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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm CEST

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this is t w news live from berlin and sudan celebrates an apparent breakthrough in its political crisis protesters demanding civilian government agree with the ruling generals to share power for the next 3 is can the plan for a peaceful transition to democracy work also coming up she's the top pick for the e.u. is top job but germans and not same pressed a new poll suggests they've brought the nazi defense minister also a funded lion as president of the european commission. and greeks prepared to go to
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the polls for voting in a snap election on sunday with patients with 4 years of austerity wherein said. plus there was an outburst of joy in brazil when rio de janeiro won the right to host the 2016 olympics the bounce now being replaced by stumps winning allegations of vote buying. time on ukip mackinnon thanks so much for joining us african union mediators say saddam's ruling generals and opposition leaders have reached a power sharing agreement under the deal a joint military civilian council will rule the country for the next 3 years of protests have roiled saddam since the ousting of a longtime president omar al bashir and april. but opposition leaders say the new
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deal is a victory for them movement. celebrations in the capital khartoum as a political standoff deescalate in a gesture of peace sudan's ruling military freed more than $200.00 rebel fighters who are part of the country's opposition a step towards reconciliation one rebel leader praised their release. well i mean the image is that it shows clearly that the army and the forces are our partners and not our enemy. when sure with the cooperation and the understanding we will meet the demands of the sudanese people the services that those demands are 1st civilian rule it's been the heart of the conflict which began after the military ousted long time leader omar al bashir activists called for a transition to a civilian government an impasse ensued and then bloodshed in june security forces
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opened fire on a protest camp in the capital leaving more than $100.00 dead but after a month the warring sides were at the table again in power sharing talks mediated by the african union and ethiopia after 2 days a breakthrough was announced. and government you mentioned isn't the 2 parties have agreed to share the sovereign council equally between the military and civilian for the period of at least 3 years. with the they have also agreed on an independent civilian government under the leadership of the prime minister. in a further sign of healing they also agreed to launch a national independent investigation into the deaths of the sudanese who were killed in the fight for democracy. and they don't use i.e.
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bergen joins me in the studio now for some analysis i you have reported extensively from sudan for us tell us about the significance of this deal it's a significant deal in that it is actually it is the culmination of about 2 and a half months of this uncertainty between the protesters and the military and negotiations that have been going on and off since the removal of ahmed bashir on. 11 the but this is by no means the 1st time that it looks like the military council and the protesters have reached a deal there were many ups and downs in this almost 3 month period with the military sometimes backing away from. big concessions at the very last minute so it remains to be seen if the deal will actually hold however this is the 1st time that we have a deal that is a result of a mediation before that it was the military council and the protest leaders negotiating directly with each other but this is the 1st fruit of the african union
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and the ethiopian mediators and then the most important thing to remember the most significant thing about this deal is that this is not this is by no stretch of the imagination a civilian civilian rule because there might be confusion people went out demanding civilian rule what people are telling me isn't that what they want this is a power sharing agreement that may or may not lead to civilian rule in a couple of years following the culmination of the transitional period but that remains to be seen ok so potentially a good 1st step as you say you're in touch with people in sudan what are they saying do they have confidence that this is going in the right direction so before we get into what people are saying it's important to remember that all of this this entire negotiation is happening with a near internet blackout that affects most of the people in sudan and the internet was cut off by the state and so the state obviously has command of the of the of the official channels of communications of state media with that being said we
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were able to reach some people on the ground and the reactions have been mixed there's a general feeling that it's a compromise but there were no other options that the forces of freedom change how to realize that any kind of agreement would have to involve the military and that some compromise needs to needed to be. reached and that the t.m.c. had to be included which. which was not always the aspiration of the of the protest movement but there are people that are disappointed and you know they are disappointed to still see to still see the faces that have that were prominent in the bashir era whether it's amityville commander or brown who is the head of the transitional military military council there's also in the important clause in this agreement that is to investigate the atrocities on the streets but then there are big question marks about whether the people of bet are allegedly complicit in these atrocities can investigate themselves how fair would that be and as as we've been
