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crisis. in 45 minutes doubling. her 1st day of school in the. first clinton less. than bennett doris grand moment arrives join the arena tango on her journey back to radio in our interactive documentary dora and orangutan returns home. to. i know that said manufacturing steel and. when i look at some i see something more than the sum of. our going from sharing experiences with real girlfriend to sharing experiences with
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the synthetic one. creating a synthetic family. dean bevan is 58 years old and single. but he doesn't live alone well ladies. he starts every day with a cup of coffee in the morning news and his constant companion sarah a life like sex doll made from t p e a polymer similar to silicone. i'd been divorced for over 10 years and my children were spending longer periods away from the home i'm a fairly independent person but i did miss the companionship of being in a relationship. yeah the idea to acquire a dog came to dean 2 years ago. i started doing some research and
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then i found a friend there in the u.k. and placed an order for sarah. she came about 2 months later. when i opened the ball i was completely surprised at how realistic she looked. and so i decided instead of me and after a few days of my brain was being fooled into thinking it was somebody there i'm not so old quite like this actually. it was just the beginning today dean shares his house with a total of 7 so fear was my 2nd home she arrived in january of last year. i was particularly taken by her look at me she can cook quite melancholy thoughtful i thought she was quite different to sarah this is cherie hertha she's the only dover school 2 times i thought you know i need some diversity i need some different ethnic groups in my
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dull collection and this was the most african looking dark and far. thing i think she's the queen because she's very pretty go service the queen. reminded her of the. sex dolls like deans are manufactured in china and sold in europe by an array of wholesalers in germany one of the biggest distributors is headquartered at the edge of the hearts mountains. and sells about $2000.00 a year his customers are almost exclusively men most dollars cost between $1.20 euros. so this one still needs brown eyes.
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and skin color head and pubic hair or types of fingernails customers can configure their dollars according to taste selection is big with about $100.00 different body shapes to choose from. what. we carry models that deviate from the classic measurements of 96900 centimeters and there are different sizes types of material skin color and body types muscular. this one is the model next door neighbor it's intentionally designed to be different to the ideal 906090 phenomenon with some tommy. there are different ways starting at $25.00 kilos and the sky's the limit when it comes to customization we cater to customers tastes. this one for example has generous hips and thighs and weighs a good 45 kilos. model like this weighs around 27 kilos. and these
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here around 30 to 35 kilos or from the size of fuel. in this game of mix and match customers can choose from a selection of 100 bodies and 300 heads. these very individualized hand painted permanent make up. only here is one of our best selling heads. it represents an ideal perfect natural woman it has something very natural about it it's not intimidating for men and. you don't have to prove anything to a lifelike loved all. there's no pressure on the man who uses it like a consumer product whenever he needs it customers want to watch a match drink a beer and then have sex. between.
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men order sex dolls for different reasons many can't find a partner in life because they're insecure or too shy or physically disabled others don't want the commitment. and then there are those who have been unlucky in love whatever the reason the doll substitutes a human partner. but there are certain human attributes a projected and. the key one is creating some ability.
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because she's completely runnable. she relies on me to do everything to move her around to dress or to clean or to maintain a. sports. dean regularly changes his dolls outfits their wardrobe is now larger than his own . it's. only got maybe 20 dresses a certain. lots of has a leggings. lots of underwear it's different bras. i think when i you know when i had real girlfriends i always used to enjoy buying clothes. like this is sarah's favorite dress. like a glove it really does look good and it's. so 50 style i
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guess. i just put my hand in the car again and i'm just holding her hand while i pull the cardigan over so that benefit is back. this is what he said to work with patients. dean retired early from his job as a psychiatric nurse in 2013 he says he missed feeling needed but that's not the only reason sara moved in. dean also has an intimate relationship with her 1st. you know what is love i think for men quite often it's physical so. pre-programmed biologically to respond to certain things so i respond to her face i chose her face because i found it attractive couple times she's been in dreams of mine and i thought she was real but then after it's obvious
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a few minutes you wake up and you realize it was just a dream and then i almost i must admit occasion i felt sad really and i thought that was nice. to date dean has never been out in public with his dogs but that's not to change very soon. in the early. when dean isn't at home spending time with his girls as he calls them he's mostly out alone. when i'm out of my car often i'm on my own. working here is the sound of the birds . i don't feel the need to be with other people. i'm comfortable in my own skin really.
