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this is the w.'s live from the fight global warming plan to surely entries that's a recommendation from a team of scientists they would cover a lot of mass the size of the united states but the scientists believe we have plenty of room also on the program so down celebrates a breakthrough in its political crisis after months of protests looting generals agree to share power with civilians for the next street yes so how viable is this plan for a peaceful transition to democracy. i'm
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phil gale welcome to the program a team of swiss scientists says the cheapest and most effective way to fight global warming is to plant lots of trees a trillion all over the world that's the conclusion of a study published in the journal science although a trillion trays would cover the same landmass as the united states researchers say the earth has plenty of room. the best remedy for the climate nature that's what researchers that is your technology institute are saying by their calculations planting trees is the most efficient way to beat the climate crisis they say it is possible to halt global warming at a price of $1.00 degrees celsius and that 2 thirds of c o 2 emissions caused by human activity could be absorbed by reforestation as soon as we start here for over
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storage and you start to be effective you start to capture carbon back in the ecosystem ok but you know that to reach that total amount of course is going to take several decades the earth is covered with $2800000000.00 hectares of forest researchers say $900000000.00 additional hector's could be planted that's about a 3rd of what already exists. space for the new trees could be found mainly in russia but there is also enough room to plant trees in other industrialized countries according to researchers they've been looking for natural solutions and to restore destroyed ecosystems. they intentionally left out cities and farmland few. really and grid. systems so we should respect the local diversity so we do not like advice people to plan for and species or exotic species or species that grow faster and maybe a create a bit of carbon faster we're just the natural regeneration reforestation it's not
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the only solution but it may buy us time to change our habits. one of them for this is professor tom crowther from the swiss federal institute of technology in zurich welcome to day w didn't we already know that trees absorb carbon dioxide and there are lots of tree planting schemes already out there to offset environmental damage. yes you're exactly right we've known that trees are an amazing carbon trap from the last well over the last century and there are projects out there trying to promote restoration but what this new study shows is actually we've got the 1st quantitative understanding of how much that can achieve and it's actually 10 times more than we previously expected placing restoration far far higher than the next best climate change solution so it's really about figuring out the best ways to allocate our resources and now we know that restoration is a powerful way
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a trillion trees sounds like an awful lot how much space is that going to take why would they go. so that's what we've modeled as way trees can exist on the planet and when you subtract away existing urban land and agricultural land we're left with the world's degraded lands and those that ecosystems that would naturally have trees and there's room for about no point 9000000 hectares of forest in that land that can store 2 thirds of the excess carbon in the atmosphere because of human activity. is that the political will to do this at the moment there has been some political drive from the un leading the bond challenge in various countries have been involved but understandably those political decisions have been focused on restoration because we've simply not known whether restoration is one of the top solutions or even in the top 20 now that we know it's not just the best solution but it's by far the most powerful one we have i hope that is going to be a lot more energy focused towards restoration so if we plug these trillion trades
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what would happen or what would stop happening. so ultimately when we will be able to draw down a huge amount of the carbon that's in the atmosphere at once we've got that carbon locked up in trees that's $200.00 gigatons out of the atmosphere and when you think that since the start of the industrial revolution climate change has been caused by an excess $300.00 gigatons we really see that that extra $200.00 would be an incredibly powerful solution drawing down 2 thirds of that entire problem i what would the effects on the atmosphere what effect would i see so we immediately see a reduction in the greenhouse gas effect and that's what's driving climate change obviously they'd be various other impacts like changes to al b.t.o. which is the amount of energy absorbed by the surface of the earth and also volatile organic compounds but ultimately we'd be undoing the impact that has led us to climate change so the vales with which we should be thinking about well most
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importantly this doesn't advocate for just simple global restoration of monocultures there's huge areas of land that are turning into tree farms and that is not what we're advocating for this is natural restoration in ecosystems that should naturally support trees so we need diverse communities with a mixture of tree species and native species and that is how we get the most resilient carbon storage good talking to thank you for joining us professor tom crowther from the swiss federal institute of technology thank you very much and we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world iran has threatened to seize a pretty ship in retaliation for the capture of an iranian tanker by british forces on thursday royal marines board a vessel off the coast of gibraltar suspicions that it was breaking european sanctions taking oil to syria. thousands of women whose children are part of hong kong protest movement of staves demonstration and to show their solidarity they
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oppose a bill that would allow people to be extradited to mainland china to stand trial students have rejected an offer by the city's leader to hold private talks. multi has agreed to accept dozens of migrants rescued by a charity ship in the mediterranean and return italy will take dozens of other migrants kurdish being sheltered in malta move and stand between the charity a mediterranean and it's a nice populist interior minister who would refuse to allow the boat to die. african union mediators say the opposition leaders and saddam's ruling generals have reached a power sharing agreement under it under the deal a joint military civilian council will rule the country for the next 3 years saddam has been shaken by protests since the ousting of longtime president obama al bashir in april the opposition leaders say the new deal is a victory for their movement. celebrations in the
