says the only time he can resist checking his phone is. he's doing chores and errands at other times he'll have his phone in his hand and check social media even when he's watching t.v. . let's see has a simple remedy go fishing he says. and up top he is comment is that if he had no smartphone he wouldn't see our question on facebook and we wouldn't exist no
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worries we definitely exist. traffic jams also take a toll on our nerves according to one study los angeles is the most congested city in the world people there spend an average 102 hours a year in traffic jams in moscow or new york 91 hours many traffic rich cities also struggle with evolution it's no wonder many people dream of escaping the smog at street level and taking to the sky lace that could soon be reality. is it all just high in the sky all we one day really stick around in-flight taxis self driving an electrically powered of course but if you can imagine that you can make it cloudy as i will thinks it's quite possible she studied english literature and is a specialist in fantasy literature companies pay her to call exciting ideas from science fiction novels she says science fiction has often invision developments
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that later became part of everyday life star trek featured mobile phones for example long before they were invented on this ng if this has happened many things were once considered crazy but the new technology comes along like wireless communication for example and suddenly this new device becomes possible. into by an autonomous air taxi has been undergoing trial operations it was built by a german company copter. it's amazing how different it is from other aircraft it's extremely stable. as if it were flying on tracks. alexander is one of the founders of photo copter he says a ride in a sky taxi shouldn't cost a lot more than an earthbound $1.00 developing a vehicle is one thing getting it licensed and widely accepted quite another. many people badmouthed it they say it'll never get off the ground we're used to
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that. at last year's south by southwest tech conference in austin texas several sessions were devoted to flying taxis which generated a lot of enthusiasm. it could be that people in the united states are in general more open to high tech innovation. becomes a silicon valley clue to the entire silicon valley culture was born out of nerdy saif i culture. whether it's facebook google or apple they all say when i was young i read this or that and that inspired my inventions that's common currency perhaps that's why people there are more ready to take wacky new ideas seriously. by contrast some of you that in old europe people are more stuck in their ways less prone to flights of fun to think it's a controversial claim but sociologists have been a fifer says there are real differences historically determined after money. in
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germany or europe in general the philosophical tradition is more like the state should deal with or provide certain things. it's rather different in other countries. for these cultural differences have developed over time as to the facts in the winter she did. but there is evidence countering such claims several flying cars were on show at the $2800.00 geneva motor show and the fans think of many visitors. i want to try that and lift off the stick i'm sure it's going to happen so it's not realistic to think you know it's not going to happen it's. alexander won't be deterred by the naysayers his company appears to be going strong it has 25000000 euros in funding from diamond the parent company of miss eighty's. and i don't like to
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stand still but to explore new realms that's what fascinates me. still there are limits. one thing that many people dream of that definitely won't be possible is. beam me up scotty it's great in movies but as long as the laws of physics hold we'll never be able to beam somebody up it would take too much energy here on earth . heading skyward in a flying taxi might be a pleasant if more modest alternative. aliens from outer space are a staple of the silver screen like intimidations 996 comedy so i thought film mas attacks. martians attack the earth but ultimately the clever earthlings prevailed. in all seriousness though could they be not the last.
