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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2019 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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w. player. play play play play play. oh. this is d.w. news live from berlin and unprecedented and unexpected meeting in north korea donald trump becomes the 1st sitting u.s. president to cross the north korean border where he shook hands with the country's leader kim jong il and. the force that was agreed on a lot of pride. a lot of friendships and there's just this is just ridiculous richard so i just searched for notice of that historic photo op for what's been called
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a handshake her peace. and harnick for germany as the women's soccer team is knocked out of the world com for the finals the 2 time winners takes the lead in their dreams or in dash that sweden is back to prevail in one. place. by marion evans tina welcome to the program. it's being called a historic event u.s. president donald trump has met with north korean dictator kim jong un in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea where both leaders shared a symbolic handshake trump is the 1st sitting u.s. president to enter north korea he described today's events as without precedent but . this is never happened before. an american president stepping foot in
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north korea crossing the line that has divided the peninsula nearly 70 years. some said he didn't know until the last moment if the meeting would take place. this handshake is all it was supposed to be when trump made his surprise off on twitter on saturday. i got away but then there was more. kim said he hoped the moment would signal a new beginning after the breakdown of nuclear talks in february. but it didn't go that she wanted or she wanted it i believe that just looking at this auction is an expression of his willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past and open a new future of it all on the market but. then trump went further saying he would invite came to the united states and the white house. minutes later at a joint news conference he said it was a personal friendship between the 2 leaders that helped to diffuse tension. you can
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talk a great relationship i really think that if you go back to whatever years and you look at what was going on prior marty becoming president it was a very very bad situation a very dangerous situation for south korea to go through for the world. in the end what was supposed to be a brief encounter turned into a 50 minutes meeting also involving the president of south korea. kim and trump have now agreed to stop working talks on p. young's nuclear weapons program but it's unclear whether down the line this will remain any more than a photo op for president keen to leave a lasting legacy of the radar well for more we're joined now by journalist bruce harrison who's in the south korean capital seoul so bruce it was a historic moment donald trump being the 1st serving u.s. president to set foot on north korean soil but it was also the seemingly unscripted
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encounter we saw some chaotic scenes of journalists scrambling tell us what stood out most for you. good evening from saul marianna and thanks for asking for me what stood out the most i think was just the carriage wall interaction between president trump and north korean leader kim the way that they stood face to face at the d.l. before trump stepped over and trump by asking is are right and i step over and there was a little bit of interpretation that he made that step and he patted him on the back and he did that several times he's kind of slapping him on the back like he was an old pal and then there's a scene when they're meeting when they're in the the room where they have their close door session and reporters were asking questions and kim's looking down to the floor he just seems a bit incredulous that this happened and he was just as shocked that president trump and reached out to him on such short notice i found that an interesting moment as well and the jostling of these of these journalists i mean they may
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suggest that this very well indeed was an unplanned event just because of the chaotic aspect so you didn't see activity like that in singapore or annoyed it was planned this did seem unscripted well that's why we did mention initially it was expected there just be a quick 2 minute handshake and then there was this meeting between trump and can that went on for nearly an hour or so does that signal that perhaps something concrete is going to follow from this or was it nothing more and then political theater. it's a lie and i have to say again when it comes to north korea it will just have to wait and see we did get some information about what was discussed in that private session that 15 minute long meeting of the handshake that turned into a 15 minute long meeting trump told reporters that he and kim agreed to form new teams to hold working level talks to try and get the diplomacy back on track he
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said these teams would be formed shortly and begin working together within the next few weeks we'll have to see if that plays out because at the end of the day we still know that north korea and the united states are on opposing ends of the spectrum when it comes to how to deal with the nuclear station of the korean peninsula they both want very different things right now and that became apparent and annoyed despite all the progress from said it was made so despite the fact that these working level talks are supposed to come together will that solve the fundamental differences in their positions north korea wants sanctions eased the u.s. as far as we know still isn't ready to do that until north korea says it's willing to give up its nuclear weapons up front maybe there's a middle ground we just don't know yet all right bruce harrison reporting from seoul we appreciate it thank you. let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world severe flooding has left at least 3 people dead and
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submerged thousands of homes in russia's southeastern your quotes region around 100 people have been hospitalized rescue teams deployed boats and helicopters to bring residents to safety the flood affected around 50 communities more rain is forecast for the region in the coming days. albanians are casting ballots in municipal elections amid a tense political conflict with the opposition boycotting the vote for months now the opposition has held protests demanding the resignation of prime minister rama who cast his vote earlier today and also calling for new general elections. italian interior minister matteo salvini has claimed that the crew of the sea watch 3 committed quote an act of war by ramming a police boat the crack captain of the rescue ship carlos might face up to 10 years in prison after forcing her vessel into to do support all right so germany are now
