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the tube play the boat . this is g w news live from berlin it was a choice almost no one expected after days of negotiations european leaders nominate was a fundamentally germany's defense minister for the e.u.'s most powerful job but opposition to the bill is strong especially here in germany for approval the top jerk in parliament today is the starting up another missile. also coming out of the german capital the migrant rescue ship was moved to a secret location on tuesday to dress like a cat been arrested for defying
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a taliban on bringing the migrant to the cut. much of europe has been sweltering and on the president to be one of the last to sign to say last month was the hottest june after before we'll get analysis on the changing climate and the dangers of playing possum football in england and the u.s. title it out for their place in the women's world cup final the match was the law tension and drama right up to the we'll go to the end of the highlight. i'm sumi so much god it's good to have you with us. e.u. lawmakers are voting to choose a new president of the european parliament the vote in strasbourg will complete the e.u.'s lengthy process of appointing new people to the top jobs e.u. leaders have already nominated candidates for 4 other posts the most important job
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is that of e.u. commission chief and the nominee is controversial it's a german defense minister it was the last funded by the european parliament has to ratify her appointment and it is not certain that they will and let's go right to strasburg our correspondent max huffman is standing by there for us hi max so we heard that there is growing opposition to was left on the line as a candidate for the say european commission president post tell us more about what you've been hearing there today. i don't know if the opposition against it was enough underlying is growing but it's pretty strong i mean she shouldn't have a problem at least that's what many from the conservative group years say to swing around that group after all it's her party the european people's party it will be much more difficult with the social democrats who are very disappointed because many of them thought they had a very good chance of installing funds to moments their lead candidate as the e.u. commission president and then also you have the green party that has categorically
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said no we will not vote in favor of that package and i'm standing there next to the head of the greens in the european parliament philip numbers is with us thank you for coming why won't you vote for it was it on the night well i don't know who's saying that because we did not say categorically no we say these about package that doesn't alter the qualities we need to face the challenges of this time come on what do we have there we have on the one hand an old going basically german minister whose principal quality still be faithful to marco that's fine but do we need someone who is just was just being. a. well an aide to a german chancellor be going to chief executives. of european union and at the council we have someone we say heavily indebted to another leader in europe and that shall be shilling devoted to america and michael do we have their dippy people who have demonstrated over the past decades whole years of their political he told
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meant that they understand climate change that the understand the rising social inequalities that they understand the challenges to all democracies i do not believe so so if you if you say you're not categorically against it was with us on the line what would it take for you to vote in favor of that package and in favor for her taking over the commission president's well you know that we are pretty much about substance we want to change of course for the policies carried out of the european union how do we fix climate change in biodiversity how do we fix social inequality how do we fix them ocracy now she can still surprise us by making bold commitments you should never rule older people revealed themselves but i want to see before i will believe it even though i'm a christian i need to see miracles do in order to believe them she's going to be here and strasburg this afternoon if you get the chance you're one question what's that question going to be i won't disease the week. by human needs to get its act together and to elect its body so if time to meet.
