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i don't know if it's the angle but it seems to be sort of calming down but what goes through your mind when you see a place that you know and love and of the sort of situation in the be so circumstances for me the most shocking thing is that all these protests so yeah they're just all in secondary schools they're probably about you yeah they are probably less than 18 years old many of them and. it's really shocking. what's in their mind to push them to take this actions. all we see increase in these sorts of actions i live via a brother who lives the. few months ago is there a growing sort of spirit of rebellion in the territory i would say so because many young people and they're really feeling the pressure and that line of the one country 2 system that's promised in 1971 deadline what pressure this is and this is
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so where hong kong was returned to china by the british government. one country to assist him and under this agreement hong kong will be and. autonomous rule and so hong call in hong kong there has been a different kind of political system a different kind of legislature even the different currencies so but the rest of china to the rest of china and this agreement only last for 50 years so now we have around 30 years left. and into that of 47 and so for this young people office and it is their future and they. i don't want to see changed for the worse and of course we are seeing increasing chinese influence. hong kong there was a whole controversy over the selection of kerry law as the chief executive. tenure of the questions we are seeing china increasingly flex its muscles with regards to
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hong kong and where the chief executive was due to be replaced there were lots of nominations but it was clear that the chinese. nominee. was to get that job regardless of what people thought because actually china has made it very clear that they have to have the final say who can be elected and they actually set. the criteria for the candidates as well so that's why people are saying that the democratic system has to be changed so take us back to the su the live pictures we're looking at so just tell us where we are hong kong now and this is at royalty this is very close let's just let's just call which is of the city and this is actually a very positive role it also into the 14 when they must have when people
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occupied the row then sit in for 79 days so if you're just joining us we're watching live pictures of hong kong movement you see right police they're gathering this after protesters stormed the parliament building and then occupied it they were warned by police that they would be removed within a couple of hours they left and we're now looking at the police operation to take back control of the legislature and we see that we've seen clashes between police to protest as the deployment of. tear gas i'm joined in the studio by shirley chan who is from. and who has friends who have been involved in this yeah actually some of my cousins and some of my friends are also involved in the process basically the whole generation our whole generation more or less involved in this process no one will be very true with joffrey keen line from this protest at all
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and what about the older generations that parents parents today sort of look on this with older people as worried about the future of the youth the from among the older generation actually compared to 2014 when the movement happened this time way more people from the older generation supporting their protests. before the fall and happened after tonight to have to see what their public opinion is usually the older generation their parents say i'm all for peaceful protests peaceful way to voice their opinion for stability. so this kind of. picture images my make them feel. they would not support it anymore older generations. who previously so precisely. the
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protests aim of the process is to have for democratic change they were full. of very very clear goal but this protest is very clear it has one main aim from the beginning is to have legislation scrapped and. whole hong kong all saying that this legislation is evil let's just nation and none of them want it to be passed. if you would. breaking news we've been following this what police in hong kong are advancing on protesters by. territory's legislature the live pictures were from hong kong's palm and police have been seen trying to disperse protesters with batons demonstrators occupied part of its main debating a change on monday following mass antigovernment vote as in the safety of protesters have been voicing opposition to
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a proposed bill that would allow suspects in hong kong to be extradited to bring china and also been demanding that hong kong's lead chief executive carry law steps down today of course is the anniversary of britain's hunting over its former calling back to china 22 years ago in 1997 an occasion that is marked on your way with pro democracy rallies. let's go back to hong kong where we should find. reporter phoebe kong welcomed favor tell us what's going on. on our right now i am on the may roll out that i like to say is ben and that is all the way hundreds of riot police there now playing on pushing forward and on to what the protesters and the fed it clear the protest area so obviously it's a it's
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a night what you have now like we have these pictures of all riot police firing tear gas to get to the post had said and now there are still hundreds of them saying on the street you know moving away from that if they don't come right and. the same time i can see how do you got it by police there now removing the barricade few by the protesters and now do you believe they. are saying and they're moving forward are to what the coach has. yes that's what we are what i see right now just a few 100 protesters left and i don't know if you've been able to speak to any of them have they told you why bastille staying given the enormous police presence.
