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thank. you. this is dede of the news aisha coming up on the program and to beijing protests escalates again in hong kong angry demonstrators tried to break down the door of the city's fall about this as hong kong passed its return from british to chinese rule hour long the protesters push back against beijing's growing influence plus. giving up the same full face and indian actress says she's quitting bollywood suddenly just reasons why that decision has sparked a defeat in the indian film industry. and
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british friends welcome to do the news asia it's good to have you with us. we begin in hong kong where monday was meant to mark the day when china peacefully required a part of its territory from the united kingdom after more than 150 years a day when a promise of political autonomy was made to the people of hong kong but it looks something like this division protesters clashing with police angry over a proposed extradition law that has the backing of the hong kong government a law that would allow some people in hong kong to be tried on the chinese mainland according to chinese law. protesters believe the law undermines hong kong autonomy and they have demanded the hong kong government led by chief executive
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gary lam withdraw the bill has since apologized for her part in the unrest can you trust the incidence of recent months have led to controversies and disputes between the public and the government this is made me fully realise that as a politicians i have to constantly remind myself of the need to grasp public sentiment so you accurately. say i'm not one saying. of these sentiments but on full display in recent weeks when millions turned out on to hong kong streets to protest surprisingly though many of these protests lacked central leadership as correspondent phoebe kong discovered. the teen is a 21 year old student who runs a supply station outside hong kong's legislature it's been the scene of frequent demonstrations in recent weeks it all started online and shielded real world results. well that's how they don't that are we recruited over
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a 1000 members on the 1st day when i launched the telegram group and i also cooperate with an online forum whenever i post a message i always receive the 1st response within a minute. by using telegram an encrypted messaging app along with an online discussion forum people respond to calls for mass gatherings in order to block roads and government offices at short notice many protesters wear face masks to avoid identification and potentially shield themselves from tear gas or pepper spray. tin and the other activists hand out protective gear and mobilize helpers to the front line. in the latest wave of demonstrations the protest leaders themselves are often just a few of many key players. will resist any affiliation with political parties online platforms are the most neutral medium because all
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initiatives are spontaneous that reflects the will of the people but not any organization that's why people are keen to join. the leaderless movement is led by nobody but the crowd hot topics on forums spawned protest action online polls are also taken before or during demonstrations to let protesters make collective decisions i compared to his own experience in the umbrella movement says the new tactics can attract supporters beyond hong kong's traditional activists seen. this movement hasn't succeeded yet because top leaders of the government still reject our demands we learn from the failure of the movement and develop new strategies to pressure the authorities we will continue to fight until all our goals are achieved. many young protestors like
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teen believe that by expanding beyond conventional rallies their multipronged approach will be hard to beat and even has a chance of bringing the change they desire. for the mourners we have a son who has a project manager of the global public policy institute a think tank in. to the revenues asia now 3 weeks of protests we've seen more than a 1000000 people on the streets of hong kong all to have this extradition withdrawn withdrawn. i think for the time being what terry lamb has and the government i said is it's going to be proposed and definitely i don't think it'll be indefinitely off the table i think if anything we can say the government may be buying its time now and to have some quiet in the city but to say it's completely off the table i think it's too early and the signs indicate that that why would why should this be the case is it a case of the government playing the long game i mean hong kong ultimately does
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take its instructions from beijing is that a tactic that i'm going to listen to how the chinese government general put it it's well if we look at how the chinese government operates in the mainland they have 5 year plans so on and so forth in hong kong they said you know you have your autonomy for 50 years but over the last 22 years we have seen china creeping in in the hong kong's autonomy whether it's the issue of the national security bill that they wanted to pass and 2003 which did not work out and then the idea of giving hong kong universal suffrage but china interpret saying what universal suffrage means and now with this extradition bill which allows people to be extradited to china doesn't work now does not mean it's not going to work in the future and we know china plays a long term game is this something that is is this a fact that is lost on the protesters do you think the protesters in hong kong perhaps have their hopes in the wrong place of the actually think of the protests can make a difference all there nor that it would not make a difference but it's important to protest i think it's
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a matter of respecting the autonomy of hong kong look most of the people who are coming out to protest the students were not born in 1900 some were born after so they're very young generation they've they've more active and they know that you know the majority of their life will be 2047 and so it is their time not to stand up and protect and they find you know their autonomy now mind you it's pro democracy a lot. these people are coming out for. preserving what was guaranteed to them and they feel that this is not being respected and of course they're politically more active they're more in tune with social media it's a leaderless movement and like them breland movement that we saw a few years ago and so i think they have a lot of backing specially this extradition because different segments of society are also there and like the previous umbrella of the last question your role if you