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against. i'm aware of the fact that i kind of claim to be anti social in the things i do but it is much that i don't seek out activities that involve other people. for gene love didn't last after 3 years of marriage the mother of his 2 children filed for divorce he had 3 more relationships but they all ended and he's all but given up hope of finding his soulmate. it's just i have had people say to me don't you get lonely you know why don't you give up what you're doing and just have a really normal relationship but i don't feel the need to do that i really don't. i think it's partly getting older and i'll be 62.
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well i haven't had a romantic relationship for about 3 years says. i don't forget what it's like. the number of single households in europe is growing one in 3 adults lives alone in britain that applies to 1300000 men in deans each group. worldwide realistic synthetic dolls have opened up new business opportunities in the sex industry. yes there is a pagano for whom it's best to book the dog you want to head of your visit so it isn't already taken then book a time when we have availability and you're good to go concert again as possible.
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evelyn shots open germany's 1st sex doll brothel in 2017. have a fit on this and that all of this is the lounge where customers arrive these are 4 of our sex tones out of a total of 13 on a quick i'd say this for example is the model liz it's very popular because of its large bust and backs on with students. but the next customer has opted for a stop at all the dolls here it costs $80.00 euros per hour. as well frequent it up to a dozen men book rooms here every day. why do they resort to dolls to meet their sexual needs. in
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a fun time they come to fulfill their fantasies their desires are scooters there are certain advantages you don't have to worry about another person's notion of semen and there's no pressure to perform like how i have to satisfy her to get my own satisfaction with feeding his mind of mine a defeated. yeah and what's anality english noise gauge we always involves have heard in the act of giving and people are takers in libor. this is all we have so there's the doorbell and if it's not a delivery then it's probably a customer and i'd ask you to disappear discreetly behind the door so was calling. the customer is booked an hour we're not allowed to follow him in with our cameras .
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in ipswich dean's daughter reanimate is coming for a visit she's 19 and a university student she's known about her father synthetic roommates for 18 months . hello how area thank you you. come in come in. oh by the way you haven't met the new girl yet. i have a guest who shares this is astrid. you got to go for a nose and you don't know the good. doctor she's the latest t.v. material so she will feel softer and her nose is a bit with squidgy. every time i get a new one you can feel the materials just improve that much more this so's i mean very very human skin filled. it all started when pictures around the
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house and a side note saying and i was kept at myself so i think i knew what they were. i don't like i'm going to bring her own misery i saw these when i was coming home and part of me hoped he was dressing up and felt i don't. feel like i my brother and i were really negative about we didn't like them i didn't like them so i found it crispy have found it. because well this isn't something you have to think you'd have going to do you don't want to be the person who. gave in to his children's demands and remove the pictures. to get the dolls in his bedroom. yeah. i think after
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a while i just stop being angry kind of i felt less about how it makes me feel and i thought i could but for now i'm going to make him feel any better if he has to hide this aspect that makes it really hard. in the younger brother still hasn't come to terms with their father's penchant for dolls he will only visit if the removed from the living room but he too has begun making concessions. oh that's just a bit more and i was really pleased when he said. you can put your picture i don't believe i think you could you mother she said. this way to you myself. now i can understand. the family is divided on dean stalls his ex-wife sister and son think he's got a problem his mother and daughter try to show solidarity. simplistically i hope
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he does continue being happy it was my choice so like him to find someone. being convicted relationship with. their relationship now he would because it would get in the. car door though you want. i'm not giving up every time i go crikey i'm looking for potential partners or promise you. i always knew he was only. for you why didn't he get a pass even take a course or something very college take a night course or something go back to work that was always an option. to a new job although the jury would. get a job so photographer. i thought just show you some recent pictures i've done so you can be honest your punches.
