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this is the w.'s live from berlin then another top job filled in europe and italian socialists voted in as a new president of the european parliament will david subtly change the direction of the e.u. leaders also coming up at least 40 migrants are killed in an air strike as they saw safety in libya the united nations says it is a war crime. and how china is extending the reach of its surveillance state and border guards install spyware on visitors phones in the region where beijing has interned hundreds of thousands of muslims we'll hear from one of the journalists
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who uncovers the practice. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us lawmakers in the european parliament have chosen their new president for the next 2 and a half years they elected and italian social democrat holy who has been a member of the parliament for a decade now the vote in strasbourg completes a lengthy process of selling the used top jobs you leaders have already nominated candidates for for other posts their pick for commission chief is germany's defense minister was the last on the line now the european parliament has to ratify her appointment but that is not a done deal. let's bring in a man he has incest burgo where the european parliament has been meeting today how max there has been some strong opposition to the line becoming
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a commission president what are lawmakers there telling you. those are no fun and i and is already here and step one for her is to convince her own party why is that because that party had a different lead candidate so the guy that's been campaigning for the european elections for months actually since last september and what's of a sudden he's not the one who's supposed to become the president of the european commission but there's this new woman flying in from berlin so you can imagine that some members of the european peoples party at the conservative party are skeptical about fund but i asked one of their senior members the vice president of the e.p. p. david mcallister if he does think that was a tough on dion will be elected in 2 weeks' time when her nomination is put to a vote here in the european parliament. well shit if we have to we'll have my vote but i'm one out of 751 it really depends now if she can get the support of the
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european people spotted her social democrats for liberals and the greens i think and she well i think we should really give on the line a fair chance those who knew it was an affront and i know she's a convinced european and she's a convincing european she has a huge expertise and obviously she was for a compromise candidate where many governments from west to east and europe could rally behind her and say ok she's the woman it would also be the 1st woman in the history of the european union to be at the top of the european commission so we should give it a chance and we should talk about her plans what does he goes on to fund and i plan to do as a commission president with a team the next 5 years and on the basis of this debate on content m.e.p. colleagues should take a decision if we want to vote for or not i don't know why some colleagues already refusing to vote without even having spoken listen to. right back so she certainly has david mcallister's vote and it looks like a she will be there today to try to get other conservatives to rally around her as
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well but what about where there is more dissent among the greens on the social democrats tend to get then to vote for her to. the european people's party is definitely the easy part in all this but it was a lot of fun to lie and it will be much tougher with the greens they haven't categorically close the door we interviewed one of the senior members of the greens earlier philip numbers and he said it all depends on what she proposes for example on climate change or fighting climate change rather very difficult though will be the social democrats because they are still disappointed their lead candidate for instance to months didn't make the nomination for the commission presidency for several days it looked like he would win that race even i'm going to makeover the german chancellor had proposed to him but that it went all downhill and that's why this compromise if you want to call it that was on the line came out it appears that it was enough underlined will not try to convince the social democrats today
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neither the greens she will probably return to brussels next week to continue her tour through the different political groups of the european parliament trying to convince them trying to get the votes necessary to have a majority here at this very spot in 2 weeks time. with the very latest for us there in stress back thank you. well it was less on the lines nomination has proved controversial here in germany as well the junior partner in governing coalition the social democrats say they do not support her being named president of the european commission others say her nomination is a sign that european democracy is not working properly. a friendly welcome for the laugh on the line at the meeting of the german cabinet in berlin the defense minister and conservative politician could become the next head of that you commission a success for her party colleague chancellor angela merkel but fundal line is