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capital of khartoum as a political standoff deescalate in a gesture of peace sudan's ruling military freed more than $200.00 rebel fighters who are part of the country's opposition a step towards reconciliation one rebel leader praised their release. i mean they're not obeying the limit is that it shows clearly that the army and the armed forces are our partners and not our enemy. i mean i want your cooperation and understanding we will meet the demands of the sudanese people the status of those demands our 1st civilian rule it's been the heart of the conflict which began after the military ousted long time leader omar al bashir activists called for a transition to a civilian government an impasse ensued and then bloodshed in june security forces opened fire on a protest camp in the capital leaving more than $100.00 dead but after
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a month the warring sides were at the table again in power sharing talks mediated by the african union and ethiopia after 2 days a breakthrough was announced. and the mission isn't the 2 parties have agreed to share the sovereign council equally between the military and civilian for the period of at least 3 years. with the they have also agreed on an independent civilian government under the leadership of a prime minister. in a further sign of healing they also agree to launch a national independent investigation into the deaths of the sudanese who were killed in the fight for democracy. abraham has reported extensively from sudan welcome to the studio so this is
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not the 1st suppose a deal to be announced so do you see today's announcement as significant it is quite significant it feels like kind of step in what could be in the future a positive outcome it's important to remember and to think of this for what it is it's a power. sharing deal it's not a transfer of power to a complete civilian rule which was the main demand of the opposition from the beginning since december so insofar is that it could in 3 years it remains to be seen if after this transitional period there are successful elections and then we would have civilian civilian rule however if it is a culmination of almost 3 months of extremely turbulent times in sudan that have seen many ups and downs and we've been here before where it seemed like there was a breakthrough there is an agreement and then somehow the military or the opposition something happens and then they back out of the deal so it remains to be
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seen if the deal holds but for now it seems like it is a step forward if power sharing rather than complete transfer of power ok so we have the military having seized power after the president went do we presume that the military will have the 1st go of being in charge in this in this power sharing arrangement correct so what we know of the deal now is that the country will be run by a sovereign council and the leadership of this council will be rotated and the 1st the military is up 1st they will be leading the sovereign council 1st for a period of i think a little bit over. 2121 months which which will put them the ministry in power for something like of 2 years i wonder what people think of this i mean it's important to remember that all of this all of these negotiations all of this discussion is happening in the midst of a near internet blackout in sudan that is imposed by the government itself and the government the military council to be quite frank is in charge of also the formal
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means of communication so it's a challenge to gauge what people think in that regard however we were able to reach some. protestors on the ground i've been touch with some of them some have called this deal and i'll write betrayal one woman told me if they were willing to compromise the opposition then they should have just come. minds with bashir and not put us through for all of these months of violence and the people that have died others see this as a necessary compromise and that to get out of this crisis some compromise needed to be given that the t.m.c. needed to be involved but everybody everyone that i've spoken to more or less they said this is this is bittersweet because a lot of the things that they've demanded are not there and most significant of that is that they're seeing the same faces on the military on the military council that were significant and prominent in time like hemet t. the militia commander of the r s f and yeah so it remains to be seen where this happens we will talk about this again in the future for him for now thank you.
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tennis now in last year's men's 5 mr kevin anderson was the big loser on day 5 of wimbledon he was knocked out in the 3rd round by guido pella a defending champion the novak djokovic had to fight hard to overcome hubert catch in 4 sets the serbian is the is in the other half of the draw from rivals rafa nadal and roger federer and so looks like having a clear path to the final in the women's game former world number one kind of man was the yaquis is out after a punishing loss to china's sure why 15 year old sensation corey golf of the united states is looking to continue her fairytale run against a polonia hat song meanwhile allison of a trunk. the 1st openly gay couple to play doubles at wimbledon were knocked out. now to a completely different kind of sports farmers in pakistan have been competing in
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traditional low bowl races and they village of below while about 70 kilometers from the capital islamabad this involves pairs of poles dragging their handlers behind them and cooking the books out of dust as a little down the track farms and landowners around the region bring the fastest animals to entertain the crowds of spectators eager to catch a glimpse of the action. here's a reminder of our top stories at this hour a team of swiss scientists has concluded that the best way to fight global warming is to plant trees all over the world these trees would absorb carbon dioxide which fuels a climate change research say this enough space on earth for a trillion of. resisting new business africa without alphas is out of the next remember you've got over latest news i'm information around the clock on our website that's t w dot com more world
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