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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2019 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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w. . this is d.w. news line from berlin and unprecedented and unexpected meeting in north korea donald trump becomes the 1st sitting u.s. president to cross the north korean border where he shook hands with the country's leader kim jong il and. a lot of broke. a lot of friendships of the late addition to the distributor a great great trip so far just 3 weeks notice that we're going to store a photo op for what's been called a handshake for peace. and heartache for germany and the woman thought her team is
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knocked out of the world come to her final 2 time winners take the lead but their dreams are dashed as sleep will get back to prevailing in one. america evanston welcome to the program it's being called a historic event the u.s. president donald trump has met with north korean dictator kim jong un in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea trump shook hands with kim before stepping across the line dividing the 2 koreas trump is the 1st sitting u.s. president to enter north korea he described it as a great honor kim also said it was a great moment and an expression of willingness. to work towards
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a new future. and shortly afterwards the 2 leaders held an impromptu news conference. trump said today's events were without precedent. this was a special home. really. prisoner ones at the store moment the fact that we're meeting and i want to thank chairman kim for something else when i put out the social media notification if he didn't show up to the press was going to make me look very bad so you need to be sure that we've developed a great relationship and i really think that if you go back to a day or 2 years and you look at what was going on prior to my becoming president it was a very very bad situation a very dangerous situation for south korea for both career for the world and i think the relationship that we've developed has that it has been so much to so many
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people and it's just an honor to be with you what it was a lot of that you asked me to step over that line and i was proud to step over the line i thought you might do that i wasn't sure but i was ready to do it and i want to thank you it's been great a great very historic they were just sitting one of the folks from the media would say could be a very good story all of that is part of a. very being with you thank you very much. wolf for more on this story i'm joined now by journalist bruce harrison who joins us from the south korean capital seoul. needless to say quite a historic moment donald trump the 1st serving u.s. president to step foot on north korean soil what did you make of this. well 1st off its president donald trump nothing ever goes as it's expected to this was a spontaneous invitation and as fantine his invitation for a handshake that we're just hearing now lasted about 15 minutes long so much more
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than a handshake i'm not quite sure what they discussed we're also hearing now that. president donald trump has invited kim jong un to the white house and vice versa there are reports that kim jong un possibly a suggested the president trying to come to pyongyang as well so on the surface this looks fantastic for both leaders they seem to have this this growing relationship despite the stalled progress in nuclear talks and by and large at least here on the korean peninsula i think people are pondering is this a pivotal moment in the peace process and will it lead to serious change. over is say you mention and this is a good relationship donald trump often talking about it even came on display no mentioning this but did you think it was obvious from their meeting today their interaction that the 2 of them do really get along. i think it's hard to say if
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they're actually close buddies. donald trump said so he and kim jong un have something special maybe beyond just the 2 of them it's not understood by the rest of the the white house administration or perhaps other world leaders but president donald trump and kim think they connect on on some sort of wavelength both being leaders both being strong leaders i've heard him say what we saw today obviously kim jong un felt it was is interest to make this trip to the d.m.z. what exactly he wants to gain from it is is a big question was this for a domestic audience was this for his standing in the world it's unclear but. it was miles and handshakes the underlying meetings are a bit more of difficult to try in the nerves. well we did hear the north korean leader kim jong un speak at his meeting with donald trump we have
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a clip of some of what he had to say let's have a listen but for getting beyond that i believe just looking at this action this is an expression of president trump's willingness to eliminate all of the unfortunate past and open a new future order tomorrow all right a so some positive words there bruce said this will obviously be a boost for king on his the reputation and one it internationally definitely i mean he was already given a significant boost. when he met with president trump in singapore the 1st time he's continued to meet with world leaders including chinese president xi jinping russian president vladimir putin as well as south korean president multiple times snow's no question this point that he has cured his leadership of north korea and that he has a firm place in pyongyang among an elderly now ministration that was started by is
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father and grandfather all to believe though when it comes down to the the peace talks it's unclear what the next steps will be like i said before president trump suggesting that kim jong un come to the white house that would be an even bigger step for north korea at the same time the critics have already come out and said look at these photos. what does this say it says that the united states has accepted north korea as a defacto nuclear state not of the fact though as a nuclear state the leader of the united states holding hands with kim jong un crossing the border it's accepting all the sayings of previous u.s. administrations have tried to distance and have tried to prevent frankly and president trump doesn't necessarily seem to embrace it but seems to think this top down diplomatic approach is the right way to go about it is wrong it could be very bad for the u.s. government. for his harrison reporting there from seoul. well now to some of the other stories making news around the world hundreds of demonstrators have taken to
