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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin and it was a choice almost no one had expected after days of torturous negotiations european leaders nominate deadlines germany's defense minister for the e.u. is most powerful job but opposition to her is already growing and the european parliament has a big decision to make today electing its own new president also coming up. an italian judge releases the german skipper of a migrant rescue ship after she was arrested defying and ordered not to. italy's
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interior minister has called for tougher treatment and says he will expelled for. plus england and the u.s. battle for a place in the women's world cup final who goes really old for the highlights of a tense and dramatic. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us lawmakers are voting today to choose a new president of the european parliament the vote in straws for will complete the e.u.'s lengthy process of appointing new people to the top jobs leaders have already nominated candidates for 4 other posts the most important job is that if you commit in chief and the nominee is controversial it's german defense minister underlined her appointment must be ratified by the european part of. and it's not
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certain that you lawmakers are ready to accept term. w.'s max hoffman is in strasbourg has been covering all these negotiations and joins us now from the european parliament where they are voting today max what to any piece there make of fonda line as the nominee to become commission president. it depends which political group you asked now the greens have flatly rejected the whole package so if things don't change dramatically in the next 2 weeks they will not vote in favor of. the conservatives will vote for it was enough on the line at least most likely many of them were not happy with the choice because they wanted their candidate during the campaign months to be able to be the nominee but that didn't happen it's going to be difficult for them to oppose fund a lie nevertheless because like i said she's from the same party and so the conservative e.p. p. would continue to provide the e.u.
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commission president now the key to this whole conundrum are the sole szell democrats they are extremely disappointed because up until the end it looks like they're the candidate plans to moments was going to be the choice of the leaders in brussels but that didn't happen as we all know it so now they have to arrange themselves with the situation when you talk to some of them especially the german social democrats are flat out rejecting. how to turn that around within 2 weeks is not very easy to say at this point but it was enough on the line once to become commission president she will need the votes of those social democrats let's take a closer look for a minute here and to fund a lion isn't washy so controversial if confirmed as european commission president the 60 year old would become one of the most powerful politicians in the e.u. but as we've already seen her nomination is not without controversy and in her current role as germany's defense minister she's also faced number of challenges.
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she's considered a close ally of german chancellor angela merkel funday line german defense minister christian conservative and long time politician a medical doctor and mother of 7 funder line joined medical c.d.u. party in the early ninety's she later headed the ministry of family and women before serving as minister of labor as germany's 1st female defense minister funded line aimed to revamp the armed forces but she's recently drawn criticism for poor management in the ranks several scandals including revelations of far right extremists in the military equipment failures and deadly military plane crashes have plagued tenure. a european at hearts fluent in both english and french as well as german funded line has long been seen as a possible successor to machall as chancellor or more recently as the next head of
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nato european leaders have now agreed to choose her as the next president of the e.u. commission if the european parliament endorsers her she would be the 1st woman to fill the influential post. and i understand that will be visiting strasburg and visiting the european parliament the softer new do you think she's going to be able to convince parliamentarians there that she is the right person for this trial. it depends who she's going to visit we know she's going to visit the political group of her own party the european people's party so the conservatives that should be possible she will meet with month it babe i had a chat with faber earlier saw the actually candidate of the conservatives and he said he's going to support her this is just how the political process goes albeit being disappointed about this choice about was enough on the line but you could say
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this is a home game if she decides to visit the social democrats it's going to be a lot more difficult like i said earlier they are very disappointed some political groups are extremely opposed to the choice of was enough on the line they are opposed to the whole process how things worked out in brussels this kind of dealing and wheeling behind closed doors but still she's going to have to convince them she's going to have to make contact and visit them at some point not sure if it will happen today max thank you very much t w monday in strong support for the european parliament is meeting today. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today at least 40 people died when an airstrike hit a migrant attention center in the libyan capital tripoli official said another 80 had been injured libya's un backed government of national accord has blamed the attack on the self-styled libyan national army it denies being behind strike. demonstrators burned tires and blocked roads across israel to protest against the
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shooting dead of an 18 year old ethiopian israeli by an off duty policeman on sunday activists have been angered by perceived systematic discrimination by police towards israel's ethiopian minority. and norway's radiation safety authority says it believes the russian submarine that caught pirate on monday was nuclear powered but it told the ws had not detected unusual levels of radioactivity. 14 sailors perished in the blaze russia's investigative committee says it's probing the columns. and last month was the hottest june ever recorded worldwide. copernicus climate change service says temperatures across france germany spain and italy up to 10 degrees higher than normal in june finally. the german skipper of the migrant rescue ship sea watch has moved has been moved to
