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almost a month ago. these demonstrators made their way to khartoum's defense ministry to appeal to military rule as it was one of several rallies in cities across sudan protesters were eager to make their voices heard. god punished these oppressors. we want to civilian government a civilian one. some marches carried photos of family members who were among dozens killed when police broke up a peaceful sit in protest outside army headquarters in early june that violence coincided with the collapse of talks between military rulers and protest leaders about who should head a new governing body sunday's rallies marked the 1st return to the streets since then. as protesters in khartoum neared the presidential palace officials made it clear that they were unwilling to listen to the voice of the people on stirring the
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chants with tear gas. the military council justified his actions and a special t.v. address. when i came on that morning with troops mission is to protect protesters but we don't trust the vandals. in front of the youth center in the medical headquarters there are snipers shooting at people they have hit 3 members of the rocket support forces and about 5 or 6 civilians that's why we were upset and trying to get things under control and that i could look at. sunday's demonstrations also mark the 30th anniversary of the coup that 1st brought president omar al bashir to power in 1909. that coup talk of the last democratically elected government here the demonstrators have vowed to continue their protests and to sit down has a civilian leadership again i american president donald trump called it a great honor crossing the line in the demilitarized zone between north and south
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korea to shake hands with north korean leader kim jong un is the 1st time a serving u.s. president has entered the north but critics are skeptical that it will amount to much more than a photo op. this has never happened before an american president setting foot in north korea crossing the line that has divided the peninsula for nearly 70 years. trump said he did not know until the very last moment whether the meeting would take place. this brief handshake is all it was supposed to be when trump made his surprise offer while at the g 20 summit in osaka. but then there was more kim said he hoped the moment would signal a new beginning after the breakdown of nuclear talks in february. this year and don't touch it one why would i believe the just looking at this action is an
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expression of his willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past and open a new future. on the market but. then trump went further saying he would invite ken to the us and the white house. minutes later at a joint news conference he said it was the personal friendship between the 2 leaders that helped to diffuse tension. you cannot do great relationships i really think that if you go back you were there for years and you look at what was going on prior to my becoming president it was a very very bad situation a very dangerous situation for yourself career and good career for the world in the end what was supposed to be a brief encounter turned into a 15 minute meeting also involving the president of south korea kim and trump have agreed to start working talks on pyongyang's nuclear weapons but it's unclear whether down the line this will remain any more than
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a photo op for president keen to leave a lasting legacy. here and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. pro-democracy protesters are gathering for. today is the anniversary of the british colonies handover to beijing in $997.00. protests in recent weeks against a proposed legislation that would allow suspects to be extradited from the territory to mainland china. in germany and italy have helped raise over a 1000000 for the. rescue ship arrested by italian authorities. was detained after. following a week. with officials. a father and his young daughter have been. trying to reach the united
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states. were circulated widely in the media. have been called out to remove. from the streets after a storm hit the central city of. residence and caused damage to homes vehicles and shops. locked in discussions over who will fill the blocks top positions following may's european elections france and germany may have reached a compromise on who will take the key commission president post dutch social democrat. but their choice is meeting with some stiff opposition. never think you hear about this top secret it's the 2nd time that e.u. leaders are meeting to discuss who should be the commission's next president ahead
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of the special summit french president emmanuel mccrone said he was optimistic of a breakthrough. is convinced it's important that we come away from the summit with answers and a new team unlike last week mccrone isn't expressing any clear preferences this time if you did the one of the criteria is competent and i can name some names. migrate france to mama hold. the goal as a candidate e.u. members can agree on and one who doesn't divide many eastern european countries are opposed to the netherlands france to muds who is criticized poland and hungary for lapses in the rule of law something they haven't forgotten i'm afraid that this person is number believe the right one to food. to europe the same thing that possibly you have a feeling the buddha was much more nobody both if only in the region. it's a complicated equation to balance with all players seeking to weigh in. the a used
