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this is deja vu news live from berlin and after days of disagreements we're awaiting a decision on who will get that use top job was last sunday lined germany's current defense minister is now the official say were to become the e.u. see new e.u. leaders have been haggling for days over who should fill the box most important programs also coming up police and hong kong restore order after protesters stormed
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and ransacked the parliament building in china tells other countries to stay out of its affairs. and the women's football world cup team usa care up for their semifinal against england but are the americans already looking ahead to the final anyone thinks so when the talk is adding to the build up out of the games. i'm serious i was going to thank you for joining us germany's defense minister was enough underline is being considered for europe's top job european commission president now the head of the council donald tusk has asked e.u. leaders to back her for the post they've been meeting in brussels for the past 3 days to try to reach a consensus on replacing the outgoing commission president chocolat younger it's been one of the longest e.u. summits ever but leaders say they are confident they will be able to agree.
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prevail is in brussels following the latest developments for us hi barbara there's been so many names being thrown around the past 3 days in brussels now we're hearing that was last funded lines name is squarely in the ring for the next european commission president why where is this coming from. this of course where all the backroom negotiations that took place since yesterday afternoon since the summit sort of had to leave so spectacularly after more than 20 hours off deliberations without any result so as the german chancellor and give merkel said today when she entered this building again we have to get to create is and everybody has to move and i mean everybody and so she really. compromises was being being made and new names were being put on the table and this is all slough on the line and it seems that the vicious right the eastern european
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countries poland and the others don't say no to or they don't depose her and it also seems that the french president mccraw agrees to that proposal so there might be a consensus emerging for her during the talks that are bought on going the role of commission president is just one of the top jobs up for grabs barbara there are other new names as you said being thrown around one of them is that christine lagarde she's currently head of the i.m.f. she could be the next e.c.b. european central bank had tell us more about that and why these jobs are so important. some observers say that the job at the head of the e.c.b. the european central bank is even more important than the one here at the commission in brussels because the e.c.v. head the president of the central bank is the guardian of the stability off the euro he or she sets and makes fiscal politics for all the eurozone which is the
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majority of european countries and he and she said the right so we can. nami kili this this is of course an incredibly weighty job the european commission the president of that agency really has 30000 people under him and he sets the political tone you said the agenda rules and regulations and laws come from the european commission at least the proposals for those and so these are really powerful jobs they determine the future of the next 5 years of the european union but we keep hearing that there are 2 bites opening up between east and west between conservatives and the center left the social democrats looking at this from beyond brussels how much has all of this wrangling been undermining the u.s. image in a time when it really should be presenting a united front. that is a big problem a problem that those the german chancellor enter mandrel necron the french president acknowledged yesterday when they were leaving after those exhausting negotiations that lead to nothing they said we look good we look bad in the eyes of
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europe this is a horrible picture we can't deny that but on the other hand we just have to see that the interests are so divergent these days that new parties have come onto the scene in the european parliament having more power no and that they are the easy majorities of the past are a sting of the past so it has in fact become much more difficult to find a consensus we have to remember this is 28 different member states who somehow have to come together and sort of agree on one person no easy task easy task indeed our prevail in brussels thank you. now china has condemned what it is calling gross interference by outside countries in hong kong's affairs after protesters broke into and vandalized the hong kong parliament building china went on to express its resolute opposition to statements made by the united states britain and the e.u.