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saying it remains to be seen if this agreement will hold because at any time the military still commands the power to basically call it off and take power completely aren't even thanks so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world turkish authorities say 3 people have been killed in a car bomb in the south of the country turkish president type that one said the victims were syrians inside the vehicle the blast occurred near the town of rain on the syrian border. at least 190 bodies have been recovered from a mass grave in syria where the so-called islamic state once had its stronghold the grave near the city of raka contain the bodies of men and women who are likely stoned to death by us militants. iran has condemned the seizure of one of its oil tankers off the british territory of gibraltar bordering southern spain on
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thursday british royal marines boarded the vessel it's believed the oil on board was on its way to syria in violation of european union sanctions. holocaust survivor if there is a school has died at the age of $85.00 the roumanian born core champion forgiveness for those who carried out the atrocities of the holocaust she passed away while on her annual trip to outfits to educate youth about the horrors of genocide. now to a surprising poll result here in germany a majority of germans do not want the country's defense minister on the line to be president of the european commission a survey by german pollster in for a test the map shows just 33 percent of germans think she is the right person and would do a good job if approved for the e.u. use top job but a majority 5056 percent say she would not make
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a good commission chief. i'm joined now by our political correspondent thomas sparrow thomas why this skepticism about wilson a funded lion was in the fonda lion is germany's minister of defense on a such she is in charge of a extremely difficult and controversial ministry this is a ministry that is but has been criticized time and time again because of the state of the forces here in germany the criticisms relate to the readiness to the capability of the armed forces on a such as a reform the line has also been criticised although it's important to stress to some of the problems she inherited this is a role that in many cases has been described as korea so depending on what your position is on was it on the line you may think that she has done a good job given the circumstances or she hasn't done enough to change things in the bundesliga so that said that's one issue why germans may be skeptical about her
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she's also facing an investigation into spending irregularities and i think many germans are also not happy about her nomination because of the way that she was nominated in the end not having been on the ballot during the european elections if she does get the top job with that allow her to skate full of controversy at home or would it follow her to brussels do you think. i would say a bit of both in a way she will be able to escape because her roles in brussels will change she will have other priorities to deal with at the same time when you look back on her career you always have to consider washee did and what you didn't do as head of the defense ministry just as you would also look as well i did watch she achieved or didn't achieve when she led previous ministries such as the labor ministry or the family ministry let's not forget that it was rough on the lion has been the only minister since 2005 in other words since i'm going to started chancery there has been throughout that period with i'm going to merkel so she is
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a politician that has enough experience at the german level and she will try to take that experience but she would also take all the controversies with her to brussels if elected by the european parliament like a now we have also been looking at german voters think should be responsible for selecting the e.u. commission boss and during the european elections in may funded lion was not a candidate for the job now there is a sense amongst many germans that government leaders made a backroom deal instead of choosing one of the candidates nominated by their parliamentary group for the commission president's job and the pollsters are asked who should choose the president of the european commission should it be the heads of government all the european parliament 21 percent feel that government should have the final say but an overwhelming majority of 71 percent say the european parliament should decide who will lead the commission. so tell us what do you make
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of these the think is the german seem to be opposed to deals like the one that we we saw this week on this description of a backroom deal is one of the key reasons as well where people are skeptical about the off on the line or in particular about the nomination future head of the european commission this this idea here in germany that those backroom deals affect european legitimacy that they affect. european democracy and by the way that is something that has been backed by important political parties here in germany like the social democrats they have rejected outright was enough on the lines nomination with those arguments that i have just mentioned there's also and it's also important to stress another side of the story those who believe that the heads of government heads of state do have the rights and do have the responsibility to present those nominations after all they are themselves elected leaders and they also have responsibility such an although the european elections are european they do also have a very important national component so it's important to see what both sides of the
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story reveal in this particular case but this is such only one of the reasons why people are not very convinced about was enough on the lines i mean nation all right some asperity thanks so much. mult has agreed to take in dozens of migrants rescued by a humanitarian charity vessel in the mediterranean the boat is carrying 55 migrants who were rescued off the libyan coast in return a silly will take 55 of the migrants currently sheltering in malta and the move diffuses a brewing standoff between the charity mediterranean and italy's populist interior minister who refused to allow the boat to dock in italy. those in greece go to the polls this sunday and i snap general election prime minister alexis the press is battling to hold on to his job off to implementing austerity measures demanded by european credit says many greeks
