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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin it was a choice almost no one had expected after days of torture is negotiations european leaders nominate tons of law and germany's defense minister for the most powerful jolt proposition the earth is already growing is a compromise too far. and in the next few hours the european parliament has another big decision to make our correspondent max hall front is covering the story.
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who will be the next president of the european parliament this position as part of the whole top jobs package so far we have 4 candidates in the race but the front runner is a social democrat from italy. an italian judge releases the german skipper of a migrant rescue shaft after she was arrested defying an order not to adopt part of italy's interior minister has called for tougher treatment and says he will expelled from. plus england and the u.s. battle for a place in the women's world cup final will go to leone for the highlights of a tense and dramatic. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us after 8 days of wrangling the 28 member countries have agreed on their. nominees for the top jobs in
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a surprise move the leaders nominated german defense minister funda ly and for president of the european commission the conservative christian democrat was nominated to replace john claud after most of the front runners for the post were rejected belgian prime minister showed me shadow was one of the names being floated for the top job but in the last minute reshuffling the liberal politician was nominated to replace don't as council president well international monetary fund chief christine legarde received unanimous backing as the next president of the european central bank if confirmed the center right conservative would be the 1st woman to lead the e.c.v. and spanish foreign minister just as easy to foreign policy chief that the socialist would replace little ecomog illini as the e.u. used top diplomat but the biggest hurdle in this political race has still to be
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clear the european parliament has to approve the lineup and the social democrats have already set themselves against orsola fund nomination for more on all this i'm joined by dee w.'s max hof fun he's in strasbourg where the european parliament is meeting today and in berlin i'm joined by hands behind our political correspondent start with you max so the ball is where you are with the european parliament right now what do any peas there make of the nominees they've been given for the use top jobs. european parliament bull vote on the commission president in 2 weeks' time most likely and we've been hearing a lot of disappointment around here not so much from the conservatives because it was a tough and aligned herself as is a member of the conservative party european peoples party the p.p. is still that was still a tough nut to crack for them but the real problem lies with the social democrats
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who are hugely disappointed they do it very close to having the top job with their lead candidate or as it's called spits and counted up plans to months and many parliamentarians here said all along we will only accept a commission president that was also a spitting county that's all lead candidate during that campaign and i talked to a cut that you know bob the former justice minister of germany and now and peace are a member of the european parliament here and she went as far as to say that we have an institutional crisis that will take a listen. this is already an institutional crisis because the council. obviously you know wants what the parliament has stated clearly from day one from. long before the election that we are only going to vote for one of the ships and that is what the parliament and all the all the parliamentary groups have said all the time so the. the council has decided to ignore this and
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that is already part of the crisis. so commonly known by lee says this is an institutional crisis much but e.u. institutions are accustomed to dealing with crises help at is this one. it really depends what happens in 2 weeks' time and 2 weeks are a pretty long time to convince certain members of the european parliament you have to think about it this way when this deal was hashed out in brussels yesterday someone must've called the social democrats in the european parliament because you have social democratic leaders in brussels take for example pedro stanchest the spanish prime minister that doesn't mean that all social democrats are on board with this but there are getting something they most likely will get the president of the european parliament they most likely will get the high representative for foreign and security policy which is a very well regarded job as well so they won't throw this away this easily but we
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don't know yet so betty if in 2 weeks' time the european parliament really rejects . and we're back to square one i think that it's fair to say yes this is an institutional crisis hons a german conservative close ally of chancellor merkel has been nominated for the e.u. use very top job what are germany's social democrats making of that we've already heard that in parliament in the e.u. parliament there's a lot of consternation but germany social democrats what do they make of it. well they are concerned protested against this they have said that enough on the line is not somebody that any vote in europe voted for that is the whole idea of the top kind of the model that the voters that actually go to the polls and we have to remember that in the past european polls participation of voters was much higher than and then in previous times so there's a voting model seems to be fairly successful navotas went to the polls they gave
