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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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oh. this is the w.'s line from berlin tensions between the united states and iran increase further as an oil tanker loaded with iranian crude is seized of gibraltar spain says the u.s. requests of the action because the tank is suspected of violating the european union sanctions against syria which is where it was headed also on the program. president trump gets the 4th of july celebrations he wanted it to class his salutes to america on independence day to be the show of a lifetime but many are opposed to weather forecasters say it may even rain on his
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1st. time phil gale welcome to the program but his royal marines have seized a giant oil tanker loaded with a grain crude injure brolga and suspected that all the oil was on its way to syria in violation of european union sanctions the spanish government to said the seizure was requested by the united states iran's state run news agency has described the incident as illegal. to grace one has been at anchor and under guard since the early morning british authorities stopped the ship as it passed through spanish territorial waters at gibraltar at the tip of the iberian peninsula they say the oil was bound for syria in breach of e.u. sanctions against the war torn country authorities also say the ship loaded the oil
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in iran putting the vessel in breach of u.s. sanctions against tehran. deal was patrolling the zone but we are studying the circumstances in which this is taken place there was a request made by the united states to the united kingdom and we are looking into how this affects our sovereignty in the sense that it took place in waters which we understand are under spain's sovereignty. is that. the ship is registered under penalty flag and belongs to a singapore based company gibraltar says the vessel and its cargo have been confiscated. i'm sure some of the other stories making news around the world at least 80 people are feared drowned after their boat sank off the coast of tunisia 4 people were rescued from the sea near the coastal town of zaza this one has since died in hospital the migrants set sail for europe from libya on monday elsewhere
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off the libyan coast more than 50 migrants were rescued by an italian charity charity vessel russian president vladimir putin has met with pope francis at the vatican talk from nearly an hour on subjects including the conflict in the crate president putin later met with israelis prime minister just had become today and with his long time friend former premier silvio berlusconi. massive fire has destroyed the destroyed whiskey warehouse in the u.s. state of kentucky 45000 barrels of jam the form of borgen went up in flames about 9000000 liters of whiskey authorities believe the place may have been started by a lightning strike. on the lion has been in brussels today lobbying for the job of president of the european commission and she already has the support of senior officials such as the kurds president sean cole young but she still needs to convince skeptical members of the european parliament presence
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of the european council on toast cats birds i mean peace to approve this for the lions nomination when they vote in less than 2 weeks. to get more from one event and he gets in brussels welcome bent so sort of on the line now already has donald tusk and sean claudio because backing so what was she meeting with them today. and it's basically continuing with a stop to through the european institutions today it was an easy stop in brussels because both men have a friendly with. but she has to go on a more support especially from the parliament and today she was seeking a she put it smart advice how to do that and that's very necessary because she never ran for office in the european parliament she never had the post in brussels she's a total surprise for many of the parliament terrorists and also for the people here in brussels so she's looking for some hints what she can do in the next 14 days to
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get more support for her candidacy today as she was shallow it was kisses and hugs by jungle gym because she usually as he usually does with all his guys she he showed her a new office but this is not sufficient to she needs to roll out a pen for europe in the next 14 days as she put it and everybody is very looking forward to see what she's really standing for winge when it comes to the european policies because nobody knows that exactly so who needs to hear a lot who does she need to convince. but she needs support in parliament she needs support from our own party the christian democrats see she needs the socialists on board she needs to deliberate and also she needs maybe some votes from the greens to get a majority an absolute majority in 14 days when the vote is set and that is still
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an uphill battle because there's fierce opposition from the socialists especially from the german socialists and also the greens are not convinced and they want to hear from the fund a line what she wants to do and there will be some more hearings next week when it was live from the line will be back in brussels so what happens if they say no if the parliament says no. then europe will slip into a very deep institutional crisis because that never happened before and then the council has to come up with a new candidate within 4 weeks that's what the treaties say and you can imagine how difficult that would be because it took already 3 days to come up with funda line and nobody wants to imagine what that means and then in september the parliament has to vote again and also this tangle with breaks it which is supposed to take place in october and if there's no new commission in place everything can get very
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messy. very rigorous in brussels thank you. the united states is celebrating the 4th of july american independence day events are usually a political but this year they are proving controversial president trump has staged a military parade through washington called salute to america tweeting that it would be the show of a lifetime forcedly inspired by france's bastille day celebrations 2 years ago is the jump is due to give an address at the lincoln memorial where martin luther king gave his i have a dream speech. straight to washington head of the humphrey joins us from the thick of the action welcome helena so a 4th of july not like no other according to the president. that's right phil the u.s. president has called it a show all of a lifetime is certainly a departure from tradition and it's not without its control this either with many
