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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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you can share your children with just $0.50 and a tap on your smartphone together. please jumble the app. this is day 2 of the news live from berlin hello europe. sweeps in german defense minister also off on the lighter banks that debuted in the european parliament on a mission to win over because of the twitter debut also on the program at least 40 migrants killed in the abstract as they seek safety in libya united nations says
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the attack amounts to a crime. and in vocal a woman's world cup football drama with the 2nd semifinal sweden take on the netherlands in an evenly matched contest to see who will face united states in the final i'm sorry. i'm still gail welcome to the program the woman set to take over as head of the european commission has appeared before lawmakers in stroudsburg for the 1st time today europe's heads of government of nominates a german defense minister also a fall in the line for the top job now she has to win over the parliament. as tough on deadline at the start of our european charm offensive the european parliament will ultimately decide whether she gets the e.u.'s top political post so she needs to win the. source of
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a majority of any peace before they vote 2 weeks from now. yes wish this it's important to me to listen a loss to learn a loss so that in 14 days i can bring my vision to parliament for the european union over the next 5 years you will pay sure new on the eastern front yard and dolly. after days of intense wrangling tense a present donald managed to get the e.u.'s national leaders to unite behind fonda lion but he knows the parliament presents a major hurdle for their chosen candidate. so i am not a prophet it's not for me to to assess what is the real shuttle story achieve. success in the parliament that it's always a question mark or so this is right we have parliament i mean 2 to debate to discuss to argue. and then to decide to parliament has already flexed its muscles and ignore the national leaders choice for another key job
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president of parliament. and funder lyon faces serious resistance because she is not a shit sing country down as one of the candidates put forward by parliament to be commission chief. the council obviously you know who was once the parliament as it's clearly from day one from. be long before the election that we're only going to vote for one of the states that is what parliament and although all the parliamentary groups have said all the time critics say fonder lyon emerged from a backroom deal made to please national leaders instead of keeping promises made to european voters advocates of the deal say she's a good compromise. from the lives of the founder lyon solution is good because she can handle foreign and defense policy she has a social sensitivity that other. confident slogs and so i think the parliament
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should back the recommendation made by the european council the minister for justice will fish an officer to. old europe out its worst for a reasonable outcome after lengthy negotiations parliament now has the final say. straight to strauss but then we find a d w correspondent whole thing welcome max so as not on the line the maid had big pitch to any piece today how was she received she didn't make a pitch to all the m.e. peas but especially her own political group the conservatives the european peoples party because after all she has to get them on board before she can start convincing others and we hear that behind closed doors things went quite well the welcome was friendly not enthusiastic which is not very surprising if you consider that the p.p. until tuesday had a different lead candidate on favor who got substituted by funding lion but she
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appeared to have won the delegates over by talking about her roots she grew up in brussels at least partly she went to school in brussels she also welcomed everyone in 3 languages french english and german that went down quite well and then she answered questions about all kinds of you topics nato and nato and the e.u. for example or or migration so it appears that went quite well i thought it was fun the line ok months so where is the opposition to the funding line coming from who she got to convince. she has to convince especially the social democrats and also the greens without the votes of the social democrats she will not get a majority here in the european parliament and the social democrats are still disappointed that their the candidate plans to months did not make it so it was enough and a lion is now in full campaign mode on thursday she'll go to brussels to talk to
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the president of the e.u. council don't you understand she will talk to the political group of the greens on monday she's probably going to meet the social democrats one of these days as well so she still has a lot of work because if the vote on her presidency would be today she would probably fall short of the majority but 2 weeks are a lot of time she's going to try to turn things around i hope when in strasbourg thank you. and the u.n. has described an astral kind of migrant center in libya that killed at least 44 people amounting to a war crime more than 130 were wounded in the attack in the capital tripoli that is being blamed on the war mode. whose forces are advancing on the city picking up the pieces this woman dreamed of a better life she could have imagined she'd end up here in a shattered migrant detention center surrounded by the dead.