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their votes to certain kind of votes that have been proposed and none of those kind of this is now getting the top job that is what the social democrats here in germany and in the european parliament are protesting against and the protest is so intense that in fact germany withheld its vote when the commission in fact to decide i went when the council decided on who to propose on all of the law from the line in other words the german chancellor i'm going to market did not vote for underlined when she was nominated author of respect for her coalition partner here in germany for the for the social democrats expect to use the e.u. parliament is meeting there in strasbourg today they are going to vote today on their own president how's that going. you know like i said one of the big posts here one of the e.u. top jobs and interestingly enough the european people's party so the conservatives
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do not have a candidate the liberals do not have a candidate because this is informally part of that package deal that was struck in brussels meaning that the social democrats will probably make the race with the voices of or with the votes of the conservatives and the liberals there is an italian social democrat that is the official nominee whose name is david soley a former journalist he's been a member of the european parliament for many years so he's very experienced and it seems like the other 3 candidates will not stand a chance against him max thank you so much max tough month there in strasbourg and here in berlin our political correspondent hans upon thanks to both of you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today at least 40 people died when an airstrike hit a migrant detention center in the libyan capital tripoli officials said another 80 had been injured libya's un backed government of national the court has blamed the
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attack on the self-styled libyan national army it denies being behind the strike. demonstrators burn tires and block roads across israel to protest against the shooting dead of an 18 year old ethiopian israeli by an off duty policeman on sunday activists have been angered by for sieved systematic discrimination by police towards israel israel's ethiopian minority. rush's defense ministry says a fire on board a deep sea submersible has killed 14 crew members also says the vessel was surveying the seabed north of russia but local media reports say the bessel was truly a secretive nuclear powered mini submarine the crew were apparently poisoned by a few cents. a sicilian court has released the german skipper of a migrant rescue ship from house arrest sea watch captain corolla rocket has now been taken to a safe place according to her lawyer she was taken into custody on sunday after
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taking her ship carrying 40 migrants into port on the italian island of lampedusa in doing so she collided with a customs patrol boat you tell the judge said the german captain was doing her duty saving human lives when she saw the ship in defiance of italian authorities. a reporter an s. if is in the syrian city of og riggin so he told us why the judge's decision to free rocket had divided people between her supporters and those who agree with italian it's your ear minister matteo 70 who called the incident a criminal act. the key to people that i talked to said for her she's a hero she did something that they wanted to do which is to put their life at risk to put their safety at risk in order to to help people and that's how they see her of course it's also attracted negative reactions from italians there was a bit of
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a standoff here with the people who were holding a sign saying they were we've traveled to another guy made a makeshift sign saying selby me is the only captain that had a bit of a stand off for him i talked to a little bit in a little bit of broken italian he said that for him she's an outsider she's somebody that doesn't have any business being in my city. you're watching the news still to come up. in sports a 75 all match at the women's world cup crackling with tense moments we'll tell you how the u.s. managed to just hold on to defeat and. in many parts of the world today it's international plastic bag free day the european activist behind this hope it will highlight the damage plastic waste is doing to our planet and persuade people to find other solutions here's a few shocking statistics the world produces $300000000.00 tons of plastic waste
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every year just about the weight of the entire human population $10000000.00 tonnes and up in the world's oceans a lack of effective waste management in asia is said to be the biggest source of the problem 90 percent of ocean plastic is carried by rivers such as the yang sea and the yellow river in china or the guns used in india much of this plastic degrades and breaks down into micro plastic particles you can see just how tiny they are they are often ingested by fish and then eaten by humans are rubbish permeates our. oceans including here the deepest place on earth 11 kilometers below the surface of the pacific ocean in the mariana trench trying to announce 2 years ago that it would no longer accept plastic waste for recycling and that's put pressure on other developing countries that have become destinations for dumping.
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this is canadian plastic waste that was supposed to end up in the philippines right now it's burning up in a canadian incinerator the government says it's being safely treated in line with national standards the waste was sent to the philippines years ago following a legal dispute the government in manila hired a shipping company to send it back to canada. and this is what happens when southeast asian countries accept western waste. mountains of garbage from france germany and other european countries items are used once and thrown away malaysian activists found this site next to a palm oil plantation. we have followed the t.v. . and then but. the stuff i treat so those. help.