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a secret location because of security fears that's according to the organizers of the rescue operation kept in kabul of the key to at earlier been released from house arrest by an italian court she was detained on sunday after taking her ship carrying 40 migrants into port on the italian island of lampedusa when doing so she collided with a customs patrol boat the italian judge said that wreckage was doing her duty saving human lives when she talked the ship in defiance of italian authorities. are puerto as if it is in the society in city of gentle he told us more about the reaction to kabul akitas release. this is the apartment workout all of a kid just spent the past 2 days under house arrest there was celebration here last night as the news came that a judge had ruled against an order to have her held in italian jail the judge said she was only doing her duty to save human lives when she disobeyed italian police
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and brought her ship to port the decision angered italian deputy prime minister matteo south any who said about kate who will now be expelled from italy and despite the show of support here and i could be gentle for a woman many italians see as a hero there is also widespread support for it self in his anti immigration stance many here don't see it i think as a lifesaver they see her as an agent of a foreign power taking her ship down to the libyan coast to pick up migrants and forcibly delivering them to italy's doorstep for themselves any is the hero protecting italy's so-called sovereignty even i think spence of migrants was. soccer now and the defending champions of the women's world cup the united states have reached the final match after a dramatic $21.00 win over england all the goals came in the 1st half but most of the drama came close to the final whistle. the united states have been quick count
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of the blocks at this world cup against england it was no different. they believe christian press posting in the back post shocked replacements and making repeated justifying a place in the side. england could have been overruled but they hit back so you know. what. she's going to number 6 in the tournament. but anything she could do so you could both take out alex morgan she had been the stuff and not the team me more than she could be said the bracing her thank you very english way is that having been choking on that cd they were positively crying in sweet by the end of the video referee having only a child. offical frost size helps to this the penalty step captain step fulton she . us brief the sigh of relief a day with that is when it's. sports correspondent all over moody joins us now from
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leigh all where the dramatic match took place all the of the favorites the u.s. or through but they really had to work for it didn't they. they certainly did yeah and the initial stages actually looked like they might blow. they started with that kind of ferocious pace and power that we've become so used to seeing from the u.s. in the opening stages of games they dominated the opening changes and deservedly took the late but england did very well to bright that u.s. spell of dominance and leveled the schools and after that the much actually took place in a very kind of even so saying the teams were very evenly matched and england as we saw could even be equalized towards the end but of course the u.s. has so much quality and not see alex morgan is one of the world's best strike is and she proved it again on the biggest stage the world cup semifinal. england came so close to tying the match with the penalty what was the atmosphere like in the stadium at that moment. it was very tense i was sitting
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mostly around americans at the game and they were very loud throughout the match but when the referee went over to the video screen to check the replay of the incident they went very very quiet and they stayed quiet right up until i listened i pulled off the site but ultimately put the u.s. in see the world cup final a huge moment for them a hugely disappointing moment for england of course and it wasn't the only one they also had a goal disallowed for a very fractional offside ellen white again coming close of course to getting on the scoresheet again. to moments that will hurt the england players for years to come i'm sure even if they are rightly very proud of that form and says that this tournament now we heard from seeing them right back off the guy let's hear what she had to say about those 2 moments. obviously because medicaid. part of our decision all sides an offside we're not going to argue with that but you know it's easily defined once and for all and and it's a final push to us
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a right to the edge. you know even at the end of the game we still looked and even with 10 men unfortunately that's the way. touch the way football goes indeed all the training champions there or in the final again can they be stopped. i think they can i mean they still look like the best team in the world at the moment and they've proved that really by beating some very tough opposition the likes of england and france of course the hosts in the in the quarterfinals they've also beaten sweden already at the tournament one of the other teams left in the play in the semifinal against the netherlands but look the u.s. as i say of taking the lead early on in every game so far they've scored in the opening 12 minutes of every single game they've had at the world cup so far so the key for whoever plays them in the final is to keep them out for that opening kind of stage the opening stretch of the game and if they can do that then ultimately they're not at a disadvantage from such an early stage and they've got a chance
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a chance of beating the best team in the world probably all all of them already of did at your sports thank you so much. now in chile and argentina tens of thousands of people watched in all as the sun vanished behind the moon in a total eclipse the 2 countries the only inhabited places on earth where the rare sight could be seen the path of the eclipse started in the south pacific and stretched to the south american continent 11000 kilometers. and just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today on day 3 news new leaders have nominated a german defense minister ursula from the lion for the top job of president of the european commission surprise choice came after 3 days of marathon talks but european greens and socialists say they lose from the mines culmination making it unclear whether she will be confirmed in the post. coming up
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next target a member series films looks set to child abuse in the catholic church for watching t w news from berlin i'm terry martin coming up at the top of the next hour we've got more news for you my colleagues so many some scandal will be with you that thanks for trying. to cheat have to get through the plane to sneak a break without a football thanks again. to women's vote. center in motion not some kind. of explains the 19 women's.


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