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and these people are the lucky ones the survivors of last night's bombing although they have little left to speak of and even now they're caught between warring armies far from their homes whether they be in sudan or somalia. we. were one. of the last night a fighter plane dropped a bomb on a center filled with hundreds of people. on it the chaos survivors began recovering bodies the heavy death toll as grim as it was predictable. but. we were on the on. to blow. even before last night the center of tar jura in a suburb of tripoli had been a disaster in the making another bomb landed nearby in
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a rights group amnesty international said. forces carried out the attack as they moved on tripoli. the migrants into a jeweler are among 3 and a half 1000 the un has warned are in detention centers located near libya's battlefront weeks ago migrants at a different center protested an increasingly dangerous situation c. hess and 2 out of no where to speak english last year and the fronts of the same so we need evocation now we are gently we need ever. since then the fighting in libya has only escalated. meanwhile migrants continue to wait and hope not knowing what will happen next. now to some of the other stories making news around the world courts in bangladesh a sentence 9 opposition activists to death for an attack on a train carrying the current prime minister shaikh has seen
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a 25 years ago when she was an opposition leader who trains paid with bullets and molotov cocktails in september 1994. to happen easily as have advised more than a 1000000 people to leak their homes in the south west of the country as heavy rain and floods a batch of the region officials fear landslides could follow forecasters say the downfall is likely to continue for the next few days. i'm saddam's 1st a female man has launched plans to overhaul the dutch city's red light district and efforts to protect the sex workers from staring tourists the plans include ending live window displays move brothels outside the city center past efforts to regulate the industry of faced opposition from sex workers. officials in india say they have airlifted the bodies of 7 times from the country's 2nd tallest mountain britons 2 americans on the australian on an indian national were killed in an avalanche late
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may on scaling the 8000 meter tall the devotee 8th body has not yet been found. scientists have confirmed that last month was the hottest june ever recorded temperatures here in europe were about 2 degrees celsius a higher than normal on the worldwide average was just above the previous june record climate experts say the scorching weather is likely to continue and they attribute it to the climate crisis. june saw the french temperature record smashed in paris people cooled off wherever they could but in the country so where the mercury resort to an all time high of 45.9 degrees celcius streets were empty and to just attractions deserted. in the u.k. the glastonbury music festival big under the hottest day of the year. parched pop funds to cold water. and sheltered from the heat as best they could.
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in spain the consequences were more serious wildfires rage than tarragon or scorching over 6000 hectares. in india delhi sweltered under a record $48.00 degree heat. people queued anxiously for drinking water it scarcity in northern india contributed to 78 heat related deaths there in june. danish climatologist stephan olson's picture of huskies apparently walking on water at the angle field fjord in greenland went viral showing normally intact ice fields melting in the unusual june heat. according to experts this extreme heat is the new normal and climate change is driving it the world meteorological organization says the european heat wave was absolutely consistent with extremes linked to greenhouse gas emissions. and that could see not just increased temperatures but more extreme
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phenomena like the recent unseasonal storms in mexico that left cars and trucks buried under mountains of hail. now to the woman's football world cup where the netherlands and sweden face off in just an hour and they are in the 2nd semifinal neither team has ever won the title but the dutch will be back by a big following and sweden looking extremely relaxed. don't worry sweden haven't forgotten how to play football after all they've just knocked out heavyweights canada and germany but true to the underdog tag their coach was humble when it came to assessing his team's chances against the reigning european champions from a bottle. in the euro 2017 final watching the neverland's play against denmark for it was absolutely fantastic because that game was very close to being perfect football and ideal football so this semifinal will be very
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beautiful and it will be interesting to see if we will be able to beat what is one of my favorite team was. despite their recent success the netherlands don't boast much world cup pedigree this is only the 2nd time they've reached the tournament and the 1st time they've made it to a semifinal but they are favorites at least according to the press. if they found of a far from it i fear thing where the favorites in this semifinal i'm not so sure about that i think the 2 teams are equal if you look at the fee for ranking we're separated by only one spot so i think we're on a par i think the much will be like that to equal teams and we hope to come out on top thank you copa doesn't didn't it also to. a match that hangs in the balance but at least in terms of support the dutch are expected to have the upper hand with floods of orange clad fans ready to take over. tens of thousands of
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people in chile and argentina have gathered to watch the sun vanish behind the moon in a total eclipse 2 countries with their own. inhabited places on earth whether raeside could be seen in spots started in the south pacific and stretched to the south american continents nothing kilometers away. here's a reminder of our top stories at this hour germany is also the frontline has made her debut in the european parliament promising to listen a lot to and she needs them to prove a nomination as president of the european commission. don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download dropped from google player from the op still doesn't give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news most of use it just suppose there's.
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d.w. business south africa is up next with the football world have lots of the top of the hour and of course there's always the website that's t w dot com i've heard the . looks of it. jointly from africa the war story link to exceptional stories and discussions. of easy i want with safety deputed comes to shafiq have joined us on facebook j w i forgot. you know that
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77 percent. are younger than 6 of. that's me and me and.


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