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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2019 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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and before we go a quick reminder of our top story. donald trump has become the 1st sitting u.s. president to cross the north korean border where he shook hands with the country's leader kim jong il and if that story photo on for what's been called a penchant for peace. you're watching d.w. news coming up is the week in reports that after a short break american and esteem for me and the entire team thanks for watching. sleep. listen carefully
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to their super. nice to be a good. match. discovery home. the a. list subscribe to the documentary to. play. this week well story. and it's rated settlement in the golan heights is hoping for a revival using condoms to get sold at a cost well but we begin in kazakhstan the former soviet republic wants to replace
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the critic alphabet with russian letters it's a step. from russia and towards a national identity. was lucky that learning how to read and write is so fun for these 1st graders at the moment they're learning the cyrillic alphabet in their cars like lessons but soon the kids at this village school will have to switch to the latin alphabet the government plans to phase it in across the country in the coming years teachers will have to receive additional training. we teachers will find the switch harder because we're already has 2 on the alphabet. the children and young. learn the alphabet quickly was. already good parents won't be able to help with the transition to the latin alphabet because they haven't allowed to themselves their children will only be able to manners in school we're worried that the main weight of this change will be on the teacher's shoulders. language is already
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a complicated question in kazakhstan even in this school and the village of kind as across the country cousins and russian are both official languages here children choose which language they want to study and like many causes most pupils are bilingual now the jump to a new alphabet awaits them as well. in the nearby city of new shop signs are already being written in the latin alphabet but soon the government will have to swap street signs and translate official documents and textbooks a mammoth change. several neighboring central asian countries switched alphabet soon after the fall of the soviet union but in kazakhstan an independent survey shows most cause us are critical of the move because it was because stance which a long time ago as a country is trying to keep up with the west and with europe the only thing is the move will hit the country's budget hard. i
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don't see the point of the check much the basically aren't any advantages which why do we need this and maybe just so we can save we did it in the future because. it's not hard for me to use the new alphabet but there was the one we all know use it on line already when we mastered your friends. but. the adults don't yet know the latin alphabet but back in the village of kind as our 8th graders say they've already taught themselves and are using it on social media . has a stance government hopes the change will open up a whole new generation of cause us to do work. in march trump ignore the international outcry we recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights now a settlement there will be its name the residents are surprised that such
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popularity. this is the settlement of killer poor cream on the occupied golan heights a new neighborhood is planned here named in honor of u.s. president donald trump only a dozen presidents live in kill or pull him there right many years ago from the former soviet union. one of them the retiring news by the recent interest in this home. we suddenly have lots of visitors coming here from all different parts of the country most recently was a couple from tel aviv and a family from jerusalem here it's because the settlement is going to be named after charm but they also are interested in the golan heights. koskie helped build the settlement in 1901 over the years more and more families.
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moved away to less remote towns now it's almost abandoned the new neighborhood named after trump will be built next to the all settlement activity based on old plans that were never realized trumps controversial decision most criticised by the international community which considers the golan heights to be occupied territory israel captured the strategically important plateau from syria 967 here israelis were thrilled by trump's decision they hope the new place will lead to new infrastructure and investment there i guess. it is very exciting because no new settlements have been built on the golan heights for 30 years it's unbelievable a lot of young families with kids are already waiting to come and live here. google can that's also what's most important to longtime resident flooding me. this is
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a little tree let it be named after. it's important that something changes here that doesn't happen just by changing the name. you have to ask for it and that's done by people and money. to day or time tomorrow so it doesn't really matter what class parents what does matter is that the u.s. president agrees with the israeli government that this land should remain forever under israel's control. the ugandan government distributes free condoms to stop the spread of a child the aids. workers that they caught use them for protection against very different hazards. decades of human activity and uganda looks like no other critelli. there is no fish here but money is for change. john sunday quit funding 6
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years ago to extract sword work when we. were going to the mother planning provides a daily income $11.00 which is not supposed to farming. in 2000 seasonal i'm not reliable from the results on. sundays based now better but his well being is not like that was highly concentrated sore to water as a to convey at all so no one was. who was i want to know why we're here has many problems here. it's labor intensive when you get on with more not we get wound up and our skin is badly affected in a joke or on or on a said to my. so to mind as also frequently report journeyed to infections and to protect themselves some are resorted to using condoms. and
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wearing a condom before getting in the water can limit your exposure just sold it protects you from infections that your. resources are stretched at a nearby government center demand for corn domes to protect against the salt water has skyrocketed but that threatens the fight against aids. the how of course and the more shortage is because there. is a very very high. supper as we get so whatever we get for the 2 months after his courtroom duty even in a month now you can imagine all of those that will put the in the if. this is a battle for the meaning and we go to hell with this we also have. with the end of it. for the females the depot which has a real no go area. school massacre knows that all too well.
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she's afraid of becoming infertile she goes waist deep into the salty water science might not come from her fear but she will naturally street and maisie. the salty waters can cause you tourists infections amaze. the deeper waters of the mine to venture into a a looker. vica twig critelli is believed to have formed about 10000 years ago this was due to vote connectivity which was a form sort that was later discovered to be a deal. despite the hardships involved 3 miners like sendek seem to have no baitullah tentative for leaving. across the globe tons of food up thrown out each day while many people are left to
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starve in india leftovers from lavish weddings could feed hundreds the robinhood army and make sure that they do. this is how good the spends most of a free time ever since she joined the robinhood on like 2 years ago. the group leftover food from restaurants and events and distributes it to those who need it like in this slum on the outskirts of baby. the volunteers at a mix of students and professionals they call themselves. now they're dumping israel and on to be open to all auditing is who we are so i really want people to come and join us in serving and also acknowledging the fact that there are a lot of things in the world witnessed beauty and hunger is. a good player are you know that still. exist at all. the group's busiest period
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is during india's hectic wedding season with. venues around daily are booked out months in advance for extravagant parties and events. guest list can run into $700.00 people and there has to be enough food for them. almost always vast quantities go and eaten and are simply thrown away after the celebrations. for miti and. it's going to be a long night at this food left over they're going to make sure it gets to the hungry. it's midnight and the party's over. the robin stick stock of the situation. it's bad. to estimate this who'd left over for about 500 people around 800 people were invited to the wedding. that means all hands on board the auditor special night team which is in. the food needs
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to be distributed before it goes steve. it's past 1 am the men at this night shelter don't seem to mind being pulled out of bed into the court some are drug addicts and alcoholics others are ill or disabled. mostly profit the streets in summer there's an overview of i know this food is much more filling than the cheap street food that i can afford. to cover that for the robins this late night food tripe has been well worth the effort but the knowledge more needs to be done. yet find people is not i think the number in his notes oh. i wish it was not. until then but all the hood on me is staying true to its motto taking from the rich and redistributing it to the poor.
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you know that 77 percent. are younger than thanks a lot. and you know what on this 77 percent. in this situation south african just story and no longer on the case and she can push the comic style history book to help children understand and identify with their african roots the 77 percent next on g.w. . for this we will build a great war you should. steer us. the united states was built by immigrants. but did the european settlers find the american dream that they were searching for hoping for
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a better life history of europeans than america in 45 minutes on. her 1st day at school with. her 1st cleaning lesson ready and then doris grand moment to run. you're right getting on. you know we're. going to return. hello and welcome to the 77 percent i was so full. i you under 35 years old then you open 7 to 7 percent of africa's population and you are in the right please this show is all about you coming up on today's
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program. can you know we ask young people teves and critical thinkers what defines our because i did.


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