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in support of the demonstrators a tense calm has now returned to the city. the cleanup is underway. at hong kong's legislative council building the police have moved in after the protest has moved out. of the city's leaders have condemned the destruction of. the legislative council complex that's been stalled and extensively damaged. the police is now gathering evidence in the complex. past let's go president i strongly condemn the serious woden's that undermines the poll bad it was all phone call. just hours before the protesters were able to smash their way in with nobody standing in their way. previous demonstrations have been largely peaceful but with the hong kong executive offering only limited concessions campaigners say they have little choice we also understand that everyone know everyone could. agree on
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a lot of behavior of activists during the storming that just that it comes to actually bother than just tell me action is that and the more a fact if issue and wait that could really. put pressure on government i still have no answer yet. on july the 1st beijing usually celebrates the return of hong kong to china this year it broke it silence over the ongoing unrest images of police clearing away protest as was shown for the 1st time on chinese state media. activists and pushing put the withdrawal of a bill to be sent to china to face the issues become a focal point the resentment towards beijing with the chinese government demanding a criminal investigation a resolution is still a long way off. and karen chang is studying political theory here in berlin she's been researching the political protests in hong kong she joins us in our studio
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karen thank you for being with us we've seen beijing now condemning the violence of vandalism with a very strong tone do you think we're going to see the central or chinese government now take a very tough stance towards these protesters. i can't tell what beijing government will say. i will say that it's not the violence in hong kong because of protests i have actually tried many out of different ways to get the government hear them but then the government turn a deaf ear for example they have to 2000000 demonstration and also civil disobedience but then the government didn't listen to them so they tried to storm into the. parliament but then. the government refused to talk to them and also the protest when they were in the parliament very disciplined like they didn't hurt anyone they didn't destroy any and tick and historical books so what they did break through the door they did break into parliament and essentially
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occupy parliament you're saying it's not violence but what china's saying is this is vandalism and a serious offense this is a random goes on but they didn't hurt anyone we have to be sure of that and also it is we have to say that why the protest i would do it is this because they have tried protest but the government didn't listen to them and didn't do anything the extradition bill has been withdrawn so far is that listening to the protesters this is just to suspend and also in anguish the. chief executives should. there is no time table to do and bill parliament but and in china is a little bit different is slightly different and is she is not was drawing the veil completely that means that was a chance for her to bring it back to the pollen and carry lamb you're talking about you're saying she hasn't actually committed to completely withdrawing the spill which is why the protesters are still on the streets and you've been in touch with
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some of the protesters you're from hong kong is served a disagreement among the protesters on the question of using force. is fair interesting because fact years ago and. we have to say there are 2 groups of protest protests today saying that we should be peaceful and just do the way that we have been doing for so long and the added things that we have to get to. listen to so that we have to do some actions and so there is very intense discussion between 2 groups fact years ago. because we didn't actually expect that this true group would try to sit down and say ok we respect each other and we would do whatever we can do to see what will come so we can see there is a so they do it. to protest and this is very new to us because we can never expect that they will reconsider after what we saw yesterday those
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dramatic scenes in parliament that doesn't work what are the next steps for protestors could it be violence is how does a say because now the parliament has to close with to restrict yourself to veneration and now we have to get people on board to protest to have to get people on board so that what they're doing is setting the views on the streets and try to let people know was wrong with this bill and was thrown behind a system because we're lack of democracy and all right karen chang said in political theory here in berlin thank you so much for sharing your perspective with us. now to some other stories making news around the world last month was the hottest june on record in parts of europe in asia the mercury top $45.00 degrees celsius the e.u.'s copernicus climate change service says temperatures across france germany spain and italy were up to 10 degrees higher than normal in june final week. authorities in russia say at least 18 people have died and many other
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remain missing after a devastating floods hit the country's air quotes region thousands of homes were affected after torrential rainfall swept eastern siberia causing rivers to overflow in nearly 100 communities. and russia's defense ministry says a fire on board a deep sea submersible has killed 14 crew members now the vessel is carrying out research in waters close to its base in the portress 7 or more skin the barents sea the fire has since been extinguished the crew was apparently poisoned by a few. now scientists in hungary are accusing authoritarian prime minister viktor orban of trying to take control of their research the country's parliament has passed a law aimed at restructuring the cademy of sciences and academics have been protesting because the bill gives the prime minister the power to appoint people to run parts of the institution and a critic say this will stifle academic freedom. and
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let's bring in correspondent stefan both the academy of sciences and budapest covering the story for us hi stuff and we're expecting more protests this afternoon give us an idea of what's happening now. well indeed just now many people arrived here to protest against what they really view s.t. and the independence. on garion academy of sciences hours earlier gary in parliament adopted it's a very controversial law that will in effect be fed to him gary and prime minister viktor orban total control over science as well as several research institutes that are also part of this academy as there will be a committee even whole field to be sick government g.'s and also always a chairman of the in prime minister now we do know at this point this is seen as bartle for a lot or attempts by the increasingly outward tarion prime minister to rescind free
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thinking and the whole garion academy of sciences has already said that it's wants to appeal this law and it plans legal action when and if that indeed can happen remains to be seen of course but at this hour the situation remains quite tense here in budapest 7 votes with that update for us thank you very much. now firefighters are struggling to contain a massive wildfire in north east germany the blaze broke out and a large forested area at a former military training ground hundreds of people have been moved to safety and there are growing concerns that the blaze could trigger unexploded munitions. flames and smoke as far as the i can see firefighters way to contained a raging fire which snow covers more than full square kilometers a forest that is to largest fire ever seen in no the east and gemini and it shows no sign of winding down now which is all about preventing it from becoming less is