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facing resistance from within germany's governing coalition the social democrats are not backing her. the. democrats want to strengthen the european parliament and democracy and as part of the european political groupings chose lead candidates for the post of commission president those candidates were ignored so our goal of strengthening democracy was not fulfilled this is a moment in the stuff to fund our line was not one of the lead candidates at the european elections in my back home she's facing a parliamentary inquiry looking into irregularities at a defense ministry that's one reason why the business friendly f.c.p. party has treated her nomination with skepticism and yet. all of a sudden. microgram that she has only been involved in european politics as a german minister. comes as quite
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a surprise. as in germany's political parties reactions on the streets of berlin were mixed as if i think she's capable of doing that. actually for the older generation the way european democracies transit is somehow disappointing. she hasn't done a good job. as defense minister of the doc i doubt she'll maintain order and russell says talked with so i. decided to put a compromise i'm sorry found because francis i'm happy with the alternative. and found a lion seems to be a candidate that many can do business with. because the few dollars. in dns the european parliament will decide whether funded line gets to use topped up and moved from berlin to brussels is still far from certain. the united nations says an
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airstrike on a migrant center in libya that killed at least 44 people amounts to a war crime more than 130 were wounded in the attack in the capital tripoli the carnage is being blamed on warlord khalifa haftar his forces are advancing on the city putting together the pieces this woman once dreamed of a better life she couldn't have imagined she'd end up here in a shattered migration center surrounded by the dead and these are the lucky ones the survivors of last night's bombing although they have little to speak of and even now they caught between warring armies far from their homes whether they be in sedan or somalia. paul what we know is one. is required just because you didn't do was to go have been a problem and. it happened literally in the dead of night fired a plane that dropped a bomb on
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a center field with hundreds of people. amidst the chaos people began recovering bodies they have a death toll as grim as it was predictable. some people. on the group one day are we were on the. to do blow even before last night the center to jury in a suburb of tripoli had been a disaster in the making and now the bomb landed me by in my rights group amnesty international said khalifa hof his forces carried out the attack as they moved on tripoli the migrants into jura are among 3 and a half 1000 the un has 100 detention centers located nearly be as battlefront. weeks ago migrants at a different center protested an increasingly dangerous situation. and 2 out of no where else to seek election to last year and the fronts of the same
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so we need a vocation now. i didn't you know we need to shoot since then the fighting in libya has only escalated it's a country on your store step through which those who want to go have long passed and by half a decade it has been as broken as the jury detention center is to die. and we can speak to charlie yaxley u.n.h.c.r. spokesperson for libya charlie thank you for joining us do you have any more information on what is happening now at this migrant center in tripoli. well currently a rescue operation is underway and we know the least 40 people have died in last night's airstrikes dozens more injured and the death toll is in fact likely to reach even higher as that rescue operation goes on you n.h.l.
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teams on the ground and off staff are providing aid and medical care to the survivors and they tell us to survive as a rule deeply traumatized by what's happened fearful what could have happened to them i mean the thing is this was something that was easily predictable just 2 months ago you and came out calling for this detention center to be evacuated after a similar airstrike hit a roof injuring 2 of the detainee and no action was taken since we made that call and sadly people have paid the price with their life loss like this was a horrific attack charlie libya we should say is not only a transit country it is also a failed state that's why you have issued those warnings there are various factions fighting at the morning at the moment rather should be should the european union really be working with the libyan coast guards to intercept migrants and send them back to these holding centers if they're not safe.