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and it's going to be probably next week i guess i mean no hurry. you know that we are we have skeptical about the whole package and we deplore the fact that the parliament had i would say a once in a lifetime opportunity to assert its importance but it's certainly a missed opportunity it's not only disputes and counted out and we were working on the all the candidates of the different parties yeah and we were also working on trying to define. the next year european commission president should follow in order to get a majority in the european parliament but now i understand that 3 groups in the european parliament by and large are prepared to vote hold that person regardless so. what's the point of the exercise if the candidate knows what you said it's going to be difficult frankly speaking i can already predict what will happen in the social democrats over it today the social democrats will just say we snatched the presidency of the european parliament to one steady storm now they claim that
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while we are not going to hold off on the lion but then the oldest will come from outside of the association and then they will say well but we need to protect look at how many positions for you got for both whole team of months for i don't know who shift of each and so we did 2 projects also all soldiers sold a price for that is to agree with the deal and believe me my experience of the socialist groups he said oh definitely they fall in line thank you very much for the glum both so full of numbers here with us leaving the door slightly open at least for those enough on the line depending on what she has to offer especially on the topics of climate change with that back to you in berlin and next before we let you go we do want to say that there is a vote underway in strasburg at the moment a vote for the president of the european parliament fill us in on how that is going . well the 1st round of votes was not conclusive or although the social democratic candidate from italy came very close 7 votes were missing so now
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they're in the 2nd round of votes if that's not conclusive they'll be a 3rd one so this might take all afternoon but we still expect the social democratic candidates to come out with a victory for the gunboats also expected in just told us next huffman for us in strasburg thank you very much. let's get around now some other stories making news around the world the united nations says an airstrike on a migrant center in libya that killed at least 44 people amounts to a war crime when 130 wounded in a attack in the capital tripoli libya's u.n. backed government has blamed the attack on the self-styled libyan national army which has denied any responsibility. demonstrators burned tires and blood. roads across israel to protest after an off duty policeman shot dead an 18 year old ethiopian israeli on sunday activists say police systematically discriminate against israel's ethiopian minority. and russia says details of
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a fire that killed 14 crewmembers on monday on the deepwater submersible won't be made public because it includes classified information now we cannot already say they believe the russian sub was nuclear powered but they told you they had not detected unusual levels of radioactivity. the german captain of the migrant rescue ship sea watch has moved to a secret location because of security fears that's according to a sea watch a spokesman. was released from house arrest by an italian court earlier she was detained on sunday after taking her ship carrying 40 migrants into port on the italian island of lampedusa in doing so she collided with a customs patrol boat the judge feel free to cater said she had been doing her duty saving human lives when she docked at the ship in defiance of telling stories. now u.s. government inspectors have warned of dangerous overcrowding at migrant detention
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centers in texas they have published photos of cells so full that detainees were forced to stand they also said in some cases children were denied access to showers and hot meals the inspectors' report comes a day after democratic lawmakers denounced what they called horrifying conditions at some of the detention centers u.s. government inspectors say it's a ticking time bomb overcrowded migrant detention facilities in the u.s. state of texas where people are forced to sleep hundreds to a room on concrete floors even trapped in cages sometimes with nowhere to sit these photographs of raised concerns for the health and safety of detainees while they're being processed but one shelter organizer in el paso says overcrowding isn't an issue. i know that i keep hearing that. c.b.p. facilities are overwhelmed and cetera and we are not we're not seeing that you know if they are overwhelmed i don't know maybe. this footage secretly filmed by a u.s.
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congressman has caused by women of all ages crammed into a sale with no running water and just one toilets. i know. it's these conditions that are sparked protests across the country like here in new york. city was going over the border and this preschool in the rain has to stop now. and we want to. avoid putting young children sleeping on concrete sleeping with oil blankets like this is not how we should be treating children that's not how we should be treating people that's not a country that's a pretty good for values for freedom for like pursuit of happiness and trump is running concentration camps at our border and i have to be here to protest that the trump administration has pushed back against criticism of its migrant centers
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arguing that it's been forced to hold people in unsuitable facilities for much longer than the 72 hours normally allowed by law due to a lack of capacity leaving those continuing to arrive at the border with a longer wait in limbo. all right some a news just coming in to us now lawmakers have finished voting to choose the new president of the european parliament it is a tally in a social democrat. the vote in trust for completes the u.s. lengthy process of appointing new people to the top jobs all both the european parliament still needs to ratify the other appointments. and let's bring in our correspondent who is in strasburg he's been following this vote for us max tell us more about that it's possibly. dave it's a soul used to be a journalist italian journalist but he's been a member of the european parliament for 10 years more importantly he's a member of the social democratic group here in the parliament and as part of the
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package that was decided in brussels yesterday the social democrats are supposed to get the presidency of the european parliament for the 1st 2 and a half years of this term after that apparently it's going to be months they've been used to be the lead candidate of the conservative party all very complicated just to tell you this this is important because the social democrats are still protesting against fund on who's supposed to be the president of the european commission but now they have actively entered into the game that heads of state in government started in brussels yesterday because they took their or at least one part of the cake that was assigned to them so that might make it easier to convince them later on to actually give their ok to funding gotten enough on the line is expected to speak to lawmakers there and transparent later today what can we expect from her how will shia convince them that she is the right person for the job.