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can. carry lam they want to go would you go. that's a hard one to say i think she has a mandate to continue being the chief executive of hong kong until 2022 i think the next days and weeks will determine the future of her career and as far as we can see she's come out she's apologized she said she has you know the dropped the ball she will listen more to the people of hong kong and try to set things right again those on the on the global public policy institute think tank in berlin thank you very much for coming in to india next for a popular bollywood actress zotto was seem has quit acting a shot decision that has kicked off a heated debate across the country 18 year old was seem shocked us thought of inventing 16 foot up involvement in the film bungle a patriotic blockbuster about female rest does not the time was him a muslim from kashmir also faced intense criticism online for being on islamic and just 5 years off the launch of her career she's decided to retire yes part of the
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statement she's released on facebook a court i want to confess that i'm not truly happy with this identity that is my line of what this field indeed brought a lot of love support and applause my weight but what it also did was to lead me to a path of ignorance. lots of reaction to that on print on that's from a fellow star of the not done slander was seem for taking a dig at bollywood on her way out exit is your choice your reason by all means just do not demean it for everyone else is what she said and this from for the x. another funder of news the minting the loss of a talent we need more desire to break away from the clutches of legion and become successful individuals and not the other way around but others said her critics were just adding out their old religious prejudice if it was same said she's going back to christianity buddhism except it wouldn't be all to doxy the liberal flutter reveals a theological ignorance and basically islamophobia. correspondent
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david mitchell just spoke about the birth. of ani a senior editor. for the wire. firstly i would like to ask you a lot of this debate has been around why do women have to choose between religion and that this is unfortunate would you agree well yes religion in the past we've seen women choosing family over korea or several actresses who have done that in the past i mean in an ideal world i wouldn't really want 21st century women to go back to ancient texts and get inspiration of some samples that mortality or nobility all the pressure that usually is on them but then it is finally about the choice as you said it's about freedom it's about agency as well and this is when i think the freedom to be able to choose the public to be able to choose is also women's empowerment and we have no right to take away that agency from her if she is deciding it on her own people like me you everybody all around us we women who
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come from different backgrounds we struggle through different identities there lairs a fight in ditties and some of us are able to stood up to pressures of society some of us give up we have our own unique spiritual. and professional journeys and we should be allowed that space and time and freedom to be able to do that well like you said this is been seen as a personal choice but in the past this actress has also faced a lot of pushback for hope could be honest do you think that has had an influence the pushback she might have had within her own religion you know let's start to get this little girl is only 18 now and she was born in $22000.00 for heaven's sake she's a small baby she was a kid when she entered the film industry so we cannot really entirely deny that what and what influences she is drawing are just are on her own and drawn by her and independent of everything around her so we can deny that there no influence. is
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good or bad but at the same time i would say if this was just religion and if this is about islam being a primitive religion not compatible with modern things i would say the greatest example of you have before us is a fan of mine who was reading the same book who was following the same religion and when he was asked about this film called the messenger of god then he said when i when i would be faced with the law then i even have to i will say to him and he will ask me then when i give us all this talent and skills and everything else why didn't you make music for the prophet peace be upon him so maybe there is one religion one source and there are different people who draw different kind of influences and inspirations from it so i would say yes religion and social influences ideology. united through and says they may be to sponsible for sudden things like that but at the end of the day i would say it is her life let her decide maybe 5 years down the line i really hope she comes back and she she says
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that as have i should. believe in our visitors also from the mosque protest in hong kong it's your next time of our. bursts. of species. or seeds you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps and became global in 2 years tell stories of credence to people and innovative checks around the world. countries that's just great shots for station. interactive content next generation. until
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to change. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something new for the next generation gloomily deals for the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. they call it a milestone deal brussels lift tariffs on nearly all trade critics ask what does the average vietnamese get out of it and what about the human rights record of the socialist country. is it a done deal gets us opec members meet in vienna the old prices up ahead of tomorrow's decision to keep pumping throttle. as the women's world cup final looms and female football is called follow on the staggering gender pay gap in the us for
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. business to business asia as welcome vietnam is already the e.u.'s 2nd most important trading partner in southeast asia right after singapore now the block has finally signed a comprehensive trade agreement with the socialist government in hanoi it follows years of negotiations marked by the nation's human rights record signed and sealed a new era in trade relations for the e.u. and vietnam the southeast asian country is already the e.u. is most important trading partner in the region after singapore the exchange of goods has now been made easier. this free trade agreement eliminates nearly all tariffs on goods over 99 percent with a one percent capacity liberalized.


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