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a still suffering the effects of tax increases and budget cuts. reports are. going out. these people are in no mood to celebrate a single time for the greek elections are just around the corner and the leftist syriza party is striving for every vote polls suggest their time could be up with sores their supporters here in athens still believe that the ruling party is going to use a bunch of argue that it's a bit serious stands for more democracy equality and solidarity and. make or answerable look there's a previous series of represents renewal and change in the country that the creation of better economic conditions. because most of the quota young men 9 is for me it's safety calmness and assurance in my life with mistakes and other things but at safety. thank you almost the people here behind me still believe in the left is sure it's a party but the party has been losing support and many here in greece have decided
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to join another political camp. and he is one of them pension year and former math teacher young he's the most. in 2015 when. reese was in the middle of a financial crisis he believed series i would be able to create a cure for him and his family. now 4 years later he says he has had enough. i thought i can have this and miss the more son i expected something different compared with previous governments. because it was the ethics and the way they express themselves that had irritated me before he goes. forth but series as politics proved to be the same style or even worse when. he hit out of. the most says series i was making middle class people like him bearing the burden of greece's economic crisis pension cuts and high taxes have made everyday
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life less affordable. for you tomorrow another group is using this to its advantage the conservative new democracy party with its leader kerry of course and so talk us. he's currently the front runner in the polls. but their rivals and prime minister alexis c. plus so is a party claim new democracy is hardly the champion of the middle class the huge deficit. that destroyed when the glass is made able to think everything is made by the supplier of the don't know. but he senses the senate as the savior of the 2 parties arguments are familiar by now by jenni's the most has decided to vote for a new democracy this time. they returned teacher has this simple reason. want to. live in mathematics there's the idea of the method of elimination
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proving something by eliminating the other options. unfortunately the greeks will now vote based on the logic of the quote don't mathematical and see if enough greeks follow this approach in sunday's election there's a realistic chance that it's swing voters like the most ultimately decide this spell it's winner. in hong kong a rally is being held in support of the pro-democracy activists who stormed parliament on monday thousands of mothers led the demonstration in a show of solidarity with protesters who are now wanted by the police the student group has rejected an offer to meet with the territory as chief executive carried the protests was sparked by a bill put forward by law that would allow suspects to be sent for trial in mainland china and we'll have more on this story india news asia is coming up right
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after this program. let us wait has slammed a new report by united nations human rights chief michelle bachelet and accused of bias presented the report in geneva today it's warns that the rule of war has eroded in venezuela president nicolas maduro continues to be locks and a political standoff with the national assembly leader and self declared president . now the report is based on the government's own figures if found that security forces loyal to madeira have carried out nearly $7000.00 killings in the past year and a half many of them may have been extra judicial the report also said that almost 800 people remain in custody after being arrested and that 1500 deaths over a period of 4 months were caused by
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a lack of hospital supplies. and the un made more than 20 recommendations to venezuela's government including dialogue with the opposition rather than cracking down on it by encouraging government to view the opposition and human rights defender of partners in the common cause of human rights and justice and to see through durable political agreement that leads to reconciliation the un high commissioner michele presenting her report on venice. today in geneva. to sports now and stunning new corruption allegations over the awarding of the 2016 olympics to rio de janiero the former state governor of rio has admitted that he paid $2000000.00 to buy votes that ensured the city would host the games rio. it was the 1st time the olympics had been awarded to south america now rio is 2016 showpiece is again under the spotlight that's off the claims by says your
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cobra rio de janeiro's for my state governor he's currently serving in the early 200 year jail term for corruption and money laundering and have this to say it's a court hearing on thursday which will do this for me why this is the newsmen looked at me and said listen sergio i want to tell you that the president of world athletics really arguably off at the time. that is open to receiving bribes one that is in the. newsman is this man collis newsman but then head of brazil's limpid committee he's already on trial in this case and has long denied buying votes even before the games took place. absolutely dutch there was nothing with the real bid 0 that was allegedly on the receiving end of the money lamine diac is also being investigated in france over a host of other corruption charges together with his son patton assata teac he said