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getting this is not about eradicating the fire we can no longer do that at the moment it is about protecting life here and about securing the villages around. approaching the flames from land is difficult so helicopters have been brought in to fight the place from the air but nearby a water source is becoming scarce and the task is rendered especially difficult as a wooded area house is a former military training so stow demolitions threatened to explode at any time in the heat. we will now repair pads so the fire brigades can continue advancing to keep the fire from spreading. the faith ended around a 1000 people have already been evacuated but local officials want to assure the public that they are doing all they can. this will certainly affect the area significantly but there's always something good with the bad what has already burnt controvert again anytime soon. more down 2000 firefighters are deployed on
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site around the clock but strong winds are expected to blow over to rich and threatening to worsen plays. sports now and in the 1st semifinal of the women's football world cup defending champions the usa take on england now the americans have denied accusations of disrespecting their opponents the english meanwhile say they are ready for this highly anticipated game. a team brimming with confidence after eliminating hosts france in the quarter final the usa other clear favorites for the title but the hotel scouting mission has further fueled accusations of arrogance members of the us a star for court looking at england's current hotel and as a potential base for sunday's final so all the holders focused on the task at hand . i don't think our team is arrogant at all i think that our team is confident
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we're respectful of our opponents and i think the way that we respect them is by preparing for each game against as if the opponent that we're going to play is the best in the world chasing their 1st title england who were knocked out at the semifinal stage in the last 2 major tournaments but after an emphatic 3 nil win over norway in the previous round confidence is mounting. ok the last one of them had a lot of quality so you know we go through games we could a different style of football maybe we didn't have that belief because we hadn't been there to play it in 23 finals now back to back this is going. to play out of a given that if you are going to need me much they'll never get them. you know they're always tight give us will we know we can beat them you know lionesses are ready to challenge the reigning champions and will be hoping to avoid
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the check out. all right all removed from good of you sports is for tonight's match up high ali you've been covering these teams the last few days what feeling have you gotten ahead of kickoff today. will these 2 teams really fit perfectly into this storyline that we've got of the champion and the challenger you know england press conference president says yesterday you really got this feeling of a team that is incredibly hungry for 1st world cup success and perhaps that's what you expect of a team that's never made the world cup final before but they are desperate to get there if you look at the comments from phil neville the coach you know he said it would be a failure if england don't make it to the final which of course means beating the usa which is why do we go to the best team in the world so this is real fighting talk from england the u.s. on the other hand they seem much more calm and collected they've really got this vibe about them of champions reigning champions who've been here before and know exactly how it's done and it's going to be interesting to see what comes out of
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this kind of aggressiveness is aggression and optimism as the england camp or the experience in the know how of the u.s. come ok so the u.s. seems calm and collected ollie what about erik and what do you make of these accusations of arrogance on the u.s. side. where we've heard the comments from kristen press the u.s. forward saying that the team isn't arrogant in their respect for i have to disagree with christine press there i think that this is our. but that's not a bad thing it's often said that for people to be top athletes they need to have a certain kind of arrogance about them and if you look at the comments from the bronze actually the english right back from yesterday you know she was saying look the u.s. of the world number one they're the reigning champions they should be arrogant if you're alex morgan if you'll make a repeat if you're lindsey horrid you should be arrogant and it's what pushes you to put out your best performances so i have to disagree with some of the comments from the u.s. come i think they are arrogant but i think it's a good thing i think they just need to make sure that it doesn't get the better of
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them ok so england are the clear underdogs here what do you think their chances are really. well the chances are definitely slim but look there's a lot of talent in this england team as well and i think the big match up of the night that everybody is looking forward to is making repeat just mentioned against lucy brought down england's right flank there now. an outstanding tournament for england. as she has been one of the stars definitely phil neville her coach keeps calling her the best player in the world at the moment and on current form it's hard to disagree with him even if she did at the press conference yesterday but megan rypien has certainly been one of the stars she's really carried the u.s. through the knockout stages so far she scored all 4 of the u.s. teams goals in the last couple of games and so she will provide the absolute toughest test the bronze could have away from those 2 though there's also ellen white's who's been england star forward of the tournament she is the joint top goalscorer at the world cup and if anybody is going to trouble that us back one you
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would think it's going to be her so we'll see who comes out on top of bronze and ellen white and. morgan all right a lot to look forward to tonight over a movie for us and leon thank you. now a new spider-man film is set to open at movie theaters across europe and the u.s. this weekend this time the teenage superhero takes what he hopes will be a peaceful summer vacation in 3 european cities but as expected things don't go quite as planned. london venice and prague are in for a beating in this latest film as our friendly neighborhood spider-man swings over and tries to save europe's most picturesque landmarks anticipation was high at the film's premiere in l.a. fans are nervous to see if this spider-man can reboot the marvel cinematic universe after the epic conclusion that was a dangerous anger star tom hall and promises still get their money's worth i call whole new spider-man something we've never seen before stakes higher than they've
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ever been before a film the follows the mos the piece is avengers and you know this film is the conclusion to face 3 and it is the introduction of phase 4 and the and it won't disappoint. but if you're. going to europe. peter parker wants to take a break from being spiderman and on a school trip to europe to get back to being an awkward teenager maybe even get a little bit closer to a very special if somewhat snarky girl. really pretty and therefore i have value no no that's not what i meant at all i was just a messing with you. and. you're welcome you look pretty. but teen romance will have to wait there are big baddies to fight in the form of magic creatures called the elementals new onboard is jake gyllenhaal as the very weird looking superhero mysterio you don't want to be part of this.
