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this is deja news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the fight against climate change in africa it's being spearheaded by the u.s. one woman in zambia is using the radio platform to educate her community about practices harmful to the environment back with governments across the continent planning a whole pile of grants or efforts like there is in vain. and will meet the cyclist beating traffic in lagos and encouraging as this to do the same.
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i'm christine want to welcome to news africa i'm glad you're choosing to. strace everyone knows what it's like and what the climate crisis gathering pace is for cost to get even worse now who likes going to work when it's hot no one and that's likely to hit productivity and you full cost by the international labor organization expects western africa to be $1.00 of the hardest hit areas our report shows about $80000000.00 job would be lost in $2500.00 because of heat stress. we also found that too so bridge loans will be particularly affected and that soft asia and western africa where the losses would represent 5 percent of working hours in 2005. ok so waste in africa is for cost to be hit disproved. at
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the hadia it is tim it suggests that africa accounts for just a tiny share of the gases that are driving the climate crisis africa produces less than 4 percent of the global output off greenhouse gases now how does that compare with the largest images like china of the united states and the european union well china emits 23 per cent the us 19 percent and the e.u. 13 percent of global emissions so you get the picture while those responsible for climate change are predominately in europe asia and the us africans are taking the brunt and it's not just future growth rising temperatures and irregular rainfall are likely to hit agriculture the hardest making up to 60 percent of the lost jobs but some of the 21 year old sam b. and radio reporter are trying to fight back with knowledge and. writing to. market trees the trust protector of the zombie and savannah sold here
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are squawking for climate. reports trees has an impact in communities in. mingling with much sense in the market the young greedy reports are looking for our allies in our fight against climate change. we don't come here to look at what negative things people are doing but rather to help as come up with solutions that are going to help us you know a collective collective so those are the things that we have to do and this is why we always have to come here to collect stories about what t.v. . series has a. community radio station you know among broadcast she talks about environmental issues in and tells us what they can do about it. i need. to do this. talking about her visit to the coal market later she reminisces about
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her childhood telling a story about her neighbors for over water before the well would run dry due to persistent droughts. that medicine b. and already affected by climate change but most are not our outfit. it's about creating or giving out information that is powerful information that is actually able to stimulate every person they knock i have been affected by this situation by climate change and i think it's high time we get to do something about it that's nice he said climate change is deeply and just for the african countries account for the tiniest fraction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere droughts floods and resin temperatures hit the continent with full force but fury is convinced that symbiont are not helpless and commit to get the effects that starts with educating people most of the vendors all my kids have never heard of climate
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change but for many fear issues and i. hope for them to understand the change in weather patterns they have witnessed. so they're not going to. be a way to. 292016 some experienced erratic water supply due to reach out to lead to no rainfall and also that was caused because many people with bees are cutting down and this is what we're actually going to get to see if no action is actually implemented by the people feeding once and spare the people of the market to think about it political alternative such as charcoal made from banana peels or maize. commitment shows how young people across the globe are becoming increasingly aware that climate change compromised their future and that action cannot wait until to morrow. i'm now joined by did it say he's a climate change activist with
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a into africa 350 they say their mission is climate justice welcome to africa landry you say that africa is paying the highest price for climate change why. yeah a big continent is paying go highest rise in terms of the people that you already noticing in the the continent so in terms of increased droughts and 3 months of this program were to want diseases and increase the increase of temperature as a cross over much of the continent so those are some of the fact that shows that africa which is a good source of the least a response capacity is paying the highest priced right at landry how do we incentivize our governments on the continent to ditch coal power plants for example and up for more green solutions. so poor has been presented as the solution for africa the industry isn't but however i'll see that in larry to
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the clinton doesn't it course all of that was if you were to reach its full potential because you know at the one hand. and out of his it was his cause the current climate crisis we are in on the other hand rebel sources such as hydro power us we. are becoming more and more affordable and are cheaper underwriting so there is absolutely no need for african government to you know consider growing the core we because it's being phased out group money ok so let's talk about you bring out the global picture we're looking at the west today and they're almost you know under the pressure of having to carbonized at a very rapid pace and then you have africa which largely has not even carbonized what we're talking about you talked about the emissions on the continent i just wondered whether or not that gives us bargaining power as africans. yeah it for
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some on need does or government that kind of gives these are biting power in the tradition is being used as a not demand justified in the city are too important to persist score again however i would say that we need to ask a question why do i to have been official of such kind of options is it the ordinary become or is rather the companies and maybe some elite governmental officials who get profit out of subdued so i think the option that the government across uppercut should consider are the ones that put forward people's interests and address not only the environmental crisis but also a social justice issues such as access to electricity for all endorse or job creation because we don't rule in a g.
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regression happening globally it is groups of those kind of potential to address to kill. right doug the slow to judge of the crisis but also to serve under rated issues ok landry into it's a climate change activist with n.t.l. africa 350 thank you. if you look at nigeria see lagos is infamous for its traffic jams at peak time in the mornings and evenings they add hours to people's commutes some people say the solution is easy bicycles we meet sue entrepeneur news who are trying to revive cycling culture in lagos as a transferred solution for commuters. will say see me ok maybe right he's bicycling to work just the same time that would normally be wasted in the tourist make us rush hour traffic i don't have to cry to me for my car fix right on our hands with cycling i can tie in my self for the 5 minutes to
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go to work from home to work and vice versa. maybe it's just next level from here all sincerely is part of the green movement like least checking out safe psyche routes and persuading the cautions to get on their bikes we are a collective of people that are interested in cycling legally but we also advocates of cycling in lagos has been successful on long street legal it's an ongoing process so the fact that we're seeing more and more cycling cyclists on the streets physically 1st but we still you know have some ways to go where we have high school infrastructure. and then we also have more laws protecting cyclist what are some of the challenges you have one we don't drive at night on this we have lights on your bike and effective jackets and security i think might be the biggest. concern and you know you try to prevent it as i just made is in the middle of the rainy season
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and the poorly maintained roads are falling apart making movement from one part of the city to another a nightmare for daily commute times. the lack of infrastructure is not slowing down passionate cyclists the film. is the phone. bank that's driven bicycle healing service that allows you to spot and rent a bicycle in the neighborhoods where the operate. so far. it's been quite successful it wearing through universities of the moment well over 5000 and. if we didn't acts like that and. we've been with. for just over 2 months how is it for instance in this country where there is a high. school like. freshman
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a moment is not exactly. for cyclists. you know we. wait for the government to you know try. to be calm out. even though the transport demands in lagos has exceeded the capacity of the wood networks available more nigerians are choosing their bicycles to see valuable time. that's it for now from africa before you go we want to search leave you with a look at some odd from south africa is still a strange day of it all why i should see a baby hind years of peace process it reached us today.
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. subscribe to the documentary on to. the fact that. the environmental movement has plenty of heroes here in eco africa will introduce you to some of off they were hello and welcome to this special edition of wine very mensa magazine show i'm going to go into a high.


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