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leadership should represent interests across the block east and west gender equality and both big and small countries. probably still the site is just very important to also just see that you're profitable products $28.00 e.u. members including the united kingdom that means $28.00 national egos to balance and then there's the european parliament which also wants to have its say german chancellor angela merkel warned a difficult compromise ahead sylvie's the sitting and also way things stand the talks are going to be easy to put it mildly the european parliament or at least 2 of its political groups are committed to the principle of selecting one of their candidates so i think it's going to take a while though and that's the polls so it looks like another long night in brussels but this time e.u. leaders have to come up with names that they can present to the new european parliament when it convenes this week. and
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a long road ahead 2 for did you corresponding mathes at the european council in brussels york are the e.u. leaders any closer to an agreement. the meeting here in brussels has been delayed twice now by rounds of bilateral talks and that is normally a good indication that leaders haven't been able to find a consensus it looks like that france to months the social democrat candidate for the top job in the european commission from the netherlands and currently the vice president of the european commission is still in the race but there is no movement majority for him not all the others can line up behind that candidate that then could be proposed to the european parliament and so it looks like and that is what a number of diplomats have told us they may just take another summit in possibly in 2 weeks time to resolve the issue. if you look back at present previous commission presidents it was always hard to agree on them and this process has
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taken weeks but in the year feeling that this time there are deeper divisions in europe than in the past. a particular problem this time around is that it is neither the council so member states nor the european parliament so european lawmakers that can agree on a single candidate they they would want to back and that is a big problem because it is the council that appoints a candidate and it is then the european parliament that approves this candidate so the process is is deadlocked if you want at the moment furthermore you have another 4 top jobs to be filled among them the head of the european council or the head of the european central bank 2 of those 5 top jobs within the european union should go to a woman so a female candidate needs to be found another job should go to an eastern european country one job should go to a small one job should go to a big country and then you have party political considerations so you have
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a whole lot a set of factors which every time creates a bit of a horse trading situation so it is has always been difficult but this time around it is particularly difficult. ok yorks of 5 top jobs what's so important about being president of the european commission. of course the president of the european commission sets the political agenda for the club of $28.00 nation states which which formed formed the e.u. in terms of real political power it is rather limited it is the most powerful job though within the institutions but what it clearly is it is a platform for for politics it is it sets the guidelines for for this european union and so it very very much depends on the poster who fills that job because that process participates in in g 7 meetings that person gets to hold a so called state of the union speech every year on the state of politics in the
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european union so it is. a job where you can lead the club into new political heights into new things where you can set the agenda and so that is also why it's so hard for leaders to find someone who has the capacity who has the abilities to fulfill this job during his in brussels thanks for that. sports now and germany's men's under $21.00 footballers have lost the european championship final to spain the $21.00 defeat comes just a day after the country's women went out in the world cup quarterfinals spain went ahead early thanks to a superb finish from family and voice the sides then traded goals in the 2nd half in the italian city of houdini and talking of german women's to the german women's team when they headed home after the bit of disappointment of their quarter final today. actually being from the world cup the 21 defeat to sweden was
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a surprise the 2 time champions are not the force to hold germany had many inexperienced players in france and hope they will come of age for the challenges ahead. germany hoped to have been packing their bags for the semifinals in early on but instead they are on their way home the 21 defeat to sweden in the quarter final hurt in more ways than one. it was kind of a shame i don't know what's worse going out of the world cup or missing out on qualifying for the olympics by not reaching the semi's they both suck. we didn't show the same desire to win as we did in the earlier games it is better to go out in such a decisive game but that is football and now we just have to work harder and build on it and. saying goodbye this early wasn't part of the plan. but the coach was trying to look on the bright side. we won 4 games here and then
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lost one will process what happened pick ourselves back up and come back stronger in the next 2 years and challenge at the european championship the euros now have to be the focus given there will be no defense of their own in pick title next year in tokyo they failed to be among the best 3 european teams in france to qualify that in itself shows how tough the euros might be. those are the news for now up next a reporter looking at the human impact of u.s. immigration thanks for joining us. 2000 kilometers live between them the escobar family separated by trump's immigration orders. 2 years ago jose escobar was deported from the u.s. to el salvador where he was born he was forced to babysit wife rose and their 2
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children in houston texas they can only visit her say once a year a family torn apart.


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