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out of the women's soccer world cup after a tight 21 defeat by sweden in the quarterfinals and young speight from d.w. sports is here to take us through it so young like this was not what people were expecting was it no not at all the fans the critics everyone didn't see this coming at all germany were clear favorites going into the much they hadn't conceded a goal in this tournament and they had blown away north korea 3 nil in the previous game but those some strange tactics here from germany's coach martina voss to the left who were stuck creative midfielder marjon on the bench but she stabs her starstruck eyelids and report in midfield and so that really did kind of hurt germany's creativity going forward but that said sweden deserved to win this much so much more organized and they put through their game plan to perfection let's take a look at how the swedes actually managed it. the german women lined up for a shot at the world cup semifinal in the absence of jennifer not
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a xan but her young teammates withstood scorching french heat and an early swedish onslaught to take the lead after 15 minutes one nil to germany. niinimaa gould with her 2nd goal of the tournament and one of the best in france so far 6 minutes later however the swedish women used the direct route to find an equalizer a mistake by germany at the back and sophia jakobsen school was one all that the break yacob son ashamed to roll is the most dangerous forward on the pitch in the 2nd tough she was involved in a well constructed build up before seen a black stimulus netted sweden 2nd to give her side a crucial lead was germany had plenty of time to find the level but despite some close calls in the dying minutes the 2 time world cup winners are heading home. sweet marching on to a semifinal. germany heading home just how disappointed are they yeah this
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is a big blow for germany this is the 2nd time that crashed out in the quarterfinals in a major tournament in 2 years after the disappointment of the euro 2017 and this also means that germany won't be competing in the olympics next year in tokyo only the top 3 teams your paintings in the world cup go through and so that's a huge blow in terms of the team's development this is a young team a few of the players will be retiring and you know they need these competitive games to move forward as a football nation i think largely the the qualification for the olympics needs to be taken a look at i think there should be proper qualification so that the top teams do go and compete in it but that said germany didn't deserve to win this match they knew what was at stake and still have to move forward from here all right so what this means is that sweden will now play the netherlands how did they get through yes so this was a very tough match the netherlands up against italy and it was played in stuff in hit 33 degrees they were playing in so not easy conditions whatsoever and as a result the players did look a bit exhausted and it was a bit of
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a dull match but italy defended really well and they were the better team in the 1st half but then the netherlands really turn the screw is vivian made a most boring open off from a free kick and that was her 3rd goal of the tournament and then we saw stephanie van grab double delays in the 80th minute to seal the match to you know another free kick from the netherlands and they're looking very strong and this is the 1st semifinal out of world cup ever and now they will face of course sweden and in the other game we of course have the usa up against england star to huge matches still to come by kickoff on tuesday and wednesday right the term end remains exciting an expat from good always for it's always good to talk to you just feel. in war torn afghanistan even soccer comes with deadly risks the taliban which controls parts of the country bars women from playing sports but threats from fundamentalists have not stopped a group of girls from pursuing their passion 1st soccer. behind the security of
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concrete walls a backyard game a football fathers watch protectively their daughters literally putting their lives on the line for their sport montage has been playing in secret for more than 5 years. it's really doesn't look very professional here which we'll see from this backyard when we play football we are threatened again and again they're often afraid and not bush when the girls train outside we have to hide their gym bags because we're afraid the neighbors will tell on them that's a lot. and afghanistan the taliban and other fundamentalists believe that women playing sports is a mortal sin death threats and attacks are commonplace but here in kabul many take a more liberal view even in moms. as long as the girls wear their huge jobs properly it's fine if they play sports
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even with the boys as far as i'm concerned. despite campaigns to break the taboo women's football in afghanistan was left reeling after revelations that sport officials had sexually and physically assaulted members of the national team for years a culture of abuse another hurdle to overcome. at this gym in kabul girls have to pay to train and it's expensive. there are no sponsors for equipment balls and uniforms. no want to support their dream of competing at a top level perhaps even at a future world cup. that our kids would when i started my father was absolutely against my playing football he was afraid of go sit on the fundamentalists it took me a long time to change his mind. i met him what that got on with us what the problem
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is the constant attacks and killings i think right now my father is dying a 1000 deaths at home because he knows i'm here and he's afraid that something might happen to me. i must get upset with ago appears grifter will be back at home montoya's father has nothing but support for his daughter. smoking a form and it's a really big risk my daughter is taking but if it means so much to her she should follow her aspirations i stand by. women's football in afghanistan is more than just a game. it's also an exercise of the normas courage. tens of thousands of people have been taking part in the gay pride celebrations around the world including a boisterous party in mexico rainbow flags and umbrello swayed and music pounded along mexico's city's streets with couples families and active in seeking to raise
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visibility for sexual diversity in the country other l.g.b. t.q. celebrations took place from india to europe with more events taking place today. you're up to date now on d w i marion and the scene for me and the entire team thanks for watching. so it should have to get through the bundesliga break without a football 6 think again. the women's world cup in. weeks of excitement emotion. that swings in ninety's with. the goals the results hit on d.w.t. .


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