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the streets of sudan calling for the ruling military council to hand over power to a civilian administration to rally and do mon near the capital khartoum took place on the eve of a planned mass protest organized by the opposition. albanians have started to cast ballots the military political conflict with the opposition boycotting the municipal elections for months now the opposition has held protests demanding the resignation of the prime minister and new general elections. severe flooding has left at least 3 people dead and submerged thousands of homes in russia's southeastern here could screech around a 100 people have been hospitalized rescue teams deployed boats and helicopters to bring residents to safety the floods affected around 50 communities more rain is forecast for the region in the coming days. italian interior minister matteo still be me has claimed that the crew of the sea watch 3 committed quote an act of war by
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ramming a police boat the captain of the rescue ship quetta might face up to 10 years in prison after forcing her vessel into good to support. all right so germany are now out of the women's soccer world cup after a tight 21 defeat by sweden in the quarterfinals and yet expat forces here to take us through it so yannick when this was not what people were expecting was it no not at all the fans the critics everyone didn't see this coming at all germany were clear favorites going into the much they hadn't conceded a goal in this tournament and they had blown away north korea 3 nil in the previous game but those constraints tactics here from germany's coach martina voss she left her stuck creative midfielder marjon on the bench but she stuck her style structure alexander pope in midfield and so that really did kind of hurt germany's creativity going forward but that said sweden deserved to win this much so much more organized
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and they are. put through their game plan to perfection let's take a look at how this way it's actually manages. the german women lined up for a shot at the world cup semifinal in the absence of jennifer matters shaan but her young teammates withstood scorching french heat and an early swedish onslaught to take the lead after 15 minutes one nil to germany. lena gould with her 2nd goal of the tournament and one of the best in france so far 6 minutes later however the swedish women used the direct route to find an equalizer a mistake by germany at the back and sophia jakobsen school was one old at the break yacob sent a shim to roll is the most dangerous forward on the pitch in the 2nd tough she was involved in a well constructed build up before stina black stimulus netted sweden 2nd to give her side a crucial lead was germany had plenty of time to find the level but despite some
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close calls in the dying minutes the 2 time world cup winners are heading home. sweet marching on to a semi fine. all right so germany heading home just how disappointed are they yeah this is a big blow for germany this is the 2nd time that crashed in the quarterfinals in a major tournament in 2 years after the disappointment of the euro 2017 and this also means that germany won't be competing in the olympics next year in tokyo only the top 3 teams your pain teams in the world cup go through and so that's a huge blow in terms of the team's development this is a young team a few of the players will be retiring and you know they need these competitive games to move forward as a football nation i think largely the qualification for the olympics needs to be taken a look at i think there should be proper qualifications so that the top teams do go and compete in it but that said germany didn't deserve to win this match they knew what was at stake and still have to move forward from here all right so what this means is that sweden will now play the netherlands how did they get through yes so
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this was a very tough match the netherlands up against italy and it was played in starfleet hit 33 degrees they were playing in so no easy conditions whatsoever and as a result the players did look a bit exhausted and it was a bit of a dull match but ily defended really well and they were the better team in the 1st half but then the netherlands really turn the screw is vivian made them a scoring open up from a free kick and that was her 3rd goal of the tournament and then we saw stephanie van grab double delays in the 80th minute to seal the match to you know another free kick from the netherlands and they're looking very strong and this is the 1st semifinal out of world cup ever and now they will face of course sweden and in the other game we of course have the usa up against england so to huge matches still to come they kick off on tuesday and wednesday right the tournament remains exciting and expand from good always for it's always good to talk to you just feel. well
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cities around the world have been celebrating pride this weekend 50 years after the stonewall riots in new york fart they gave rights movement rights for l.g.b. t.q. people are now being and trying to in law in many places but in others they're under threat. it was a 1st for north macedonia. occupy the swell sculpey pride i think you can see there are many people here and it's the 1st time something like this is happening in scope you see that kind of put you know no group over the 1st trade the atmosphere is great there are far more people than we anticipated and it's beautiful for we hate speech coming from those who wanted to frighten people seeing that this is against their interests not only didn't frighten anyone somewhat irritated many who came to show support for an employer that i'm able to shop around the world pretty much as celebrates it and demanded greater recognition in the pool and here in the philippines on friday new york's mayor mark the moment where it all began 50 years
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ago the stonewall riots sparks the gay rights movement. i feel i was still there this is your doing here i proclaimed right why did joining us here this is your stone or. there was celebrations in europe currently experiencing the new normal dangerous heat waves. in portugal. and in france. in finland where n.c. arena was the 1st ever prime minister to join the march. pride celebrations are growing and appearing in more and more cities around the world l g b t q i plus rights are being formally protected in many places while in others the fight for equality is still an uphill battle. and before we go a quick reminder of our top story. donald trump has become the 1st sitting u.s. president to cross the north korean border where he shook hands with the country's
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leader kim jong il it's a historic photo op for a what's been called a handshake for peace. that's the latest from d.w. news stay tuned for reporter that's up next after a short break omarion evanston for me and the entire team thanks for watching. on. early the global tourist guide fun germany's booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know your attack syria good god i'm a bonus money like story simply means i love theater and was shown once again switzerland looks good.


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