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and there has to be a change in approach now the status quo cannot continue i mean 1st of all we now need to be evacuated all the people who remain in detention centers there are still thousands in detention centers including in tripoli right now who are similar risks to the people who are who suffered last night we need states to come forward and help us evacuate people refugees out of the country but really the approach to the mediterranean is key here one of the problems we've had in the last 2 months is that new people are being. brought to the detention centers after being intercepted by the coast guard faster than we can get them out we need a shift in approach that sees no refugee or migrant rescued on the mediterranean return to libya there is no port in libya they can be considered safe for rescued refugees and migrants at this time and charlie tell us more about the people who
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are affected here who are these migrants and where are they coming from. i mean that's part of the tragedy here many of these people who are being detained in appalling conditions inside these detention senses have themselves fledged war and violence and persecution in their home countries that they've traveled through sub-saharan africa after falling prey to the smuggling and trafficking networks there we hear reports of smugglers and traffic is committing a range of abuses including beatings kidnap selling people as slaves by the time people reach libya they're already deeply traumatized. since april violence having escalated throughout tripoli it's no surprise that people were desperately trying to flee this situation only to be brought back and killed
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by the very same violence they were trying to escape from charlie yaxley u.n.h.c.r. spokesperson for libya thank you very much. now to some other stories making headlines around the world the german captain of a migrant rescue ship sea watched as moved to a secret location because of security concerns cole attack it was released from house arrest tuesday by an italian court she'd been detained for taking her ship carrying 40 migrants into port on the italian island of lampedusa. demonstrators burn tires and block roads across israel in protest after an off duty policeman shot dead and 18 year olds on armed ethiopian israeli on sunday activists say police systematically discriminate against israel's ethiopian minority. and russia says details of a fire that killed 14 crewmembers on monday on a deepwater submersible will not be made public because it includes classified
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information now which in authorities say they believe the russian sub was nuclear powered but they told the w. they hadn't detected under usual levels of radioactivity is a ticking time bomb overcrowded migrant detention facilities in the u.s. state of texas where people are forced to sleep hundreds to a room on concrete floors even trapped in cages sometimes with nowhere to sit these photographs of raised concerns for the health and safety of detainees while they're being processed but one shelter organizer in el paso says overcrowding isn't an issue i know that i keep hearing. b.p. facility. and we're not we're not seeing you know. i don't believe. this footage secretly filmed by a u.s. congressman has caused women of all ages crammed into a cell with no running water and just one toilet. but.
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it's these conditions that are sparked protests across the country like here in new york. thing is going over the border is this preschool in the main has to stop now. and we want to. avoid putting young children sleeping on concrete sleeping with oil blankets like this is not how we should be treating children it's not how we should be treating people it's not the country that's the busiest day for values for freedom for like pursuit of happiness and trump is running concentration camps at our border and i have to be here to protest that the trump administration has pushed back against criticism of its migrant centers arguing that it's been forced to hold people in unsuitable facilities for much longer than the 72 hours normally allowed by law due to a lack of capacity leaving those continuing to arrive at the border with
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a longer wait in limbo. now to india where raul gandhi has quit as head of the country's main opposition congress party taking the blame for its big loss and recent national elections gandhi was looking to become a prime minister but his party was beaten for the 2nd time by a nationalist prime minister narendra modi after the loss of gandhi said that he would not continue as leader although party officials still hope to change his mind his congress party has dominated indian politics since independence in 1948 but that support has collapsed over the past decade. didn't you correspondent standing by for us in delhi with the latest on the story. why has the hogan the quit now. well so many simply dollars on the is taking responsibility for the massive defeat that the indian national congress has suffered in this national election they went all out during the campaign bought
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this seat that it was barely a little bit more than the last time the last time in 2040 of the elections happened was the lowest value the congress has ever had this one is not much better in fact the numbers are not even strong enough to really lead the opposition's assault off of the results are gone he said i'm resigning a lot of pushback from the party was received by him this said no you cannot leave the house but he was insistent it took a good 5 or 6 weeks to do it it's been well over a month since the results but now officially he has stepped down from the all suppressed what does this mean for the congress party and also for the government doesn't run the multi. well for the congress party it has more for consequence it doesn't have as big an impact on the overall government because the seats held by the congress will still be the seats held about the by the congress the party precedent is kind of an interior position of that manner but of course the body president does decide the direction the party takes now the indian
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national congress has been accused by the body of the more the one mr more this party of being a dynastic party he is the grandson of john her lead to the good grandson of jamal and there to the 1st prime minister of india the grandson of gandhi who was also prime minister his father was also prime minister so this is a clear trend of the gandhi dynasty through the spark the only twice before have non gone he's been at the helm of this party both stones were not considered a successful once again the concede the possibility is is that there will be an ongoing the at the head because the hassle cannot in fact be saying i do not want my sister priyanka gandhi on my mother sonia gandhi to be at the head and so this is the congress trying something they haven't tried much we would have to see how exactly this plays out it is a sign of introspection for the congress the executive don't elections where they have to form badly so this is a whole new direction for the party which has led india for a long time but has not been able to come back to the leadership for 10 years now
