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all. the feats of the great certainly he's one for the ages. but the. tenor for the ages starts july 10th on g.w. . this is. coming up on the program tensions over hong kong police arrested dozens of people following the storming of parliament this week what would it mean for the protests speak to activists about the future of the pro-democracy movement . hong kong. you know the show respect. our diplomatic escalates china's ambassador tells the u.k. to stop interfering britain ones of serious consequences for bilateral relations
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plus. from islamist competence to coffeemakers project in indonesia he's trying to reintegrate form makes me miss militants one at the time we have a special report. welcome to. it's good to have you with us. it wasn't expected but it happened anywhere for testers in hong kong storming the seat of the territories parliament on monday the legislative council chambers for some others belonged in the hands of hong kong's ordinary people an extraordinary scene on a day that marked the 22nd anniversary of hong kong's handover to china from britain but since then the battle over hong kong's autonomy has developed into a war of words between china and the u.k.
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just listen to what china's ambassador to the u.k. lil shalmi said in london on wednesday i'm calling the british government to reflect the consequences of his words and deeds with regard to hong kong i do hope that after his government would realize. the consequences and would refrain from further into hears from furthering damaging their relationship now this in response to a series of tweets and media statements over 3 days from u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt in support of the people of hong kong today he responded to those criticisms and issued clarification's i was not supporting the violence what i was saying is the way to deal with that violence is not by repression it is by understanding the root causes of the concerns of the demonstrators that freedoms that they have had for their whole life could be about
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to be undermined by this new extradition rule. but hunt earlier comments had come in for criticism from beijing as well this is what the foreign ministry said we don't hear i have responded to mr hans eroni as remarks in hong kong for 2 straight days. expressing china's strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition i can he however he seems to be indulging in the illusions of faded british colonialism and is obsessed with pointing fingers at other countries affairs in a condescending manner he he can call home. strong words there but what do they all mean from all of this been joined by deborah porter clifford conan in the studio with big welcome now you worked in beijing for a number of you as an attentive very many such press conferences in the foreign ministry headquarters is this sort of language that be heard in this entire water floods unusual it's not unusual this is the classic rhetoric one hears from from
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beijing the focus is always on an internal matter whether it comes to human rights the side china sea any of these international issues that china finds itself in the middle they always focus on internal affairs and how this is it's china's business and they urge other people to to say steer clear of that so i think it's very much it within the in the tone now beyond the internal affairs question ambassador lu in london that press conference that he held he also said that under british rule people in hong kong cannot elect their own representatives they could not elect their own leaders it was britain that appointed governors people could not go out onto the streets to demonstrate and then they accused britain of being potentially hypocritical by talking about democracy in that a tree do the chinese have a point there well the hypocrisy argument is always it's always a slightly difficult one obviously for the british because they run they run the territory the crown colony as it was then using governors as they did elsewhere in
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the british empire and towards the end of british rule in 1907 and they did try to implement more democracy and reforms to make represent greater representation for the hong kong people and i think the british tend to pointed out when when china makes these accusations and i think myself that hypocrisy is probably a strong word given that britain i think was trying to move towards more representation but at the same time it's something that the chinese contrail this is something that has been that they have begat begun playing on for quite some time but this war of words has really picked up steam from. monday when the latest of council was breached by for testers i just like to talk about the timing of this war of words now does this in some way take away the focus from what's actually happening on the streets of hong kong i think so i think the chinese government is in a real quandary here it's in a difficult position to know what to do about what's happening in hong kong. the
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chief executive is very much from the beijing side at the same time she's also struggling a little bit with the initial protests which were very peaceful. she was put into a difficult position now that there's violence in terms of the alleged attack it's become easier maybe for beijing to involve itself but at the same time it's much more comfortable in these areas dealing with other governments. be talking about things like internal matters and coming out with this kind of rhetoric that we discussed rather than dealing with the actual newsy gritty of what's going on in hong kong at the moment you might be easier on the international stage but that we've must all struck about jeremy hunt himself he is in a sense for reelection if i can call it that we have to head the tory party and by extension become british prime minister is there potentially more to the motivation here for joining me to bring this issue up in the middle of a tory party leadership campaign but i think that the timing is no coincidence i
