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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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i tried to do it back in a day. and. 2 this is news live from berlin an unprecedented and unexpected meeting in north korea donald trump becomes the 1st u.s. president to cross the north korean border where he shook hands with the country's leader kim jong il and. a historic photo op for what's been called a handshake repeats. a lot of friendships and they just take
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a trip so i just very quickly notice that. as countries around the world mark a pride activists say turkish authorities have been the march in istanbul dashing hopes the parade would go ahead this year if we go live to istanbul for more. and heartache for germany as the women's soccer team is knocked out of the world cup quarterfinals the 2 time winners take the lead but their dreams are dashes for me to head back to prevail to want. i'm joining us it's been called a historic event u.s. president donald trump has met with north korean dictator kim. in the did
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militarized zone between north and south korea where both leaders shared a symbolic handshake trump is the 1st sitting u.s. president to enter north korea he described today's events as without precedent. this is never happened before. an american president stepping foot in north korea crossing the line that has divided the peninsula in nearly 70 years. some said he didn't know until the last moment if the meeting would take place if this handshake is all it was supposed to be when trump made a surprise offer on twitter on saturday. that was then that was more. kim said he hoped the moment would signal a new beginning after the breakdown of nuclear talks in february. 5th and told that she wanted all she wanted was i believe that just looking at this auction is an expression of his willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past
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and open a new future it's all on the market but. then trump went further saying he would invite came to the united states and the white house. minutes later at a joint news conference he said it was a personal friendship between the 2 leaders that helped to diffuse tension. he felt a great relationship i really think that if you go back to a half years and you look at what was going on for our body becoming president it was a very very bad situation a very dangerous situation for south korea for both career for the world. in the end what was supposed to be a brief encounter turned into a 50 minutes meeting and also involving the president of south korea. kim and trump have now agreed to stop working talks on pyongyang's nuclear weapons program but it's unclear whether down the line this will remain any more than a photo op for president keen to leave a lasting legacy or you're going to hear our political ticker. for more i'm joined
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now by journalist bruce harrison in the south korean capital seoul bruce one might certainly be struck by how impromptu unscripted and frankly a touch chaotic this encounter appeared to be as journalists scrambled for position around the leaders but it was no doubt historic what stood out for you most. yes certainly was historic the 1st president to step foot united states president i should say to step foot in north korea but for me what stood out the most i think was the casual demeanor with which president trump a north korean leader kim jong un greeted greeted each other kim did not seem nervous at all trump is used to these high profile meetings he has a very long list of of of leaders world leaders that he's mad as well as a big meetings throughout his business and television career kim jong un relatively untested in the world of meeting powerful leaders he's done it more and more as of
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late but despite the spotlight he was very relaxed it seemed trump was patting him on the back and it was just just almost unbelievable to see them interacting like that in the d.m.z. in the j s a this area that's known for its tension known for its history of being an area that's divided suited the 2 koreas so that that that stood out to me significantly now trump initially said it would just be a 2 minute handshake but then he and kim had a private meeting for nearly an hour so what's the likelihood this will yield something more substantive than simple political theater. or michael that's the big question ultimately it will come down to what trump has said he and kim agreed to and that's working level talks or rather rebuilding that teens that will be. conducting those talks to hopefully hold another summit trump said that they've
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agreed to within the next 2 to 3 weeks bring new teams together that's both united states and north korea to hold working level discussions on moving forward ultimately to fulfill the joint goals they set out in the singapore summit last year since then they have had little to none no common ground on achieving those goals a largely centered around denuclearization of the korean. finance a lot so what trump is told the world is that they decided they're going to start fresh little bit with some new people and see if they can find that common ground that they failed to find in hanoi but ultimately we don't know what the outcome of this meeting will be was it simply a photo op as many people suggested or as the optimists whether it was south korean public i spoke with or analysts say that this is better than nothing just having a meeting like this ultimately could keep the ball moving and it has long as trump
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and kim the leaders are having some sort of relationship that they will be able to at least keep peace tension attention's low on the korean peninsula for the time being trump constantly referencing his 2017 when there was a fire in fear a year and then before that his administration he says things were in a terrible state nobody wants to see a return to that but he believes this is the right way this top down the policy bruce harrison in seoul many thinks. now to some of the other stories making news around the world sudanese police have clashed with protesters in the capital khartoum thousands have gathered to demonstrate against the country's ruling military council dozens of people have been killed and hundreds wounded in a crackdown on protesters since the military moved former president omar al bashir from authors earlier this year. severe flooding has left at least 3 people dead and submerged thousands of homes in russia's south eastern curt's region around $100.00