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we're still trying to figure out who she's going to meet exactly here we know that so far it's not planned to meet the social democrats that's probably the most difficult task she's facing year in starting out with her own party which makes sense her own political group the european people's party so the conservatives but also there it won't be easy completely a walk in the park because the e.p. p. was very disappointed that her the candidate they've just got shot down like that so she will have to do some convincing because what we have here is the parliament who is asking for respect for the principle of the lead candidate that only lead candidate who actually campaigned in the european election can become president of the european commission and on the other side the opposing side you have the heads of state government who in the end defaulted back to the back room brussels deal so that is the problem that's here but since it was enough on the line is part of the
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conservatives it should be possible for her to convince them to vote for her in 2 weeks time right next to her bringing us up to date there in strasberg thank you. it's been confirmed that this june was the hottest ever worldwide european temperatures were recorded at around 2 degrees celsius hotter than normal while globally earth was 0 point one degree celsius hotter than the previous june record and climate scientists say scorching weather like this is much more likely because of global warming. june saw the french temperature record smashed in paris people cooled off wherever they could but in the country so where the mercury resort to an all time high of 45.9 degrees celcius streets were empty and to just attractions deserted. in the u.k. the glastonbury music festival big under the hottest day of the year. parched
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popped funds to cold water. and sheltered from the heat as best we could. in spain the consequences were more serious wildfires rage than tarragona scorching over 6 those in tech tears. in india delhi sweltered under a record $48.00 degree heat. people queued anxiously for drinking water it scarcity in northern india contributed to 78 he too early to deaths there in june. danish climatologist stephan olson's picture of huskies apparently walking on water at the angle field fiord in greenland went viral showing normally intact ice fields melting in the unusual june heat. but according to experts this extreme heat is the new normal and claim it changes driving it the world meteorological organization says the european heat wave was absolutely consistent with extremes linked to greenhouse gas emissions. and that could see not just increased temperatures but
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more extreme phenomena like the recent unseasonal storms in mexico that left cars and trucks buried under momentums of hail. let's get some analysis on the story now with john the way to take poll had of the copernicus climate change service in montreal canada he joins us from there thank you so much how rare is a weather event like this heat wave that we're seeing because we have to say of course summers are supposed to be hot when seen hate heat waves in the past so how rare is it really what we've been seeing and witnessing here in europe. good morning so yes as you said we have seen heatwaves be whole weeks of something unusual what you really need to be quoted here is the amplitude because. records have been broken in many places in europe to germany france or to the hop and it would sort of exciting because we always june and usually the heat wave will more
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likely to happen in july you'll get through the 3 to leave you exit to move from that point of. view over the last year he's not going to be that we have broken records but we have the previous records if you go through something to turn over. and now we're seeing a pattern continuing over the past few years is this becoming a regular occurrence. it's difficult to say because ok you were up and the reason look of i have been encountered by your beauty swedes if you could to i don't you try your best when you look at historical records if you don't know what the year i. heard it weighs. likely to increase. pretty consistently to what they're all in that's a record. this isn't so these record breaking summer fortune temperatures is
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it safe to say that this is going to be the new normal with global warming. so again. it's there is a bit of common sense because we have a warming planet. so an extreme event on top of one planet is going to be even more extreme than it would have been without a warming planet so we are likely to see more extreme events when they're when they happen come the intensity. whether it's going to be and you know more of it perhaps too early to say but they also some studies which are you know actually year you should yesterday on trying to attribute the extreme end of the month story. through were completely changed and of course the thorough study has to be peer review were done and studied more deeply but what it shows these likelihood. is. there's a fraction that happened 55 counties more likely we are climate change and we don't
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complain we change and this is something which we really need to wear to really go very closely john to a triple head of the copernicus climate change service in montreal thank you for joining us on our show. right here now to china where a border guards are secretly installing surveillance apps on visitors phones as they enter the region of the country that is where china has interned hundreds of thousands of muslims in camps because of their religion the use of the spyware was revealed by a group of western investigative media outlets including germany's you do it citing newspaper n.p.r. t.v. and the guardian newspaper in the u.k. . these pictures are of china's remote jang region it's home to the mostly muslim we go people beijing closely monitors everything that goes on in this troubled region and now even tourists are being forced to install a state developed spy app on their phone if they want to go there that's according