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the problem has gotten worse since china stopped accepting waste shipments in 2017 since then millions of tons of waste have been shipped to thailand vietnam malaysia and indonesia environmentalists have called on the countries to stop accepting waste they also say the solution isn't just local the producers of plastic also have to change their ways. and we are kidding. i think. that nature and. or. the european union has promised to stop exporting its plastic waste to developing countries but only in 2021 so for now the trash mountains of malaysia and its neighbors will just keep growing. well for more now i'm joined by w.'s terms in walker who focuses on
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environmental issues for d w good to see you times and a growing number of countries are banning plastic bags germany is not one of them why is germany not showing leadership on this issue i guess that's a question that i put to an environment straight spokesman quite recently his response was germany has such waste disposal and. recycling facilities that it doesn't actually need to have a back what they did a couple of years back was to introduce a voluntary fee under which retailers could say ok our customers will be asked to pay a nominal amount of money $0.20 perhaps to have a plastic bag and they say that that has been fairly successful and it has cut the number of bags that germans use by 2 thirds so the average now each year germans the average german uses 24 plastic bags so many people in the country so the
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government is saying that everything's fine but you're an environmental journalist you focus on this are things really fun well no i mean the picture kind of bear that out no it's not fine and the other thing is that the predictions suggest that the amount of plastic that's going to be produced going forward is just going to skyrocket you know we're nowhere near the end of finishing manufacture. what would it mean if a ban on plastic bags were to be implemented in germany would it be like hugely disruptive. i don't i don't think it would be i mean i asked a whole bunch of people recently what would you do how would you respond should it be banned and when i most of them said. let's ban it one guy i went to i said would you how would you respond should germany banned plastic bags he said absolutely ban them you know and i said but you're holding a plastic bag and he said yeah but that's just because i can still have one banned them and i won't use them ok now the e.u.
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has recently decided to ban certain single single use plastics to see this happening globally do you see a global ban on this kind of plastic plastic bags single use plastics happening i mean there are definitely more and more bands coming into effect but as i said at the same time production is increasing absolutely on the base it i don't think that we're anywhere near an outright ban on similes plastics terms of thank you so much d w environmental com correspondent thompson walker few. it's been confirmed june was the hottest year ever worldwide european temperatures were recorded at around 2 degrees celsius hotter than normal while globally earth was 0 point one degrees celsius hotter than the previous june record and climate scientists say scorching weather like this is much more likely because of global warming. june saw the french temperature record smashed in paris people cooled off wherever they
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could but in the country so where the resort to an all time high of 45.9 degrees celsius streets were empty on 2 just attractions. in the u.k. the glastonbury music festival baked under the hottest day of the year. parched funds to water. and sheltered from the heat as best they could. in spain the consequences were more serious wildfires raised in tarragona scorching over 6 years. in india delhi sweltered under a record $48.00 degree heat. people queued anxiously for drinking water and scarcity in northern india contributed to 78 he to lead to deaths there in june. danish claim of stephan olson's picture of huskies apparently walking on water at the angle field fjord in greenland went viral showing normally intact ice fields
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melting in the unusual june heat. but according to experts this extreme heat is the new normal and climate change is driving it the world meteorological organization says the european heatwave was absolutely consistent with extremes linked to greenhouse gas emissions. and that could see not just increased temperatures but more extreme phenomena like the recent unseasonal storms in mexico that left cars and trucks buried under mountains of hail. the heat and lack of rain are contributing to very dry conditions in northern germany firefighters are struggling to contain a massive wildfire that broke out in a large forest area at a former military training ground hundreds of people have been moved to safety and there are growing concerns that the blaze could set off unexploded munitions. flames and smoke as far as the eye can see firefighters work to contained
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a raging fire which snow covers more than 4 square kilometers of forest it is the largest fire ever seen in northeastern germany and it shows no sign of winding down now which is all about preventing it from becoming less is getting this is not about eradicating the fire we can no longer do that at the moment it is about protecting life here and about securing the villages around. approaching the flames from land is difficult so helicopters have been brought in to fight the place from the air but nearby water source is becoming scarce and the task is rendered especially difficult as the wooded area house is a former military training so stow demolitions threatened to explode at any time in the heat. we have been gets we will now prepare pads so the fire brigades can continue advancing to keep the fire from spreading and he says probably this fake and around a 1000 people have already been evacuated but local officials want to assure the public that they are doing all they can. switch this will certainly affect the