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really needs a bell once you come. to this cold that it's not as hot as it is today. i was just actually go into some realistic. when i was coming of feminists and i for. some a bit just move quicker viewing it so much cleavage when you think about those you think sexual connotations now i still look at them and think that. not so i do i do listen to reason his reaction on this because i'm. conscious that what i do could be seen to be objectifying women so this before. but sometimes i might take
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a little bit too far. they are getting to a place very women because they don't want to deal with having to ask women permission. and that be their interaction with women that i would judge them a bit. at the doll brothel and the customers left and it's time for the cleaner to take over. not there just after the customer has used the dollar i need to inspect it and see how high i used it and what i need to do to clean it up in the woods however i need to shower it off or if just wiping it down with
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a cleaning agent and disinfectant will do. so much to lose a customer appears to have been gentle on the dog. as it is naturally there are customers who indulge in their fantasies and then you find a dog that kind of needs to be untangled type of eyes and they have to be on was sometimes they're totally bent out of shape in a position where i'm just like ok. ok. it's been national health totally unfazed i don't know how else to put it it's just body fluids. in my head my gloves on i'm protected it's totally normal for me. it's not mother's. permission i'd find it far more disgusting to be washing dishes in a restaurant. i must for one to tell that fish are. underage
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doesn't share the concerns of critics who say sex dolls dehumanizing objectify women she says many customers simply have hangups. i guess that most of the customer once said to me i'd rather go to a real woman but she would see me and i don't know whether he was disfigured or not but he said she'd see me and i'm afraid to show myself busy me. which gets a present. after 45 minutes a style is back in service in. the . sex stalls are a burgeoning business the brothel and what is one of several in europe including
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barcelona which is the 1st in europe paris brussels today and moscow they've all opened within the past 2 and a half years. today is a big day for dean back and it's which he's venturing out into public with one of his dolls for the 1st time he's chosen athena as his model for a photo shoot. if you help. us. on the worst case i guess would be if i had a member of the public come up to me and start swearing and shouting. making derogatory remarks but i'm not really expecting anything like that. people to be seen using waited for years. that's no new thing so if someone comes up to me and says you're a weirdo oh look at them square in the eye and say yes i am thank you very much.
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after half an hour dean arrives in the small harbor town of pin mill. he can't afford to waste time it's hot and athena in the midday sun. can melt in temperatures over 50 degrees celsius. dean has a clear idea of what he wants his pictures to convey. give. i trying to capture a moment where i think they look almost lifelike. but not quite. it's difficult to define really. after 20 minutes athena needs to find shade.
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he spends his evening in front of the t.v. his favorite show humans is on tonight. your sister. is a. slave. cylinder is about androids that develop a consciousness and threaten to usurp humanity. says. i can see that though come a time when creations that i serve a movie about and i could talk to her. she'd have a form of all official intelligence so i think the future is going to be interesting. researchers in the us are busy working to make that future a reality a californian manufacturer has devised what it builds as the world's 1st sex robot it's programmed with voice recognition software and can talk using
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a bluetooth powered speakers. motors in her face a lot harmony to make our lips and head and blink. my name is harmony. designed to be a companion. lover. i will love you. love me. scientists warn that sex robots threaten the fabric of human society never the less they predict relationship. with these machines will be widespread by 2050 i just would love that i can think of in the you'll be more exciting actually. if i could chat away to sarah and have a conversation. that would be just. brilliant for me personally. mind you of course she could say well i'm all for you know that i'm
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like a living here but that would be a choice except that. but this why to this day. equipped with artificial intelligence sarah would be dean's perfect partner he could have bandon his search for a real mate and live happily ever after in a robotic relationship.
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that's all good. venezuela's broken health system. people who are seriously ill can't get medicine. doctors often go unpaid. people try to help each other but are. 1st fall short. then israel and its major humanitarian crisis. in 15 minutes on g.w.
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. planet berlin the global tourist guide function is booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series the battle of venice nightlights trust me i love these images showed was a certain look the focus was like meet the sights as the 50 nations 50 stories and 50 very personal tips on berlin's a very best pitchers. look no money for lent every week on d w 2. and i'm. glad.
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i am. it's been 15 years since the moon landing. she was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter how to dress. shirts or go to the pole. as an astronaut she took part in the greatest adventure in history. but she wrote a legend. simply a human being who was neil armstrong. the moon was his destiny starts
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july 20th on t.w. . this is deja news live from berlin an unprecedented and unexpected meeting in north korea that because that great a lot of broke. a lot of friendships and to say that this is just a textbook for a trip so i just took a very quick notice of the what if donald trump becomes the 1st sitting u.s. president to close the north korean border where he shook hands with the coo country's leader kim jong un an historic photo op for what's been called and hand
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shake for peace.


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