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to visitors who have recently been approved and the maps installed on your phone and you can see on the screen that everything is being scanned text messages contacts browsing history and so on you you get really worried they could be something there they don't like and you don't know exactly what they are looking for i think. experts at germany's who are university and both home have been analyzing the app that found that the chinese government is not only copying content from phones it's also comparing it with the database the software not only searches for militants or islamist content it also searches for religious symbols the chinese government appears to be testing mass surveillance techniques inching jang something that deeply concerns experts to put in his potentially be accused of being terrorists without any concrete evidence and under this pretext of fighting terrorism their private data is systematically collected it's
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a massive attack on citizens' rights privacy laws and people's pearsall dignity the chinese government has refused to comment on the app or what happens to the doctor it collects with it. to soccer now on the defending champions of the women's world cup the u.s. are in the final after a dramatic $21.00 win over england all the goals came in the 1st half but most of the drama came close to the final whistle. the united states have been quick counts of the blocks at this world cup against england it was no different. than the christian press posting in the back post to show replacements and making repeated justifying her place in the size. england could have been overruled but they hit back so you know. why we could just go
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number 6 of the tournament. but anything she could do so you could birthdate go alex morgan headed for new stuff and b t moving cheekily celebrating her 30th in a very english way is that having been choking on their t.v. they were positively crying into it by the end the video referee having earlier choked off a goal for offside help steam vis a penalty step captain steph fortune she made us breathed a sigh of relief the day with a deserved witness. all right our correspondent oliver moody was following all the drama in leigh on last night he joins us for more on this story hi ali the favorite the u.s. are on to the final but they really have to work for it didn't they. they certainly did yeah although early on it didn't look like they would have to look like it could be a walk over in the early stages the u.s. started in their usual rampant fashion they got the opening goal at 3 kristen press
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and it was fully deserved it looked like at that point england had no answers to the u.s. attack but then ellen white he was really of england's world cup campaign struck the equaliser and after that it was really quite an even game england really did go toe to toe with the u.s. from that point on but look this u.s. team has much talent ability all across the pitch and in particular up front with alex morgan and of course it was her who got what turned out to be the winning goal proving once again that she is one of the best in the world on the biggest stage of all the world cup semifinal. came so close to timing with that penalty what was the mood like in the stadium at that moment. while i was sitting around mostly american fans and they were very loud throughout the game except at that particular moment when the referee. to the screen to check the video replays of the foul on ellen white house descended in the heart of the crowd and of course they didn't
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stay for very long because just a few moments later a listen i pulled off a huge penalty save a save the ultimately put the u.s. into the world cup final a moment thanks to see for them a moment of misery for england it wasn't the only one they also had a goal another goal for ellen white ruled out for a marginal offside 2 moments that will hold them i'm sure right up until at least the next major international tournament in 2 years' time despite the fact that they can be very proud of their performances we heard from lucy braun england's right back right after the game about those particular moment so let's hear what she had to say obviously because many creative. part of our decision offside an offside we're not going to argue with out boy you know these are the fine lines in football and in a semi final thing pushed us a right to the edge. you know even at the end of the game we still looked and even with 10 men unfortunately that's the way. that is the way football goes all in so
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the defending champs are in the final again can they be stopped. well we've got fans of the netherlands and sweden arriving at the fan zone here behind me right now and they will certainly be hoping that the usa could be still below the u.s. clearly the best team in the world we knew that going into the tournament and anybody who doubted that has been proven wrong frankly with the u.s.a.'s wins over france the hosts the now england as well the u.s. also beaten sweden in this tournament already of course so i think it's going to be very very difficult for anyone to stop them but if anyone does want to stop those hope to stop them they have to stop them scoring at the beginning of the match the u.s. have scored in the opening 12 minutes of every single one of their world cup games so far stop that from happening and see if the u.s. have a plan that's the only way to beat them however many from the sports for us in leon thanks so much. now in chile and argentina tens of thousands of people watched in awe as the sun vanished behind the moon in
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a total eclipse the 2 countries are the only inhabited places on earth where the rare sight could be seen its path that started in the south pacific and stretched to the south american continent 11000 kilometers over. a reminder now of our top story here on d.w.i. the european parliament has elected a collie and socialist lawmaker david saucily as its president for the next 2 and a half years saucily was elected after 2 rounds of lawmakers the 1st plenary session of the assembly which an elected in the days vote. coming up next our business show made in germany will take a look at how companies protect their intellectual property and don't forget to head to our website dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock to get all the latest headlines if you follow us on twitter our handle there
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. thank you for watching.
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