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yeah i have a job to talk to some of them who was say i don't know why the parliament earlier this season i and many of them not think that because the government takes a lot i think monks all even to me and then they all come home people come to trees earlier on in june but the government didn't know what the amount so that is the reason why they think they have to act so they the actions and. didn't something like alcohol use the parliament to sort of cut showed a cousin and out of congo the same thing on the pope has to do things today you fully all have the same thing as to the government's about the only difference is that they're doing it differently. the police reaction is interesting 1st they seem to be reluctant to act. now cracking down. people will be wondering why the police have chosen to take this course of action.
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yeah that is something i really. like i think you have to for many of us journalists and all the protesters and some of the lawmakers i spoke to audience say they are there holding office it all made sense and they said this is the kind of tactic used by the police. say they question the police actually want to tap the those houses so that them. to let them and tell you to the side of compassion so that this gives them a reason to to to use foresight. something more aggressive like here again as all of you know my rubber bullets the bullets to disperse the protesters because actually they have to get outside of that to. put the focus also on many hours what
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a whole day latest role even the police have some nothing to do 1st so that is really a very interesting move for coolies to retreat and that is also all the same tactic you thought of foley's on june 12th off the last time one holy such a test to the protest has a right before the actual site also breached and. protested the football was too much for the police and that it's a phase out the. use by the police so. they. do have a why pay goes on vote ok all right and have you heard of any official reaction yet to these protests from the hong kong government the all. all all all all around because 3 hours ago. they called and they will now and i know all their hopes as to. why the
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wall to that. you know all that happens before the office has a lot to college and we have all the. same to some extent yes. but. we want more than to actually fight it out ok to all have. our say nothing about it being unfair asking for those that is basically saying it's ok and it's like. as we look now we're looking at pictures of lots of police in the street lots of police vans with lights flashing in the night sky all the process as you mentioned a couple of 100 protesters left inside the parliament to building on the skinhead. they are. i would say put it in this way they are concerned about the safety all
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allston cells and their fellows and because 9 nowadays in hong kong. pico i suppose has to say really have to pay a rather high a price. for socialism because we can we see already have examples in the house i acted as though he is because they. joined all his party socialist so that is something that would deter them from doing something radical but on the other side they. very likely rages some of them to say some of them even want to stay in the legislative to come i am given that they know the see the consequence but they didn't want to 7 take the boy because so. the opening is not the final. but at the end they
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made a kind of consensus that most of them he says. like you say to be. saved here is a holy a false when these police fired tear gas. so we have the police have something of a reputation for violence against these protests as i'm with seeing them on mosques in general how often they stand in the center street may god. does the front punch card does the home not only in the city reach out they entice edition but also for years i factored in revolutions and the social unrest 2006 he protested so threats to the police and some of them like they also like excessive also put into some. human life lawyers and
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their questioning of the the. what is necessary for their police to use that kind of attack because i think this is supposed to know. compared to want to pose has because they simply like attacking the police i am grell as. they are throwing them throwing was a false hope of holies that they don't think this is something that's a separate to be to be treated side again so. these kind of acts up to hong kong always biti. make them like the reputation of a city was started because that is kind of action and menace in a sense can call home they disagree with that stuff the police and then how locking people into pencils. for all to investigate the. home and was how did the home hopefully get. now the police have got still got her in all the
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mosque looking at picture this. place just putting on that helmet that riot shields the red a concrete testers also protest is still able to escape from the building. yeah right you know all of the protests have left the legislative. complex booting so all just on the street gathering around the center hole is an area i'll call and as i can see by the these legislative sometime soon there's not many *. protesters saying here to so maybe they're moving. 7 better away because we can see that all the a c.
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there's a numerous a riot police gathering he is so maybe there now and i'm moving to other places in central to set up.


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