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chapter cassius from pretoria wants to know more. could there be life on mars. when the astronomer giovani schiaparelli discovered grooves on a neighboring planet the idea of little men from mars became a fashion it was thought there could only be one explanation for the canals. mass became a canvas for bizarre fantasies it was thought that its color came from red vegetation. after the war of the worlds the image of mars inhabitants changed h.g. wells described a high tech civilization the martians were coming to conquer us. science fiction space probes show decades later mars is
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a desert planet cold and hostile to life. this meteorite awoke a new hope in 1906 to this day experts are discussing whether this clump from mars could contain tiny microbe fossils it is possible. huge quantities of water used to flow on mars water is the most important prerequisite for life about 4000000000 years ago there were rivers and lakes on what is now a dr planet. american research rovers have already found several pieces of evidence for that. back on earth astrobiologists discovered like i'm funky and microbes that can survive in extreme regions and it turns out they could also survive on mars that was proven on the international space station that they were exposed to deadly space packed in these boxes and they survived the
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ordeal. researchers believe they could even thrive on mars not on the surface but buried in deeper levels of the ground where there are reservoirs with liquid water. that's why the europeans want to launch their 1st research rover to mars soon it'll drill into the surface to a depth of up to 2 meters and search for fossils of mars microbes but detecting living microbes would take decades if they exist at all. right i'll be glad you. did you have a science question that you've always wanted and said we're happy to help out send it to us as a video tests over we smell if we answer it on the show we'll send you a little surprise as a thank you can i just ask. you'll find as i did every dot
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com slash science all drop us a line at e.w. undisclosed high tech on facebook d.w. dot science. time for our. video of the week this 3 d. printed robot fascinated many of us. it's a model of all robots just tops to an extinct tetrapod that lived during the permian era around 219000000 years ago. scientists at the linux home bought university and the politics institute of luzon on the fossil and fossil tracks to create a robot simulator. called our robots it's made out of motors with flexible plastic and steel.
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with the help of the robots the scientists were able to prove how the ancient animal moved and come to conclusions about its evolutionary history. tend to think of fish as something well fishy. that we should identify more with them after all our ancestors came from the primordial seas. fish have plenty of surprises hidden. in the storerooms of the german oceanographic museum in trials and is a treasure trove of fish from the depths of the oceans as well as the mediterranean and the baltic biologist t.-mo more heads has been doing research here for more
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than 15 years studying fish from all over the world. using a method known as clearing he looks inside the specimens to examine their skeletons . well nothing really just think of every possible vertebrate on land from the bat to the elephant to the penguin well there are just as many species of fish and as a fish scientist i'd say they're just as diverse to. first the bones and cartilage are stained with red and blue dyes respectively the flesh is dissolved with enzymes and the fish is immersed in the medium such as glycerin to make the remaining connective tissue transparent the process can take month team or more hits in his ph d. student philip he may have prepared countless specimens like this one.
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the best thing about this technique is that you always discover things you weren't expecting when you look at a fish from the outside you hardly have any idea what's inside it. and when you have a new cleared specimen and look at it under the microscope it's incredible how many amazing structures you can discover. and they can come. for example here in suriname or in the cher or taiwan where the scientists have conducted field studies searching for new species of fish many of their specimens come from swamp areas in africa or from asian fish markets. every specimen is examined using a microscope and then photographed this produces fascinating images that display the fish anatomy in great detail. my very 1st cleared specimens already gave me the idea that there's so much to see and explain here that you should really turn it into an art project. so that's what he did. the museum put some of his exquisite
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pieces on display sound lances feature on the prints for instance as to monkfish and other bizarre looking creatures. and. suddenly you see bones where there shouldn't be any the answer is simple this large smelt ate a smaller one has the head the eyes the backbone of a small one the tail is still in the big one's mouth. whatever you look you find something new even when you're not expecting much you'll still find new things or thing that's what makes this technique so exciting. and in the future t.-mo more hits intends to continue working on his specimens as art and science. on the 1st of january 9 19525 metre weight was measured on
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a drilling station in the north sea. it was seen as proof that monster waves do exist but how do they appear out of nowhere researchers may have no answer more on that next week till then but by.
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the man and woman. in good shape. are just the right frame to manage pain in. the constant naked time passes in the what has been medication into changes nothing to. what are the risks and side effects. and other alternative treatments. in the good shape in 30 minutes on t.w. . board.
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the quiet melody resounds along the line of the movie. ready and in some remains resonate within its soul. the mind and the music. tovan 1st wand 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. welcome to the girl max you tube channel. and the gold mine of stories. with exclusive sights. and a must see concerning star trek culture to ensure a. place to be for curious minds. do it yourself networkers.
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dog. this is you know we news live from berlin the world's top economic and political powers gathered in japan leaders at the g. 20 meeting tackle thorny issues ranging from street wars to mideast tensions an election that like you know suck up with the latest also coming down. the barrel.


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