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just very quickly michel it's not going to be a gun the at the head of congress who could it be the right to have small talk that of course was going on indian media the names have been put out a very senior congress party leader as well into their seventy's all those opposing the younger leadership so right now it's too early to say it's still mostly speculation. in delhi thank you for bringing us up to date. out to china where border guards are secretly installing surveillance ops on visitors phones as they enter the shin jiang region of the country that is where china hasn't turned hundreds of thousands of muslims in camps because of their religion the use of the spyware was revealed by a group of western investigative media outlets including the dailies a dutch a title a broadcaster and they are in germany and the guardian newspaper in the u.k. these pictures are of china's remote jang region it's home to the mostly muslim we
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go people beijing closely monitors everything that goes on in this troubled region and now even tourists are being forced to install a state developed spy app on their phone if they want to go there that's according to visitors who have recently been approved and the maps installed on your phone and you can see on the screen that everything is being scanned text messages contacts browsing history and so on you you get really worried they could be something there they don't like and you don't know exactly what they're looking for i think. experts that germany's who are university and ball home have been analyzing the app that found that the chinese government is not only copying content from phones it's also comparing it with the database the software not only searches for militants or islamist content it also searches for religious symbols the chinese government appears to be testing mass surveillance techniques inching jang something that deeply concerned experts. put in ca is potentially be accused
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of being terrorists without any concrete evidence and under this pretext of fighting terrorism their private data is systematically collected it's a massive attack on citizens' rights privacy laws and people's paracel dignity. the chinese government has refused to comment on the app or what happens to the doctor it collects with it. and we can speak to journalist who works for the german newspaper site and she broke the story along with the guardian the york times and other media joins us from beijing thank you very much for being with us now your research started months ago tell us what happened to your sources phone so how did authorities manage to install this app. so the saudis who contacted us a few months ago actually crossed into since the province and west of china he was traveling with friends and the police border control asked for his phone ask
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for. busy the pin for his phone and then took it away and when he got it back they had installed a certain surveillance app and how dangerous is this app with a little bit of a feeling from our report but how extensive is the surveillance that can be carried out through this this app so what the epis doing is it's going to collect private data from your phone for example contacts all the text messages also the log ins to certain social media which is installed a new phone and there's also lists of certain items i'm saved in the in the app and it's going to look for those items on your phone and all this data which is collected from the phone is also sent to police server we can be quite sure what is actually happening with such data but the police officers are instantly able to take a look at all the data you have on your phone that's pretty extensive so what exactly
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are chinese authorities looking for here and all of this data. was so from the item list we have actually includes more than 70000 items we have this this list is encrypted but we had the chance to look at certain items and it is sure that they are looking for islamic content gente most of those items are related to a certain degree to i want to kill islamic content but they are also looking for certain topics such as taiwan t. bed also just. some different information which muslims can have on the phone and their right to have on the phone ok so we're talking about an app that's being installed on the sons of travelers of people who are entering the region what about for locals there are many we don't muslims who live in this region as we know many are being interned in camps how deeply are their lives affected by the surveillance
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well so the app we're talking about now is targeting foreigners but is this true that once you entered the province you can actually see how have these surveillance is for the people on the ground for the local people there's like 24 seventh's surveillance in every aspect of life it is camera surveillance it is the car movements people have to give d.n.a. samples blood samples voice samples so it is for sure 24 seventh's surveillance by the chinese government right journalist landover speaking to us from beijing thank you very much. you're watching news coming up on news asia india's financial capital by is again the flooded after heavy rainfall why does it keep happening or hear from an activist who blames the government. just
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push back against the past 60 waste from the west on the international plastic bags day we'll see how some countries are upset up with being destinations for dumping. after him and the chemo know how can car dash as the latest line of underwear sparked and off for over a cultural appropriation. there is battered she has those stories coming right up on your news please don't forget to follow us on twitter for the latest headlines are handled their apps the unix thank you for watching. oh. boy. oh boy.
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capital mum by face is deadly floods after heavy rainfall over the city's rain defenses but this isn't the 1st time for the city why does it keep happening culture coming up. a show us pushback against plastic waste from the west on international plastic bag free days we'll see how some countries are fed up with being destinations for dumping. and the fall for.


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