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to a vast riches of $2000000.00 in bribes jackie. said he can get more votes we cannot attain almost 9 votes 8 or 9 votes he said he needed an extra $500000.00 i said ok you can guarantee that to him. international olympic committee members seen here with de ak and former swim alexander popof are among those that can browse says had their votes wait both of tonight this but it was a legend in pole votes saying on twitter that he completely rejected all the false claims while referencing to browse long prison sentence for corruption. some football news and the form of by in munich when i and robin has announced that he is retiring the 35 year old had been expected to finish his career in his native netherlands having left by an in may off to 10 years at the club but the x. chelsea and real madrid player says in
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a ray of injuries has finally taken its toll robin bows out having wrapped up yes in the late and cup double with by an already and now to a different kind of sport altogether farmers in pakistan have competed in a traditional bull race in the village of below while around 70 kilometers from the capital islamabad now in the race peds of the bulls generac behind them kicking up clouds of dust as they her soul down the track farmers and the landlords from around the region bring their falseness animals to the contest the event attracts crowds of spectators eager to catch a glimpse of the action. extraordinary now the battle to save butlins techno scene when the berlin wall came down nearly 30 years ago parts of the city center opened up to techno fans who created some of electronic music's major hotspots but now with big property developers eyeing the
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area many feel that culture is under threat. it's a saturday night and he's been one of the most popular target clubs in berlin. were the 1st t.v. crew that ever been allowed to film here normally even taking photos strictly for board. and even before we go when we can feel the intense vibes coming off the dance floor this is how it's gone it's almost like an addiction for you just do it your ways look forward and never back on what the metaphor to. do because you're a started working in clubs at 17 for 8 years he's been the manager of grease rhythm one time you. factory. like most clubs in berlin it started off small and now the venue hosts $150.00 parties a year employs 70 people and brings in more than $2000000.00 euros annually. the waterfront location and garden are particularly popular in summer parties that
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last all weekend. for parties alone don't bring in enough cash the business has to host flea markets and show movies as well to stay alive. american d.j. d.e.v.'s one has been part of the berlin techno scene for about a decade. but he isn't sure how much longer to last we meet him at space hall his favorite record shop where he comes to look for the latest sounds. d.v.s. one is a champion of real underground techno some have called him techno as global conscience and there's a reason why berlin is his 2nd home. of the culture is so. relevant here you know the amount of record stores that are here the amount of other artists that i can be influenced by and communicate with and even in passing
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can gain inspiration from it you don't have that and really anywhere else in the world. but d.e.v.'s one says tourists are watering down the unique character of berlin's parties meanwhile real estate investors are forcing clubs out of town the freedom space and creativity of berlin's techno scene are under threat. at some point it's going to the bubble is going to burst and i've already heard about some clubs of course facing closures facing problems noise restrictions and will destroy the city at some point. not far from policemen to on the other side of the canal new illegal techno clubs have popped up on the underground and is still alive. when city government says last year 7 clubs shut down and 16 more are at risk including policeman. david shearer has long been fighting for the club survival the owner of the property will only give them leases for half a year at a time. that i'd like to see politicians put
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a stop to the whole thing. the investors and gentrification that are pushing us out that are definitely threatening all of us all the clubs that will fund the troops. it's uncertain how much time wavers have left to keep dancing in berlin or whether someday the lights will even go out and the capital of free radical tech now. it watching news still to come in news asia the real victims of president deter say is a war on drugs in the philippines the children paying the price of police heavy handedness . and slit action packed and it made in me in my office a glimpse of the fresh talent bringing in the old film industry back to life. you're watching news up next e.w.
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news asia with bereshit and remember you can get all the latest news around the clock on our website that is still call time when you can because mckenna and the whole team here in berlin thanks so much for watching.
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a clean environment the scooters in india. in 60 minutes on d w. i i am. i am i am. 15 years since the moon landing. she was the 1st man to walk on the moon. and all are fired. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter how to dress. shirts or go to the pole. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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but he wrote a legend or simply a human being who was neil armstrong. the moon was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. cut. this is it up there near is a shot coming up. program. hong kong protest movement after storming the city's parliament many. young protesters defying rulers and demanding real democracy. the 30 years war on drugs in the philippines we'll talk about the impact on children. in the produce trade and extrajudicial killings. plus the action blockbusters made in vietnam.


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