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area significantly but there's always something good with the bad what has already burnt controvert again anytime soon. more than 2000 firefighters are deployed on site around the clock but strong winds are expected to blow over to richen threatening to wesson did plays. soccer now in the defending champions of the women's world cup the united states have reached the final after a dramatic $21.00 win over england all the goals came in the 1st half but most of the drama came close to the final whistle. the united states have been quick out of the blocks at this world cup against england it was no different. than these christian press posting at the back post the shock replacements are making repeating no justifying her place in the site. england could have been overruled
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but they hit back so you know. why we. should go number 6 of the tournament. but anything she could do so you could they go at it morgan she had been the stuff and the team more than cheekily celebrating her 30th in a very english way is that having been choking on mixie they were positively crying into it by the end the video referee having earlier choked off a goal for offside steamed this penalty step captain step. she made us brief this i have a nice day with the deserved witness. and sports correspondent oliver moody joins us now for a lay all where the dramatic match took place all the of the favorites the u.s. all or through but they really had to work for it didn't they. they certainly did yeah in the initial stages it actually looked like they might be. they started
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with that kind of ferocious pace and power that we've become so used to seeing from the u.s. in the opening stages of games. just dominated the opening exchanges and deservedly took the lead but england did very well to break that u.s. spell of dominance and level the schools and after that the much actually took place in a very kind of even setting the 2 teams were very evenly matched and england as we saw could even be equalized towards the end but of course the u.s. has so much quality and not and alex morgan is one of the world's best strikers and she proved it again on the biggest stage the world cup semifinal england came so close to tying the match with the penalty what was the atmosphere like in the stadium at that moment. it was very tense i was sitting mostly around americans at the game and they were very loud throughout the match but when the referee went over to the video screen to check the replay of the incident they went very very quiet and they stayed quiet right up until i listened
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i pulled off the site but ultimately put the u.s. in see the world cup final a huge moment for them a hugely disappointing moment for england of course and it wasn't the only one they also had a goal disallowed for a very fractional offside ellen white again coming close of course to getting on the scoresheet again. 2 moments that will hurt the england players for years to come i'm sure even if they are rightly very proud of that foreman says at this tournament now we heard from them right back after the guy let's hear what she had to say about those 2 moments. obviously because many creative. decision offsides in offside were not going to argue with that but you know it's easy to find one for poland and a semi final pushed us a right to the edge. you know even at the end of the game we still looked and even with 10 men unfortunately that's the way. touch the way football goes indeed all
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the the training champions there or in the final again can they be stopped. i think they can i mean they still look like the best team in the world at the moment and they've proved that really by beating some very tough opposition the likes of england and france of course the hosts in the in the quarterfinals they've also beaten sweden already at the tournament one of the other teams left in the play in the semifinal against the netherlands but look the u.s. as i say of taking the lead early on in every game so far they've scored in the opening 12 minutes of every single game they've had at the world cup so far so the key for whoever plays them in the final is to keep them out for that opening kind of stage the opening stretch of the game and if they can do that then ultimately they're not at a disadvantage from such an early stage and they've got a chance a chance of beating the best team in the world probably all oliver moody and did that with the sports thank you so much. in chile and argentina tens of thousands of
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people watched in all as the sun banished behind the moon in a total eclipse the 2 countries are the only inhabited places on earth where the rare sight could be seen the path of the eclipse started in the south pacific and stretched through the south american continental 11000 kilometers away but. just reminder the top story we're following for you here today wanted to be a news leaders have nominated german defense minister funded lion of the top of president of the european commission a surprise choice came after 3 days of marathon talks but the european greens and socialists say they oppose file no alliance nomination making it unclear whether she will be confirmed in the post. coming up next it's a close up w.'s current affairs documentary series we're taking a look at divided side 1st today you're watching news from berlin i'm terry martin
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and remember you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our web site that's a t w dot com thanks for. inside
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prison ever be reunified. a journey along the border encountering hopes and prejudices it soon becomes clear that the decade long division has driven the greek and turkish populations farther apart and yet there are still those on both sides who refuse to accept this life on the border. next on.
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slick. carefully. don't look to. me to be a good. match. discovered. subscribe to the documentary on to. about this issue when i arrived here i slept with people in a room for over. it was hard. i even got white hair.
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learning the german language help me a lot this gets me and cleared up the trinity to entrap let's say you want to know their story the muslims who are fighting and reliable information for margaret. barricades in the middle of the city border posts un peacekeepers on patrol this is every day life on cyprus divided since 1974. a demilitarized zone runs across the entire island there are empty towns and abandoned villages.


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