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think in fairness that the british foreign minister has been very he's been pretty good on hong kong in terms of standing up for the british side. but at the same time i think he's there is definitely a political dimension to this and if you can show leadership and if you can show strength in dealing with china and in protecting the basic law that after all the tory party was instrumental in drafting with the chinese back in in the run up to the back and i said before i think that i think it could certainly work for him in political terms david graham we just have to wait and see if that does. thank you so much for coming in and breaking bad down for us in iran on the streets of hong kong there's fear things could get worse that's in the words of pro-democracy lawmaker claudie are more this after police arrested more than a dozen people involved in the protests on monday with another demonstration planned for sunday did i met some young hong kong guys who are documenting the
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protest movement. samson wong is looking for the last traces of the protests as demonstrators retreat their messages are disappearing as well long considers himself an archivist of the movement. i find it. the 1st special way to look at the. week's protesters used this war the jason to the hong kong government offices to leave messages for each other shortly before authorities started to clear the area wong and some fellow demonstrators stepped in to retrieve the messages. a large portion of all the messages of our solidarity of our citizens that the effects. there is a kind of warfare and communities do it on the protest one of the most peaceful could have remnants of the memorial calling for a number of demonstrators who killed themselves in desperation as
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a final sign of protest use that shook many hong kong residents the protests have subsided for now leaving many despondent several suicide threats online have alarmed firefighters and volunteers who have been out all day to prevent further attempts by a lot of people participating in this political movement like i i feel as if i can count you can. i send someone has been walking around the scene of monday's clashes police have sealed off the entrance to the legend says. if council several people have been arrested. i think it's ironic to our the creativity of the hong kong people i think you treat that as our africa for prosecuting that knowledge. it will
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be a long time before the legislature can be used again but the next protests have already been called for this week. so what do you think is the way forward for hong kong for testers let us know on our facebook page or. like many countries around the world indonesia is struggling with how to divide ticklers it's citizens who have joined or supported extremist groups the authorities are working with local groups on devoted lasers and efforts that combine law enforcement with livelihood opportunities for former combatants did have a correspondent and not santos visited a coffee shop. which employs former joggers and offers them a path back into society this story was supported by the pulitzer center mommy brother was a suicide bomber will go up in iraq 27 he was only 19 i mean has always regretted not being able to save him. broken my head
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is frozen but after the loss i mean now hopes to sway others in indonesia from the path of violent extremism he's now teaching former militants to make coffee instead of bombs i mean drugs gun coffee a coffee shop a jock jakarta and indonesia's main island of java he employs former militants he says giving them a job is giving them a sense of purpose and that is key to preventing that from being radicalized can and who has it and when they are released from prison after one or 2 months they are arrested again and then again this was to prevent them we need to understand what their needs are they need work they need friends. hundreds of indonesians have joined extremist groups or have gone to places such as syria to join this law mixtape the government is struggling with how to deal with
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former militants who want to return to normal life indonesia's taking a softer approach to do radical position combining law enforcement with reintegration programs that focus on skills training and support i mean has been working with the local authorities to help former fighters who want to start over some money is one of them he wants to join the eastern indonesia mujahideen an extremist group affiliated with islamic state. and here because i feel we are old brothers we socialize and maintain unity on the us is a way to peace. i mean has employed about 10 farmer competence to get coffee it may just be a small number get in there he says to radicalization takes time and one coach. i don't know and they join us we know their identities we know their contacts we monitor them we take care of them and stay in touch in my experience running this
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program no one has ever gone back to their old group. i know. it's a lot and his coffee i mean says they serve coffee that is made it love and tolerance. that's it for today to check out other stories on. our facebook page here's your next time. he takes it personally. with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. become more than football online. india. how can a country's economy grow harmony 6 people violent. when there are do look
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at the bigger picture. india a country that faces challenges and people are striving to create a sustainable future. clipper projects from europe and. eco india on t.w. . the next from transforming in global trade conflicts. between 2 asian process and could have been effects japan carbs high tech it's forced to south korea robbo forced labor and wartime is at the center of a growing dispute. for time to send off the malaysia indonesia is now also shipping container loads of on the recyclable rubbish back to western customers. going makes a $100000000.00 pledge to health specialist until me. affected by aids
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crush. this is business. as welcome another trade dispute is heating up this time in asia it's between japan and south korea is rather nasty and has its roots in history seoul is demanding compensation of forced labor as from world war 2 as a reply from today tokyo is restricting exports of materials needed to make semiconductors and computer displays the move is intended to hurt south korea's high tech industry at the heart of the high tech trade dispute between 2 asian power has is our people likely to pick he's among a dwindling number of south korean survivors who were forced into labor by japan during world war 2. in october of last year syed korea's top courts up held an order for japan's need pawn still to pay.


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