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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2019 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news like for lent after days of disagreements e.u. leaders say they are getting closer to a decision on who will get the e.u. stop job it was a fun day line germany's current defense minister is now the official favorite to become the e.u. snooch your readers have been tackling for days over who should fill the box most important roles also coming up police in hong kong restore order after pro-democracy protesters stormed and ransacked the parliament building china condemns the violence and tells other countries to stay out of its affairs and in
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the women's football world cup team usa gear up for their semifinal against england but are the americans already looking ahead to the final england things so in the talk is adding to the build up ahead of the game. i'm sunni so much kind of thank you for joining us germany's defense minister was about funded line is being considered for europe's top job european council president on off has asked e.u. leaders to back her as the european commission president now they've been meeting in brussels for the past 3 days to try to reach a consensus on replacing the outgoing commission president john quiggin occur it's been one of the longest you summits ever but leaders say they are confident they will be able to agree. now we are waiting for a press conference from e.u.
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council president on the confirming that leaders have agreed on the top jobs at let's bring in rob of asal she's monitoring all the latest for us there in brussels hi barbara as we said it was enough underlines name now seems to be squarely in the ring the favorite to take over the post of european commission president why has she been named the favorite so far and what would make her a good commission president. she has been named as a favorite because the other 2 names that had been on the table have been knocked out that was 1st month for a conservative and she was the favorite off the conservative group in the european parliament we have heard already and talked a lot about this so-called principle of lead candidates that parliament chooses and then sort of proposes to european leaders now that has failed the 2nd one on that list has also failed france to months of social democrat because the eastern european countries didn't want him was sort of knocked out by president mcclung the
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french president so those 2 were down now we needed a name it should have it should be a woman many said and so they were looking around who has a woman could do good for fill the job who has enough experience who speaks languages and then there i fell of love fund a line it was a proposal from i'm going to america the german chancellor of course and she talked to president monk wrong and others and greet that yes they could think that she would be a suitable candidates and there we are she has a governing experience she has a long career in politics she's a conservative and do so everybody said all right let's try her waiting of course for confirmation of that barbara this is been an incredibly tumultuous process there's been so many names on the table that back off the table and some of the names that are being thrown around for the other top jobs include christine legarde for the head of the european central bank the e.c.b. i tell us more about her that post and why all of these posts are so important. to
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her process is so important because many observers say at least economically minded that the e.c.v. job is even more important than the commission president because this is where the stability of the euro is guarded to where the fiscal policy is made and christine lagarde is of course being a name is being put out by the french and there is a certain amount of worst. going on if germany gets the e.u. commission president then the french might get the e.c.b. i mean that's what happens here in those back rooms where leaders are sitting and trying to figure out how to make the how to make this package and the e.u. commission is very important because it is it the heart it's the biggest institutions and it's the heart of european policy rules and regulations come from the laws are proposed it's guard you know the treaties and it also sets the political tone that means to know we'll put for instance climate at the center of policy for the next 5 years those questions are being answered at the european
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commission barbara all of this horse trading this wrangling over posts what has the told us about the divides that have opened up in the e.u. . the divines deeper than ever really simply because we were aghast about the very 4 tried to very forceful statements we heard from certain eastern european leaders who said a certain kind of it is just a no and if we say no we mean no and that means no so no compromises no movement there and so that has really changed the spirit of compromise is gone the divisions are deep and also diversity of course has changed them they're more parties that have a say you need 3 parties for a majority in parliament and it is so to bring this together and some sort of bring all these to consider east and west and north and south it has become very difficult and it's certainly not over yet are prevail in brussels for us thank you very much. now to some other stories making news around the world authorities
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in russia say at least 18 people have died and many other remain missing after devastating floods hit the country's your quit school region thousands of homes were affected after torrential rainfall swept eastern siberia causing reverse to overflow and nearly $100.00 communities. russia's defense ministry. there's a fire on board a deep sea submersible has killed 14 crew members the vessel was surveying the seabed in waters near its base in the port of 7 more skin the barents sea the fire has since been extinguished and the crew was apparently poisoned by a few. china has condemned what it is calling gross interference by outside countries and hong kong's affairs after protesters broke into and vandalized the hong kong parliament building china went on to express its resolute opposition to statements made by the us britain and the e.u.