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people have been hospitalized rescue teams deployed boats and helicopters to bring residents to safety the floods affected around 50 communities more rain is forecast for the region in the coming days. italian interior minister. has claimed the crew of the sea watch 3 committed an act of war by ramming a police boat the captain of the rescue ship. might face up to 10 years in prison after forcing her vessel into lampedusa for racketed defended her act as necessary to avert a human tragedy. tens of thousands of people have been taking part in gay pride celebrations around the world including a boisterous party in mexico rainbow flags in umbrellas swayed in music pounded along mexico city streets with couples families and activists seeking to raise visibility for sexual diversity in the country. took place from india to europe
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with more events taking place today. activists are also hoping to celebrate pride today but authorities in turkey have banned the event for more i'm joined by. jones what's happening with. i'm going to vote on hundreds and hundreds of members of this town although. by to celebrate by. example for going back 3 the sound that was in house on there is a massive presence around the center of the city now to prevent celebration of right at the site that activities all still going on there are many right send it back. and as you add. all that that meant that i am. on about the 5 as the that. and the shake it back in
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2003. in sydney sands and people are entering there my goodness is that there's been some discussion about lifting the ban on the 5 march in istanbul what about the rights of the l g b t community in turkey at the moment. for intel. sexuality has now been banned even the way back to the formation of the public and i think it is many question the 1st season that. was very explicit sexuality and. that is why. is it is so silly and also it's not. right. and was that it. was. asked. asked in
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a panel. as always so i would challenge the election in that position that the 1st on many. levels would be lifted and then a little. bit in the this is an open seat those at the. minutes still to come it's very visible within the sample and they. do enjoy thank you very much then and information and also the battling with the noise that you're dealing with apologies for the years if you couldn't quite clearly. germany are heading home from the world cup in france after going down to sweden in saturday's 2nd quarter final the surprise 21 loss has left many in shock as the german women fail to take their chances and struggle to hold off sweden's attack. the german women lined up for a shot at the world cup semifinal in the absence of jennifer matters shaan but her young teammates withstood scorching french heat and an early swedish onslaught to take the lead after 15 minutes one nil to germany. nina gould with her 2nd goal of
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the tournament and one of the best in france 6 minutes later however the swedish women used the direct route to find an equalizer a mistake by germany at the back and sofia jakobsen school was one all of the break yacob some ashamed to role is the most dangerous forward on the pitch in the 2nd tough she was involved in a well constructed build up before seen a black stimulus netted sweden 2nd to give his side a crucial lead was germany had plenty of time to find the level but despite some close calls in the dying minutes the 2 time world cup winners are heading home and sweeten a marching on to a semi fun. yes expect from sports is here to take us through that devastating loss for germany you know nick no one was really expecting this i mean what happened yeah not at all i mean germany with the favorites going into
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them this much they hadn't conceded a goal in the tournament yet and they were coming off a big win against not jury as well win 3 nil but the coach the german coach martina voss tekken bug made a few strange choices in tactics and with personnel she left to create a midfielder on the bench and she started to star struck a alexander pop in midfield so it's a bit confusing and i think it affected germany in terms of their creativity output but that said i mean sweden wore the better tain so much well much more organized they knew their game plan and they executed it to perfection so deserve win for sweden i don't think germany can have too many complaints i think i knew the answer to this question but i have to ask you how disappointed will germany be yeah this is a big deal one because this is the 2nd time that germany have gone out of the quarter finals in 2 years they also went near a 2017 but even bigger is now they miss out on the olympics next say next year because the top 3 teams in this world cup top 3 european teams qualify for the
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olympics that's how the qualification process goes and with germany outside that top 4 it's wait another wins and france going to the olympics germany at the defending champions the defending gold medalists now nowhere to be seen so that's a big blow for this team and they are young they do have a bright future but you need to play in these competitive tournament's in order to progress and so for a lot of these players they're going to be missing out on a big big tournament and that's a huge blow for the country you know sweden will face the netherlands who played earlier today how did they get through yes so this was also a tough match played in sweltering conditions 32 to 3 degrees no less and so it was quite cage's the result but the netherlands they stepped it up a notch in the 2nd half and they took the lead in the 70th minute as we can see here they be on the demo putting netherlands in front with a towering hedda and it's only the. try to come back look at that for a moment that's a beautiful one wow and then 10 minutes later i sealed the deal with this had a from stephanie and it's really you know they defended well and they were the
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surprise package of the tournament they went further than anyone expected but at the end of the day good for them especially from the set pieces and they got the job done we have about 10 seconds with you you're a journalist you suppose we had jack to but based on what you've seen quickly who's going to win this i would say bates weighed in on the other semi final image looks at what makes a young youtube or successful i'll be back at the top of the hour with more headlines you can get. go to the euro you tube channel. goodbye no story. with exclusive. must see concerning culture. to the full curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribe don't miss.


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