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saying that this is a military show of mites which the democrats certainly haven't welcomed they have said that the president has taken a leaf out of the new affair authoritarian playbook and certainly what we will see this evening is a fly over of air force one and other jets and most controversially i think is the aspects that tanks have been dotted around washington d.c. the president saying that he was taking a leaf out of the playbook of president a man you had back on the best seal day celebrations behind me what we're seeing from the parade so far is marches from military units who have also seen a lot of high school marching bands cheerleaders majorettes certainly a very all-american display but we haven't seen tanks in the capital in a speech from the president the last time we saw that was in fact 7 decades ago with president harry s. truman at a time when the united states was at war with korea so what are people saying about this this new turn of events. well this as you know is
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a divided country but it's definitely a different atmosphere here on the mall many of the families i've spoken to are delighted to be out on this holiday spending time with their family and seeing revamped celebrations are even when i spoke to one man a veteran of the vietnam war he was shot when he was 19 and he says that this is the 1st time that he feels that the u.s. for celebrations of the president has sufficiently paid tribute to the military that said of course protests are expected at the washington monument the antiwar group code pink will fly the child baby blue will also about baby balloon in london of course although it will not be flying a little way into the sky just the flyover restrictions in preparation of the air force one the fly over the democrats have come out saying that whilst this is a day of course of patriotism it should not be punished as size but i've seen many
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2020 campaign flags here and post this in anticipation of potentially a political speech we'll have to wait and see what the president says but if he does vote into account paid rally most in the democrats will likely also cool much of the money for this event to be paid back to the treasury say that violates a campaign financing ethics. in washington thank you. it's only a volcano erupted on tuesday killing one person and injuring others it happened on the island of stromboli north of sicily residents by surprise experts say the event was unusual because the warning signs before an eruption was not there. a carpet of ash floats on the sea around the island of stromboli small pieces of all cannick rock rained down and landed on this boat the aftermath of yesterday's eruption is clearly visible in jean austria the smaller of the island's 2 villages that at 1st
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there was fire everywhere that burned the undergrowth so that then came the rain of ash smoke also came into that house with the entire village seemed to be in flames it reminded me of pompei. 2 huge explosions occurred at about 5 o'clock on wednesday afternoon the column of smoke was 2 kilometers high authorities say a 35 year old italian hiker was killed and several others were injured. crews flew firefighting planes all night to battle the flames. many tourists on summer vacation have fled the island local saying this has been a highly unusual eruption. what is different about yesterday is that severe eruptions like these only happen 5 or 6 times in a century there are already been 2 eruptions like these between 2002010. yesterday's explosions were among the biggest ever recorded on stromboli cleanup
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work has already begun. thoughts of solid tennis day 4 of wimbledon has seen germany's defending champion i'm going to take care of a crush out in the 2nd round so lost in 3 sets to american lauren davis of women's top seed ash barty advance to the 3rd round alongside serina williams and roger federer and a late match a spanish men's 3rd seed a rough and dolly's facing controversial australian make curios and one of the standout clashes of the tournament so far. and while the women's world cup has been a shock to fans around the globe a darker side of the game has been making headlines last month fee for banned the former head of afghanistan's football federation from all football related activities for life this followed allegations that he and other sexually abused female players now afghanistan's coach is telling d.w. she's dissatisfied beefy firsthand of the case and thinks that face of president john in frontino should resign. let's have the link gaze of the footballing world
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is on france and on the sidelines of the woman's world cup a campaign has been launched to eliminate abuse harassment and exploitation in women's football in attendance was afghanistan's coach kelly lindsay who told me how difficult it was for her players to get the help they needed from following reports of abuse. the dialogue went on but it didn't feel like anything was progressing it didn't feel like our players were receiving the concerning care that they needed many of them were getting death threats many of them were being abused at the time we needed to get make sure they were safe we needed to get them out of the country so that they could speak the truth and help us understand what was really going on and it just felt like 8 months of a tennis match where nobody wanted to be held accountable and nobody wanted to really talk about the details and sort it out. back in november it was former player talita popal who 1st went public with allegations that key figures in the afghan football federation had sexually abused players in june
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a former president care of them was banned for life and fined 900000 euros but a lawyer representing him has said he will seek to appeal the ruling. up to no evidence doesn't. stand. and that's that and that decision. kelly lindsey disagrees but has also lost faith and future president giani in fenty you know. he's not my president of football he did not hold up the gold standard that should be held up by fifa on human rights and women's rights and i don't believe he should be the president after the way this case was handled the woman's world cup has been a big success but the afghan abuse scandal is a reminder of the long road ahead. this is day w d w
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business africa with alpha's is on the way more world news at the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the web site that's d.w. dot com have a good. 15 years since the. jeep was the 1st man to. work. as a small boy he dreamed of the stars. as a pilot he seemed anything no matter how.


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