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in support of the demonstrators a tense calm has now returned to the city. cleanup is underway. at hong kong's legislative council building the police have moved in after the protest has moved out of the city's leaders have condemned the destruction of. the legislative council complex that's been stalled and extensively damaged. the police it's not gathering evidence in the complex. past let's go president i strongly condemn the serious widens that undermines the poll where it was all phone call. just hours before the protesters were able to smash their way in with nobody standing in the way. previous demonstrations have been largely peaceful but with the hong kong executive offering only limited concessions campaigners say they had little choice we also understand that everyone know everyone could. agree on
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all the behavior of activists during the storming that just they did council action other than just tell me action is that and name all the facts if issue and wait that could really. put pressure on government i still have no answer yet i don't deny the 1st beijing usually celebrates the return of hong kong to china this year it broke it silence over the ongoing unrest images of police clearing away protesters were shown for the 1st time on chinese state media activists in hong kong pushing for the withdrawal of a bill that would allow suspects to be sent to china to face trial the issue has become a focal point for resentment towards beijing with the chinese government now demanding a criminal investigation a resolution is still a long way off and karen chang is studying political theory here in berlin she's been researching the political protests in hong kong she joins us in our studio karen thank you for being with us we've seen beijing now condemning the violence of
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vandalism with a very strong tone do you think. going to see the central a chinese government now take a very tough stance towards these protesters. i can't tell what beijing government will say a would do but i'll say that it's not valid and in hong kong because of protests i have actually tried many out of different grades to get the government hear them but then the government turn a deaf ear for example they have the 2000000 downs gratian and also civil disobedience but then the government didn't listen to them so they tried to storm into the. parliament but then their government refused to talk to them and also the protest when they were in the parliament very disciplined. they didn't hurt anyone they didn't destroy any and tick and historical books so what they did break through the door they did break into parliament and essentially occupy
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parliament you're saying it's not violence but what china is saying is this is then dualism in a serious offense this is a randall ism but they didn't hurt anyone we have to be sure and also it is we have to say that why the protest i would do it is this because they have tried to protest but then the government didn't listen to them and didn't do anything the extradition bill has been withdrawn so far isn't that listening to the protesters this is just this is band and also in anguish the. chief executive says that there's no timetable to do and not a bill parliament but then in chinese is a little bit different is slightly different and if she's not was drawing to bill completely that means cans for her to bring it back to the parliament kerry lamb you're talking about you're saying she hasn't actually committed to completely withdrawing the spill which is why the protesters are still on the streets and you've been in touch with the some of the protesters you're from hong kong is
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served a disagreement among the protesters on the. the question of using force. is fair interesting because fact years ago and. we have to say there are 2 groups of protest protests a day saying that we should be peaceful and just do the way that we have been doing for so long and the added things that we have to get to. listen to so that we have to do some actions and so there is a very intense discussion between 2 groups half years ago. because we didn't actually expect that this true group would try to sit down and say ok we respect each other and then we would do whatever we can do and see what will come so we can see there is so do it. for a test and this is very new to us because we can never expect that they will reconsider after what we saw yesterday those dramatic scenes in parliament that
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doesn't work what are the next steps for protesters could be violence is how does a out say because now. coleman has to close with to restrict yourself to veneration and now we have to get people on board to protest to have to get people on board so that now they what they're doing is setting the loose on the streets and try to let people know was wrong with this bill and was wrong behind the system because we're lack of democracy in hong kong all right karen chang studying political theory here in berlin thank you so much for sharing your perspective with us. let's return now to our top story e.u. leaders trying to select their nominees for the top jobs in the european union and the president of the e.u. council done a truce has now confirmed via twitter the list of candidates that e.u. leaders have nominated for these top jobs and let's get the very latest with our correspondent barbara vessel monitoring everything for us so barbara you've seen the straightest while i'm sure was a fun the lines formally nominated as the next commission president tell us about
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how this came about because it was just a few hours ago that we started to hear her name as a possible nominee. yeah it really went because today the leaders were really out for compromise they had sort of shot down from both sides of. this group here in the european council the 2 other candidates who were there 1st. with the conservative president mccrum didn't want him these and europeans didn't want the social democrat friends to mend so very quickly they needed to pull out of the had name somebody was enough experience preferably a woman and also from the line came into play and that is probably a big win if all goes well for angela merkel who sort of brought her in to the considerations here we talked to the president mike from who said you know could you live with her and he obviously said yes she speaks french at least so that's
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one point for the can do that and others around the table particularly in eastern europe didn't have anything against her they had seen her at the nato here in brussels and she was also very always very strong as sort of pushing back against putin so they like that in her and so as she very quickly very quickly things very quickly became together and majority in large maybe even union minutes before her could very quickly be fun we'll see what the voting brings but there seems to be no dissent on her name no dissent among leaders barbara we are hearing that there is some opposition for example lawmakers in the european parliament not particularly happy about this choice no more nor are the social democrats so how much consensus is there are generally across the e.u. that she's the right person. yeah i mean european parliament of course they need a bit of time to come down from their tree i mean they had social democrats they had the 1st prize almost in their hands because for hours and hours over the
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weekend friends to months their candidate was the man who was supposed to get the top job here and that all fell apart and of course the conservatives because they saw the man they had chosen should have sort of the seat at the european and the seat at the european commission and he didn't get it either so yes they need some time to sort of figure out that they somehow lost in this game of power in interest that is being that has been playing out here over the last 3 days and in the end they will probably sort of somehow come together because they had their shot and they messed it up barbara we should talk about some of the other names that have been mentioned now as the formal nominees for the top jobs one of them being christine legarde for the european central bank take us through some of these other posts. christine legarde some.


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