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along with saving the world spider-man also has to learn to grow up and take on the mantle of being a hero as well as the burden of shouldering marbles multibillion dollar movie franchise. are it out trans-atlantic dispute between one of the world's best known reality t.v. stars and the japanese government is heating up and it's all over one little word now kim kardashian was. launched a new line of a shape where she wanted to trademark eskimo no but chapin's trade minister says the mono which is traditional japanese clothing belongs to japan alex force whiting is with us here in our studio to explain the story to us hi alex compression was we know she loves to be in the headlines but this probably is not the p.r. she was looking for i think you are right with us and kim kardashian wes of course is most of the artist kind of a west and she known this this whole shapewear brand to great fanfare last week
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and in a tweet she said kim mono is my take on shape wear and solutions for women that actually work well that decision to use the word kommando which is a play on her own name kim of course has received quite a backlash critics at the name was culturally inappropriate and that's because a kimono was a traditional japanese government that many see as part of the country's cultural heritage in fact they date back to around the 16th century and now japan's trade minister has got involved saying that a japanese delegation will visit washington next week to talk about this with the u.s. trade officials let's have a listen on a key moment to the office and the kimono was regarded around the world as a distinct part of our culture even in america the word commandos recognize the need to be japanese each minute or so or hope the us will understand the purpose of trademarking it and give it the proper evaluation and when out of. this is really
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blown up probably not in the way that can cardassian west as expected how is she reacting well just last week she said in a newspaper article in the states that she was going to stick with the name and carry on because she had every right to bought a monday she decided in a tweet that she had off to much thought and consideration she decided that she would launch the brand and a new name however at the moment in social media on twitter that name it still. is there and that is probably the housewife in japan has decided that they need to send this delegation next week because then perhaps not convinced that she will do what she says she's going to into it we should say this isn't the 1st and probably not the last time that we've seen fashion houses being accused of cultural appropriation yeah that's right in fact just last month we had a situation where the mexican government a called out of fashion house carolina herrera full replicating traditional mexican
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designs and the the minister actually wrote to the fashion house asking them why have you decided to copy these mexican traditional designs and with you with sales are you in any way are they going to benefit those communities where those designs originated from no answer to that but you know there is a distinction between this particular story and what's happening with kim kardashian west because she is there's no way that she's saying that brand of underwear looks like a kimono it really doesn't but what is upset in the japanese government in particular is that they want to protect the name and that is why they are fighting this hard to do that are an interesting debate there for us waiting with the story thank you very much. all right still to come on your news asia more on those extraordinary scenes in hong kong as protesters trashed the city's parliament how far will they go to limit chinese role and how will beijing
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react. and the dangerous and illegal fuel trade between a wrong iran and pakistan smuggling business is booming in the face of international sanctions. all of those stories coming right up for you want to get your news asia stated.
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the person who made the claim i love you even one shot was a certain look like the compass was like me just like this the 15 nations 50 story . and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best in the flame. book now in the land of greenwood kong t.w. . this is deja vu news asia coming up on our show today dramatic scenes in hong kong as protesters trashed the city's parliament how far are they willing to go to stop the encroachment of chinese rule and how will they react we'll hear from our correspondent also coming up the dangerous path across the border fuel smuggling from iran to pakistan striving to look at who's behind it and why neither side can
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seem to stop it. and.


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